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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Sailer Moon's racist ties to the Washington Times

Sailer Moon's other God, leader, and employer, the Moonies God.

One of Steve Sailer's closest associates is the right-wing fascist and white supremacist pseudo-newspaper called the Washington Times. It is owned and strongly controlled by the infamous cult leader Sun Myung Moon, thus coming up with Steve's other nickname, Sailer Moon. Check out the blog below for more information.

The Washington Times and the Mainstreaming of White Supremacist Thought

The Real Sun Myung Moon

Thursday, December 27, 2007

White Britons will be in minority in UK cities

Face the facts, Steve Sailer and company. Your Sailer strategy is dead and your base population of white male suicidal crazies and pedophiles are declining.

White Britons will be in minority in UK cities
LONDON: Sharp increase in immigration combined with higher birth rates among newcomers to UK is set to make white Britons a minority in many towns and cities within 30 years, a study has said.

The watershed is expected to be reached first in Leicester, with a large Indian community, where whites will form less than 50 per cent of the population by 2020, followed by Birmingham in 2024, and by Slough and Luton soon afterwards.

Leicester's Indian population is set to rise from 22.9 to 26 per cent over the same period, with the African population increasing from 0.4 to 11.2 per cent, the study from the University of Sheffield showed.

The city has seen its white population fall from 70.1 per cent of the total in 1991 to 59.5 today, and the figure is predicted to fall below a half by around 2020.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Church donations go online

The right-wingers have a stronghold of the conservative church industry, but the levels they try to capitalize the church industry gets outright obscene at times.

Church donation collecting goes 2.0
No cash for the collection basket at church? No problem. The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Cincinnati has made online giving an option for its 230 parishes, and 110 parochial and diocesan schools in its 19-county region.

"It's a way to make things a little easier for people and for them to be a little more regular in their giving to the church," Archbishop Daniel Pilarczyk said.

The new way, he said, won't replace the old: the collection basket during mass.

With the online donation option, the diocese joined a growing group of churches nationwide that are using technology and the internet to make weekly giving easier.

Churches say high-tech donations are a response to changes in society, with fewer people carrying cash and using credit and ATM cards, and the internet to make transactions.

I've mentioned the McChurch before, but the slogan "Welcome to McChurch, coming to a town near you, if they haven't already. May I take your order? Would you like to have your order of blessings super sized?" is already outdated. Here are some new slogans for the conservative McChurches of today.

Welcome to McChurch. For 49 cents more, would you like to have your order of blessings super-sized? If you sign up for our credit card, 3 percent of all your transactions go to McChurch, plus you get 10 percent off all your purchases here on the first Sunday. You can sent your online transactions through our secure online transaction forms.

If you are need in prayer or healing, please refer by number your prayer request.

1) Family or marital problems.
2) Inept social skills.
3) Obsession with violence.
4) Temptation with pornography and sexual sin.
5) Financial greed.
6) Severe depression or low self esteem.
7) Questioning your religion or church.

For the rest of us, we get anywhere from a little to greatly weary of this religious commercialism.

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I'm not dreaming of this White Christmas

Merry Christmas, but while some nutty white supremacists like Sailer wish for a White Christmas, you should be very careful if their wishes of their crazy, dysfunctional white families become the norm.

Christmas domestic violence of white couple results in weapon assault and vandalism
Osterville, MA - A woman was arrested Saturday following an overnight domestic disturbance on Old Mill Road in Osterville. According to police 29-year-old Elyssa Underwood was drunk when she arrived at her ex-boyfriends residence-reportedly with her new boyfriend in tow. She allegedly assaulted her ex by trying to choke him and hit him with a metal shower shelf. She then is accused of taking the Christmas tree and throwing it out onto the front lawn and had reportedly taken Christmas presents. The couple's three children were at the home and were said to be crying when authorities arrived. Underwood left with the new boyfriend but contacted police Saturday morning to turn herself in. She faces charges of assault and battery, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon (shower shelf) and wanton destruction of property.

Wyoming woman charged with stabbing husband over Christmas gift
Rock Springs, WY - Misty Johnson, 34, was arrested and charged with aggravated assault and battery after Rock Springs, Wyo. police said she stabbed her husband Shawn Johnson in the chest with a kitchen knife following an argument that began when she accused him of opening a Christmas present early.

Early Wednesday, Shawn Johnson called police to report his wife after stabbing him in the chest. As it turns out, the argument had escalated into the stabbing after Misty accused her husband of having an affair. But the two-way martial dispute led off with Shawn's having opened a Christmas present early, according to a Rock Springs, Wyo. police spokesperson.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Teenage cancer patient dead because HMO denied surgery

More losses when you follow the suicidal policies of the far right. In California, a teenage girl named Nataline Sarkisyan, 17, suffering from cancer died because her health insurance company, Cigna, initially refused to pay for a needed liver transplant.

Cancer Girl's Lawyer Blames CIGNA For Her Death

When you think in terms of right-wing principles, you have to think about saving some money over saving a human life. This is Darwinistic right-wing ideology in it's truest form, that Cigna can save a few dollars while a child dies.

There sure is no future following Steve Sailer's Darwinistic principles. Steve, you better pray your cancer doesn't return, because if this teenager's life wasn't worth few thousand dollars, the reality is your price tag is considerably lower and you would be far more likely to be rejected, thanks to your right-wing Darwinistic principles.

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Monday, December 17, 2007

Murder Suicide: Who's more dangerous, the murderers or deniers

Another day in White America, more dysfunctional white families devastated by murders and suicide. But how much blame do white supremacists like Steve Sailer and Pat Buchanan share for these devastating tragedies? They didn't pull the trigger, but their ubiquitous, hateful, depressing messages littering the internet doesn't help these crazed white males out of their depression, insanity, and hatred that led to murder.

Even worse, while the white-wing, right-wing numbnuts try to cover these atrocities afflicting their communities, many white males actually believe them and feel the white population doesn't need any help.

Murder. Suicide. Broken families and communities. Children, if they live, only learn to be more devious. But no one does anything, and the vicious cycle continues. Like Pat Buchanan's denial of the Holocaust, ignorance can be fatal.

Father shoots 2 children and 2 women, then commits suicide
PINELLAS COUNTY, FL – Officials released the names of two children and two women who were killed in a Friday morning shooting spree in Largo and Clearwater.

Largo police responded to a call of gunshots fired at Monterey Lakes Apartments, 7501 Ulmerton Road, about 6:50 a.m. on Dec. 14. Inside they found the bodies of Jennifer Davis, 27, and Andrea Pisanello, 53.

Magnus Bernsdorff, 2, and Olivia Bernsdorff, 4, were found shot dead in their Clearwater home on Powderhorn Drive Friday by Clearwater Police doing a welfare check.

The suspected killer is Oliver Thomas Bernsdorff, 36, the children’s father. Davis was his ex-wife and the children’s mother. The couple divorced in October of 2007. The husband was given residential custody of the children.

Diane Moore, a victim of the white man's thirst for violence and blood.

Three Dead, One Injured After Murder-Suicide

PERRY COUNTY, Mo. - For the second time in less than two weeks, authorities in southeast Missouri investigate a murder-suicide. This time in Perry County.

Three people are dead and one person is in a St. Louis hospital. Investigators say 68-year-old Jerry Moore opened fire inside his home.

It happened in a gated community known as Lake Perry.

Investigators got the call just after 11 a.m. Sunday morning about a shooting at the home of Jerry and Diane Moore.

Investigators tell Heartland News Jerry and his wife got into an argument after 55-year-old Diane arrived to take some of her things from the house. With Diane Sunday morning were Dennis Stanfill, his wife Terry, and Allen Kennon.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Colorado shooting leaves 4 dead

Colorado, the red state of white, right-wing Christians colored with the red stained blood they shed. In another ordinary day in America, a disgruntled white male goes bezerk, shoots down a youth missionary center and church in Colorado, leaving 4 dead, several more seriously wounded, and dying himself in a suicidal attempt after being shot by a security guard.

His name was Matthew Murray, 24, and you can read for yourself about his troubled and dysfunctional history so prevalent among Sailer's type of depressed, isolated, hateful white males.

Bush vetoes childrens health insurance bill, again

The Bush/Republican party of so-called family values are at it again. Bush vetoes the popular childrens health insurance bill for the second time.

Bush vetoes kids health insurance bill
WASHINGTON - President Bush vetoed legislation Wednesday that would have expanded government-provided health insurance for children, his second slap-down of a bipartisan effort in Congress to dramatically increase funding for the popular program.

It was Bush's seventh veto in seven years — all but one coming since Democrats took control of Congress in January. Wednesday was the deadline for Bush to act or let the bill become law. The president also vetoed an earlier, similar bill expanding the health insurance program.

Bush vetoed the bill in private.

But to say that Bush and Republicans don't have an affordable health care plan is absurd, because they do have an affordable health care plan. You just have to be crazy and demented enough to follow it.

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Saturday, December 08, 2007

Digital Footprints

As Steve Sailer is consistently doing his online panhandling drive to desperately raise money for a living, he said something awhile ago that is just pure garbage like him. Steve mentioned that if he does not raise enough money, he will have to quit his online racist rants and find another job, like his previous employer as a quantitative analyst at Nielson corporation.

Welcome to the 21st century and the real world. You now live in the internet world where your online writings will be seen by the world and etched in the internet for many long years, if not the rest of your life. It is your digital footprint. Employers and landlords are examining your digital footprints to make hiring and firing decisions.

Steve, you dumbass, you left your digital footprints with white supremacist hate groups like VDare and American Renaissance, where employers are most likely to reject and fire employers. You're not just going to walk away with so many digital footprints left behind.

Once your digital footprints are embeded on the internet, it is viewable for the whole world to see. Employers, landlords, police, investigators, lawyers, government, wife/husband and ex's, and many more are constantly scanning your internet activity. And when your first employer fires you for controversial or illegal activities like Steve Sailer, your digital footprints are still up on the internet for your next potential hiring employer to view, so they too can reject or fire you like your first employer.

Even if you move to another city, state, or country, your digital footprints will come back to haunt you because it is available for the whole world to see.

Here are real examples of hatemongers like you losing their jobs because of their racist affiliations.

Paul Fromm - Loses his teaching license in Canada for affiliations with neo-Nazis and American Renaissance.
Michael Regan - Prosecutor for Allegany County in New York who was fired for attending the 2006 American Renaissance conference.
Roger Williams - Fired from Halliburton in Colorado for being the Western Regional Coordinator of the National Alliance.

Experts to students: Watch what you post
But there is another, less widely reported danger as well: that the information students post online could come back to haunt them later in life.

In recent weeks, a Dover, Del., newspaper reporter was fired from his job after someone alerted his editor to racially offensive comments he had posted to his personal blog on seven Lincoln, Neb., high school students were suspended for two weeks when a school staff member found a posting that mentioned the students drinking alcohol.

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Thursday, December 06, 2007

Suicidal shooter in Omaha mall leaves 9 dead

Like how they have struck so many times and will continue again, a white male suicidal shooter guns down a shopping mall in Omaha, Nebraska, leaving 8 dead before shooting himself with the rifle.

His name is Robert Hawkins, 19, and let's get to the details on his messed up life that inevitable led to this tragic end.

1) Mental problems.
2) Drug abuser.
3) Depression.
4) Rejected by family - family kicked him out of house.
5) Trouble with women - breaking up with girlfriend.
6) Financially broke - after being fired from McDonalds job.

And with crazy white male hatemongers like Steve Sailer, Glenn Beck, Pat Buchanan, and Rush Limbaugh who resemble this suicidal killer in many ways, and using their hateful charisma to incite those feelings, when will the next white male revert to their savage bestial instincts for despair, murder, and death?

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Arrest Made in NYC Suburb Cross Burning

In Hawthorne NY, near New York City, a white supremacist named Christopher Hudak, 20 (born approximately 1987), was arrested for a hate crime of burning a cross in a black family's yard. Chris Hudak of Cortlandt Manor, was charged with aggravated harassment and the case will be prosecuted as a hate crime.

A white man suspected of burning a cross in a black family's yard in a New York City suburb was arrested Thursday and charged with a hate crime.

Christopher Hudak's sister was involved in a school fight with a boy from the family hours before the cross appeared last week, State Police Capt. Keith Corlett said at a news conference Thursday.

The boy was arrested on a juvenile assault charge, Corlett said.

Hudak, 20, of Cortlandt Manor, was charged with aggravated harassment, Corlett said. The case will be prosecuted as a hate crime, said Westchester County District Attorney Janet DiFiore.

The lesson is simple, it doesn't pay to join Steve Sailer's white supremacist hate groups. You have nowhere to go and no future. Even if Hudak gets out of prison in a few years, he ruined his life with a felony record. He'll have nowhere to go since no employer will hire him, even minimum wage employers who do background checks as information technology expands. Maybe back to prison or suicide, but no future in society.

Not only that, but Chris Hudak also has left a permanent digital footprint on the internet of his felony conviction for any future employer or anyone else to see.

That also brings the next question, what other career options does Steve Sailer have as he is dangerously financially broke? He left such a strong digital footprint with notorious white supremacist hate groups like VDare and American Renaissance for so many years. Knowing how employers and society are consistently checking the digital footprints of all current and future employers and prospects, the news for Steve Sailer only gets worse. So Steve Sailer, where are you going to go?