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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Republicans are racist against Asians

It's amazing how right-wing racists like Sailer and company think Asian Americans are too stupid to see the bigotry Republicans have against Asians. They mention that Asians score a few points higher on IQ tests and SAT math tests than other races; therefore, they are not racist against Asians. They also mention their right-wing affirmative action spokesperson sellout, Michelle Malkin, is also a brown skinned Asian American.

Here's just one example out of countless events that have and will occur. Mike Osskopp, the district office chief for U.S. Representative John Kline (Republican, Minnesota) uses anti-Asian racial slurs against people whose crime is that they drive Japanese cars.

Kline's Director becomes unhinged (video)

John Kilne has a bad reputation of being a right-wing extremist fascist and racist that is well known to the local Minnesota area.

Dump John Kline


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