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Friday, June 30, 2006

Get it straight, Malkin, white supremacists hate Jews

Pro-Israeli Michelle Malkin has strong support for Israel and the Jews. Michelle Maglalang married a Jew and took his Jewish name, Malkin. She thinks Jews are white enough because they have light skin and hair. However, she can't get it through her dimwitted brain that her crowd of white supremacists hate Jews.

More evidence to show white supremacists hate Jews (Warning: graphic and profane material).

From of the National Socialist Movement

-For far too long the poison spewed forth from the jew has induced a sinister control over the minds of white children. Brainwashed Gentile kids turn into brainwashed Gentile adults who through their actions or inaction promote and encourage the genocide of whites.

-Kill the Jews


Bill White of the National Socialist Movement has a website called . In his hate site, he posts countless entries trashing on Jews and celebrating hate crimes against Jews, as shown above.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

White Woman charged with kidnapping and child abuse

No wonder the white race in America, as well as the world, is declining and screwed beyond belief. We have a bunch of crazed white male sexual perverts out there molesting innocent children instead of raising families. Not only that, but we have crazy white women abusing and torturing innocent children instead of raising and nurturing them.

USA Today Article: Woman charged in Texas baby kidnapping

A woman has been charged with kidnapping the 4-day-old baby of a mother she had befriended while posing as a hospital worker, then leaving the newborn in 100-plus heat a day later.

Stephanie Lynn Jones, 33, was indicted Tuesday on charges of kidnapping and abandoning a child.

She is accused of taking the baby, who suffered from jaundice, from the family's home June 4, prompting an Amber Alert a short time later.

Steve Sailer must be in love with this woman because she is a blonde haired white woman. Crazy white people.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Prison and Race disparity

Steve Sailer and his pseudo-scientific racists claim they are the among the few and brave to tackle such divisive topics as to why there is a racial disparity in the prison population of America, particularly the disproportionately greater number of Blacks and Hispanics in prison. He and his scientific crowd (namely American Renaissance) claim Blacks and Hispanics are genetically prone to committing crime. Let's examine some of their half-truths and half-lies.

You would get the impression that Blacks and Hispanics make up over 90 percent of the American prison population after reading Sailer's and Amren's articles on race and crime. However, Human Rights Watch has done an extensive study on race an prison in 2003. Among their findings.

Blacks and Hispanics combined make up 62 percent and whites make up 35 percent of the total U.S. prison population. Whites make up a sizeable portion of prison and there are many crazy white criminals out there, which the Sailer crowd doesn't want you to see. However, that still leads to the nagging question of racial disparity, since Blacks and Hispanics make up 25 percent of the total U.S. population.

Conviction rates are disproportionate by race. The Human Rights Watch report finds drug offenders make up a large portion of the prison population, and the straightforward reality is that Hispanics and particularly Blacks are more likely to be convicted of drug offenses and serve longer prison sentences than a White person of a similar drug charge.

African-Americans are arrested, prosecuted, and imprisoned for drug offenses at far higher rates than whites. This racial disparity bears little relationship to racial differences in drug offending. For example, although the proportion of all drug users who are black is generally in the range of 13 to 15 percent, blacks constitute 36 percent of arrests for drug possession. Blacks constitute 63 percent of all drug offenders admitted to state prisons. In at least fifteen states, black men were sent to prison on drug charges at rates ranging from twenty to fifty-seven times those of white men.

There are also flaws in the criminal justice system, since it takes a unanimous decision by a 12 person jury to convict a defendant of a crime, and a criminal can only be sent to prison if he or she is officially convicted in criminal court. It is a well known fact that jurors tend to be sympathetic with their own background, particularly people of similar ethnic and racial backgrounds. With 67 percent of America being white, the reality is there are more White jurors out there who will be more sympathetic toward White defendants.

Avoiding these human bias factors, what are the true crime rates by race? We may never know with human bias in the way, but the pseudo-scientific racists like Steve Sailer only attempt to obscure the truth to carry out their agenda of racism. And speaking of drug offenses, it looks like a prime time to alleviate the racial disparity by sending world renowned drug addict Rush Limbaugh to prison.

Rush Limbaugh is taking our advice on Viagra

It's comforting to know that the king of the obnoxious right-wing bigots, Rush Limbaugh, is taking our advice. Last December, we recommended the use of Viagra to a bunch of impotent white males who aren't reproducing enough to sustain the white population. We never imagined it would apply to Rush Limbaugh, but he is the one who needs it the most.

Rush Limbaugh, the three times divorced and childless family hypocrite man, steps away to the Dominican Republic and is caught after the trip by U.S. security for carrying Viagra which was not prescribed to him. What is the most popular reason for visiting the Dominican Republic? Alternet reports the Dominican Republic as one of the biggest sex tourism destinations in the world, thanks in part to Internet sites that extol the country as a "single man's paradise."

So all you lonely white males browsing Rush Limbaugh's or Steve Sailer's websites and looking for comfort for your desperate situation, stop fooling the rest of us that you are all that. Just like Rush, we know you are desperate, you are not reproducing, and your hypocrisy on sexual morals is only hurting yourself even more.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

German cannibal tells of fantasy

Those white Europeans sure do some weird things when it comes to crime. It's not enough for them to kill someone, but they must eat their own victims as well. Meet 41 year old Armin Meiwes from Germany; he was found guilty of murdering and eating 43-year-old Bernd-Jurgen Brandes who answered Meiwes' advertisement for a "Slim and blond" mate in March 2001.

German cannibal tells of fantasy

The court heard how horror films had fuelled Armin Meiwes' childhood fantasies of eating school friends.

The 41-year-old computer technician is charged with murder, even though the victim allegedly volunteered for his fate by replying to an internet advert.

The gruesome incident was all captured on camcorder and the footage is expected to form part of the evidence.

"I had the fantasy, and in the end I fulfilled it," he said. The fantasy first developed between the ages of eight and 12, he added.

Lesson for Malkin: White supremacists hate Jews

Michelle Malkin, in her "Gaza: Israel Strikes Back" posting, is celebrating Israel's airstrike on the group she hates tremendously, the Palestinian and Muslims. She is incredibly pro-Israel and pro-Jewish because she is married to her Jewish husband, Jesse Malkin.

However, Michelle Malkin doesn't seem to realize the white supremacist crowd she relies upon hate Jews and her Jewish husband. Some examples:

What world famous men said about the Jews - an extensive article by trashing on Jews and justifying the Holocaust.'s message board trashing on Jews - This is just one example, SF is filled with anti-Jewish hate all over.

David Duke's site hating Jews ( - One of the most infamous white supremacists who hates Jews with a passion.

And many, many more...... Way to go, Michelle Malkin.

GOP Candidate's Call for Labor Camp Rebuked

More evidence the Republican GOP party is racist.

A Republican gubernatorial candidate's call for creation of a forced labor camp for illegal immigrants drew rebukes Friday from two GOP lawmakers, who labeled it a low point in the immigration debate.

Don Goldwater, nephew of the late Sen. Barry Goldwater, caused an international stir this week when EFE, a Mexican news service, quoted him as saying he wanted to hold undocumented immigrants in camps to use them "as labor in the construction of a wall and to clean the areas of the Arizona desert that they're polluting."

The article described Goldwater's plan as a "concentration camp" for migrants.

CBS News: GOP Candidate's Call for Labor Camp Rebuked

Monday, June 26, 2006

Accused Marine Rapists in Philippines offered cash

When will Filipino Machelle Malkin ever expose the atrocities of her own crowd? Namely the Philippines where she heils, the military whom she fanatically supports, and white males whom she has such a bizzare obsession.

Last April, we reported how four U.S. Marines in the Philippines were accused of raping a 22-year-old Filipino woman, since Malkin doesn't want to cover it. Now, the accused Marines are caught offering money to the victim to get out of the criminal charge. They could face up to 40 years in prison if convicted.

The accused Marines above are white males. U.S. Marines Staff Sgt. Chad Carpentier, left, and Lance Cpl. Keith Silkwood, right. Not only do we wonder where is Michelle's non-response, but where is her racial profiling in this case? When will she write her garbage about how white males are demented rapists?

Philippine Witness: Accuser Offered Cash

Limbaugh detained at Palm Beach airport

Rush Limbaugh was detained for a few hours by authorities for carrying a Viagra prescription drug without his name. He has been released from this, but an investigation is continuing for his drug parole violation.

You right-wingers thought Rush Limbaugh would get off the hook so easily. You'll find the truth can get ugly, that drug addiction is a serious disease, and all the crap and hypocrisy Rush has spread all these years against drug users will come back to bite him, and Rush will not be exempt because he is Rush.

USA Today: Limbaugh detained at Palm Beach airport

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Don't Do Drugs promotional, Rush Limbaugh style

Sunday, June 25, 2006

7 suspected terrorists arrested in Miami are not Muslim

After the recent news broke out that 7 men were arrested in Miami for allegedly plotting to bomb the Sears tower, everyone was quick to assume they were Muslim. Now the truth has come out, and the 7 suspects are members of a cult group called "Seas of David".

The reality is, the Seas of David study a mix of Islamic, Christian and Jewish teachings. The use the Judeo-Christian Bible, not the Koran, and they worship in temples, not mosques. In the CNN article linked below, a relative of one of the suspects openly states the suspect is a Roman Catholic, not Muslim.

The family of Stanley Grant Phanor, who also is named in the indictment, said Friday that Phanor is innocent of all charges and is a practicing Roman Catholic -- not a Muslim.

"They all call themselves brothers and they are well-mannered," his older sister, Marlene Phanor, said. "All they were trying to do was clean up the community. We are Catholic. He's Catholic."

Nice attempt for the right-wing hatemongers to profit from fear and hate, but the truth can be very different from their lies.

VOA News: Muslim Group: US Terror Suspects Not Muslim

CNN News

UK Times

World Cup Soccer Fans Fight in Germany

Sailer's pseudo-scientific white supremacist crowd would like you to believe white Europeans are docile, civilized, non-violent, and mature. Too bad reality is far different from their lies and wishful thinking.

World Cup Soccer Fans Fight in Germany

English and German soccer fans clashed today after Germany's second-round victory over Sweden.

Thousands of drunk English and German fans had gathered in the city's Schlossplatz to watch the game. After Germany's 2-0 second-round victory, trouble broke out and both sets of fans traded punches before dozens of nervous-looking riot police moved into the area.

America’s population to hit 300 million this fall, and become less white

The U.S. population is on target to hit 300 million this fall. Not only that, but the demographics of the U.S. population is becoming less white and more colored. White non-Hispanics, who make up about two-thirds of the population, accounted for less than one-fifth of the increase.

MSNBC Aricle: America’s population to hit 300 million this fall

Face the facts, Steve Sailer and company. The white population is losing out in America and the world. Don't delude yourself and others into believing the white xeonphobic racist faction is prospering. You worthless impotent losers are declining in numbers, and there is nothing you can do to stop us colored people from taking over America. You tried, you lied, but you failed.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

White Racist Terrorists

Something you won't see on Sailer's white supremacist site, the reality of white supremacist criminals and terrorists.

A white supremacy gang in Baytown has been accused of murder and a huge heist at a clothing store.

At a Klan rally in Conroe, immigration was a hot topic.
Eight years ago, white supremacists killed James Byrd in Jasper.

Just a couple months ago, behind a house in Spring, white teens -- one reportedly a skinhead — allegedly beat a Latino teenager nearly to death.

“They stomped his head with his boots while cursing him as being Mexican,” Harris County Sheriff’s Lt. John Denholm said.

And then, just last week in Baytown, alleged members of the Aryan Brotherhood were accused of a crime spree that included murder and a big heist of department store merchandise.

So what’s going on? Could there be more to this than a few seemingly unrelated crimes?

“Well, there’s a common thread,” author Howard Bushart said. “I mean, these are all violent people.”

Recent crimes may signal hate crime resurgence

Terrorist bombers can be of any race

Poilce arrest 21-year-old Janaka Nuwan Kumara Siriwardena in Blacksburg, VA, for making bombs in his apartment. Janaka is of Indian descent from South Asia. So much for Michelle Malkin's bogus theories that terrorists are only Middle Easterners or Hispanic.

The reality is, terrorists can be of any race. They can be white or Filipino like Sailer or Malkin. The guy caught above was from south Asia, which is close to the Philippines in southeast Asia where Malkin heils.

Bomb found inside Blacksburg apartment; Suspect arrested

Since Sailer or Malkin love digging out the trash on others, but fail to dig out the trash in themselves, it is our duty to bring out the other half truth. We'll be ready to bring out the other half-truths Sailer or Malkin don't want you to know.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Terrorism in the U.S. and Philippines

Congratulations to the FBI and the United States for capturing the 7 terrorists in Miami and preventing them from bombing the Sears tower in Chicago. Of course, Michelle Malkin loves to steal credit for the valiant efforts of the FBI, when in reality she did nothing. Before you get caught up in her lies, here is the reality on Malkin's non-contribution to the foiled terrorist plots.

  • Michelle pays minimal taxes to support the expensive law enforcement sting, and works for right-wing tax-exempt organizations which take needed tax dollars out of circulation.
  • She didn't write the news articles herself. As usual, she illegally copies the work of other journalists.
  • Her theory of racially profiling terrorists would focus on middle eastern or hispanic men and Mexico. In this case, the 7 suspect were black/african.
  • She keeps diverting attention away from a far greater terrorist threat to America, her home country the Philippines.

The Philippines? How could such an innocent country and a small Filipino woman weighing less than 100 pounds be a terrorist threat to the United States?

The truth is, small Filipino women have been involved in terrorist plots in the past, including the bombing at Oklahoma City which killed nearly 200 Americans.

The truth is, the Philippines is one of the most dangerous places on earth with vibrant terrorist activity. Yesterday, a bomb blast killed 5 and wounded 10 in the southern Philippines near Manila. Where was terrorist hawk Michelle Malkin to cover this? The Philippines produce one of the largest number of immigrants entering the U.S.; what's the possibility a Filipino terrorist can pose as a legal immigrant and enter the U.S. to carry out a terrorist plot? Too high.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Respecting U.S. Soldiers: Michelle Malkin is full of shit

So Michelle Malkin pretends to show support for our U.S. soldiers by posting (stealing) pictures of memorial images like the one below on her website and posting sincere comments for various soldiers.

Malkin thinks by posting pictures like these on ther website makes her a patriot.

But when will Malkin show real support for our troops and the war she supports? Instead of sitting behind the keyboard all day and night and contribute nothing to society, and write erroneous and fraudulent books and articles to satisfy her right-wing publishers, here are some ways she can show real support and respect for our soldiers.

  1. Enlist to Iraq or Afghanistan and serve as a body shield for bullets and bombs for our soldiers. Better yet, be a human minesweeper and clear out land mines and booby traps.
  2. Give money to our soldiers.
  3. Get a real job and pay taxes.
  4. Stop working for tax-exempt, fraudulent right-wing organizations that take much needed tax revenue out of circulation.

We can make use of Steve Sailer for once if he follows these useful suggestions.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Republican Budget Priorities

It looks like Sailer's Republicans are determined to stop increasing the pitiful minimum wage from $5.15/hour to $7.25/hour, somewhat alleviate the impoverished wages, and turn it closer to a living wage. So what do the Republicans favor in place of increasing the minimum wage?

Increasing the profits and salary of CEOs earning 262 times pay of average worker. Looks like 262 times is too small, the Republicans must increase the disparity.

Reduce taxes of the millionaires and CEOs.

Spend billions more on the war in Iraq, and get innocent Americans killed.

Way to go, Steve Sailer. Look at who you helped elect into power through your lies and deception. And even worse for you and your gullible followers, the Republicans are hurting poor losers like you the most.

Republican Senate kills minimum wage increase

Sailer's Republican party kills a bill that would increase the $5.15/hour minimum wage for the first time in nearly a decade.

GOP-Run Senate Kills Minimum Wage Increase

First, cuts in education. Then cuts in health care. Now cuts in labor rights. What more can you ask for from the republicans Sailer is trying to empower? Whose side are Sailer and the Republicans on? Definitely not for any American earning less than $200,000 annually.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

R.I.P. for two U.S. Soldiers in Iraq

Regretfully the worst news has come out in Iraq. The two U.S. soldiers in Iraq, Kristian Menchaca, 23, of Houston and Thomas Tucker, 25, of Oregon initially reported missing have been found killed. Even worse, there is strong evidence they were tortured and mutilated (Washington Post article).

While this was a cruel, cold-blooded attack by the insurgents, who's even more reprehensible than the insurgents? Who are the ones who got us into this war based on lies and fabrications? Who is supporting the war when they ironically don't enlist themselves?

That's right, you can thank the Republicans who got us into this war, and right-wing extremist fascists and liars like Steve Sailer, Rush Limbaugh, Michelle Malkin, Ann Coulter, and many more who support and empower the republicans.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Victory in Iraq? Maybe next century

After the supposed victory of Al Zarqawi's death, America was supposed to see a shining light in terms of victory. However, the body count continues to rise, and now Dick Cheney admits we underestimated the Iraqi insurgency.

Crooks and Liars report on Dick Cheney

With the neverending war and mounting death toll, it looks like it's time to send some fresh bodies to Iraq, namely Michelle Malkin and the soon-to-be-adults Sailer teenagers.

White Male Criminals

While the Sailer white supremacist group loves to portray white males like themselves as innocent to violent crime, reality can be very different from their lies. Here is just a small sample of reported crimes committed by white males across America within 24 hours. Many of them are on the run, so check out the articles to see if you can help catch them.

Houston, Texas
Man Abducted At Wal-Mart Killed By Members Of White Supremacist Group

Franklin, Tennessee
Franklin police looking for man who broke into car, stole credit card

Suspect In Multi-Car, TANK Bus Chase Still At Large

Argument at intersection turns deadly as gunman wounds man in truck

Los Angeles, California
$10,000 Reward Offered for Information on Suspect in Stevenson Ranch Murder

Crowley, Texas
Former officer sentenced to jail, probation

Sunday, June 18, 2006

U.S. Dept. of State travel warning: Philippines

The U.S. Department of State has recently (June 16, 2006) issued a serious warning for all Americans considering traveling to the Philippines. The Philippines, where terrorist-hawk Michelle Malkin originates, is one of the most dangerous and violent places on earth with active terrorist activity. Americans should also do their duty to protect us from terrorists by carefully watching Michelle Malkin and any immediate family and friends she may be harboring, since the terrorist threat from the Philippines is too high.

United States Department of State travel warning: Philippines

This Travel Warning updates information on the security situation and reminds Americans of the risks of travel to the Philippines. Terrorist groups and radical insurgents continue to plan multiple attacks throughout the Philippines. This Travel Warning supersedes the Travel Warning for the Philippines dated March 23, 2005.

The Department of State urges American citizens to consider carefully the risks of travel to the Philippines and continues to warn against all but essential travel throughout the country in light of heightened threats to Westerners. The Department also continues to urge Americans who choose to travel to the Philippines to observe vigilant personal security precautions, and to remain aware of the continued potential for terrorist attacks, including those against U.S. citizens. Terrorist groups, including Jemaah Islamiyah and the Abu Sayyaf Group, continue to plan multiple attacks throughout the Philippines, as do some radical insurgents who have broken away from Moro groups. Explosive devices have been placed in shopping malls, on public transportation, at airports and port facilities, in places of worship, and in other public areas resulting in numerous casualties and deaths. No area of the Philippines is immune from the possibility of a terrorist attack, although the southern island of Mindanao and the Sulu Archipelago are particularly affected. One of three bombs that exploded on February 14, 2005 was planted on a bus near an upscale commercial district of Makati, Metro Manila, killing four people. In December 2005, the U.S. Embassy closed its public services for two days in response to threat information. Travelers should be aware that since security has increased at official U.S. facilities, terrorists might seek softer targets. Such targets could include, but are not limited to, places where Americans and other Westerners might live, congregate, shop or visit, including hotels, beach resorts, clubs, restaurants, shopping centers, businesses, housing compounds, transportation systems, places of worship, schools, or public recreation events.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Theofascists declare war on Ford Motor Company

When we start letting the right-wing religious nutcases whom Sailer endorses take over the country, it's amazing what kind of hell brews. First, we reported how the Republicans whom Sailer is trying to empower are giving away massive tax breaks to American companies like Ford Motors to layoff American workers and move overseas.

If American companies like Ford aren't taking enough of a beating from the wingnuts, the pseudo-Christian theofascists step in and take another swipe at American companies.

Religious Conservatives Rush To Cheer Automaker's Troubles

For Detroit's executives and union leaders, plummeting auto sales and stock prices are foreboding harbingers of a faltering industry. But some Christian conservative activists are hailing the bad numbers as a victory.

Three months after launching a boycott against Ford Motor Co. to protest the firm's ties to gay and lesbian advocacy groups and publications, the Tupelo, Miss.-based American Family Association says its effort is having an impact. Late last week, the group — which is leading a 19-member coalition of conservative organizations — released a June 7 e-mail from a Ford executive, acknowledging the boycott and urging dealers "to listen to every customer, correct any misinformation, and ask them to support Ford."

So the religious wingnuts are taking over this country and engrossed in important topics like banning non-heterosexual marriages, flag burning, and spending billions for war when their religious doctrine is supposedly about peace. No wonder this country is screwed beyond belief. Hat tip: Not In My Bible. Check it out, it's definitely worth it.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Sponsoring a bill you don't even know: The Ten Commandments

Hypocrisy is the sign of the Republican. Whether it's supporting a war they or their immediate family don't enlist or backstabbing the poor rural redneckish voters who supported you, the Republicans are notorious for their hypocrisy.

Republican Congressman Lynn Westmoreland of Georgia was caught with his pants down on the Colbert Report. He is a sponsor of the Ten Commandments bill in Georgia, yet he can't name them. Actually, he got 3 out of 10, but I know plenty of non-Christians who can name at least 5 off the top of their head.

Crooks and Liars report on Westmoreland and the Ten Commandments

During the interview, Westmoreland is asked what to eliminate to balance the budget. He responds, "The Dept. of Education". Isn't that comforting news for college students (including Sailer's two sons who will enter college soon if they can even afford it) struggling with massive educational debt to know the Republicans are looking out for them. NOT!

As we said before, be very careful which sides you pick in the voting booths.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Terrorism in the Philippines

When will Michelle Malkin ever cover the terrorist events and the potential danger to America? Last Sunday a grenade blast wounded eight people in a market in a rural Philippines province. Al-Qaida-linked militants were possible terror suspects.

Someone send Michelle Malkin back home to the Philippines. Once we let Filipinos like her enter America, it will only be a matter of time one of those terrorist Filipinos slip by and start doing physical terror damage to us.

Washington Post article: Explosion Wounds 8 at Philippines Market

Unholy Trinity: Malkin, O'Reilly, Coulter

These nutcase extremists make such outrageous comments, they often go against each other. In one segment of fox news, Bill O'reilly "disagrees" with Michelle Malkin's unsympathetic statement ("Boo-freakin-hoo") of the suicide victims in Guantanamo Bay. Then Malkin "disagrees" with Ann Coulter's statements slandering the 9-11 widows as greedy witches.

Crooks and Liars' video of the unholy trinity

Monday, June 12, 2006

Homocides by Whites

When it comes to coorelating heinous crimes, particularly homicide by race or religion, the Sailer and Malkin pseudo-criminologists and racists keep largely omitting the criminals, murderers, and crazies of the white race. It's that time again to showcase more white criminals which the Sailer/Malkin camp often deliberately omits.

Michael Kennedy

On May 9, 18-year-old Michael Kennedy assulted a local police station in Fairfax, Virginia with an AK-47 machine gun and several other weapons. He killed two police officers, left several more seriously wounded, and died in the shootout. While Michelle Malkin is busy attacking Black Muslims because the two D.C. beltway snipers, John Allen Muhammad and Lee Boyd Malvo, were so, she ironically doesn't trash Michael Kennedy because he is a white male. We don't know if Michael Kennedy was a Christian, but homocide does affect every religion.

Mary Winkler

A 32-year-old white woman named Mary Winkler was indicted for the murder of her husband, Matthew Winkler, a 31-year-old minister at the Church of Christ in Tennessee. So this is what European Christian values are about? I think I'd rather be an atheist.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Statistics of Crime rates of immigrants can be deceptive

How hard is it to find reliable, objective, and unbiased statistics of crime rates on the internet? That task can be much harder than you can imagine. Try googling up on "crime rates of immigrants" and you'll be inundated with bogus statistics from fraudulent right-wing organizations like Center for Immigration Studies and VDare, many of which Steve Sailer has connections.

Can someone show me some reliable statistics on immigrants and crime?

Ann Coulter Sucks

The title to this post couldn't be any simpler. Ann Coulter attacks and slanders the widows of the 9/11 attack.

Conservative author Ann Coulter sparked a storm on Wednesday after describing a group of September 11 widows who backed the Democratic Party as millionaire "witches" reveling in their status as celebrities.

"I've never seen people enjoying their husbands' deaths so much," Coulter writes in her book "Godless: The Church of Liberalism," published on Tuesday, referring to four women who headed a campaign that resulted in the creation of the September 11 Commission that investigated the hijacked plane attacks.

Coulter wrote that the women were millionaires as a result of compensation settlements and were "reveling in their status as celebrities and stalked by grief-arazzis."

Since Ann Coulter lives for controversy, it's time she has a taste of her own medicine. This is her Florida home address, a $1.8 million condominium, where she moved in March 2005. Be assertive but legal if you voice your opinions. Remember, this is not an endorsement or invitation for illegal acts.

Ann Hart Coulter
242 Seabreeze Ave.
Palm Beach, FL 33480-6129

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Al-Zarqawi is dead, no thanks to Malkin or Sailer

Looks like Michelle Malkin is excited to see Abu Musab al-Zarqawi dead, but what has she contributed to the fight against terrorism? She writes, "Zarqawi is dead--no thanks to the likes of 1st Lt. Ehren Watada, who refused to deploy with the Stryker Brigade this week to protest the "illegal" and "unjust" war." But who is Michelle to criticize, since she never enlisted to serve in Iraq or the military and live up to her words.

So after thousands of casualties and countless billions of dollars later, we got one person named al-Zarqawi. Is that going to stop terrorism or the casualties? Will Malkin or Sailer ever do something useful like enlist in the military and serve in the front lines, or make any decent wages to pay a decent tax revenue to support the war which costs countless billions of dollars, or end their affiliation to fraudulent tax-exempt organizations like VDare, AEI, or YAF that are taking much needed tax dollars out of circulation?

Nope, still the same cowards and hypocrites. This is why we fight hard.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Blue vs. Red States

While Bush is indulged in such important topics such as passing a Constitutional amendment banning gay marriages, the rest of the country wonders where Bush's head is stuck. No wonder America is seeing red against Bush and turning more blue.

Monday, June 05, 2006

White Supremacist vs. White Nationalist

Whatever is supposed to be the difference between white supremacist and white nationalist, they are both hate groups who hate anyone non-white like them. In fact, their hatred is so comprehensive their hate goes across boundaries to hate each other.

Bill White, the leader of the white supremacist site at has this to say about the white nationalist site at .

Fuck Stormfront. Overrated and censored, it sucks.

-Bill White

No wonder these white supremacist hate groups are losing in numbers and power.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Terrorist plot foiled in Toronto, but be aware of Malkin

The Toronto police in Canada arrested 17 terrorist suspects who stored three tons of ammonium nitrate fertilizer used for making explosives and were planning a terrorist plot similar to the Oklahoma City bombing but on a larger scale. Michelle Malkin is trying to take (steal) credit for the foiled terrorist plot in her entry, "EUPHEMISM O' THE DAY: "BROAD STRATA" ", especially since she claims to be anti-terrorist and the terrorists had Muslim sounding names.

Actually, if we followed Michelle Malkin's anti-terrorist plan, we would send all our anti-terrorist resources to the Mexican border. After all these years of trashing on Mexicans, she still hasn't proved Mexico is a terrorist threat.

Don't worry, Michelle. You and your ideology contributed nothing to the foiled terrorist plot in Toronto. Even if you weren't around, the world will still turn and those terrorists would still have been caught.

And don't worry, Michelle, Canada was and is far ahead of you in gathering valuable information on terrorist threats. This terrorist watch report written in April 2004 is well aware of terrorist threats, especially al-Qaeda. Unlike how you try to mislead the country into classifying Mexico as terrorists and waste our time and resources (including taxpayer dollars which you hardly contribute) on your falsehoods, this Canadian report realizes two major differences from your lies: 1) Mexico is not a primary terrorist threat, and 2) terrorists threats from the Philippines are far greater.

Canada and Australia Warn of Phillipines Terror Threat (November 2002) - Canada and Australia are warning about a possible upsurge of terrorist activity in the Philippines. As a result, the Canadian Foreign Affairs department is advising Canadians not to travel to the Philippines until further notice. The Canadian Embassy in Manila has also been closed temporarily to everyone except for urgent consular assistance. Meanwhile, Australia has closed its embassy in the Philippines and beefed up security at home after receiving specific terrorist threats.

Yes, Michelle, there are many terrorist groups, including al-Qaeda, in your home country, the Philippines. Is that why you keep trying to mislead us into believing terrorists only come from Mexico and the Middle East, so we won't pay attention to the real terrorist threat in the Philippines?

Links to terrorist threats in the Philippines:
Michelle Malkin is a security threat
The Filipino Beheaders: The Tad-tad
So why the government spying on Michelle Malkin?

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Violent crime rates decline as America becomes more diverse

The latest 2005 census report shows the non-white population, especially Blacks and Hispanics, are contunuously increasing, while the white population declined to below 67 percent of America and continues to decline. Sailer and his white supremacist crowd would try to deceive us that the violent crime rates would increase accordingly because of the greater number of Blacks and Hispanics.

However, reality can be different from Sailer's lies. The U.S. Department of Justice and the Bureau of Justice Statistics show a significant decrease in violent crime rates as America becomes more colored.

2005 U.S. Census: America becoming more diverse

The U.S. Census Bureau released the 2005 census report, and every race in America except the white race is increasing in population. "In 2005, the nation’s minority population totaled 98 million, or 33 percent, of the country’s total of 296.4 million."

Summaries of population trends by race.


  1. Hispanics accounted for almost half (1.3 million, or 49 percent) of the national population growth of 2.8 million between July 1, 2004, and July 1, 2005.

  2. Of the increase of 1.3 million, 800,000 was because of natural increase (births minus deaths) and 500,000 was because of immigration.

  3. The Hispanic population in 2005 was much younger with a median age of 27.2 years compared to the population as a whole at 36.2 years. About a third of the Hispanic population was under 18, compared with one-fourth of the total population.


  1. The black population increased by 1.3 percent or 496,000 between 2004 and 2005.

  2. Of the increase of 496,000, about 407,000 was because of natural increase and 89,000 was because of immigration.

  3. The black population, in 2005, was younger with a median age of 30.0 years compared to the population as a whole at 36.2 years. About 31 percent of the black population was under 18, compared with 25 percent of the total population.


  1. The Asian population rose by 3 percent or 421,000 between 2004 and 2005.

  2. Of the increase of 421,000 in the Asian population between 2004 and 2005, 182,000 was because of natural increase and 239,000 was because of immigration.

  3. The Asian population in 2005 was younger with a median age of 33.2 years compared to the population as a whole at 36.2 years. About 26 percent of the Asian population was under 18, compared with 25 percent of the total population.

American Indians and Alaska natives

  1. The American Indian and Alaska native population rose by 1 percent or 43,000 from 2004 to 2005.

  2. The American Indian and Alaska native population in 2005 was younger with a median age of 30.7 years, compared to the population as a whole at 36.2 years. About 29 percent of the American Indian and Alaska native population was under 18, compared with 25 percent of the total population.

Native Hawaiians and other Pacific islanders

  1. The native Hawaiian and other Pacific islander population rose by 1.5 percent or 15,000 from 2004 to 2005.

  2. The native Hawaiian and other Pacific islander population in 2005 was younger with a median age of 28.2 years compared to the population as a whole at 36.2 years. About 31 percent of the native Hawaiian and other Pacific islander population was under 18, compared with 25 percent of the total population.

Non-Hispanic whites

  1. The non-Hispanic, single-race white population, which represented just under 67 percent of the total population, accounted for less than a fifth (19 percent) of the nation’s total population growth.

  2. Of the increase of 500,000, about 300,000 was because of natural increase with 200,000 attributed to immigration.

  3. The non-Hispanic, single-race white population in 2005 was older than the population as a whole: the respective median ages were 40.3 and 36.2. About 22 percent of the population of this group was under 18, compared with 25 percent of the total population.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Ann Coulter hires criminal defense lawyer for voter fraud allegations

Just like the right-wing hypocrites to accuse others of crime, but failing to chastise the criminals among themselves. As Florida election officials press voter felony charges against Ann Coulter which could land her a $5,000 fine and 5 years in prison, she has hired a criminal defense lawyer, Marcos Jimenez (why is Ann hiring a Hispanic lawyer, doesn't she hate Hispanics?), to defend her.

Hat Tip: Crooks and Liars, Brad Blog

Thursday, June 01, 2006

FAQs about Steve Sailer

I receive many emails asking why this guy Steve Sailer has such a depressing, condescending, negative, and hateful tone in his writings toward the world, particularly against non-whites, non-heterosexual males, females, and non-christians. Some wonder if Steve Sailer is one of those dysfunctional white boys who was sexually molested as a child.

We have a lot of information on Steve Sailer, and we know he did have a bitter childhood. He was not sexually molested, but he was rejected by his biological parents. In other words, he's adopted and has many conflicts with his adoptive parents. He also had much failure and rejection finding a satisfying sexual partner. I won't get into the details, but I do have the evidence. As I said, we have a lot more information on Sailer than he wants us to know about him.

More Lies and Garbage from Ann Coulter

Ann Coulter's posting on May 31, "SE PUEDE GET TWO YEARS TAX-FREE", shows more of the same hatred and idiocy from her.

Ann: "The "path to citizenship" that Bush and the Senate are trying to pawn off on Americans requires that illegals pay huge fines and back taxes, with "huge" being defined as a $2,000 fine and taxes for three of the last five years."

Ann criticizes the immigrants for being low wage workers and getting a two year tax break. However, she doesn't mention the $2,000 fine is far more than what the low wage earners would have to pay in taxes in two years. In other words, the immigrants will pay more in taxes overall because of the $2000 fine.

Ann: "We're told illegal immigrants are dying to pay taxes if only they can become citizens. Oh by the way, they also will have a panoply of government benefits available to them if they become citizens — in fact, even if they get green cards."

Ann doesn't mention that illegal immigrants do not receive any of those benefits. Sure they will receive some benefits when legalized, but they will pay taxes for those benefits. A fair tradeoff.

Ann: "Inasmuch as most of these low-skilled immigrant workers are in the 0 percent tax bracket"

Actually, the lowest tax bracket is 10 percent.

Ann: "The Senate bill also forgives illegal aliens who have committed identity theft by stealing American Social Security numbers to get jobs."

If the immigrants have to use a different social security number, the IRS will deduct taxes from that paycheck which the IRS keeps and the immigrant does not.

So Ann Coulter is trashing on immigrants as tax evaders. Like Sailer's tactics, she only points out part of the truth. When immigrants are undocumented, they do not receive any benefits like social security for their work. When immigrants become legalized, they must pay taxes to receive the government benefits.

However, Ann Coulter's greatest hypocrisy are the felonies she has committed and continues to commit against America at the cost of the American taxpayer. Her primary employer, Young America's Foundation, is a tax-exempt organization which literally takes tax revenue out of circulation by the millions annually so they can pay bigots like Ann Coulter a hefty $25,000 speaking fee to spew her crap. She is also involved in criminal treason and voter fraud.