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Friday, April 11, 2014


I am in a remote place for vacation and business throughout April, so blogging won't resume until May.  There's plenty of work ahead with the 2014 elections.

Saturday, March 08, 2014

The Republican Party is in danger of dying out

A recent article based on research by the Pew Report was titled, "Is the Republican Party in danger of dying out?".  It's not a question anymore, because we all know the Republican is already dying out,  has been dying for the past two decades, and will continue to die out rather than grow.
A new Pew Research survey finds a demographic trend in the United States that threatens to push the Republican Party into permanent minority status unless it changes quickly.

The survey found that millennials — the generation of adults between the ages of 18 and 33 — vote heavily Democratic and have "liberal views on many political and social issues, ranging from a belief in an activist government to support for same-sex marriage and marijuana legalization."

They are also the most racially diverse generation in American history and it’s a key factor in explaining their political liberalism.

But, as Pew notes, it is not the only factor: "Across a range of political and ideological measures, white millennials, while less liberal than the non-whites of their generation, are more liberal than the whites in older generations."

They are also the only generation in which self-described conservatives do not outnumber self-described liberals.

Meanwhile, the most loyal Republicans are growing older. As time marches on, their numbers are dwindling.

But Republicans do have an opening: Millennials may be more liberal, but they don't have much loyalty to the Democratic Party.

In fact, 50 percent of all millennials now describe themselves as political independents — the highest level of political disaffiliation recorded for any generation in the last quarter-century. They don’t like either of the two major political parties.

Nonetheless, this generation mostly votes Democratic and has little in common with the Republican Party. Needless to say, it's a real problem for the GOP.

Even in the largest annual conservative gathering, CPAC in Washington DC, the signs are obvious.  CPAC 2014 hosted a seminar in a large hotel conference room capable of seating several hundred people, with dual large screens and state of the art technology.  The seminar was titled "Minority Outreach" for the GOP and how did it do?  A disastrous failure, a mostly empty room, looks like not even 10 people attended.

White Family Values: Michael and Sarah Butcher of Florida arrested for abandoning 3 children in woods and drug abuse

Another countless example of Steve Sailer's model White Family which are to be the role model for families across America.  In Punta Gorda (near Fort Myers), Florida, a blonde white couple named Michael Butcher and Sarah Butcher, both age 30, were initially arrested for illegally parking in a private RV park in Punta Gorda.  Cops later found crystal meth and illegal drug usage.

Like Sailer's model white families, the news just keeps getting worse and goes downhill very fast.  The couple went to jail and claimed to be brother-sister.  They're probably both a married couple and brother-sister, but the worst has yet to come.  Three children, ages 10, 8, and 6, were found abandoned in the nearby woods.  They were under-dressed for the winter and were "very dirty, hungry, and cold".  It turned out those three abandoned children were the children of the Butcher couple.  Now the Butcher's are facing severe charges for child abuse, negligence, and endangerment.

Now who wants to model your family like this Sailer white model family?

Florida Parents Arrested After Abandoning Three Kids in the Woods

Monday, February 17, 2014

Update: Jesse Ryan Loskarn, arrested for child porn, commits suicide

A typical dead-end route with the likes of Steve Sailer and the neocons.  Jesse Ryan Loskarn, who was arrested last December for child porn charges and then fired from his job as Congressional staffer for Republican Senator Lamar Alexander, committed suicide by hanging on January 23.

Montana State Senator Jason Priest charged with felony for assault on 4-year-old daughter

Montana State Senator Jason Priest, 45, is charged with felony assault on his 4-year-old daughter.  Priest is accused of grabbing his 4-year-old daughter and throwing her to the ground, causing an injury to her scalp.  According to a preliminary article on his arrest, Jason Priest is a far right-wing Republican.
Priest, the current chairman of the Montana Senate Public Health, Welfare and Safety Committee, also came under fire in 2010 for making anti-gay remarks on Facebook during a federal spending discussion, calling economist John Maynard Keynes a "big homo." He later apologized for the "in-artful and hurtful" remark in a letter to the Carbon County News.

The 45-year-old legislator is part of a hard-right faction of Republican senators in Montana fighting to replace traditional conservatives with more tea party-aligned representatives.
RED LODGE - Montana State Senator Jason Sheller Priest (R-Red Lodge) now faces four charges, including felony assault on a minor.

In court documents filed on Tuesday in Carbon County District Court by Assistant Attorney General Mary Cochenour, Priest is accused of grabbing his 4-year-old daughter and throwing her to the ground, causing an injury to her scalp.

Priest, 45, was previously charged with misdemeanor partner/family member assault and resisting arrest. He pleaded not guilty to both charges in Red Lodge City Court.

Priest is currently out on a $1,500 bond. He has yet to be arraigned for the new charges filed on Tuesday.

Other charges filed Tuesday include partner/family member assault, assault, and resisting arrest.

Court documents state that a Red Lodge police officer was called to Priest's home on February 1 to monitor a child pick-up.

The officer was aware Priest was going through a divorce and custody dispute with his wife, Anna Priest, over their three children.

According to court documents, Anna Priest arrived at the home and the officer witnessed Jason Priest call her a derogatory term several times.

Jonathan Trapp, Anna Priest's 's boyfriend, approached the front gate of the house when Priest allegedly charged at him and knocked Trapp to the ground.

The officer ordered Priest to stop but he continued to punch Trapp as he was lying on the ground in a fetal position.

The officer told state prosecutors he struggled to get Priest off of Trapp, and Priest was in a "blind range."

After Priest was detained, the officer discovered the three children, ages 9, 7, and 4, crying by the front window.

Anna Priest was initially called to the house by the youngest child, who was crying and said that her father was swearing at her, court documents state.

While the two parents were talking in front of the house, Anna Priest told detectives that Jason Priest picked up the youngest child, who had made her way to the front door, like a "sack of potatoes" and threw her back into the house and onto the floor.

In a petition for a temporary order of protection, Anna Priest said the girl was thrown eight feet and landed on her head.

After talking to officers, Priest denied throwing his daughter and said he quickly picked her up and put her inside of the house.

Anna Priest also told authorities that while she was talking to Jason Priest, he grabbed her arm and tried to push her down the stairs of the porch.

Priest also denied trying to push her and said he grabbed her shoulder and asked her to leave.

In court documents, officers state that Priest said he feels he responded appropriately but he had a hard time keeping his composure.

Trapp suffered a broken rib in the incident, documents state.

Ambulance medics observed that the 4-year-old girl had a 1-inch area of swelling on her scalp.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Murder Suicide: Boren Family in Utah leaves 4 dead

White families sure have it together, just listen to Steve Sailer.  Whites are the only race that vote Republican and follow the neo-cons like Steve Sailer.  And it's so typical for them to decimate their kind through family murder suicides in epidemic rates, thus wiping out the GOP and the white race.

Joshua Boren, Utah Officer, Kills Family And Self

A 34-year-old officer with a small Utah police department shot and killed his wife, mother-in-law and two young children and turned the gun on himself, authorities said Friday.

Spanish Fork police said the five were found dead about 11 p.m. Thursday, when co-workers reported Joshua Boren didn't show up for his night shift as a patrol officer at the Lindon Police Department.

Police who looked through the window saw blood on the carpet and shell casings in the front room of the two-story home, police said. When they went inside, they found Boren's 55-year-old mother-in-law Marie King dead in a bedroom, and Joshua Boren and his immediate family dead in the bedroom next door.

The other victims were identified as Kelly Boren, 32, Joshua "Jaden" Boren, 7, and Haley Boren, 5.

Spanish Fork Lt. Matthew Johnson said the couple had been experiencing marital problems in the past few months, but co-workers say Boren appeared upbeat and didn't show signs of distress before the killings.

"There were no warning signs," Johnson said, adding that police had never been called to the home. "This was a total shock to everyone."

Ex-landlord sues Butler County (Ohio) GOP

Running a political campaign is ridiculously expensive and losing an election is far more costly.  However, even during the off season, maintaining a political headquarters, like paying for rent, utilities, and other essentials, is still costly.  The GOP sure knows first hand what it's like to lose since the last several years, and how costly losing is in the political arena.

Ex-landlord sues Butler County GOP

Butler County, Ohio - In the wake of the Butler County GOP’s executive chairman resigning, the party has been sued for back and future rent by its former landlord.

The lawsuit, filed Dec. 18 in Butler County Common Pleas Court, alleges the Republican Party breached its lease and owes Bridgewater Falls Station LLC, which manages Bridgewater Falls Lifestyle Shopping Center in Fairfield Twp., nearly $10,900 as of December 2013. That does not include interest, attorney’s fees and future rent for the balance of the term in the amount of $28,800.

The suit, which includes the 40-page lease agreement with the GOP, was served to Republican Party Central Committee chairwoman Judy Shelton. She could not be reached Friday for comment. Central Committee Second Vice Chairman Don Spurlock said the party’s leadership “will resolve” the lawsuit.


Earlier this year, the Journal-News reported the party’s finances showed it paid $2,700 a month for rent on the lease, which is set to expire at the end of 2014. Most of the party’s money went to overhead payments. The party broke its lease at the end of August and moved to what former executive chairman Dave Kern called “a private location.” The Journal-News later learned the party’s offices were re-located to Stony Run Enterprises, a trucking company located at 3772 Old Oxford Road in Hanover Twp.


Butler County Democratic Party Central Committee chair Kathy Wyenandt said the “financial mess” could be the GOP’s undoing on the stranglehold it has on countywide offices.
“While the Butler County Republicans are struggling to dig themselves out of the hole they put themselves in, the Butler County Democrats are strong and working hard to win in 2014 … and working hard to help Ohio’s families to dig out of the financial mess the Ohio Republicans have caused. It has caused a mess here and a mess statewide.”

Friday, December 13, 2013

Republican staffer Jesse Ryan Loskarn arrested for child pornography

Update - On January 23, 2014, Jesse Ryan Loskarn committed suicide by hanging himself.
While right-wingers like to criticize Bill Clinton's sexual preferences (that was so damn long ago, don't you losers have anything new?), the right-wingers sure have far worse and demented sexual preferences, like sodomy and raping young children.

Jesse Ryan Loskarn Had 'Hundreds' of Porn Videos of Young Boys, Girls, Police Say

A criminal complaint filed in U.S. District Court Thursday says Jesse Ryan Loskarn attempted to hide an external hard drive loaded with "hundreds" of child porn videos when police knocked down his door with a battering ram.

Loskarn, 35, was fired by Sen. Lamar Alexander, R-Tenn., on Wednesday after his arrest. As chief of staff since 2011, Loskarn directed the two-term senator's Washington, D.C., staff.

The criminal complaint charging Loskarn with possession and distribution of child pornography offers graphic descriptions of children being sexually abused by older men in videos the longtime congressional aide possessed and shared.

Loskarn was arrested by U.S. Postal Inspection Service agents at his home in Washington, D.C. According to the complaint, he was first flagged by investigators as part of a joint U.S. Postal Service-Toronto police investigation into a company that produced videos primarily of nude boys.

"Review of the customer invoices and purchase summary from the database revealed that Loskarn had made several purchases between November 2010 and March 2011," the complaint says.

This year, investigators say an IP address traced to Loskarn's residence was the source of a 28-minute pornographic video of a man raping a girl believed to be between 6 and 9 years old. The video was shared Oct. 5-6 on a peer-to-peer network called Gnutella.

White Mayor, Black Wife: NYC Shatters An Image

While most attention and analysis was focused on the Virginia governor race in the 2013 elections, there is another interesting story in the New York City mayor race.

White Mayor, Black Wife: NYC Shatters An Image
Another milestone is passing in America’s racial journey: The next mayor of New York City is a white man with a black wife.

Even in a nation with a biracial president, where interracial marriage is more accepted and common than ever, Bill de Blasio’s marriage to Chirlane McCray is remarkable: He is apparently the first white politician in U.S. history elected to a major office with a black spouse by his side.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

In-Depth analysis of Virginia 2013 elections

CNN does have exit polls of elections every year.  Let's examine how the numbers worked out in the most contested elections, Virginia in 2009 and 2013, which is a critical battleground state and a good measure of how the political field really is.

CNN Virginia election 2009 exit polls
CNN Virginia election 2013 exit polls

CNN Virginia exit polls 2009

CNN Virginia exit polls 2013

The 2013 elections in Virginia included Independent candidate Robert Sarvis who won an impressive 7 percent of the vote, despite being an unknown person and running a campaign on a shoestring budget.  Polls indicate voters who voted for Sarvis showed no significant tendency to vote Democrat or Republican, or even vote at all, if Sarvis were not running.

Terry McAuliffe (D) reclaimed the women, minority, and young voters in 2013, which the Democratic candidate lost in 2009 and badly lost the election.  McAuliffe won the women vote by 9 points, and greatly narrowed his loss of the men vote by 3 points.  Blacks voted 90 percent Democrat as usual, but the percentage of Black voters who voted increased significantly from 16% in 2009 to 20% in 2013.  Finally, the young voters age 18 to 29 came out in greater numbers and voted Democrat.  Young voters made up 10% of voters who voted in 2009 and increased to 13% in 2013.

While this was an important victory for the Democrats, it came very close to the wire.  Removing direct contributions from outside groups, McAuliffe raised $28 million to Cuccinelli’s $11.7 million.  Despite the large amount McAuliffe raised, he only won the election by 2.5 points, about half of what many polls predicted.  If Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell was facing McAuliffe in 2013, it would be very hard to tell if McAuliffe would have won.

The 2014 elections are coming up, fundraising and campaign strategies will be starting very soon.  So what do we have to learn from the 2013 elections to prepare for the 2014 elections and beyond?  2014 is a non-presidential race, but Congressional elections abound.  The Democrats have to focus on reaching out to the women, minority, and young voters, especially when minority and young voters usually drop off significantly.

McAuliffe successfully reached out to the Black voters, but he was not successful with the other minority groups.  Latino and Asian voters in Virginia were unusually low at 5% in 2009 and still 5% in 2013, and while both groups have grown, the percentages remain the same, meaning McAuliffe lost out on those voters.  Democrats have to reach out to Latinos, Asians, and every mixed and other race, such as creating voter registration drives to get them out to vote.  The percent of Latino and Asians eligible to vote but who actually vote is over 15 points lower than whites and blacks, so Democrats need to reach out and register.

While McAuliffe did significantly better with young voters in 2013, with young voters making up 13%, it was still significantly lower than the 18% to 19% young voters made up in the last two Presidential elections.  Also, young voters voted Democrat over 60% in the last two Presidential elections, but counting only the young voters who voted for McAuliffe or Cuccinelli in 2013, McAuliffe only won 53%.

The idea is simple but the work is hard, so the Democrats must start early and work hard to win the women, minority (of all races), and young voters.  Elections are constantly getting more expensive, with every statewide election, like state governor or U.S. Senate race, costing well over $10 million for each party running, so if you want to keep losing and keep burning money by the millions, make sure you follow the lies, misinformation, and dangerous stupidity of right-wing losers like Steve Sailer.

Wednesday, November 06, 2013

2013 Election Analysis: Gender, Race, and Age

Terry McAuliffe has been elected the next governor of Virginia.  This is big win for the Democrats and shows the trends of Virginia.  It was a tough campaign in a purple state with a large number of rural conservatives.  Terry McAuliffe defeated Tea Party favorite Ken Cuccinelli by a moderate 2.5 percentage points, although polls were predicting McAuliffe would be ahead by 4 to 7 percentage points.

Nevertheless, a victory is a victory in politics, so how did the McAuliffe team win against such tough odds?  They won by learning from the mistakes of the 2009 elections, totally discarded the dead Sailer Strategy, and focused on winning over the successful and growing women, minority, and young voters.

Back in 2009, governor McDonnell (R) won the votes of white women by nearly 30 points.  That lead among white women was reduced to 16 points in 2013 for the Republican candidate.  And with Black, Latino, and unmarried women who strongly favor McAuliffe and coming out to vote in the 2013 elections in numbers similar to the 2012 Presidential elections, McAuliffe had a strong lead on the women vote.  Cuccinelli's hard line stance against womens' reproductive and overall rights, typical with far-right conservatives, sure was a big factor.

Winning the minority voters and getting them to come out to the voting polls is critical in winning elections.  In the 2008 and 2012 Presidential elections, Black voters in Virginia made up 20 percent of voters who voted, and reliably voted over 90 percent Democrat.  The 2009 elections were a bad time for Democrats, as the failed Democratic candidate failed to win the Black voters, with unmotivated Black voters making up only 16 percent of voters who voted in 2009.  The McAuliffe campaign learned well and actively sought out to win the Black voters, who in turn made up 20 percent of voters who voted in 2013 and greatly helped McAuliffe win the Virginia governor election.

However, the Democrats did not do so well with the Latino or Asian voters, which explains why McAuliffe's lead of 2.5 points was smaller than expected (4 to 7 points lead predicted by the polls).  Latino and Asian voters are the fastest growing minority voters who voted over 70 percent Democrat in 2012.
Even though Latinos, who have grown four-fold since 1990 in Virginia, make up 8 percent of the population, they were just 4 percent of the electorate Tuesday, down from 5 percent in 2012. Asians make up 6 percent of the population, but were just 1 percent of Tuesday’s voters, down from 3 percent in 2012.

The McAuliffe team also realized the young voters age 18 to 29 are important for the Democrats to win elections in the present and future.  They actively campaigned for the young voters, campaigning in many colleges and college towns across Virginia.  Their efforts worked.
Among voters ages 18 to 29, McAuliffe beat Cuccinelli 45 percent to 39 percent. That marks a big change from the state's 2009 gubernatorial election, when young voters went for Republican Attorney General Bob McDonnell over Democratic state Sen. R. Creigh Deeds by 54 to 44 percent. McDonnell won by a 17-point margin.
While the Democratic share of Virginia's youth vote increased by only a single percentage point since 2009, the Republican share fell over that same period by a whopping 15 percentage points.

There were tens of millions of dollars raised and spent by each side, Democrats and Republicans.  This surpasses the cost of an average U.S. Senate race.  Losing and election like this is no joking matter, so if you are ready to burn some $10 million or more, be sure to keep following the losing Sailer Strategy.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Former White House staffer Jofi Joseph fired for slanderous Twitter account

As long as you are hiding behind a pseudonym on the internet, you think you are safe to slander anyone.  In reality, no one is ever safe in the slander business.  Jofi Joseph was a national security staffer and foreign policy expert for the Obama administration.

However, he was also secretly operating a Twitter account since 2011 under the pseudonym @natsecwonk.  In the Twitter account, his tweets were filled with Limbaugh/Townhall/VDare style biting insults against many of his co-workers, famous political figures, and the Obama administration.  He would make sexist comments against women like Ann Romney and Liz Cheney, and openly insult and critize the Obama's administration's foreign policy and his White House colleagues and bosses.

After careful research and a sting operation, the Obama administration identified @natsecwonk as their own White House Staff and immediately fired him.

Jofi Joseph, tweeting White House staffer, possibly unmasked by sting, report says

Monday, October 21, 2013

Republicans sink to new lows in polls

After a government shutdown that accomplished absolutely nothing, the Republicans are doing what they do best - find new ways to sink to new lows.  Here's a summary of numerous articles and poll reports, all unanimously showing the GOP sinking to new lows in popularity.

NBC/Wall Street Journal poll
The Republican Party has been "badly damaged" by the government shutdown, according to an NBC/Wall Street Journal poll, which finds public opinion souring on the GOP and some of its core positions.  Americans blamed Republicans over President Barack Obama for the shutdown by a margin of 22 percentage points, with 53 percent saying the GOP deserved more blame, and 31 percent saying Obama did. Approval ratings for the Republican Party and the tea party were at 24 percent and 21 percent respectively -- both record lows as measured by NBC/WSJ.

Washington Post-ABC News poll
A new Washington Post-ABC News poll finds nearly three quarters of Americans disapprove of the way Republicans in Congress are handling negotiations over the budget (74 percent), up from 63 percent since the start of the shutdown after hitting 70 percent last week. The results are more troublesome for Republicans when it comes to women, Latinos and independent voters, precisely the sort of voters that the Republican National Committee said last spring that it needed to embrace if its national candidates were to succeed in 2016 and beyond. In almost all cases, the cascade of conversation since the government shutdown on Oct. 1 has been toxic for the GOP.

Is is now certain that Democrat Terry McAullife will be elected the next Governor of Virginia this November, as he consistently increases his lead.  For the 2014 elections, the Democrats have a good chance of taking back the House, thanks to the GOP's stupidity and incompetence.

Monday, October 07, 2013

Terry McAuliffe leading in Virginia Governor race

The 2013 Virginia Governor election is just one month away and Democrat Terry McAuliffe is still leading by a significant margin.  The Washington Post shows more recent polls indicating McAuliffe has maintained his significant lead over Ken Cuccinelli since August.  McAuliffe is well ahead of the polling margin of error and the Democrats are ready to win the election.

With less than one month to go and a government shutdown that has turned the public against the GOP, a Democratic victory is imminent.  I'll be doing my insightful election analysis, even in the less glamorous odd year elections, of 2013.

Republicans losing in government shutdown game

The federal government shutdown on October 1, 2013 because the House Republicans did not agree to a budget.  The GOP is demanding that Obama's health care plan be delayed or weakened, but with neither side budging, the government shutdown continues.

So how are the Republicans doing because they want to deny affordable health care coverage to millions of Americans?  Not too well.

Republicans are losing the shutdown blame game

By 44 percent to 35 percent, more say Republicans in Congress are to blame than Obama/Democrats for the shutdown in a CBS News poll conducted on Tuesday and Wednesday. A simultaneous Fox News poll of registered voters found 42 percent saying either “Republican leaders” or “Tea party Republicans, such as Ted Cruz,” are responsible while 32 percent blamed Obama or “Democratic leaders, such as Harry Reid.”

Some longtime Republican donors are unnerved by the GOP’s shutdown strategy

Veteran Republican fundraisers are increasingly alarmed by the defiant stance of hard-line conservatives amid the federal government shutdown, prompting fears that many key donors may be restrained in their giving going into the 2014 midterms.

The growing unhappiness among longtime GOP check-writers and party elders underscores the deepening divisions over the ascendant tea party wing, which fueled this past week’s shutdown and is demanding Democratic concessions in exchange for reopening the government and raising the nation’s debt limit.