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Saturday, September 30, 2006

FRC Action 2006 Values Voter Summit: Saturday Afternoon

Family Research Council Action: 2006 Values Voter Summit Series

FRC Action 2006 Values Voter Summit:
Friday Morning
Friday Afternoon
Friday Evening
Saturday Morning
Saturday Afternoon

* * * * * * * * * *

The Saturday afternoon speaker series continued with more Republican politicians, judges, advocates, and pastors continuing with the FRC theme of right-wing extremism. Republican Senator James Inhofe of Oklahoma started off the afternoon by telling about how he ministered in Africa to appease the minority critics, since these right-wing fascists have such atrocious relations with the non-white races, particularly Blacks and Hispanics. He shows concern for the genocide in Africa but blames the non-action of the United Nations for the genocide. He also quotes some Bible verses to oppose abortion (Psalm 139) and hate homosexuals (Leviticus 18:22), but when it comes to churches, his primary concern is how churches can retain their tax-exempt status while supporting Republicans. Ironically, he feels churches where liberals speak but not necessarily endorse, such as Jesse Jackson and Michael Dukakis, do not deserve tax-exempt status.

While Senator Inhofe reiterated much of the bigotry and extremism already preached at the FRC conference, he does introduce two new topics: animal rights and environmental science. As you know, right-wingers are not into animal rights or preserving the environment. Inhofe introduces us to a radical animal rights activist named Jerry Vlasik and tries to associate all animal rights activists to a statement Jerry Vlasik one made, similar to linking a few dozen Islamic terrorists to all 1.5 billion Muslims worldwide. Inhofe mentions Jerry Vlasik once said he thinks humans should be killed for the sake of animals. Although we don't have any record of human being killed by animal rights activists, Inhofe and his pro-life hypocrites do not mention that so called pro-life Christian terrorists have already killed human beings in the name of Christianity, including making terrorist statements. We have yet to see him or the FRC associate the entire Christian religion to the acts of a few Christofascist terrorists.

Senator Inhofe's final statement was trashing on the scientists warning us of global warming. He attacks Time magazine for profiting of their cover issue on global warming last year that resulted in high sales. His rebuttal is showing how Time magazine published an article on global freezing in 1970, but other than that Inhofe does not provide scientific evidence. His environmental research sounds incredibly familiar to an anti-environmentalist named Rush Limbaugh.

Judge Charles Pickering from Mississippi was next, introducing himself with the usual FRC topics condemning abortion and pornography. Charles Pickering is a far right judge who has lost many nominations on national judicial posts because of his extremist and racist affiliations. Throughout the 1960's and afterwards, he has a strong history of opposing racial integration and civil rights, and has proven ties to racist southern neo-confederate groups. Because of his blemished racist record, the majority of Pickering's speech was devoted to defending his tarnished image. Pickering claims and is likely lying about how he is not a racist, once defended an African American client, and blames the liberals for forming a conspiracy to smear him. This turned out to be a selfish public relations atonement to racist ties, similar to George "Macaca" Allen's speech.

A few more lesser known speakers, then a relatively younger pastor named Ron Luce concluded with a speech on sexual morals geared to teenagers. As with typical pastors speaking to teenagers, he blames the media, MTV, internet, video games, and pornography for the moral decay of American society, but does not mention the pedophiles as adult church staff who frequently target children, nor does he mention the incidence rates of sexual abuse by the Christian population is equal to or greater than the non-Christian population.

After the Saturday afternoon speaker series concluded in the main auditorium, the audience had the choice to attend one of five different seminars. Most of them were church related, but I choose a more general topic: Health Care. In this biased right-wing theocratic seminar, they blame and lie that the reason health care is so extraordinarily high is because of subsidies to abortion, assisted suicide, stem cell research, and Hillary Clinton. With these theofascists calling the shots based on their religious superstition and lies and gullible followers listening to them, it's no wonder health care in America is truly in a crisis.

Terrorists call Bush a failure and a liar

Looks like Bush's war on terror is turning out to be a bust after all. The terrorists don't seem to be trembling and incapitated with Bush's and the Republicans' inept anti-terrorist policy. Instead, the terrorists are more rejuvenated and stronger with Bush's incompetence.

Bin Laden’s deputy calls Bush a failure and liar

Rep. Mark Foley resigns over lewd emails to underage boy

While the right-wing hypocrites like the Family Research Council preach about sexual morals and stopping pedophilia, they have yet to denouce the real pedophiles within their republican party. In the latest scandal, Rep. Mark Foley (R-FL) resigned from Congress after sending sensitive and lewd emails to an underage boy.

Rep. Foley resigns over e-mails to male pages

Of course, this is only one of countless incidents of child sexual abuse which have and will occur with white male Republicans.

Republicans version of Morals and Family Values: Pedophilia, Child Molestation, Rape

Friday, September 29, 2006

FRC Action 2006 Values Voter Summit: Saturday Morning

Family Research Council Action: 2006 Values Voter Summit Series

FRC Action 2006 Values Voter Summit:
Friday Morning
Friday Afternoon
Friday Evening
Saturday Morning
Saturday Afternoon

* * * * * * * * * *

Day 2 of the FRC Action Values Voter Summit conference starts off with the notorious right-wing FOX commentator, Sean Hannity. He hosts the two FOX News shows "Hannity and Colmes" and "The Sean Hannity Show". After a full day of hateful speeches, Sean Hannity actually starts on a positive note by positively praising former President Ronald Reagan, if not overly exaggerated and biased. Then Hannity starts with his hatefest to set the hateful mood for Saturday.

Sean Hannity attacks immigrants and calls for secure borders. As with the mood of FRC, he also attacks abortion, liberals, public schools and teachers to advocate right-wing school choice so religious conservative schools have the advantage, the United Nations, and Hillary Clinton. While accusing liberals of being obsessed with the judicial branch, Hannity (like the other FRC speakers) is the one obsessed with filling the Supreme Court with more far right judges like John Roberts and Samuel Alito. His final hypocritical stance is his support for a strong military and the war in Iraq, when Sean himself never served in the military.

The next speaker of the obnoxious FRC speaker series was Bill Bennett, the conservative who most recent notoriety was claiming that black babies need to be aborted to reduce crime. Of course, the FRC hypocrites who claim to be adamantly against abortion had no problems endorsing abortion eugenicist Bill Bennett.

Bill Bennett's agenda did not include abortion, but he was a fanatical pro-war preacher. Never mind the Bible specifically states "Thou shall not kill", Bill Bennett wants to see more war and military killings. As with many right-wing fascists, he fraudulently links Iraq to the 9/11 attacks to justify Bush's controversial Iraq war. He is very supportive of Israel and supports Israel's recent attack on Lebanon. It's also rather ironic he talks valiantly about American World War II veterans in Okinawa and D-Day in Europe like he was a veteran when he, as with many conservatives, never had any military or combat experience.

Rick Santorum, the Republican Senator from Pennsylvania, is one of the far most right-wing Christian politicians in Congress, which makes him a favorite among the Christian right groups like FRC. However, emergency family issues came up, so he was unable to attend the conference. Instead, a video of Rick Santorum was shown where he opposes same sex marriages, comments on the Terry Schaivo case, and supports the Iraq war and attacks Muslims by calling them Islamic fascists.

The next speaker was Paul Weyrich, a lesser known speaker who is a familiar face among the Christian Right crowd. He says Rick Santorum is the most important politician in Congress, opposes abortion, and claims Democrats are passing the "Fairness Act" to eliminate talk radio and regulate the internet. Actually, the Republicans are the ones into privacy invasion and censorship.

Multiple panelists of conservative pastors and lesser known speakers trying to make a living were next. Their primary message was trying to get churches involved into Republican campaigns and vote for Republicans without losing their tax-exempt status. Many of the pastors at the FRC conference have received warning letters from the IRS stating they may not endorse political parties to retain their tax-exempt status. That ghost of Barry Lynn continues to haunt them, as he was frequently mentioned.

Don Wildmon of the American Family Association was the final speaker of the Saturday morning series. He was the primary leader who led the boycott against Ford Motor Company because Ford endorsed some policies that benefited homosexuals, and the Ford boycott and gay bashing was his topic. With manipulative wording, he trashes on homosexuals and mentioned how Ford is hurting. However, he doesn't mention his religious fanaticism of the Ford boycott forced the layoffs of tens of thousands of American workers who are overwhelmingly heterosexual, ruined many American lives, destroyed communities, and increased poverty. Way to go, theofascists.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Colorado school shooting included sexual assault

This is one race and crime story white supremacists like Sailer feel uneasy discussing, but I'll go ahead and take the heat for only reiterating the brutal truth everyone else feel uneasy discussing.

Duane Morrison, 53

An estranged, sexually frustrated middle aged white male named Duane Morrison walks inside Platte Canyon High School armed with guns, takes the female students hostage while releasing the male students, sexually assaults the female hostages (with an apparent fetish for blondes), shoots and kills 16 year old Emily Keyes and then himself.

Details from Colo. school shooting emerge

Victim Emily Keyes, 16

I'm not cheering this story like how white supremacists would cheer stories about non-whites facing tragic events, but we have to face the brutal truth if we ever want to come to solutions. The reality is, white males have been deceived and manipulated by lying hypocritical right-wing sexual moral preachers too long. The right-wing Family Research Council Action conference is only one example which not only proved to be a hatefest white people continually face to bring out violence and aggression, but also a show of hypocrisy on moral values. Such hypocrites spread lies on sexual morals, but the reality is that their lies leave behind sexually frustrated males who often take out their frustrations and depression on innocent children, often in their own churches.

I lived in white America most of my life, and I know firsthand there are many angry, frustrated, and depressed white adults out there. Hate me all you want, but that will not supress the truth.

USA Today uses Sailer's lies on marriage statistics

A USA Today reporter named Dennis Cauchon recently wrote two biased articles describing how Republican have abnormally greater marriage and fertility rates than Democrats.

Marriage gap could sway elections

'Fertility gap' helps explain political divide

If these shoddy and biased articles sounded incredibly similar to Steve Sailer's bogus articles on marriage and fertility for Republicans, you are correct. Although Denis Cauchon does not reveal it, the source of his marriage and fertility statistics was directly from Steve Sailer.

Steve Sailer recently posted this entry on his main site as confirmation, although it is not part of his archive blog.

USA Today on the Republican-Democrat gaps in marriage and fertility: Reporter Dennis Cauchon of USA Today called me last week and we spoke for close to an hour about my work on the correlation between affordable family formation and voting. His twin articles on the marriage gap and fertility gap are up today, although he doesn't see fit to mention my name. Good stuff, nonetheless:

I will contact USA Today and other media watchdog organizations like Media Matters to expose these lies and shoddy journalism tactics, and I encourage you to do the same. Here are related links to show you how Steve Sailer lied on marriage and fertility.

Conservatives do not have higher birth rates
Sailer's "Affordable Family Foundation" plan is bogus
Sailer's lies on white birth rates by state

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

FRC Action 2006 Values Voter Summit: Friday Evening

Family Research Council Action: 2006 Values Voter Summit Series

FRC Action 2006 Values Voter Summit:
Friday Morning
Friday Afternoon
Friday Evening
Saturday Morning
Saturday Afternoon

* * * * * * * * * *

This is not President Bush, but actually Steve Bridges

The Friday session of the FRC conference concludes with a comedy routine from Steve Bridges, then the two keynote speakers Gary Bauer and Ann Coulter. Steve Bridges is the comedian who not only does a realistic impression of President Bush, he really looks like the President. It was the most realistic impression I've ever seen of the President, and while the brainwashed Bush supporters in the audience were cracking up, I found it rather modest. Anyway, enough of the comedy routine and now let's examine the ambiguity, lies, slander, and backstabbing of right-wing politics.

Gary Bauer is President of Americans United to Preserve Marriage and American Values. So what does his group mean by "Preserve Marriage and American Values?" It means what the Family Research Council was preaching all along, hate homosexuals and embrace right-wing theocratic fascism. Gary Bauer was repeating the recurring theme of the FRC conference. His hate list trashes on Muslims, the Clintons, Democrats, the New York Times, Hollywood, and abortion rights activists. He gives his emotional pep talk by telling how he had a church member who died in the 9/11 Pentagon attack and retelling the Flight 93 story of 9/11, but instead of using the 9/11 tragedy for healing, he uses it as a weapon to spreads more lies, misinformation, and hatred. Here are some of Gary Bauer's claims.

  • Former President Clinton ignored message from Al-Qaeda, when it was Bush who ignored the warning.
  • Democrats and liberals hate Bush and America more than Al-Qaeda hates Bush and America.
  • Uses the term Islamofascists and links all Muslims to 9/11, when in reality about 0.0000001% of Muslims worldwide are involved in terrorism and violence, about the same rate as Christians.
  • The hated New York Times has more knowledge of national security than Bush. Actually, I could agree with this, since Bush has proven to be incompetent and clueless on national security and effectively fighting terrorism.
  • Hollywood is in a conspiracy to support abortion.

Gary Bauer then concludes with the pressing issue the right-wing church leaders of FRC are facing, how to get the church involved in Republican campaigns without losing their tax exempt status. The ghost of Barry Lynn still lingers.

The finale of the Friday night main event was the infamous right-wing queen of hate, Ann Coulter. She does her repetitive hate routine again, trashing on what the other speakers were hating all along. The loud and thunderous applause shows the true hate of the audience.

Abortion was a top priority for Ann. She reiterates some history of the abortion issue since Roe vs. Wade was ruled in 1973 to show she has half a brain, then her fallacies start. First, she blames Planned Parenthood for the homicides of the abortion doctors that sprung up in the 1990s, when in reality Planned Parenthood is on the forefront fighting against the violence, while it is primarily the right-wing Christian extremist terrorists like the FRC crowd who committed the homicides.

The Supreme Court was another issue Ann found fascinating. She says 7 out of 9 Supreme Court members are nominated by Republicans and liberals are obsessed with the Supreme Court since she claims they can't win at the polls. But throughout the FRC conference and with Ann Coulter, the right-wingers were the ones obsessed with the Supreme Court and how to turn it to the far right.

Warmonger, hypocrite, and coward Ann Coulter then speaks on the topic which rejuvenates her - the war in Iraq. As usual she attacks liberals on the war on Iraq and claims former Presidential candidate John Kerry's Vietnam service record was falsified, when in reality it is Bush and countless number of Republicans who dodged military service in Vietnam.

However, the most blatant evidence of her lies and stupidity was her claim that 1993 World Trade Center bomber Ramzi Yousef fled to Iraq after the incident, then falsely linking Iraq to the Al-Qaeda group to justify Bush's controversial and unpopular war in Iraq. The truth is Ramzi Yousef fled to Pakistan, not Iraq, nor does he have ties to Iraq. Ramzi Yousef is currently serving a life prison sentence in a supermax prison in Florence, Colorado, along with a number of right-wing, white supremacist, and/or pro-Christian terrorists like Matthew Hale, David Lane, Terry Nichols, and Eric Robert Rudolph. Of course, Ann will never tell you these truths.

This is the hate, lies, and garbage spewed by Tony Perkin's FRC conference in just one day. Stay tuned for day two.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

FRC Action 2006 Values Voter Summit: Friday Afternoon

Family Research Council Action: 2006 Values Voter Summit Series

FRC Action 2006 Values Voter Summit:
Friday Morning
Friday Afternoon
Friday Evening
Saturday Morning
Saturday Afternoon

* * * * * * * * * *

After spending a few hours at the FRC conference, the profile and ideals of the group have become well established. The audience of nearly 2000 people was overwhelmingly white, at least 96 percent. The gender balance was almost equal with about 45 percent being female and the crowd was a little older than a typical CPAC conference for college students. Some students and children brought by their parents attended. Regardless of Tony Perkins' claim that they are a non-partisan group, they were solidly far right Republicans, almost to the point of being brainwashed right-wing extremist cult groups members, if they weren't already brainwashed. They sure were brainwashed, since they were too afraid to question any of the lies and fallacies, applauded everything without question, and were completely isolated from any honest centrist or liberal news or viewpoints.

The afternoon session started with a three person panel discussing and trashing on Hollywood. The three panelists of the anti-Hollywood platform were Don Feder, Tommy Tenny (director of the upcoming movie "One Night with the King"), and Ted Baehr. They attack Hollywood and the mainstream media for being too liberal and showing sexual innuendos, although Christian and Conservative media outlets like movies, television, and music videos use sexual innuendos to help sell their stuff. Specific people and works from the evil Hollywood empire they trashed on include George Clooney, Rosie O'Donnell, V for Vendetta, Legend of Zorro, Disney, and more throughout the conference.

White House Press Secretary Tony Snow gave the next speech on the platform. Working for President Bush, he was very direct in supporting and campaigning for Bush. He used the 9/11 terrorist attack to motivate a pro-military justification for the war in Iraq and implying (lying) Iraq was connected to 9/11. Despite his tough talk on the war on terror and 9/11, he does not explain why we are nowhere near capturing Osama Bin Laden after five years and countless billions of dollars and thousands of lives lost spent instead on Iraq, and why Bush has been totally incompetent with capturing Osama.

The highlight of the Friday afternoon series was Republican Senator George Allen of Virginia. He made recent notoriety several weeks ago with the public use of the racial slur "macaca". It seemed to be an isolated slip of the tongue at first, but his racist ties kept mounting. He was then shown in a picture of the white supremacist group Council of Conservative Citizens and former colleagues mentioned his frequent use of racial slurs and bigotry in the past.

George Allen avoided using racial slurs in this speech, but his bigotry, hypocrisy, and right-wing extremism still showed. He supports parental notification for abortions, but he vetoed a parental notification abortion bill during his tenure, claiming it was ambiguous. The only thing ambiguous is his stance on the issues. He also promised a tough war on terrorists (Translation: Support the Iraq war and trash on Muslims), secured American borders (Translation: Discriminate against immigrants and Hispanics), restore the words "under God" in the pledge of allegiance (this is a high priority issue?), prevent gay right groups from influencing the Boy Scouts and restore traditional values in marriage (Translation: Discriminate against gays), and opposed the Supreme Court's ruling to let big businesses take land away from citizens for commercial purposes, although it was the Republicans who sided with big business to pass this ruling. He also mentioned the Supreme Court needs to head to the far right, supporting the most conservative judges, John Roberts and Samuel Alito, appointed by Bush.

A few more panelists spoke on campaign strategies on how Republicans can win elections and the judicial branch. Kansas Attorney General Phill Kline spoke with proud theocratic fanaticism, supporting public displays of the Ten Commandments and declaring God and Christianity should guide the courts. He had the nerve to talk tough on child rapists and slandered the ACLU by saying they support pedophilia, while ignoring the pedophilia that frequently occurs in churches across America.

The Friday afternoon agenda then continued with a number of lesser known speakers and pastors, trashing on gays, women, and the media. A panel of three women, Myrae Blyth, Jenn Giroux, and Jennifer Marshall, attacked almost every woman who has ever succeeded in life, such as Hillary Clinton, Rosie O'Donnell, Katie Couric, Barbara Walters, Diane Feinstein, Barbara Boxer, and women in the military. To display their sexism, the FRC audience proudly applauded when successful women are attacked.

Monday, September 25, 2006

FRC Action 2006 Values Voter Summit: Friday Morning

Family Research Council Action: 2006 Values Voter Summit Series

FRC Action 2006 Values Voter Summit:
Friday Morning
Friday Afternoon
Friday Evening
Saturday Morning
Saturday Afternoon

* * * * * * * * * *

The main event of the FRC Voters Value Summit conference began on Friday morning in prayer and sermon. Tony Perkins and James Dobson started off with a warm introduction, then talked about how churches can get involved in political campaigns while retaining their tax exempt status. The name Barry Lynn, head of Americans United for Separation of Church and State, was directly mentioned, as Tony and James have a long standing history with Barry. Churches and religious institutions and groups are legally exempt from paying taxes as long as they do not engage in political campaigns. However, the FRC theofascists have been heavily involved in helping Republicans' campaigns to get elected into office, so atheist groups like Barry Lynn's have been encouraging the IRS to send warning letters to these conservative churches affiliated with FRC warning they may not get involved with political election campaigns, or else they will lose their tax exempt status.

Tony saw Barry Lynn's name on the list of registered attendants beforehand and warned the entire conference of number one public enemy Barry Lynn, as if Tony was spooked by a ghost. After a few more prayers, pep talk, and gay bashing, the conference continued with Republican politicians facing challenging elections in November. So much for the concept of non-partisanship and bias free. Republican politicians U.S. Representative Mike Pence of Indiana and Governor Mitt Romney of Massachusetts spoke earlier, although I was not able to attend as I was stuck in Friday morning D.C. rush hour traffic during their speech.

Marilyn Musgrave, Republican U.S. Representative from Colorado, started with her reelection campaign speech. She openly admitted she is facing a tough election, then continued by what riles up the FRC audience the most - gay bashing. She also mentioned she is the only Congressperson to have a son serving in the military, then justified the war in Iraq.

The next politician was Republican Senator Sam Brownback of Kansas. His speech was a little longer, as he was more comprehensive with his hate by trashing on gay marriages, abortion, stem cell research (as well as falsely relating stem cell research to abortion), and Muslims by falsely linking all Muslims to terrorist fascists (and fraudulently omitting the Christian fanatical fascists to whom he was speaking). He made a call to return to traditional values in marriage and was very supportive of Tony Blair, prime minister of Britain.

The morning Republican political campaign finished with Republican Governor Mike Huckabee of Arkansas before the crowd dispersed for lunch. A former Baptist minister, his hate agenda trashed on Wall Street greed, eBay, abortion, and same sex marriage and gays. He was very direct in declaring a theocratic government, approving direct church involvement in government and replacing the Arkansas capitol dome with a church steeple.

IRS rules states tax exempt organizations may not be involved in political campaigns, yet the FRC Action conference was blatantly abusing this rule by vehemently endorsing the Republican politicians and their reelection campaign within just a few hours of the conference. The Christian Coalition learned this the hard way as they lost their tax exempt status in 1999 for similarly endorsing Republican politicians. No wonder we need Barry Lynn to teach them this lesson again.

Jerry Falwell slanders Hillary Clinton at FRC

Jerry Falwell was not the first to slander Hillary Clinton at the FRC Action conference, but being a public religious leader leading families and children, he needs to be more careful with his public slander. During the Voters Value Summit, Jerry calls Hillary worse than the devil, when the real devil was within himself and the conference.

"I hope she's the candidate, because nothing will energize my (constituency) like Hillary Clinton," Falwell said. "If Lucifer ran, he wouldn't."

Falwell Says Hillary Would Spark Base

Also, blogger emailed me showing how keynote speaker Senator George "Macaca" Allen at the FRC conference has close racist ties to John Kline of Minnesota.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

FRC Action 2006 Values Voter Summit: Preview

Family Research Council Action: 2006 Values Voter Summit Series

FRC Action 2006 Values Voter Summit:
Friday Morning
Friday Afternoon
Friday Evening
Saturday Morning
Saturday Afternoon

* * * * * * * * * *

The Family Research Council's Action 2006 Values Voter Summit was held in the Omni Shoreham hotel Washington D.C. from September 22-24. It is a religious political group led by Tony Perkins and they claim to have a non-partisan stance on influencing American politics through traditional Judeo-Christian values.

The straightforward reality is the FRC Action conference was nothing more than a Republican fundraising platform filled with lies, misinformation, hypocrisy, slander, and hatred to manipulate church members into voting for right-wing extremist politicians into office and spread their agenda of racism, bigotry, and theocratic fascism.

The facts alone speak volumes - every politician appearing in the conference was Republican and the other speakers were among the most heinous right-wing extremist hatemongers out there, such as Ann Coulter, Sean Hannity, Gary Bauer, Paul Weyrich, Newt Gingrich, and many more. The overwhelmingly dominant agenda was how to hate homosexuals, as many speakers often repeated their hatred toward gays and provided detailed plans to discriminate and legally hate them. However, their hatred doesn't stop there, as the speakers also show similar hatred toward the following groups, although their hatred is by no means limited to this list.

  • Democrats and non-Republicans
  • William and Hillary Clinton
  • Barry Lynn, head of Americans United for Separation of Church and State
  • Atheists
  • Immigrants
  • Women
  • Abortion rights advocates
  • Hollywood
  • The New York Times
  • The mainstream media, particularly NBC
  • MTV
  • Muslims and non-Christians
  • France
  • The United Nations
  • Anti-war advocates
  • Anyone who disapproves U.S. intervention in Iraq
  • Ford Motor Company
  • Animal rights advocates
  • Scientists and doctors
  • Homosexuals, again and again
  • And many more

It's amazing how these preachers kept referring to the Bible to point out the evils of American society and how the devil resides in the rest of us outside of FRC, when the real devil was within themselves throughout the conference, spreading lies, misinformation, hypocrisy, and hatred. The FRC members seemed to be especially spooked by the ghost of Barry Lynn, head of Americans United for Separation of Church and State, as they constantly referred to his name throughout the conference since he was a registered attendee.

Ann Coulter at FRC Action signing books.

The conference lasted all day Friday and Saturday, which I will provide detailed summaries each day with pictures in upcoming posts. Stay tuned to see the true presence of Satan within the members of FRC and the hate-filled conference.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Loser white males married to mail order brides

So Steve Sailer is at it again, spreading his lies and garbage on how Korean men rely on mail order brides. The reality is, the overwhelming majority of mail order bride customers are American white males like Steve Sailer. If loser white males weren't around, the mail order bride industry would be considerably diminished.

Legions of frustrated, disgruntled, loser white males like Sailer in desperate need of a mate. They turn to overseas mail order bride services, particularly the Philippines, in hopes of finding a special mate because they can't find one elsewhere. However, reality sets in that these marriages were a scam, and the brides were only in it for pathetic WM's money and U.S. citizenship path. Such white male/foreigner marriages turn out to be disastrous.

Mail-Order Bride Murderer Sentenced

New Jersey ex-professor Jonathan Nyce was sentenced to eight years in prison yesterday for murdering his wife Michelle, a Filipina mail-order bride, and staging a fake car crash to make it look like an accident. He's eligible for parole in five. The jury convicted Nyce for a "crime of passion" since his wife was having an affair with the gardener. Sorry, but the much-abused term of "passion" is no excuse for beating your spouse to death, and eight years is a joke when you can get 25-years-to-life for minor drug posession.

(No, that Filipina mail order bride named Michelle is not the notorious Michelle Malkin.)

The mail order bride epidemic gets to be so enormous among the right-wing white male population, even white supremacist David Duke posts an article warning his legions of pathetic white male followers to stay away from mail order brides.

Mail Order Brides and Their Problems

Just a million more reasons the white right-wing population is so pathetic with marriage and relationships, they are the only race in the world to naturally decline.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Republicans are racist against Asians

It's amazing how right-wing racists like Sailer and company think Asian Americans are too stupid to see the bigotry Republicans have against Asians. They mention that Asians score a few points higher on IQ tests and SAT math tests than other races; therefore, they are not racist against Asians. They also mention their right-wing affirmative action spokesperson sellout, Michelle Malkin, is also a brown skinned Asian American.

Here's just one example out of countless events that have and will occur. Mike Osskopp, the district office chief for U.S. Representative John Kline (Republican, Minnesota) uses anti-Asian racial slurs against people whose crime is that they drive Japanese cars.

Kline's Director becomes unhinged (video)

John Kilne has a bad reputation of being a right-wing extremist fascist and racist that is well known to the local Minnesota area.

Dump John Kline

Monday, September 18, 2006

White woman slashes a mother and kidnaps her baby

Crazy white people. Be on the look out for a white woman, between 5'4" and 5'8" and about 200 pounds, possibly in her 30s, in the Union Missouri area. She slashed a woman's throat in Union, Missouri and kidnapped her 10 day old baby daughter. With the way crazy white people deal with children, it's no wonder the white race is the only race declining in population.

Suspect sketch released in baby kidnapping

Follow the link to see a picture of the suspect.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Dutch are the tallest on Earth, but do not represent the average white European

Steve Sailer has such deceptive ways to twist and manipulate truths and lies to carry out his agenda of white superiority. This news article, Health and wealth make Dutch tallest on Earth, shows how the Dutch in the Netherlands (in Europe) are the tallest people on earth, with the average heights of adult Dutch men and women at 6'0" and 5'7" respectively.

Of course, Steve Sailer tries to use news articles like these to give the impression white Europeans are unusally tall and all that, as shown by my article exposing Sailer's deceptive distortions. However, the reality is that the Dutch only number 15 million worldwide, which is extremly miniscule compared to the approximately 800 million white Europeans worldwide. Furthermore, as with white Europeans, the Dutch have such low birth rates they are facing a natural population decline.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Sailer supporters get screwed with health care

Face the facts, health care costs in America is out of control. While Steve Sailer and the Republicans could care less about this important issue, Americans are taking our own initiative to find more affordable health care that goes against Sailer's xenophobia.

This article shows how employers are sending their employees overseas to find more affordable health care. For example, Carl Garrett is traveling to New Delhi, India, for operations normally costing $100,000 in America for a mere $20,000 in India.

However, racist xenophobes like Steve Sailer are trying to restrict your contacts with outside countries. No wonder Steve Sailer supporters are screwed with health care, as the Republicans make health care costs prohibitively high here and following Sailer's xenophobia means you cannot make contact with any foreign country.

Companies explore overseas healthcare

Atlanta - Carl Garrett, a paper-mill technician in Leicester, N.C., is scheduled to travel Sept. 2 to New Delhi, where he will undergo two operations. Though American individuals have gone abroad for cheaper operations, Mr. Garrett is a pioneer of sorts.

He is a test case for his company, Blue Ridge Paper Products, Inc., in North Carolina, which is set to provide a health benefit plan that allows its employees and their dependents to obtain medical care overseas beginning in 2007.

"It's brand-new and nobody's ever heard of going to India or even South Carolina for an operation, so it's all pretty foreign to people here," says Garrett. "It's a frontier."

Garrett's medical care alone may save the company $50,000. And instead of winding up $20,000 in debt to have the operations in the US, he may now get up to $10,000 back as a share of the savings. He'll also get to see the Taj Mahal as part of a two-day tour before the surgery.

His two operations could cost $100,000 in the US; they'll run about $20,000 in India.

With US health insurance costs soaring, cash-squeezed companies such as Blue Ridge and poor states such as West Virginia are considering affordable plans that may require their employees to travel to India, Thailand, or Indonesia.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Dateline NBC's "To Catch a Predator"

Dateline NBC recently aired its sixth episode of "To Catch a Predator". They work with law enforcement to lure child sexual predators via internet, entrap and display the offender's face on national television, and have them immediately arrested. And as we shown before and will keep repeating, there are many messed up white males out there like Steve Sailer - bitter childhoods filled with failure and rejection, family and marriage troubles, and many failures and rejection finding a healthy heterosexual relationship - who inevitably grow up to become the dreaded child sexual predator.

While the Dateline NBC series continued to affirm perverted pedophila is primarily a white man's disease, it also confirmed another well-known reality about child molesters - they tend to be deeply religious and hold high leadership positions in a religous institution like church, and hypocritically preach sexual morals while secretly seeking sex with innocent children to release their sexual frustrations. Yes, the episode, along with previous episodes, caught an alarmingly high number of religious leaders, including pastors, choir leaders, church youth group leaders, and rabbis.

How prevalent is sexual abuse in your local conservative church, synagouge, or mosque? More often than you think.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Ann Coulter, Conservative Assassin

Here is another great article on Ann Coulter by Dan Borchers. First, he exposed Ann Coulter's illegal plagarism and hateful retaliatory tactics. Now, he exposes Ann Coulter's religious hypocrisy and hatred.

* * * * * * * * * *

Ann Coulter, Conservative Assassin

When evangelist Pat Robertson called for the assassination of Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez, the world took notice. Robertson quickly retracted his remarks.

When polemicist Ann Coulter issues death threats against liberals, people yawn and merely note that “there she goes again.” Coulter has a seemingly inexhaustible supply of victims and a limitless list of methods for their disposal.

Most recently, Coulter suggested the Sen. Lincoln Chaffee (R-RI) should be assassinated because he is not conservative enough (“They Shot the Wrong Lincoln”). Coulter’s luckless lackey, Lisa De Pasquale, again defends Coulter by claiming she was “just joking.” But Coulter’s death wishes are no joke.

On Hannity & Colmes, Coulter was asked about her own death wishes towards President Clinton in her first book, High Crimes and Misdemeanors. Ignored were Coulter’s comments at the Conservative Political Action Conference in 2006 when Coulter expressed her one regret in life: “One time I had a shot at Clinton. I thought 'Ann, that's not going to help your career.’”

Coulter is well known for her assassination rhetoric. My own video (“Not Fit to Live”) offers highlights of her extremist enmity in action. Coulter’s intended victims include individuals and organizations, such as Elizabeth Dole (assault weapons), John Walker Lindh (execution, burned alive), Transportation Secretary Norman Mineta (assassination), the New York Times building (truck bomb), John Kerry (carpet-bombing), Vice President Al Gore (friendly fire), California Governor Gray Davis (friendly fire), Senator John Edwards (strangling), Senator John Kerry (carpet bombing), American journalists in Iraq (assassination), Supreme Court Justice Stevens (poisoning), all the liberal Supreme Court justices (terrorist attack), President Bill Clinton (assassination), and Rep. John Murtha (fragging).

Given Coulter’s rabidly un-Christian rhetoric and un-conservative conduct, one must wonder why so many Christian and conservative organizations would call upon her to represent their points of view.

The Fox News Network is Coulter’s television safe haven, where she is a weekly guest on the financially-oriented Your World with Neil Cavuto, the favorite star on Hannity & Colmes and an occasional guest on other programs. Even though the conservatives on Fox News instantly denounce liberals who express death wishes towards conservatives, none have criticized Coulter for her many “death jokes.” And, heaven forbid anyone make a joke about Coulter!

Most problematic are those Christian and pro-life organizations which give Coulter the star treatment. Despite Coulter’s absurd thesis in Godless – that there are no liberal Christians, effecting discounting half the Christian population in America – numerous Christian organizations have called on her expertise. Coulter was profiled on the Christian Broadcasting Network and the Trinity Broadcasting Network, as an expert for Focus on the Family’s “Darwin’s Deadly Legacy” DVD, and is given prominence at the Family Research Council’s symposium (“2006 Values Voter Summit”).

All of which goes to prove that partisan ideologues place profit over principle. Some prefer to sell their souls for political expediency. Others are oblivious to the extremism in their midst. Some turn a blind eye to the truth. Very few are willing to stand up against the evil that looks them in the eye and proclaims the liberal people of God “Godless.”

Shame on you for defending lies, embracing enmity and affirming extremism. Who is really godless?

Monday, September 11, 2006

Steve Sailer uses 9/11 to attack his supporters

I took some time out to watch the second half of "Path to 9/11" so you didn't have to. Instead of being three hours long, ABC cut it down to two hours. What was edited out was the controversial innuendo that Iraq was involved in 9/11 to justify Bush's war in Iraq. You can check out Media Matters for the the details and inaccuracies of Path to 9/11.

Of course, Steve Sailer had to write someting for VDare about 9/11 to meet his quota of trashy articles. In his article "Five Years After 9/11: Why Did Bush Blunder?", he directly attacks George W. Bush and everyone who voted for him, which is about 99 percent of Steve Sailer's audience.

the "President of America" turns out to be a professional wrestler as clueless as the voters who elected him, with a cabinet chosen to make him feel intellectually adequate by comparison.

It's rare to be in agreement with Steve Sailer, but I give him credit on this one - all the Sailer supporters and people who voted for Bush truly are clueless, dimwitted, and worthless.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Remembering 9/11: Avoid "Path to 9/11"

I managed to sit though the first half, about three hours, of ABC's docudrama, "Path to 9/11". Getting straight to the point, it's not worth watching. The only thing I favored about the movie so far is the truth Michelle Malkin keeps omitting. Ramzi Yousef, responsible for the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center, did much of his work in the Philippines to prepare for the terrorist attack where Michelle Malkin originates. The Philippines has been a terrorist haven for them to plan and organize terrorist attacks against America, as shown by Ramzi Yousef, Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols, and Al Qaeda training camps still operating there.

I guess tomorrow they will show the final half of this garbage, where they mistakenly link the 9/11 attack to Iraq so they can justify Bush's fascist and mistaken policy to invade Iraq. Not to mention why we haven't caught Osama Bin Laden five years later after 9/11, since we've wasted over 90 percent of our troops and military resources in that region in Iraq, instead of going for the real terrorist in Afghanistan.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Right-wing lies: "Path to 9/11" docudrama

The right-wing fascists are at it again. This time they are using the television media to spread their lies and hypocrisy that Bush's and the Republicans' policies have benefitted America in the war on terrorism. ABC is presenting a a six-hour "docudrama" called "Path to 9/11" for classrooms in America to discuss 9/11 and terrorism, but Media Matters has already found conservative misinformation on it.

  • It tells students that the United States went to war in Iraq because of weapons of mass destruction -- but fails to note that, in fact, Iraq did not have WMD. Nor does it note the increasing evidence that the Bush administration knew this all along and manipulated intelligence in order to make a dishonest case for war.
  • It falsely suggests a tie between Iraq and the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.
  • It gives unjustifiably upbeat accounts of reportedly dire conditions on the ground in both Iraq and Afghanistan.
  • It suggests that military responses to Osama bin Laden by the Clinton administration could have "hinder[ed] the U.S. stance on the war on terror."
  • It asks students to debate whether the media "hinder our national security."

This right-wing fascist and fraudulent documentary is so full of garbage even some notorious right-wing extremists (e.g. Bill Bennett) are attacking it. So what can you do? Contact ABC and Disney sponsoring this garbage to pull it off the airwaves.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

3 Men Charged With Attempted Sex Assault On Corpse

You didn't have to see their faces, but by the gruesome and wickedly bizzare nature of this crime, you would rationally be able to tell the 3 corpse molesters were white.

3 Men Charged With Attempted Sex Assault On Corpse

CASSVILLE, Wis. -- The three men arrested for allegedly digging up the grave of a woman who died last week in Grant County are also charged with attempted sexual assault.

The three men appeared in Grant County Circuit Court on Tuesday. According to a criminal complaint, the three men were charged with digging up the grave at the St. Charles Catholic Cemetery in Cassville with the intent to have sex with the victim's body, WISC-TV reported.

Alexander Grunke, his twin brother Nicholas Grunke and their friend Dustin Radke -- all 20 years old -- have been in a Grant County jail since Saturday.

The grave that the men are accused of trying to dig up belonged to Laura Tennessen, 20, of Cassville, who was buried last week after being killed in a motorcycle crash on Aug. 27.

Crimes like child sexual predators, serial killers, cannibals, and high-stake financial criminals. Now, dead people molesters. What new lows can crazy white extremists sink to? Let's see white supremacist pseudo-journalists like Steve Sailer, Jared Taylor, and Michelle Malkin cover the unspeakable truths on race and crime when it comes to white criminals.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Murder and divorce rates increase as churches are built

Tony Perkins and his right-wing christian group Family Research Council is hosting the "2006 Values Voters Summit" in Washington D.C. this Sep. 22-24. It will feature the most notorious and hateful right-wingers to spew their lies, hypocrisy, and hatred.

Tony Perkins is from Louisiana and has become a major factor in building his fundamentalist churches so Louisiana would have the highest church attendance rate. What morality has resulted with Tony's right-wing ideals? reports these interesting realities

  • Why does Louisiana, with America's highest church attendance rate, have twice the national average murder rate? Why is the same true for Texas?
  • Atheists had the lowest average divorce rates at 21%. Christian divorce rates averaged about 24% (higher for "born-again" Christians, ie- fundamentalists, at 27%), and even higher for Jews, at 30%.
  • The Southern Bible Belt have the highest divorce rate in the country.
  • Whites as a race are the most likely to split (divorce): 27%, as compared to 22% for blacks, 20% for Hispanics, and only 8% for Asians.

And we haven't yet mentioned the endless sex crimes that plague many churches.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Sailer's fascist friends speak in Virginia

One People's Project has a report of the Robert A. Taft Club's forum held on August 30 in northern Virginia. The forum was organized by Marcus Epstein who acknowledged two of their enemies, One Peoples Project and Southern Poverty Law Center. Three speakers were featured, Jared Taylor, Kevin Martin, and John Derbyshire (shown left to right). Steve Sailer was invited to the forum, but they could not afford his transportation costs. Find out more about the reality of this racist/fascist forum and why they have drawn so many enemies.

One Peoples Project: Fascists Have a Forum in Virginia

Republicans losing voters due to UN-affordable family foundation

As we said before, don't believe Sailer's lies and garbage that the Republicans create an affordable family foundation plan. When Sailer's Republicans take over, they never were on your side.

Washington Post article: 'Mortgage Moms' May Star in Midterm Vote - With Wages Stagnant and Debt Growing, Democrats See an Opportunity

This gap in expectations, a source of anxiety for the Condits, is a source of opportunity for former representative Ken Lucas, a Democrat who is trying to win back Kentucky's 4th Congressional District from incumbent Republican Geoff Davis. Attitudes about the economy -- "People are being pushed up against a ceiling," said Lucas. "They feel trapped" -- are part of the reason the Democrat is in a neck-and-neck race in a district President Bush won by 27 percentage points in 2004.


But one layer down in the statistics, the answer is more clear. Flat wages and rising debt nationally have converged to leave millions of middle-class households feeling acutely vulnerable to bumps in their financial planning. The most visible of these are rising energy prices and a softening housing market.

A less obvious but powerful variable is the interest paid by people carrying credit card debt or mortgages whose monthly payments vary with interest rates. People buffeted by these trends have given rise to a new and volatile voting block.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Jesus Camp: The movie and the FRC conference has a 2-minute trailer of the upcoming movie called "Jesus Camp". It's not a major motion picture; rather, it will be shown in various movie theaters across America on certain dates. The movie Jesus Camp exposes the extremist brainwashing of the most vulnerable minds of society, the young children of America. Since the Bush regime and the Republican extremists have taken over, the religious right-wing zealots have been on a roll with their brainwashing cult tactics.

Speaking of right-wing extremist brainwashing gatherings, the religious right is organizing a conference this September 22-24 in Washington D.C.. It is organized by Tony Perkins' Family Research Council, and will host the most notorious, far right politicians and pundits, such as Bill Bennett, George Allen, Ann Coulter, James Dobson, Sean Hannity, Newt Gingrich, Paul Weyrich, and many more. The focus will be how to decieve, manipulate, and threaten your church and congregation members to help the Republicans and the far right take over the government and America, and therefore create a theocratic fascist state.

I believe Jesus supposedly said to give up all your wealth to the poor, for "it is harder for a rich man to give up his wealth than for a camel to go through the eye of a needle". Lies and hypocrisy is the name of the game of the FRC action conference and the far right.

Father kills two sons, then self at Shepherd University

Douglas Pennington, 49, shoots and kills his two sons at Shepherd University in West Virginia, then kills himself in a family murder-suicide plot. I saw a brief glimpse of one of the sons on television, and he was white. This is your typical case of white family values - murder your own family and coworkers with a gun before turning the gun on yourself. No wonder the white population is so depressed and pathetic they are the only race declining in population.

However, the news media doesn't like to portray white criminals all over the media like they do with non-white criminals. Look at these countless news stories on the internet - I can't find a single one that posts a picture of the Pennington family. Of course, you can tell this was most likely a white male criminal given the circumstances and environment, but when you try to look up pictures of a white criminal, why is the media reluctant to show the portrait of a white criminal?

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Our one year anniversary review of New Orleans

Steve Sailer wrote hateful articles against the hurricane Katrina victims in New Orleans one year ago. His usual response is to claim he is only examine brutal truths people are afraid to examine. However, his logic was faulty and he fraudulently omits the trash against his own kind of people, the worthless, impotent, bluffing, xenophobic white males of America.

One year ago, we responded to Steve Sailer and his garbage. With the one year anniversary of hurricane Katrina, here is how to celebrate. It's very simple and will benefit you and society greatly. Do not give any money to Steve Sailer, now or ever. Keep in mind, Steve Sailer will never give you any money if you are in need. Instead, keep your money and spend it on a gift for yourself, or save it for an emergency.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Survive vs. Succeed

In the continuing quest for knowledge of race and crime, white nationalists like Steve Sailer tells it like it isn't. That is, he doesn't tell us about the white criminals and their characteristics.

When it comes to crime, white people commit the worst crimes, such as serial killers, child sexual predators, and extravagant financial crimes. The darker skinned criminals have tendencies to commit crimes for economic survival, such as money or food, but the white criminals are out to inflict maximum harm to society, especially against the most innocent and defenseless, the children. Why is it?

It's because white males are programmed to succeed in life, as opposed to other races determined to survive in life. White males must be all that, or else they go insane living up to such obscene goals (especially sexually). No wonder whites commit the craziest and most heinous crimes.

Beware Steve Sailer and his crowd of depressed, disgruntled white males.