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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Analysis of the Alt Right Conference

The white supremacist leaders, Jared Taylor, Peter Brimelow, and Richard Spencer, held another white supremacist conference on September 9 in Washington D.C.. The conference was called Alt-Right and Media Matters provided detailed coverage of this hate group and event. Click on the link to see the video coverage.

VIDEO: Inside The “Alt-Right’s” White Nationalist, Pro-Trump Press Conference

Like all white supremacist conferences these idiots held in the past, it follows the same inevitable trend of declining membership and influence, and increasing decay. In my coverage of white supremacist conferences back in 2008 and other articles since then, the trends still hold true up to 2016 and beyond. Here is a picture of the audience (click on it to see the full size) from the Alt Right conference and you can see why it's still hopeless for them.

Their numbers are down again. Around 2005 their typical audience size was around 200. Around 2012 their typical audience size declined to 50. In 2016 their audience seems to be 30 at best.

Most people there are old, ugly, pathetic white males.

The few women there are even older, uglier, and filthier. You get a sense why the men there are secretly attracted to men and children.

Many of them have troubled lives and families, drug and alcohol abuse problems, and criminal records, with no hope of recovery. Hey, there's Marcus Epstein in the lower right corner.

You can place a coffin in the center of the conference and it would be a perfect fit for the setting.

Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Donald Trump's very bad month of August

Donald Trump's campaign keeps sinking. During his disastrous month of August, Hillary Clinton consistently beats Trump in the polls by a wide margin, often in the double digits. Even in historically solid red GOP states like Arizona, Georgia, and South Carolina, Clinton has almost tied Trump in the polls of those states, and Clinton has locked all the battleground states. Yeah, Hillary Clinton isn't the greatest candidate and her flaws are well known, but it's just that Donald Trump is so corrupt, dishonest, idiotic, incompetent, hateful, and evil, Hillary Clinton is on her way to an easy victory.

Even the Republican National Committee is considering abandoning Trump's failed campaign and focus their resources on the Republicans running in Congress and state elections.

Donald Trump flip flops and lies too much. He said he was against the Iraq War back in 2003, but video footage shows he supported the Iraq War. He said he wants to deport all illegal immigrants from America, now he says he only wants to deport the violent ones. He said he wants to ban all Muslims from entering the U.S., now he says it was only a suggestion. Here's his list of flip flops.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Jon Entine and the 2016 Olympics basketball

Remember Jon Entine, the thoroughly shoddy and discredited pseudo-journalist (like Steve Sailer) and domestic violence happy wife and child beater and divorcee? Jon Entine, the former member of Steve Sailer's pseudo scientific and race studies group around the year 2000, is getting slam dunked again with his faulty pseudo-scientific theories in the 2016 Olympics basketball games.

Serbian players can jump and dunk

Team USA, comprised of the best NBA players of overwhelmingly West African descent, is playing basketball in the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio, Brazil. The playoffs haven't started yet, but they played all five regular games so far. In the second to last game, Team USA barely beats Serbia, a small country in southeastern Europe, by 94 to 91. In their last regular game, Team USA barely beats France by 100 to 97. Jon Entine is going to have a hard time explaining this.

FBI fugitive William Claybourne Taylor arrested after 36 years in hiding

Here is the story of a Steve Sailer type white male. A white male named James Manion (age 67) was living in a small surburban town called Reidsville in North Carolina. James Manion was married, lived in a humble suburban house, ran a small wallpaper store, and was a registered Republican voter. Just an ordinary all American white male like Steve Sailer.

However, James Manion had a deep and dark secret of lies, violence, and murder. The real name and identity of James is William Claybourne Taylor, who is a FBI fugitive for murder. William Taylor is wanted for the murder and aggravated battery in the January 1977 shooting death of an Immigration and Naturalization Service officer and the shooting of a former mayor of Williston, Florida. He was indicted by a grand jury in Florida on May 15, 1980 on murder and aggravated battery charges. After his indictment, William Taylor has fled from law enforcement for over 36 years, until he was finally caught and arrested in July 2016 under his hidden name and home in Reidsville, North Carolina.

You never know what surprises these Steve Sailer type while males are hiding, but the more you analyze them, the more dirt you will find.

Fugitive wanted in 1977 Fla. murder nabbed in N.C.

Fugitive William Claybourne Taylor Hid for Decades in North Carolina

Thursday, August 04, 2016

Donald Trump's very bad month of July

Continuing to analyze Donald Trump's bad presidential campaign since June, the bad news just keeps coming for Trump and the GOP and keeps getting worse. Trump's campaign is continually troubled and disorganized, and Trump's own image keeps getting worse. The only temporary bright spot was after Trump's nomination acceptance speech from the Republican National Convention on July 21, where he almost closed in to Hillary Clinton in the polls, nearly tied. Then the Democratic National Convention was held the following week, taking numerous and effective shots at Trump's integrity (why doesn't Trump release his tax returns), his scams (Trump University and stiffing the payment of his contractors who worked on his Atlantic City casinos), bad business decisions and bankruptcies, racist and misogynist hatred, lack of knowledge of foreign affairs or anything else, and his crazy, off-the-wall mind and temperament.

After Hillary Clinton's DNC speech on July 28, Trump fell behind again in the polls. Not only did Trump lose his lead in the polls, but he fell even further behind after more controversial events. This CNN article shows how bad his last few days of July were. Trump started a feud with his usual false and baseless attacks against the parents of a Muslim American soldier, Captain Humayun Khan who sacrificed his life in the Iraq war so his troop would be alive today. Trump received overwhelmingly negative reactions for his baseless attacks, including leaders of the GOP like House speaker Paul Ryan, Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell, and Senator John McCain. Trump also made another stupid and false foreign policy statement, claiming Russian President Vladimir Putin wouldn't make a military move into Ukraine - even though Putin has already done that by seizing the Crimean Peninsula in 2014.

There is no win-lose situation with Donald Trump and the Republicans know it. It's not even a lose-lose situation. It's literally a lose-or-lose-more situation with Donald Trump. Even if Donald Trump pulls of a miracle and wins by a hair (or loses slightly and tampers with the vote recall like in the 2000 elections to steal the election), Trump will be so crazy, whacked out, and off-the-wall that Republicans will see record losses in political seats at the federal, state, and local levels in our checks and balances political system. The Republicans know it and this is why even they are not supporting Trump for President.

Saturday, July 02, 2016

Donald Trump's bad month of June

Donald Trump won the Republican nomination in early May, one full month earlier than when Hillary Clinton won the Democratic nomination. Back in May, Trump was closing in the polls with Hillary Clinton, and the critical one month advantage would place Trump on a solid victory path.

Then something totally different happened. Trump totally lost his one month advantage. By the end of June, Clinton marched ahead in the polls, well above the margin of error and sometimes ahead by double digits (up to 12 points) in a few polls. Clinton was far ahead in fundraising and successfully portrayed Trump for who he really is -  a racist, sexist, swindler, and con man. Trump's campaign team was in shambles that he fired his campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski. Trying to win the opinion of the general public? Trump is having a hard time winning the opinions of his own Republicans.

Trump trails Clinton in poll numbers, fundraising, and popularity. A one month head start would be a critical advantage for any Presidential candidate, but only a thoroughly incompetent idiot would not only lose the head start, but fall behind. But losing big and going deep into negative territory is nothing new for Donald Trump - just look at his four bankruptcies.

Democrats to give Trump 'rude awakening' in summer onslaught

Donald Trump’s campaign manager is out. Here are the brutal numbers that tell us why.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Primaries wrap up: Trump vs Clinton

The Presidential primaries have just about come to an end. As I predicted two months ago, despite the dismay and unlikeability of both Republican and Democratic presumptive nominees, it's going to be Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton facing off in the 2016 Presidential Election. I am putting aside any personal bias or feelings toward any candidate or party to provide the most accurate political analysis.

Trump is the only candidate remaining in the Republican party in the primary elimination match. He'll earn all the delegates needed by the last day of the Republican primary on June 7. In the Democratic primary, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are in it to the end. Sanders is doing very well, almost tied in total votes with Clinton, but the biased superdelegate votes which consist of one third of the total delegate votes are heavily favoring insiders like Clinton. It will be a long and drawn out Democratic primary that will hinder Clinton, but she only has to win 20 percent of the remaining delegate votes by the last major day of the Democratic primaries on June 7 to win the nomination, which she will achieve.

This will be the most expensive, fiercest, and controversial Presidential election in history. We have the crook, Hillary Clinton, running against the swindler, Donald Trump. Some previews of each candidate.

Hillary Clinton
The staggeringly long primary is being a major burden on her. It's draining funds, time, and resources that can be better used to prepare for the general election. It's also uncertain if Sander's supporters will support and vote for Clinton in the general election, since many of them feel overshadowed by the superdelegates. And the numerous controversies that never seem to go away, but only gets worse over time, most notably the home email server as Secretary of State.

Donald Trump
Makes a lot of enemies. Having trouble getting the support of fellow Republicans in Congress. Takes many radical positions, and spreads lies and misinformation. If he is elected President, the GOP in Congress and the states will suffer because the voters will want checks and balances against a controversial and far right extremist. Continuing civil case for his fraudulent Trump University continues throughout the election, thus earning Donald Trump's nickname, Swindler Trump, like how he nicknames Hillary Clinton as Crooked Hillary.

Friday, March 25, 2016

GOP Wife Battles

Every Presidential race reaches new records and gets more bizarre. We're still in the primaries and the 2016 Presidential race is following the same trend.

Picture from Donald Trump's Twitter site as a result of the wife battle. You guess which one is Melania Trump and which one is Heidi Cruz.

Just yesterday, there was a heated exchange on the GOP side between the two front runners, Donald Trump and Ted Cruz, with their wives being caught in the firing line. It's kind of long to write down what happened, so watch this TYT (The Young Turks) video to get the summary.

Wife bashing will surely get these guys riled up, but keep in mind sexist attacks, even against wives, are a long standing tradition among Republicans. Ted Cruz says to keep his attacks on him, not his wife and children. But remember when Barack Obama ran for President back in 2008, the Republicans were quick to make racist and sexist attacks against innocent Michelle Obama. The Republicans were quick to make sexist attacks on President Bill Clinton's wife, Hillary Clinton, back in the 90s, and continue to revamp their sexist attacks on Hillary now that she's running for President.

I think this whole wife attacks between Trump and Cruz is all too funny, but it also gives both of them a taste of their own medicine of the sexist wife attacks their party spewed out for so many years.

Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Primary Update - March 8 - Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton

After the March 8 primaries, like it or not, it's going to be Republican nominee Donald Trump facing Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

Donald Trump is in strong first place after the March 8 primaries. Second place Ted Cruz is in a respectable second place, but not close enough. Ted Cruz came in a surprisingly strong second place on March 5 and came in slightly ahead of Trump on March 8. With nearly half of the delegate votes awarded, Cruz can only hope for second place spots and an occasional near tie in the remainder of the primaries. Cruz is also going to lose big in the New York primary on April 19 (if he's even around by then), which is Trump's home state and which Cruz made so many enemies with his slander. I don't have the slightest clue why Marco Rubio and John Kasish are still in the race. Rubio is in a far distant third place and even if he achieves his best case scenario by winning his home state of Florida on March 15, he'll still be in third place.

Hillary Clinton is in strong first place. Bernie Sanders has done surprisingly well, but not enough. There's also a bias in the Democratic Party establishment toward Clinton, with the super delegates votes making up one third of Democratic delegate votes which overwhelmingly favor Clinton. A lot of controversy with this rigged voting system.

Unless something drastically changes with the primary elections, that's all I plan to write about for the primaries. You'll see much more comprehensive and detailed analysis of the Presidential elections and results in the coming months. The 2016 Presidential election is just 8 months away.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

New Hampshire Primary: Trump vs Clinton or Sanders

With the New Hampshire primary done on February 9, one thing is clear from the GOP side: Donald Trump is going to be the Republican nominee for the President. The polls showing he would win big were all true, and with Trump's increased momentum and energized crowds, and polls showing he will continue to win in future states, I'll have to put aside any personal feelings about Trump and just state the facts: Donald Trump will be the GOP nominee.

Unlike Hillary Clinton's private email server problems and past scandals and controversial that only grows worse the more she tries to hide it, we all know everything about Donald Trump. Although he is very blunt, insensitive, and has controversies with past casinos, Trump is open and straightforward. He has not hidden any past scandals (at least we know of so far) that grow worse over time.

On the Democratic side, what a mess. Since last summer, the Democratic National Committee assumed their favorite Hillary Clinton would easily win the primary early on, then move on early to fundraise and prepare for the Presidential election. Such shortsighted miscalculations can be dangerous. Instead of  having competition with multiple candidate and let the Democratic voters decide the best candidate, the DNC let arrogance get in their way and dictate that Hillary would be the candidate. Now it's becoming a very lengthy, close battle for the Democrats in the primaries. Even if Hillary wins the nomination, Trump and the Republicans will certainly exploit her numerous and worsening controversies and do tremendous damage to her campaign.

On March 1 called Super Tuesday, there will be 14 states that will have their primary elections. I'll report on March 2 with the results and analysis. By then Trump should be so far ahead he has effectively clinched the Republican nomination, and all other Republican should concede and drop out (unless they want to continue to rack up debts to a hopeless cause). Then the GOP will start preparing for the main election. For the Democrats, it's unlikely the nominee will be known by March 2. It's more like March 16, after Super Tuesday when another dozen states have their primaries for Democrats, we'll determine the Democratic nominee. But the Democratic primaries can go into April, since it is a tossup.

Tuesday, February 02, 2016

2016 Presidential Race Begins with Iowa

The 2016 Presidential Race has officially started with the first primary elections (Iowa calls it a caucus) starting in Iowa on February 1. So many changes since my last analysis on October 28. Just like many polls, pundits, and analysts made mistakes back in October, so did I. Among my worst errors:

* Hillary Clinton would easily secure the Democratic nomination.
* Ben Carson would be the toughest competitor against GOP front runner Donald Trump.

With the Iowa caucus results in, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are pretty much tied. Hillary barely beats Bernie by a hair by 0.3 points (49.9% to 49.6%). As solid and invincible as Hillary seemed in the past, Bernie continued to be faithful, diligent, and persistent. Hillary Clinton's old problems did not just fade away, her problems only compounded into worsening problems. Her private email server as Secretary of State worsened, as the FBI and DOJ launched investigations, only to find she stored and mishandled top secret classified emails on her unsecured private email server. Then there are the rise of terrorist groups and an ever worsening situation in the Middle East which she could not contain, and unending situations of unscrupulous campaign donations and finances. What formerly seemed like a sure Democratic nomination is now a tossup that will go late in the primary season, like April or after, to see who wins the Democratic nomination.

The winners of the Republican party are Ted Cruz (28% votes, 8 delegates), Donald Trump (24% votes, 7 delegates), and Marco Rubio (23% votes, 7 delegates). Everyone else received less than 10% percent of votes, and if any of those GOP candidates fail to make it in the top 3 in the coming few weeks, their campaign is dead.

The surprises on the Republican side was that Ted Cruz won first place, and Marco Rubio came in a strong third place, almost tying with Trump. Recent polls just a few days ago showed Trump was barely leading Cruz by about 3 or 4 points. I am convinced it has to do with Trump's miscalculation to skip the GOP Presidential debate in Iowa, hosted by Fox News, that was held just a few days away from the Iowa Caucus date. Trump's arrogance got to him, and enough Iowan voters viewed Trump's absence from the debate as a sign of snobbish arrogance which turned off enough voters and switch to Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, or others who showed diligence by making the effort to attend the debate and humbly reach out to the voters. Also, the Fox News debate was so close to the Iowa Caucus, just a few days away, that polls didn't have enough time to pick up the changed reactions of the Iowan voters.

Nevertheless, Donald Trump seemed to learn his lesson when he gave his speech that night, after he realized he came in second place. Trump still has a strong standing, with 7 delegate votes, just one vote behind Ted Cruz, and there are 49 more states to go in this long primary election.

What seemed like a sure Trump vs Clinton election is now a likely Trump vs Clinton or Sanders election. The next primary is February 9 in New Hampshire.