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Saturday, April 15, 2006

Sailer attacking his friends at Exxon-Mobil

Steve Sailer recently wrote a touching entry geared toward the poor and middle class of America. He boldly stands up for us by criticizing the ludicrous severance pay of former president of ExxonMobil, Lee Raymond. Mr. Raymond will receive a $400 million severance package for raising gas prices and robbing America at the gas pumps.

But what are Sailer's words truly worth, especially when it's filled with hypocrisy? Michelle Malkin shows loving support with words for our American troops in Iraq, but she doesn't actually enlist to Iraq or give any of her own money toward them. So Sailer writes an entry attacking ExxonMobil's gas price gouging, but what are his true affiliations?

Steve Sailer is an employee of the American Conservative and VDare, and his writings are in favor of Bush and the Republicans. Bush is the oil industry addict whose fortune is based on oil profits. Naturally, Bush is on the side of the oil industry reaping record profits at the expense of everyone else.

When it comes to taxes and financial plans, it is well known Bush and the Republicans favor the richest one percent of Americans, such as the millionaire Lee Raymond. Steve Sailer, get back to reality. The Republicans whom you support, but ironically don't support a poor loser like you, are not looking out for the interests of the consumer suffering at the gas pumps.


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