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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Disclaimer on Racism

Just as racists like Steve Sailer have entered controversial topics like racial characteristics, so have we. We will sometimes post articles, observations, and realities that seem to attack the white European race, but it is not meant for that purpose. The reasons we do so are:

1) Racists like Sailer are so quick to trash on the non-white races and get a high out of it, but get defensive and reluctant to trash on their own race. We are only filling the gaps by showing everyone the trash Sailer deliberately omits.

2) White supremacist hate sites like , , and (all which Sailer has affiliations) spew out the same trashy tactics against the non-whites. It's really Sailer's call. If he wants to dig trash on the non-whites, it's only fair he digs out the trash in himself. If he doesn't, we will fill in the gap.

3) The amount to trash we dig out on whites is only a very small percentage compared to the countless years Sailer and his kind have done so.

4) We are not in the friendship business. We fight hard against these kind of racists and go into controversial territory. If you want to make friends, go to , but if you want to get down to business to fight the racists, come here.

5) Racists like Sailer don't even provide these disclaimers and explanations. We take the time to do so.


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