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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Michael J. Fox vs. Rush Limbaugh

Crooks and Liars has coverage on public opinion of Michael J. Fox vs. Rush Limbaugh in the stem cell debate. Rush would like us to believe otherwise, but the reality is that the public is fed up with Rush's cheap blows attacking the disabled, spreading lies and confusion on the benefits of stem cell research, and hypocrisy.

In a new CNN poll, MJ Fox has a 75% approval rating while Limbaugh is at 26%.

Also, take a look at Stephen Colbert's take on Rush's shameful attacks on people afflicted with diseases who are not perfect like Rush, also provided by Crooks and Liars.

Another reason to support Michael J. Fox is that Rush's problems were caused by his own choices and incompetence. Michael Fox did not choose to be afflicted with Parkinson's disease, but Rush's problems of drug abuse, impotence, marriage and sexual failures, cowardness (draft dodger), and welfare dependence (former unemployment beneficiary) were all consequences by Rush's own personal decisions.

Monday, October 30, 2006

If your missing, it helps to be white

How our justice system works. If your a missing person, it helps to be young, white and female.

MSNBC Article: Damsels in distress

Even if you're ugly, depressed, and psychotic, being young, white, and female will overcome it. Just look at Jennifer Wilbanks.

Teen Arrested for Raping His Mother

The sexual depravity of white criminals always stoops to new lows. Whether it is raping and sexually abusing children, animals, or dead corpses, this time it is raping your mother. Gary Helms, 19, is a young white male from Alabama arrested for raping his mother.

Teen Arrested for Raping His Mother

Albertville, Ala. -- Police say a Marshall County teen raped his mother to get revenge on his brother.

Police say 19-year-old Gary Helms, Jr., raped his 45-year-old mother this past weekend at Willow Terrace Trailer Park on Doyle Drive in Albertville.

It's a twisted crime that police say Helms admits.

"From what we understand the rape stemmed from an argument between him and his brother. And apparently they were arguing over a girlfriend. And the rape was some sort of retaliation towards his brother," said Sgt. Jamie Smith of the Albertville Police Department.

It was unusual retaliation on an unsuspecting victim.

Authorities say Helms' mother was apparently passed out drunk on the couch when the rape started.

Hall of Shame: James Oliver Huberty

James Oliver Huberty was your typical profile of a demented middle aged white male who inevitably snapped and murdered 21 people at a McDonalds in San Ysidro near San Diego, CA. This happened not recently, but back in 1984.

The murderer, James Huberty, used an assult gun to kill 21 people with the intent to commit suicide. The police had to shoot him down and the McDonalds was eventually demolished.

Whether present or past, this goes to show you how the right-wing Sailer mold of a white male is truly demented. This white murder rampage is not a new phenonema, but can and has occurred 22 years ago or even more.

Like all these white male serial killers, James Huberty was going though a midlife crisis. He had many failures dealing with children and women throughout his life, and a bad marriage made his problems worse. Going through depression, laid off from his welding job, and fascinated with hate groups, right-wing ideology, guns, violence, and women and children being sexually tortured.

Of course, the right-wing whites will play dumb and innocent, and ignore these events which are tearing apart their communities and causing their population to decline. But as George Orwell says best, "To see what is in front of one's nose needs a constant struggle." Another day in white America. Another casualty. Another right-winger bites the dust. But no one seems to notice or care. If this is the course of social Darwinism, then let the white right-wingers anniliate themsleves into self extinction, while we eventually take over.

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Sunday, October 29, 2006

David Letterman blasts Bill O'Reilly

Bill O'Reilly is one of the most notorious right-wingers on television who provides platforms for his friends like Ann Coulter, Michelle Malkin, and Sean Hannity. Watch this video on how David Letterman blasts the demogauge of right-wing trash, Bill O'Reilly.

Letterman-O'Reilly: Round 2

Friday, October 27, 2006

In the news

There are plenty of news stories that the right-wing hatemongers like Steve Sailer often ignore or hide, but it goes to show the real world can be very different than the imaginary hate filled, depressing world Sailer and comapny would like to see.

Michael J. Fox defends political ads - Actor with Parkinson’s disease says he wasn’t acting, wasn’t off his meds

The right-wing nutheads like to attack the disabled, but that doesn't mean the disabled can't fight back. Michael J. Fox defends his stance against Rush Limbaugh.

Middle class gives Democrats hopes of victory - Growing resentment of GOP, administration policies to blame

Republicans pathologically lie that their interests are for the middle class, when in reality they overwhelmingly favor the extremely rich millionares and the Christian extremists. The middle class is feeling the pain of the Republicans' harmful policies and are making their voices heard.

City schools often safer than suburban ones - ‘It can’t happen here’ mentality plagues schools outside of urban areas

When you look at all those demented, isolated, depressed, violent white men in rural areas out there who have bitter failures dealing with women and children, the urban schools which Sailer hates are actually proving to be safer for children than the rural schools.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Justice prevails against right-wing criminals

Two more criminals from the conservative camp finally receive justice, Jeffrey Skilling and Jeffrey Lundgren. Their are your typical mold of Steve Sailer, the Republicans, and right-wingers. They are older white males, arrogant, corrupt, manipulative, hateful, and power hungry.

Skilling gets 24 years for scam

Houston, TX - "Former Enron CEO Jeffrey Skilling, the most vilified figure from the financial scandal of the decade, was sentenced Monday to 24 years, four months in the harshest sentence yet from the energy-trading giant's collapse."

Jeffrey Skilling and Kenneth Lay, who recently died a few months ago, are the epitome of big stake financial criminals and embezzlers who had direct ties with Bush and the Republicans. Enron is one of the largest financial scandal in history, if not the worst.

Cult Leader Headed to Execution in Ohio

Ohio - Jeffrey Lundgren is the cult leader who used his manipulative powers to murder a family of five under his control - Dennis Avery, 49; his wife, Cheryl, 46; and their daughters, Trina, 15, Rebecca, 13, and 7-year-old Karen. Each was bound and shot. A chain saw was used to muffle the gunfire while remaining Avery family members cleaned up after dinner.

Jeffrey is finally given the death sentence by lethal injection.

Like your typical right-wing cult manipulator, Jeffrey Lundgren uses charismatic lies, threats, and isolation, along with a mix of twisted religion and right-wing extremist ideology, to brainwash people into submitting everything to him, including their life savings, property, social and family life, and ultimately their whole life.

Rush Limbaugh attacks Parkinson disease victims

Your typical tactic of these right-wingers, attacking the sick and dying. In the latest news, Rush Limbaugh attacks Michael J. Fox (shown left) who appeared on Democratic Senate candidate of Maryland Ben Cardin's commercial pleading for stem cell research to help those with potetially cureable diseases like Parkinson's. Rush claims Michael Fox's acting of Parkinson's symptoms was staged and overexaggerated.

Of course, this impotent, depressed, asexual druggie addict named Rush notorious for his failures in marriage and family life doesn't mention how he does a staged job hiding his own personal failures. Nevertheless, this is your typical tactic of right-wing hypocrites and hatemongers.

USA Today
Media Matters

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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

The War of Words: The Story of the 101st Fighting Keyboardists

As the casualties in Iraq grows with no success or vision, the hypocritical right-wingers cheering for this unpopular war continue to refuse to physically contribute themselves to the war they supposedly support. They are the 101st fighting keyboardists, such as Michelle Malkin and Rush Limbaugh, who have nothing to contribute to U.S. soldiers losing their health, limbs, and lives except worthless lip service.

Watch this video on for a pseudo-tribute to the worthless, cowardly, hypocritical right-wingers of the 101st fighting keyboardists squadron.

Hat Tip: Liberal Avenger

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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Democrats rise in US polls amid Republican scandals

With the never-ending scandals and crime appearing that is inherent in Republicans, it comes as no surprise that the Democrats are perceived as morally better than the Republicans. The Republicans try to use terms like family values and wave that Christian cross in everyone's face, but lies and hypocrisy can only go so far.

Democrats rise in US polls amid Republican scandal

A Newsweek poll shows 53 per cent of Americans want the Democrats to take over, only 35 per cent want Republicans to stay in charge. And for the first time since 2001, the poll shows more Americans trust the Democrats on moral values.

The religious moral theme isn't working for the Republicans, either. The worst sex and child abusers are coming from the conservative Christian camp.

Priest reignites Republican scandal

The Republican Party faced fresh embarrassment yesterday ahead of America's crucial mid-term elections when a Roman Catholic priest said that he had a series of intimate encounters with the disgraced congressman Mark Foley.

The resignation last month of Mr Foley, after he was found to have sent sexually explicit e-mails to young male congressional interns, had already handicapped the party's campaign to retain its grip on Congress in the elections next month.

Mark Foley has been receiving treatment for alcoholism since he resigned his seat last month

But the scandal was reignited yesterday when Fr Anthony Mercieca, a 72-year-old priest who now lives in Gozo, off Malta, alleged that he and Mr Foley shared hotel rooms in the 1960s, during which he massaged the naked altar boy. The pair also swam naked in a lake and frequented saunas together, he claimed.

Although this won't be the last of an endless flurry of Republican scandals, Republican congressional candidate Tan Nguyen in the Los Angeles area found himself in legal and moral trouble when his campaign sent false and threatening fliers to immigrant Hispanic voters who tend to vote Democrat, claiming they could be arrested if they vote. Law enforcement searched his office in response to this illegal activity.

Agents Search Calif. Candidate's Office

Friday, October 20, 2006

Heinous white criminals

It's incredible how much hypocrisy the white supremacists show when they cover race and crime stories to trash on the non-white races, but deliberately avoid the heinous crimes committed by their own people. There was the massive child pornography bust we covered yesterday, but the wicked atrocities by white criminals continue to mount.

Zachary Bowen murders girlfriend and eats her, then commits suicide

New Orleans, LA - Zachary Bowen, 28, a bartender and Iraq war veteran, strangled his girlfriend Addie Hall, dismembered her body, cooked some of the body parts on his stove, then ate her body parts with seasoning. He then committed suicide by jumping from a building.

Michael Patrick McPhail engaged in sex with family dog

PIERCE COUNTY, Wash. -- Investigators said 26-year-old, Michael Patrick McPhail may be the first person to face prosecution in Washington State under a new law protecting animals from sexual abuse.

According to charging documents, McPhail’s wife told Pierce County sheriff’s investigators she saw him engage in a sex act with the family pet.

And these dumbass white supremacists wonder why we look at them with such suspicion and peculiarity when they spew out their lies and crap that white people are so innocent from heinous crimes, and how America needs to model the behavior of white people.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Over 125 nationwide arrested in hardcore child pornography case

"Operation Emissary" began in New Jersey over a year ago as a child porn ring bust by the officers of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), but it quickly spread to 22 states. The child porn ring recently busted was organized in New Jersey, but those arrested number over 125 nationwide, including a Bible camp counselor from Vancouver, Washington; a Boy Scout leader from Mission, Texas; a police officer and a U.S. Customs and Border Protection officer. The child pornography truly was hardcore and heinous, including infants as young as 6 months old engaged in sex acts with adults.

ABC7 News Story

CBS News Story

Although the arrested primarily come from New Jersey where whites are a minority, the pedophiles are primarily white.

This is truly a heinous case, but what is even more reprehensible are the right-wingers who will manipulate this case for profit and spread lies, when they are the ones who are responsible for this atrocity. These are the facts about pedophilia, child sexual abuse, and child pornography the right-wingers aren't telling you.

1) Heterosexuals, not homosexuals, are the true pedophiles.
This is especially an opportunity for religious right-wingnuts like Tony Perkins to trash on homosexuals, but the reality is pedophiles are heterosexuals, often filled with bitter childhoods and sexual frustrations.

2) White males make up a disproportionately greater number of pedophiles.
Of course, the white supremacists and right-wing white males won't tell you this, but we will.

3) Right-wing ideologies of hatred and lies contribute to pedophilia.
The right-wing hatemongers do an excellent job of bring out the hatred and aggression of their audience of predominately white males. They also lie and manipulate them by avoiding an atrocious disease which predominately afflicts white males.

Hate, bigotry, and lies fed to delusional and emotionally distraught white males leads to the child sexual predator - the heterosexual pedophile whose life was filled with failure and rejection, especially sexually, during his childhood and onward. He hates the world and women and children even more, and seeks to satisfy his warped sexual desire fueled by hate and pain with child pornography.

Beware Steve Sailer. Beware the Sailer sons. Beware Sailer's audience. Beware the pedophile.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Drug abuse and arrest rates by race

When it comes to drug abuse rates, whites abuse drugs (just ask Rush Limbaugh) more often that what white supremacists like Sailer would like you to believe. Look at television shows like C.O.P.S. and you'll constantly see too many messed up white people arrested for drug and alcohol abuse. The U.S. Dept of Health and Human Services reports these statistical findings of drug abuse rates by race.

Among youths aged 12 to 17, rates of current illicit drug use varied significantly by major racial/ethnic groups in 2004.

American Indian/Native26.0 percent
Mixed Race12.2 percent
White11.1 percent
Hispanic10.2 percent
Black9.3 percent
Asian6.0 percent

Among persons aged 12 to 20 in 2004, past month alcohol use rates were:
Whites32.6 percent
Hispanics26.6 percent
Mixed Race26.4 percent
American Indian/Native24.3 percent
Blacks19.1 percent
Asians16.4 percent

However, the racial disparity grows very disproportionate by race for those arrested for drug abuse. Drug War Facts reports:

"In 2001, the chances of going to prison were highest among black males (32.2%) and Hispanic males (17.2%) and lowest among white males (5.9%). The lifetime chances of going to prison among black females (5.6%) were nearly as high as for white males. Hispanic females (2.2%) and white females (0.9%) had much lower chances of going to prison."

"Of the 265,100 state prison inmates serving time for drug offenses in 2002, 126,000 (47.53%) were black, 61,700 (23.27%) were Hispanic, and 64,500 (24.33%) were white. "

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Suicide Bombers vs. Suicide Gunners

The right-wingers would like us to believe only Islamic suicide bomber terrorists are capable of suicide terrorists attacks. However, they don't like to mention the real suicidal terrorist threat in America, the suicide shooter.

The profile of the suicide shooter is a white male filled with right-wing fascist rage, anger, frustration, depression, and emotional instability. He is fascinated with guns and violence, had a bitter childhood filled with rejection and failure, and filled with sexual frustrations. He then inevitably snaps, gunning down people, particularly women and children whom he has deep resentment, then takes that gun and ends his own life.

In America, over 30,000 people die from guns annually, with the murder-suicide shooter consisting a large portion of the firearm fatalities. However, every year, we have zero people die form suicide bombers. So why don't we label the suicide shooter as a terrorist like the suicide bomber? Because the suicide shooters are primarily white males.

At the rate the right-wing white racists keep killing each other, themselves, and their communities, it's really no surprise the white population keeps declining. Fighting racism and the white supremacists couldn't be any easier, because they do all the work themselves by destroying their own people.

David Kuo's book "Tempting Faith"

A book, Tempting Faith, by a former Bush convervative insider named David Kuo has come out. He publically confirms what people have realized all along with the Bush Administration. The Bush campaign and the conservatives have defrauded the American Christian population all along, using their lies of compassionate conservatism and Church themes to deceive Christian voters into voting for them, when in reality they never lived up to their promise of Christian principles of humility, caring, and compassion for the meek and poor.

Tempting faith has received good publicity for its revealing truth of the far right's fraudulent tactics. It has created such a stir the religious right has responded in defense.

And speaking of religious right-wing nutjobs, the movie Jesus Camp is out on theaters. It has a limited showing, but it has received decent reviews. It may be worth checking out.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

White Family Values: Family murder in Iowa

Nothing really new about this, but it just goes to show you the hypocrisy and arrogance white supremacists display by falsely claiming white Americans are so free of the sin of violent crime, and need to guide the non-white races in terms of social responsibility. The reality is, the whites are the ones in need of guidance for properly raising families, since they keep killing their own families and people, abuse and molest children, and screw each other up so bad they are unsurprisingly declining in population.

Shawn Bentler (22) kills his family, both parents and three sisters, with a gun at his house in Bonaparte, Iowa. The murdered are Michael Bentler, 53, his wife, Sandra Bentler, 47, and their daughters; Sheena, 17, Shelby, 15, and Shayne, 14.

Son charged with murdering his parents, 3 teenage sisters in Iowa

Your typical profile of the white male killer like Steve Sailer and his audience.

  • Conservative white male from a rural setting.
  • Obsessed with guns and violence.
  • Depression, sexual frustrations, hatred.
  • Had nowhere to turn except for lying hypocritical white male hatemongers like Rush Limbaugh and Steve Sailer, only to make his problems even worse.
  • Targets the people who he hates the most and felt wronged him: Close family and friends, females, and children.

I noticed another trend about the white male murderer. While many of them tend to commit suicide after the murder, the younger white males, typically under age 30, are less likely to commit suicide. I guess after age 30, the white male reaches a mid-life crisis and realizes life is no longer worth living, making him more prone to commit suicide.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Michelle Malkin is the anchor baby

Michelle Malkin has always been full of hypocrisy, fallacies, and garbage. She is firmly against immigrant anchor babies; that is, pregnant women foreigners who visit America, give birth to their baby in America, and automatically gain U.S. citizenship for the child. Of course, she will not criticize Filipina woman who give birth to anchor babies because she is from the Philippines notorious for producing terrorists and mail order brides for dysfunctional white American men, but even more revealing is that she is actually an anchor baby herself.

What is Michelle Malkin's history? She was born in America in 1970 under her Filipino name Maglalang, automatically gaining U.S. citizenship. Her parents were not U.S. citizens in 1970. They were from the Philippines; her father Dr. Apolo Maglalang entered the U.S. on a work visa from the Philippines while her mother was pregnant. A few months after the Maglalangs entered the U.S., the atrocious Michelle Maglalang (eventually married to Jesse Malkin) was born.

Coincidence? Not quite. The Philippines has always been one of the poorest and dangerous nations on earth, and millions of Filipinos are desperate to gain U.S. citizenship, whether by immigration, mail order bride venues, or anchor babies.

Even if Michelle Malkin never entered America as an anchor baby, I'm confident she would be desperate enough to become a mail order bride and enter America anyway. Michelle Malkin on immigration - lies, hypocrisy, fallacies, garbage.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Republicans Ney and Abramoff guilty of fraud

The bad news keeps coming for the Republicans, just as how Sailer's situation keeps getting worse. U.S. Representative Bob Ney from Ohio has plead guilty to fraud and conspiracy counts, will resign from Congress, and face a 27 month prison term. Ney's fraud charges comes from his involvement with Republican lobbyist Jack Abramoff tax fraud scheme.

Jack Abramoff was found guilty of tax fraud for using the non-profit tax-exempt status of conservative organizations to profit anyway and illegally transfer funds to Republican campaigns and personal use. Abramoff has pleaded guilty to fraud and conspiracy charges and could go to prison as early as next month.

The Republican biased groups named in the report for tax fraud are:

  1. Americans for Tax Reform (founded by Grover Norquist).
  2. Council of Republicans for Environmental Advocacy (co-founded by Norquist and Gale Norton before she became secretary of the interior).
  3. Citizens Against Government Waste.
  4. The National Center for Public Policy Research (a spinoff of the Heritage Foundation).
  5. Toward Tradition (a religious group founded by Rabbi Daniel Lapin).

This is great news and even a greater victory for most American taxpayers who do not want their tax dollars to subsidize conservative organizations which promote right-wing extremist bias, bigotry, racism, fascism, and corruption. However, many of these right-wing organizations continue to abuse their tax-exempt status. Follow these links to see what you can do.

Teen Mania Ministries: Hypocrisy and Lies

Ron Luce is the CEO of Teen Mania Ministries who had his share of time to speak at the Family Research Council Values Voter conference. Just like many other right-wing preachers, he is also full of hypocrisy and lies.

He criticizes media outlets, particularly MTV, for overglamorizing their advertising toward teenagers for profit while corrupting the youth. However, hypocrites and liars like Ron don't mention that right-wing Christian groups like Teen Mania Ministries:

  • Employ hyper-glamorized advertising techniques to sell their crap to the youth.
  • Have many staff and clients who are rich and materialistic, despite preaching against the evils of materialism.
  • Profit in the millions but get away untaxed because they use the non-profit religious label.
  • Channel their money to help Republicans get elected, which is illegal for non-profit organizations.

Take a look at this.

Teen Mania Ministries criticizes and mocks American corporations using extravagant, glamorous advertising to sell to teenagers (From opening video of "Acquire the Fire" 2005-2006 season).

However, TMM uses the same advertising techniques to sell their crap to teenagers (From 2006 TMM website).

And speaking of corrupting the youth, Ron Luce employs brainwashing cult tactics to deceive, manipulate, and intimidate teenagers into religious fanaticism. His paramilitaristic sermons are filled with lies, misinformation, seclusion from outside society, fear and paranoia against the outside world, and hyper-militaristic fanaticism. Who's responsible for corrupting our youth?

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Solar Power: Steve Sailer is no scientist

Steve Sailer writes on solar power in reference to the Washingtion Post article:

Solar power: A negative correlation -- The Washington Post discusses a new "Clean Energy" program in Ontario, Canada, modeled on one in Europe, to subsidize homeowners who put solar panels on their roof. It never quite mentions that the sun only shines in Toronto for approximately 37 minutes per year. In contrast, the sun shines all the time in, say, Las Vegas or San Antonio, but who wants some hippie-dippie solar power scheme there? I suspect that there is a negative correlation between the political popularity of solar power in a particular locale and its physicality practicality.

Actually, Steve, the Northern and Southern cities receive the same amount of sunlight all year around. During the winter, the northern cities receive less sunlight, but it is made up in the summer. And solar power is essential during the summer when energy is needed for cooling. Duh.

Republicans in meltdown as election nears

This news is of no surprise, but since the right-wingers don't like to face the truth, here it is. The Republicans are sinking to new lows as corruption and crime publically emerges, and the election nears.

A Political Limbo - How low can the Republicans go?

Oct. 7, 2006 - Come hell or high water-ran the conventional wisdom-Republicans could rely on two issues to win elections: the war on terror and values. Then came Mark Foley. The drip-drip-drip of scandal surrounding the former Congressman from Florida, which became a deluge this week, now threatens to sink Republican hopes of keeping control of Congress, says the NEWSWEEK poll out today.

And that was the good news for the GOP. More worrisome still, the Foley fiasco is jeopardizing the party’s monopoly on faith and power. For the first time since 2001, the NEWSWEEK poll shows that more Americans trust the Democrats than the GOP on moral values and the war on terror. Fully 53 percent of Americans want the Democrats to win control of Congress next month, including 10 percent of Republicans, compared to just 35 percent who want the GOP to retain power. If the election were held today, 51 percent of likely voters would vote for the Democrat in their district versus 39 percent who would vote for the Republican. And while the race is closer among male voters (46 percent for the Democrats vs. 42 percent for the Republicans), the Democrats lead among women voters 56 to 34 percent.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The Philippines is a terrorist haven

It's been some time since we've covered the fallacies and garbage of Michelle Malkin (who is also Steve Sailer's co-worker and ally), but that doesn't mean we've forgotten. Michelle Malkin claims to be a expert on the topic of terrorism and protecting America's national security, but the reality is that her home country, the Philippines, continues to produce some of the most dangerous anti-American terrorists. Even more reprehensible on behalf of Malkin, she fraudulently omits the terrorist threat from her country and people of the Philippines.

Blast in southern Philippine town kills at least 6 - 34 wounded in two bomb attacks; threat of possible third attack still high

MANILA, Philippines - Two bombs exploded Tuesday in insurgency-torn southern Philippines, killing six people and wounding more than 30, as officials heightened security amid warnings that al-Qaida-linked terrorists were planning further attacks.

One explosion occurred in a stall selling alcohol during a festival in the town of Makilala on Mindanao island, said North Cotabato provincial Police Chief Federico Dulay. Six people were killed and at least 29 were injured.

The second bomb went off in a market in Tacurong city in another part of the island, wounding five people. A security guard spotted the bomb hidden in a bag and threw it away from the crowd before it exploded, army Col. Felipe Tabas said.

The U.S., Australian and British embassies issued warnings against travel to Mindanao and said the threat of imminent attacks or kidnappings is high across the archipelago, specifically in places frequented by foreigners.

“We believe that terrorists are in the final stages of planning further attacks,” said the British advisory, posted on the embassy’s Web site. “There is a high threat from terrorism throughout the Philippines.”

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Monday, October 09, 2006

FRC Values Voters show hypocrisy on pedophilia

The so-called Family Research Council Values Voters supposedly have an interest in protecting children from sexual predators. Such lies and wishful thinking, but in reality the FRC and right-wingers are more concerned protecting the reputation of their own Republican pedophiles such as Mark Foley, even placing Republican politicians over that of sexually abused children.

Keep in mind, the FRC pro-life crowd who vehemently opposes abortion are the ones who invited Bill Bennett who publically proclaimed supporting abortion to abort all black babies.

Media Matters: Media suggested conservative Christians are particularly outraged by Foley scandal

Summary: In their coverage of the Foley scandal's political effects, numerous media figures have suggested that conservative Christians are most likely to react negatively to the Foley scandal. In doing so, they presume that so-called "values voters" are more concerned than others with protecting children.

Christians are abondoning the GOP

Finally, the Christian population of America are seeing the light. For too long, right-wing theofascists like Tony Perkins and James Dobson have used deceptive cult-like tactics of lies and media manipulation to deceive and intimidate their flock into voting Republican.

However, the light of the truth cannot be supressed. More Christians are thinking for themselves and realizing the Republicans (GOP = Grand Old Party) only lied and manipulated them to gain political power and greed. Even more amazing are the Christians realizing there is no biblical basis to vote Republican.

For the Faithful, a Trying Time

There may not be much Good News in the pews for the GOP. The tawdry parable of Mark Foley is only one reason. Maturing from rebels to political insiders, evangelicals are divided on tactics and agendas, and beginning to doubt whether it is possible to ennoble society, let alone save souls, through Christian political activism.

Foley put new cracks in the notion of the GOP as a vessel of family virtue. "It doesn't make you mad so much as it sickens you," said Northland's pastor, Joel C. Hunter. Among evangelicals, moral revulsion will yield electoral consequences: fewer and less eager volunteers, a lower turnout, especially if the hunkered-down House leadership is found to be covering up. "The ones who are kind of close to the margins anyhow are more likely just to say, 'I don't even want to go there'," he said. "And of course they're the ones who could make the difference."

So the polls show. A Pew Foundation survey found an 8-percentage-point drop in Republican preference among "frequent churchgoers."

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Another day in White America: Murder of Passion and Frustration

This is an all too familiar crime story in White America the white supremacists often avoid. They like to blame deaths on Muslims, like how they blame sex scams and crimes on homosexuals. However, the reality is Americans have far more to fear from the white male than the term Islamofascists.

A bitter, depressed, sexually frustrated white male filled with anger, aggression, and hate. He came from a conservative and religious (often Christian) background and was fed daily doses of lies, misinformation, slander, and hatred all his life by right-wing hypocritical preachers. That white male never came to grips with reality and hated the world. He finally snaps, murdering his closest family members and friends with a gun before killing himself. Well, it looks this guy got cold feet before killing himself, but he did a wickedly efficient job of eliminating his own people.

Sailer's eugenics policies at its finest.

Victim's Boyfriend Suspected In Fatal Shootings

WINCHESTER, Va. -- Authorities said four people -- including a 2-year-old boy -- have been shot to death near Winchester.

The victims were 2-year-old Christopher Orndorff; 19-year-old Amanda Orndorff, Christopher's mother; 60-year-old Samuel Orndorff, her father; and a 17-year-old male, who was Amanda Orndorff's nephew and attended James Wood High School in Winchester.

Deputies arrested 20-year-old Jessi Ashton Jephson at about 1:30 a.m. Friday. He had fled in one of the Orndorff's vehicles, investigators said, and was contacted by cell phone before authorities caught up with him. He was armed but was arrested without incident. Authorities said Jephson lived nearby and that Amanda Orndorff was his girlfriend.

Jephson is charged with two counts of capital murder and two counts of first-degree murder. Authorities said more charges are pending.

Protestors Rush Minutemen

Jim Gilchrist and the Minutemen sure aren't having their day if they think they will get away unchallenged with spreading their racism. October 5, protestors disrupt Jim Gilchrist's speech for the Minutemen at Columbia University.

Read the article

Watch the video

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Tony Perkins lies on homosexuality and child sexual abuse

Tony Perkins, who recently led the FRC Action Values Voter Summit, is at it again with his hate and lies against homosexuals. Media Matters reports how Tony Perkins falsely claims that "homosexual men are more likely to abuse children than straight men".

The truth is, child sexual abusers are more likely to be heterosexual, religious, right-wing white males, just like Tony Perkins and his audience of right-wing pseudo-Christian fascists.

Media Matters - Perkins claimed that "homosexual men are more likely to abuse children than straight men"; experts disagree

Summary: Amid the scandal surrounding former Rep. Mark Foley, Family Research Council (FRC) president Tony Perkins has promoted the falsehood that gay men are more likely than straight men to sexually abuse children.
In recent days, Family Research Council (FRC) president Tony Perkins has used the emerging scandal surrounding former Rep. Mark Foley (R-FL) to promote a falsehood about gay men -- that they are more likely than straight men to sexually abuse children, based on the claim that homosexuals are overrepresented in child sex abuse cases. In fact, a 1995 study released by the American Psychological Association found that "gay men are no more likely than heterosexual men to perpetrate child sexual abuse"; the argument that homosexuals are overrepresented in such cases is based on what John Hopkins University psychiatrist Frederick Berlin has described as the "flawed assumption" that men who abuse young boys are also attracted to grown men.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Conservatives blame Foley scandal on everyone else but themselves

Those Republicans can't seem to get the hallucinatory liberal boogeyman out of their heads when one of their own such as Mark Foley gets caught in a sex and child crime. So much for taking personal responsibility, hello hypocrisy.

In Foley scandal, conservatives find plenty of excuses and plenty of people to blame (other than the GOP)

Seeking to minimize the extent to which the House Republican leadership can be blamed for the scandal surrounding former Rep. Mark Foley, several congressional Republicans, media figures, and conservatives have posited various conspiracy theories and placed blame on just about everyone and everything else -- including liberals, Democrats, the media, "politically correct culture," gays in Congress, and congressional pages.

Republican Pedophiles

Face the facts, it's not just an isolated incident. The Republican party is not a party of family values, sexual morals, and Christian integrity. The Republican party consisting and catering to white males is plagued with pedophiliacs and fraudulent criminals.

Here's U.S. Rep. Mark Foley's explicit email transcript to a 16 year old boy he tried to seduce. Alcohol abuse, childhood sexual abuse, supposedly gay - more excuses. I wonder how much more outrageous this story would become had Mark Foley appeared on Dateline NBC's "To Catch a Predator".

Another reader shows the sad story of Randall Casseday, human resource director for the Washington Times (which Sailer has affiliations), was recently arrested for e-mailing pictures of his "love organ" to a cop he mistook for a bathing beauty aged 13, with whom he planned to meet.

Also, check out this YouTube video of Democratic strategist Schecter telling it straight - the Republicans are corrupt with criminals and pedophiles.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

FRC Action 2006 Values Voter Summit: Conclusion

Family Research Council Action: 2006 Values Voter Summit Series

FRC Action 2006 Values Voter Summit:
Friday Morning
Friday Afternoon
Friday Evening
Saturday Morning
Saturday Afternoon

* * * * * * * * * *

After spending a whole Friday and eight hours here so far on Saturday, it was time to conclude. Unless you are a brainwashed right-wing theocratic fascist, I found the entire conference to be depressing, hateful, and out of touch with reality. The Saturday night speaker series concludes with entertainer and musician Larnelle Harris, then Newt Gingrich, then the final closing message by organizer Tony Perkins. A Sunday sermon service was also offered.

The FRC Values Voter series was nothing more than a Republican campaign conference designed for theocrats to gain a foothold in politics through the Republican party. They twist Bible verses out of context to justify hating numerous groups of people and replace reality with lies, misinformation, and half-truths.

For someone who has attended church in the past, I was greatly disappointed to see how Christianity evolved into a message of hatred and right-wing fanaticism. These right-wingers mention how the Islamofascists are out to kill Americans, but the reality is the conservative white American from a Christian background, the typical profile of the FRC conference audience, is far more likely to kill you the American, often facing depression and using that gun to shoot you down at school, the workplace, the shopping mall, or on the road.

History shows theocratic fascism never worked. It starts off as a cult group based on lies, misinformation, isolation, brainwashing, fanaticism, militarism, and hatred toward specific groups of people. As with all religious fascism, it then tries to control your sex life, using scare tactics and threats to control your reproductive system and thoughts and hate the group religious fanatics abhored since the beginning of time: non-heterosexuals. As the leaders gain power beyond their control, human nature corrupts them and they inevitably ruin and implode their own government and people. Too bad we never seem to learn from the reality of history.

Shooting at Amish school in Pennsylvania

Just another typical example of a crime committed by a Sailer-type white male. In the latest news, a 32 year old white male named Charles Carl Roberts IV walks into a school armed with guns, keeps all the female students hostage, shoots them killing 5 girls so far and criticaly wounding 5 more, then kills himself.

5th girl dies after Amish schoolhouse shooting - Shooter took his own life; 5 more victims still in critical condition

Charles Robert Brown carries the signs of the Sailer-type white male.

  • An European white male from a conservative background.
  • Sexually frustrated with women, even if married with children.
  • Bad marriage even compounds to sexual frustrations.
  • Hated himself and the world, just as the world hated him.
  • Struggling with depression.
  • Fascination with guns and violence.
  • Solid Christian background, but his hypocritial Christian mentors gave him the wrong message on morals and sanity.
  • Bitter childhood filled with failure, rejection, and pain.
  • A solid loser inside and out.

With the way white people treat their communities, and all the conservative whites playing dumb and innocent who can't see beyond their noses of race and crime by white people, it really comes as no surprise the white population is declining and heading toward extinction. If Democrats want to win, all they have to do is let the Republicans take power and spread their lies, hypocrisy, fascism, and hate, and let the republicans hurt and kill each other into self-extinction.

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Monday, October 02, 2006

Executives Sentenced in Church Fraud

Tony Perkins and his theofascist crowd (to which Sailer has some relations) do a great job pointing out the speck in other people's eye, but are ignorant to see the plank in their own eye when it comes to crime and morality. Not seuxal abuse, but this time it is major corporate fraud, a Ponzi real estate scam in the millions by trusted church leaders against their flock.

Executives Sentenced in Church Fraud - Investors Lost Millions to Southern Baptist Foundation Scheme in Arizona

PHOENIX -- In 1999, Richard Kimsey and his wife, Susan, deposited $100,000 with a Phoenix-based Southern Baptist agency that promised to do the Lord's work. A few days later, the Kimseys' money had all but vanished. And when Richard Kimsey, a Southern Baptist pastor, spoke out against the foundation that had defrauded him, he received death threats, the words "white trash" were painted on his house, and half his congregation abandoned him.

"Money is not the issue," Susan Kimsey said. "This has been a black mark on Christianity as a whole."

The Kimseys were among the approximately 75 fraud victims who testified at the sentencing hearing last week of two Baptist Foundation of Arizona executives accused of fraudulently conducting a mammoth real estate Ponzi scheme while claiming to do God's work.

Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Kenneth L. Fields sentenced William P. Crotts, 61, the former president of the foundation, to eight years in prison Friday and gave six years to Thomas D. Grabinski, 46, the former chief counsel of the foundation. Each was ordered to pay $159 million in restitution after being convicted of one count of fraud and one count of conducting an illegal enterprise.