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Monday, August 07, 2006

Sailer's "Affordable Family Foundation" plan is bogus

Steve Sailer keeps referring to his crap and lies that the Republicans' and Red States' policies create an affordable family foundation plan that helps families raise children. However, reality has shown otherwise; let's look at the reality of the Republicans'/Red States' devastating effects on families and why they are losing out in numbers and power.

  1. Red States are not producing more babies.
  2. The white race is distinctly the only race in America likely to vote Republican, and are also the only race distinctly declining in America.
  3. Red State families are more prone to divorce and brokenness.
  4. Republicans keep affordable health care out of reach for many families.
  5. Republicans keep affordable education out of reach for many families.
  6. Republicans keep affordable gas prices out of reach for many families.
  7. Republicans keep affordable housing out of reach for many families.
  8. Republicans keep decent living wages out of reach for many families.
  9. The Republicans' anti-family policies drive many followers to the brink of insanity enough to murder their own children (examples 1, 2, 3).

Lesson: Republicans and Healthy Families don't mix.


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