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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Health Care, HMOs, and Sicko

After watching the movie Sicko, it truly does reveal the horrors of the health care system in the United States. There are many of us trying to fix this travesty, but the conservatives who are the primary beneficiaries of HMO and pharmaceutical campaign contributions have put up an incredibly vicious fight against making honest, decent, and affordable health care a reality in America.

Even if you are insured by the premier HMOs such as Aetna, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, or Kaiser Permanente, you will be shocked to learn you are not truly covered for medical emergencies and disasters. This is how the HMO system supposedly works in America.

1) You the consumer or your employer pays a certain fee (I believe about $4000 a year for a single, healthy, normal adult) to the HMO to insure you.

2) While "covered", you receive lower prices when you need to visit a doctor or hospital. Instead of paying a $200 copay for a doctor visit, the HMO works it out so you only pay around a $20 copay.

3) When a real emergency strikes, such as a terminal disease like cancer or an serious accident requiring surgery, you shouldn't be as unfortunate as the uninsured person who is charged over $100,000 for the life saving surgery, and obviously can't afford it. Your HMO is supposed to cover you to provide fast, efficient, professional treatment for a far lower price.

Keep in mind the movie Sicko is focused on the 250 million Americans who are insured, not the 50 million uninsured victims. So you are a decent, hard working American, not filthy rich like most people, and properly insured by a top notch HMO. The harsh reality is that item 3 in the list above is where the HMOs will fail you.

An HMO gets their revenue from your fees either you or your employer pays. When the time comes for life saving surgery, the HMO is supposed to refer you to the best hospital and doctor and pay for at least most of the surgery costs. This is where reality sets in, because there is a conflict of interest between the HMOs profits and your health.

When you go to the hospital, the HMO must pay for the costs, thus reducing their profits. When you go for better and more expensive surgery, the costs rise and the HMOs revenues are depleted even more.

Therefore, the HMO will do an extensive background and acting routine to find reasons to DENY you the necessary surgery. As long as the HMOs can find an excuse to prevent you from visiting the hospital, the HMO won't lose their money, although you lose your health and life.

Think it can't happen? It does and it will. As I said before, before very careful who you vote for in the polls, because the Republicans are the primary beneficiaries of HMO contributions, which is also covered in Sicko.

More entries on health care and Sicko are coming. Stay tuned.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Weirdos can be very dangerous

Steve Sailer and his ring leaders of right-wing fascists do a great job recruiting bitter and eccentric males, then further isolate and brainwash them into being more depressed, isolated, eccentric, and above all else, more dangerous.

There are too many weirdos to mention which the right-wingers have duped into doing crazy things, but here are two weirdos in the local Washington D.C. area. They fit the profile of Steve Sailer's audience: eccentric, depressed, hateful, crazed white males.

1) Dave Edward Wolfe - Spiderman robbing stores in Northern Virginia

A suspect in a Spiderman mask robbed a grocery pharmacy in Burke, VA. The pharmacist says someone entered the pharmacy area of the Giant grocery store and demanded the painkiller Oxycontin with threats. After getting the drugs, the suspect left the store wearing a Spider-Man mask.

Although the Spiderman mask may get some laughs, there was nothing funny about the robbery, the terror he created, and the potential damage that could have resulted. The suspect caught is 25 year old Dave Edward Wolfe.

2) Nathaniel Rabinowitz burns house and attempts suicide over dispute of a ladder

Nathaniel Rabinowitz, 60, has been having a dispute over his neighbors for the past several years because he keeps a ladder next to his townhouse. So what would a suicidal right-wing maniac do to resolve conflicts? Shoot as many people down before turning the gun on himself? What he does in this case is burn his house down and shoot himself.

Although he survived the suicide attempt and remains hospitalized, you just have to ask yourself, "How many more crazed, violent, suicidal weirdos like him are out there?" With Sailer and his kind spreading their lies, depression, and hate, the unfortunate answer is, "Too Many."

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

WWE star Chris Benoit succumbs to right-wing fate: Murder-suicide

WWE wrestling star Chris Benoit has been found dead with his wife and 7 year old son. Police are investigating this as a murder-suicide case as they believe Chris strangled his wife and suffocated his son before hanging himself with a weight-machine pulley in their home in Fayetteville, GA. Steroids is believed to contribute to the massacre. WWE initially held a tribute after hearing about his death, then pulled it off after learning he viciously murdered his family.

It is uncertain of Chris' political affiliation, but the habits of the fast life and glorification of violence of the WWE sure makes a perfect match with the Republicans. WWF superstar The Rock spoke in the 2000 Republican National Convention and another former WWF star, the Ultimate Warrior, is an active right-wing spokesperson for the far right group, Young America's Foundation.

Here are some comparisons of WWE and Republican (GOP) principles. In the meantime, Chris Benoit, rot in hell. You're a worthless piece of trash like all right-wing extremists obsessed with violence and insanity. The only tribute you are worthy of is killing yourself so you can't spread your worthless genes anymore.

WWE: Live life fast and die young.
GOP: Screw affordable health care for the family and future generations. Do drugs, live life extravagantly, and then commit suicide.

WWE: Screw long term goals for future generations because you won't be around.
GOP: Who cares about global warming or the national debt? I'm not going to be around, so why bother?

WWE: Mindless violence is the means to everything.
GOP: Iraq war. Giving deadly firearms to crazed, suicidal maniacs.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Skinhead grabs guard's gun, kills him

Another typical story when you follow the right-wing, fascist, white supremacist, hate groups which Sailer has affiliations. This guy looks even creepier than the crime itself.

Police: Inmate grabs guard's gun, kills him

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (AP) -- An inmate stole the gun from a corrections officer and shot him to death Monday when the prisoner was unshackled for a doctor's appointment, authorities said.

Curtis Allgier fled the University of Utah medical center on foot, carjacked a Ford Explorer and was captured miles away at an Arby's restaurant after a high-speed chase.

Allgier, whose face and neck are covered with tattoos including a swastika and the words "skin head" on his forehead, was in an examination room at the campus orthopedic center around 7:45 a.m., university Police Chief Scott Folsom said.

"There was some sort of altercation. The inmate got hold of the weapon and shot the officer," he said.

Stephen Anderson, 60, a 22-year-veteran, was shot in the head, authorities said.

Police stopped Allgier's vehicle by placing spikes in the road near the Arby's.

Inside the restaurant, at least one person was "struck with some object" but was able to walk out, bloodied around the head, Salt Lake City police Sgt. Rich Brede said.

Allgier, 27, was not armed when he was captured inside the manager's office, Brede said.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Republican Draft Dodgers: Mitt Romney

Whether it comes to family values or sexual morals, the Republicans always manage to bring the definition of hypocrisy to new frontiers. Another area of hypocrisy that plagues the Republicans is draft dodging. In the latest news, Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney, the conservative Mormon, has been exposed as a Vietnam draft dodger.

Liberal Avenger has coverage of Mitt Romney's draft dodging history. While he supports the war in Iraq, Mitt Romney managed to avoid serving his draft duties in Vietnam because he was on an overseas Mormon missionary. And to top the hypocrisy, he was serving in the conservatives' most hated country - France.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Sailer's three messed up marriages gone wrong

When you are in the Sailer camp, you are faced with dead-end situations and inevitable losses. This includes the topic of marriage and today's news bring three more losses for the likes of Steve Sailer and his pseudo-analysis of marriage.

1) Bobby Cutts Jr. (30) and Jessie Marie Davis (26)

One of Sailer's (in)famous articles is on interracial marriages, Is Love Colorblind. He doesn't tell us about the bad marriages of WM/AF couples, and he isn't very eager to tell us about the bad marriages of BM/WF couples. In Ohio, a pregnant white woman named Jessie Davis went missing for three days. After her dead body was found in a national park, her boyfriend, a black man named Bobby Cutts Jr., is being charged with murder.

Sailer likes to make these interracial couples the envy of all marriages, but there sure is nothing envious or glamorous about this IR marriage.

2) Christopher Vaughn Charged With Family Murder

While Sailer likes to portray white families as loving, stable, model families, the reality is these marriages are often smeared by depression, discord, murder, and suicide. All to often, right-wing personalities embedded their minds with lies, misinformation, hatred, and depression. An all white family in Illinois tragically ends in murder as the head of the family, Christopher Vaughn (32), murders his wife Kimberly Vaughn (34) and three children Abigayle (12) Cassandra (11) and Blake (8) with a gun before fleeing Missouri suburb of St. Louis where he was caught.

Although he didn't take his own life, does it make you feel any better that this Sailer-type crazed, demented, depressed, family murderer is still alive?

3) Brenton Wuchae (40) marries Windy Hager (16)

This is a bizarre and creepy marriage involving a middle aged man and a 16 year old girl. They met in South Brunswick High School. Since pedophilia afflicts the white community to a greater degree, this may seem normal to weirdos like Sailer and his kind. But these marriages are questionable and there are plenty of stories out there where it ends bitterly and sometimes tragically. We'll see how this one turns out in the future, but for now, I count this as a gross loss.

Friday, June 22, 2007

School Crossing Guard Faces 1,000 Sex Charges

Crossing Guard Faces 1,000 Sex Charges
Pa. Crossing Guard Faces 1,000 Sex Charges in Assaults Against 7 Children Since 1998

A school crossing guard accused of molesting seven children was charged with more than 1,000 counts of sexual assault.

Dale Hutchings was arrested Tuesday and charged with 305 counts of raping a child, 356 counts of aggravated indecent assault against a child under 13, and 356 counts of indecent assault against a child under 13.

The assaults took place between 1998 and 2007, and all of the victims were under 13 when the attacks began, police said.

Hutchings, of Berwick, worked as a crossing guard near Orange Street Elementary School. He also worked for the Berwick Area Ambulance Association and was a high school band booster.

This child sex predator may not be Steve Sailer himself, but keep in mind he is the prototype of Sailer's and the right-wing hatemonger's audience. Dale Hutchings is an older white male, very eccentric and reclusive, depressed, sexually repressed, and thoroughly unattractive inside and out. He often listens to right-wing media personalities like Rush Limbaugh, Bill O'Reilly, and Steve Sailer to further alienate himself and bring out aggression against the women and children whom he had trouble dealing with all his life.

Steve Sailer likes to portray his token white male as sexual models, but reality often takes a very different turn. Even in interracial relationships, Sailer's breed of white males have proven to be failures. In another story from last year, a white male named Roger Dale Green, 59, from Tennessee was arrested in Cambodia for having sex with girls aged 11 and 12.

Don't believe Sailer's lies of the sexually potent white male. Sexually impotent, repressed, and demented is the truth.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Is Love Colorblind: Murder-suicide case of Kevin Morrissey

Dysfunctional families resulting in murder-suicide is more prevalent among the Sailer-type, right-wing, white male marriages than the rightists would like to admit. But when it goes interracial, it can be every bit as deadly, if not worse.

While Sailer's ideal "Is Love Colorblind" interracial couple is the middle-aged white male and an Asian female, he omits plenty of facts. Such as, many of these white males find their Asian brides through mail order bride services, often turning out to be bitter and deadly, and the infamous white male pedophile seeking sex. Also, many of the white males seek sex and possibly marriage with an underaged or barely legal (age 18-20) girl in underdeveloped regions of Asia.

Add another casualty to the interracial marriage list. In Berkeley, CA, Kevin Morrissey (51) murders his wife, Dr. Mamiko Kawai, and two daughters with a handgun before turning the gun on himself. Another disgruntled, depressed, married, middle-aged white male does the most atrocious act.

Sad to say, but even an Asian wife couldn't satisfy his desire for murder, so love must be truly colorblind. And the white population continues to decline... All you Sailer supporters reading this, stay far away from the right-wingers like him unless you want him to aggrevate your feelings of depression, hatred, and insanity and turn out to be the next Kevin Morrison.

Tilden park deaths shock neighbors, friends

BERKELEY — Investigators this morning are continuing to unravel the macabre murder-suicide of a Berkeley family in Tilden Park late Monday. Authorities are focusing on the suicide note blaming insurmountable financial problems.

They were also checking a report that the father suspected in the tragic event, Kevin Morrissey, 51, had a background with the Central Intelligence Agency. His resume, posted online, says he served in the U.S. Army Special Forces and worked for the U.S. diplomatic corps for many years.

East Bay Regional Park police believe Morrissey shot and killed his daughters, Nikki, 8, and Kim "Lena," 6, inside their Honda hatchback, and his wife, family physician Mamiko Kawai, 40, before turning the .357 Magnum handgun on himself.

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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Republicans losing the Latino vote

Of course, nothing the Republicans ever do makes any sense. They viciously attack the growing Latino population of America and lose their votes and their own political seats. They can only win the white vote, but this segment is the most rapidly declining group in America.

LA Times: New mood from new citizens
Latino immigrants in South Florida who have traditionally registered with the GOP have felt alienated by the party, critics say.

Izquierdo said he did not like President Bush's handling of the Iraq war and was miffed at politicians, most of them Republican, who seem to dislike immigrants.

That sentiment, expressed by several of the 6,000 new citizens who took their oaths Thursday in group ceremonies that take place regularly in immigrant-heavy cities nationwide, underscored the troubled environment facing the GOP in the buildup to next year's presidential election.

Surveys show that among Latino voters — a bloc Bush had hoped to woo into the Republican camp — negative views about the party are growing amid a bitter debate over immigration policy.

Hat Tip: Crooks and Liars

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Sex abuse reports in churches exceed 260 per year

You know the truth about what really goes on in churches, but you have a hard time grasping the truth. Like school shootings and right-wing maniacs, the safer you think you are from this danger, the closer you actually are to harm. has an extensive article on sex abuse in churches. Here are some summaries.

  • The three companies that insure the majority of Protestant churches in America say they typically receive upward of 260 reports each year of young people under 18 being sexually abused by clergy, church staff, volunteers or congregation members.
  • The church has revealed that there have been 13,000 credible accusations against Catholic clerics since 1950.
  • Together, they insure 165,495 churches and worship centers for liability against child sex abuse and other sexual misconduct, mostly Protestant congregations but a few other faiths as well. They also insure more than 5,500 religious schools, camps and other organizations.
  • The largest company, Church Mutual, reported an average of about 100 sex abuse cases a year involving minors over the past decade.
  • GuideOne, which has about half the clients of Church Mutual, said it has received an average of 160 reports of sex abuse against minors every year for the past two decades.
  • Brotherhood Mutual said it has received an average of 73 reports of child sex abuse and other sexual misconduct every year for the past 15 years. However, Brotherhood does not specify which victims are younger than 18 so it is impossible to accurately add that to the total cases.

You also know how this vicious cycle goes. When these sexually molested kids grow up into adults, they will bear the pain and hatred and screw their children the way they were screwed during their childhoods.

It takes the bigger man to break that cycle and stop harming and molesting your children, but listening to the addictive, hateful speech of the right-wing extremist personalities like Sailer, who only feeds upon your pain and anger, will not allow you to break that vicious cycle.

Is anyone listening, or do we go through another generation and cycle of messed up, molested children who will pass their ideals to the next generation?

Thursday, June 14, 2007

7 registered sex offenders arrested for using MySpace

7 registered sex offenders arrested for using MySpace

HOUSTON -- Seven convicted sex offenders with profiles on have been arrested in Texas.

Authorities today announced the country's first large-scale crackdown of registered offenders who use the social networking Web site.

The men were arrested in Houston, Austin, Round Rock, and Glenn Heights during a two-week operation by the Texas Attorney General's Cyber Crimes and Fugitive units.

MySpace provided authorities with information on all registered sex offenders who had established profiles on the site. In some cases, simply creating a profile on the site was a violation of parole.

They were picked up after released the names of offenders with online profiles to the AG's office, which had issued a subpoena.

• Patrick Joseph Blevins, 49, arrested in Houston; convicted in Harris County in 1996 of indecency with a child by sexual contact. His victim was a 14-year-old girl.

• Reginald Lee Collins, 27, arrested in Houston; convicted in Harris County in 1998 of aggravated sexual assault of a child. His victim was a 7-year-old girl.

• Ronald Daven Metoyer, 41, arrested in Houston; convicted in Harris County in 2001 of aggravated sexual assault of a child. His victim was a 14-year-old girl.

• Robert Shepard Walter, 23, arrested in Houston; convicted in Harris County in 2004 of indecency with a child by exposure. His victim was a 14-year-old girl.

• Scott Peter Hansen, 44, arrested in Glenn Heights, Texas; convicted in Dallas County in 1983 of aggravated sexual assault of a 21-year-old woman.

• Jason Labronte Carr, 31, arrested in Austin; convicted in Hays County in 1998 of sexual assault of a child. His victim was a 13-year-old girl.

Officers also arrested a parole violator with a profile who failed to register as a sex offender. Jeremy Bryan Polak, 28, was taken into custody in Round Rock. He was convicted in 1996 in Williamson County for the aggravated sexual assault of a 4-year-old girl.

Attorney General Greg Abbott says Texans won't tolerate criminals who "prey on our children."

Here are some child sex predators caught on mySpace. They are not necessarily the ones listed above, but they all share similar patterns. Why do they seem to resemble Steve Sailer? You know, older white males filled with bitter, rejected childhoods and smeared with failure and depression. Eccentric, sexually frustrated, fraudulent, and spends way too much time on the surreal world of the internet because they cannot associate with real people and the real world.

Guys, get of that computer and stay far away from right-wing hatemongers like Steve Sailer who will only compound your addiction to harm children the way you were screwed during your childhoods, unless you want your picture posted here as well on police mugshots and sex offender registries.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The Progressive Majority: Why a Conservative America Is a Myth

Don't believe the lies of the far right that America embraces conservative ideals of fascism, bigotry, hatred, insanity, stupidity, pedophilia, aristocracy, and suicidal policies. Media Matters shows the majority of Americans hold progressive positions, and the progressives are the ones who are prospering while the conservatives are decimating their population with suicidal policies.

Media Matters summary of Why a Conservative America Is a Myth

Read the complete report

Summary of why America is progressive.

  • The role of government - Americans support an active government that tackles problems, provides services, and aids those in need.
  • The economy - Americans support increasing the minimum wage and strong unions, and believe the wealthy and corporations don't pay their fair share of taxes.
  • Social issues - Americans support legal abortion and embryonic stem cell research; opinions on equal rights for women and gay Americans have grown dramatically more progressive in recent years.
  • Security - Americans support a progressive approach to national security, emphasizing strong alliances and diplomacy over the indiscriminate use of military force. On domestic security issues, progressive approaches to crime and gun control enjoy wide support.
  • The environment - By enormous margins, Americans favor strong environmental protections, a core progressive belief.
  • Energy - Americans support energy conservation and the development of alternative fuels.
  • Health care - Americans clearly favor universal coverage and are more than comfortable with government solutions to the health care problem.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Republican Hypocrisy: Robert Bork and legal reform

Hypocrisy is the sign of the Republican. Whether it is the self-righteous Republicans preaching sexual morality or Rush Limbaugh preaching family values and harsh punishment against drug abusers, the Republicans are so full of hypocrisy and lies. In the latest hypocrisy of the GOP, a far right conservative named Robert Bork is suing the Yale Club for negligence. He is seeking $1 million in damages for injuries he sustained from a fall at the club last year.

Robert Bork was a one-time U.S. Supreme Court nominee under the Reagan administration. He was flat out rejected in 1987 for his far right extremist viewpoints and being too eccentric, like Sailer and his audience.

The hypocrisy comes as Robert Bork was a strong proponent of tort reform. During his Supreme Court nomination, he promised a strong fight against frivolous lawsuits and trial lawyers. Being a Republican, reality would come in as Bork is now suing for an expensive million dollar frivolous lawsuit for himself.

Liberal Avenger - Robert Bork: Another Republican Hypocrite

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Race and Class: Paris Hilton and Julie Amero

The news is out that multi-millionaire Paris Hilton from California is spending 45 days in jail for reckless driving while driving with a suspended license. She appealed to Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and tried to carry out her jail sentence in her home. Numerous people complained that rich white girls get all the privileges, but Paris' privileges were revoked along with her drivers license awhile ago by spending 45 days in a regular jail.

Paris Hilton as you normally see her in the media.

Paris Hilton crying like a baby as she heads toward prison and learns the reality that the real world doesn't revolve around her.

On the other side of the country in Connecticut, another white woman gets away with crime. Her name is Julie Amero. Other than being a white woman, she is different from Paris Hilton in many ways. Julie Amero is an older 40 year old substitute public school teacher in the lower economic class. Her (in)fame to national attention started in 2004 when she was substitute teaching a seventh grade language class in Connecticut. During class time, pornographic ads appeared on the school computer while she browsed the internet. Julie tried to shut off the ads, but more porn ads appeared. She left the classroom seeking help but did not turn off the computer. Several days later, she was arrested for felony charges of exposing sexually obscene material to children.

Her trial continued for years and on January 5, 2007, she was convicted for the felony, meaning she will have a felony record, must register as a sex offender, and face prison up to 40 years. The prison sentencing date was delayed for months, and on June 6, 2007, Julie Amero's felony verdict was thrown out for a retrial. It doesn't mean she's free because she must go through the court system again.

Julie Amero shows that you can get away with crime as long as you are white. You don't even have to be rich, just white and have the media cover you. The local media is responsible for Julie's lenient sentence by falsely portraying her as the innocent computer illiterate victim who was caught in the crossfire of someone else browsing porn. This is not the case as reality can be far different from the media's lies and wishful thinking for white women.

  • Julie Amero is not computer illiterate. She has an email account which she checks regularly and frequently browses the internet. She knows all the essentials about the internet and computers, including how to turn it off.

  • She was browsing the internet during class time which she was not authorized.

  • She did not have a computer account on the school computer system, so she was not authorized to use it. She illegally borrowed the regular teachers' computer account.

  • She is fully aware of the pornography, scams, and predators that infest the internet, and must be responsible when browsing the internet in front of a class of children. Even computer illiterate people know this.

Julie Amero and the court system in Connecticut, you are a shame to the justice system. So much for the phrase, the rich white girls get away with everything. Times change, and now it's the poor white girls too.

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Thursday, June 07, 2007

US Congress votes to expand stem cell research

US Congress votes to expand stem cell research
The Democratic-led U.S. Congress defied President George W. Bush on Thursday and gave final approval to legislation to roll back his restrictions on federally funded embryonic stem cell research.

But the 247-176 vote by the House of Representatives on the measure already passed by the Senate was short of the two-thirds majority needed to override a promised veto by Bush, who rejected a similar bill last year.

"If this bill were to become law, American taxpayers would for the first time in our history be compelled to support the deliberate destruction of human embryos," Bush said in a statement. "Crossing that line would be a grave mistake."

Thirty-seven of Bush's fellow Republicans joined 210 Democrats in voting for the bill.

Shortly after Bush took office in 2001, he allowed federal funding on 78 stem cell lines then in existence. Most turned out to be of limited use to scientists, who have pressed Congress to expand federally funded research.

Stem cell research has the potential to cure the most complex and damaging diseases out there, such as Parkinson's disease, diabetes, nerve damage, and paralysis. However, as with decent and affordable health care, the Republicans are adamantly against any health plan that will benefit the majority of America. The Republicans have their own health care agenda in mind: Superstitious prayer healing and suicide.

Monday, June 04, 2007

The downfall of the Minutemen

When you follow the right-wing fascists, you have nowhere to go but down. You have nothing better to do than to count your losses and guess when you are next. The Minutemen has been rattled this year with fraud, lies, mismanagement, and backstabbing, but this is the natural process for their kind.

Minuteman groups at a crossroads

Losses for the Minutemen include:

  • Jim Gilchrist, the original president of the Minutemen, was ejected from his post after evidence of fraud and mismanagement of funds. He has to split into a separate organization and in February 2007 he had to go to court to stop other prominent members from ejecting him from his own organization.
  • Chris Simcox, the other Minutemen leader, was also charged with fraudulent mismanagement of funds. In mid-2006, Simcox told volunteers and journalists the group had raised $1.6 million in donations and private grants. But the group’s 2005 tax filing in November revealed only $450,000 in revenues.
  • Some chapters have left the group and state leaders have quit, while Simcox has thrown out others for challenging his authority. Just last month, the Washington Times reported, Simcox stripped titles from four national leaders and the Arizona state director.
  • Jim Campbell, the idiot who mortgaged $100,000 of his house to fund an imaginary fence that never came about, is suing the Minutemen for $1.2 million.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

More losses for the right

Crooks and Liars does a great job covering the losses of the far right. The rightists and Republicans truly are made up of crooks and liars, and they are suffering the consequences the most.

Minutemen Meltdown

The former Minutemen member, Jim Campbell, who was scammed into mortgaging $100,000 of his house to finance the building of an imaginary fence is suing the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps for fraud.

Lack Of Donors Forces RNC To Lay Off Phone Workers

Like giving to the Minutemen, giving to the Republican party is a dead end scam. People are starting to learn that one way or another, and contributions to the Republican party are declining for the benefit of the people.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Accused Dateline Sex Predator Charged With Indecent Exposure

These perverted weirdos resembling Steve Sailer and his audience sure don't learn their lesson. John Kennelly, 45, from the Washington D.C. area was on Dateline's To Catch A Predator before. He was the one who interviewed naked.

Now John has been arrested again for indecent exposure to two 15 year old girls in Chantilly. When the girls ran away, John pursued them for a short time before fleeing.

Guys, get off that computer, stop downloading child pornography and soliciting children for sex, and most importantly, avoid the addictive hatred and lies of right-wing media figures like Steve Sailer and Rush Limbaugh, which will only compound your problems if you follow them.

Accused Dateline Sex Predator Charged With Indecent Exposure

Man stabs nine to death in Philippines

Michelle Malkin, that illegal jackpot baby from the Philippines, does a great job finding trash in others, but continuously fails to bring out the trash in herself. Does America really need more illegal immigrants, jackpot babies, mail order brides, terrorists, and maniacs like Michelle Malkin?

Man stabs nine to death in Philippines
A man armed with 50cm knife killed nine people, including six children, and wounded 17 others in a drunken rampage in a central Philippine province on Saturday morning, police said.

The man first attacked and wounded five members of his cousin's family with whom he lived in a remote village outside Calbayog city in central Samar province at around 2am local time on Saturday (0400 AEST), said Senior Police Officer Jessie Gianan, desk officer at the Calbayog police station.

One of the cousin's sons, aged 7, died later in hospital, police said, correcting an earlier report that two had died.

The man then barged into a neighbour's house, where he stabbed and hacked to death a 37-year-old pregnant woman and her three daughters and two sons, aged 1 to 9.

Two daughters survived, Gianan said by telephone.

He entered two other homes where five people were sleeping, killing two men, and then returned to a wake where he had been drinking earlier and attacked everyone in his path, Gianan said.

A total of 17 people were wounded, he said.

The man then surrendered to another villager who turned him over to the authorities. It was not immediately clear what prompted the rampage.

Big Brother is Watching You

Steve Sailer likes to quote George Orwell with that phrase, "To see what is in front of one's nose needs a constant struggle." Of course, that phrase refers to Sailer and his dead-end situation which he cannot see until it is too late. No loss there, but there is another reality George Orwell predicted when the right-wing fascists take over - the loss of your privacy and individuality.

With the uncanny combination of technology and the fascist agenda to take away your privacy and control you, George Orwell's novel 1984 is coming closer to reality. Google Maps has your street address pinpointed; if not now, then sometime soon. This is what you get when Bush and the Republicans take over.

MSNBC: Google hits streets, raises privacy concerns
Has company gone too far in its effort to make the world more accessible?