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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Republican DA, Chuck Rosenthal, Resigns After Porn, Racist Humor Found On Computer

Your typical Sailer type, white male, Republican family values. Another Re-pubic-an party member, Chuck Rosenthal of Harris County, TX, resigns after long standing allegations of racism, pornography, incompetence, and official misconduct became more profound.

Crooks and Liars: Republican DA Resigns After Porn, Racist Humor Found On Computer

American Renaissance Conference 2008

Jared Taylor and his pseudo-scientific, white supremacists recently held their 2008 American Renaissance conference. Keep in mind Steve Sailer has very close connections to this group.

One People's Project coverage of American Renaissance 2008

The article also has a list of several dozen attendees. See if you can help identify some of them, just as Michael Regan and Paul Fromm were exposed in past AR conferences and paid their dues.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Neighbors Seek Tax Break for Living Near Sex Offender

David Pollitt, 54, was released in October after more than 24 years in prison for a series of rapes. Now that he is moving into a neighboorhood in Southbury, CT, the neighborhood has seen their property values go downhill as this savage white male sex offender moves in. They are demanding a tax break fo the havoc and mess he created.

Neighbors Seek Tax Break for Living Near Sex Offender

A middle aged white male, dysfunctional, depressed, insane. Sexually repressed and abused and even more hateful against women and children. Is this Steve Sailer or his white male audience we are talking about? Not quite, this is David Pollitt, but the next time you see this demented white male (like Steve Sailer, Jared Taylor, Rush Limbaugh, Pat Buchanan, Glenn Beck) move into your neighborhood, you better be aware of the consequences.

Especially since likes attract likes and birds of the same feather flock together.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Another one bites the dust: Jim Leshkevich

Jim Leshkevich, 52, was found dead in his home in a murder suicide plot typical among the right-wing white supremacist hate crowd. He viciously beat, strangled, and suffocated his wife to death in their home in 213 Morgan Hill Road, West Hurley, NY, then hung himself in the garage.

Jim "Yankee" Leshkevich was a white supremacist and separatist like Steve Sailer's crowd. He was consumed with racism, hatred, and hopelessness. Jim was among the organizers of a white power/neo-Nazi rally outside Kingston High School in November 2005 and affiliated with white supremacist hate groups and people like Hal Turner and neo-Nazis.

He finally meets his inevitable fate with murder suicide. While it's way too late for him and his wife, all you white supremacist fascists like Yankee Jim and all those married to losers like him, your next questions is, when will you bite the dust if you continue to follow the footsteps of fascists like Yankee Jim?

Jim Leshkevich: Rot in Hell.

White separatist, wife dead in apparent murder suicide
Leshkevich beat, strangled, suffocated wife to death before killing himself, police say

Friday, February 15, 2008

Demented Illinois murderer Steven Kazmierczak revealed

It happened so many times and will continue to happen. The albino savages, pretending to be so mature and professional, would eventually revert back to their natural, demented killer mode. Yes, the white male did it again. In Northern Illinois University, Steven Kazmierczak, 27, shoots down innocent people before turning the gun on himself.

Casualties of this albino savage: 5 murdered, 17 wounded.

Even more disturbing, he has eerie similarities to Steve Sailer.

  • They are from the Chicago area.
  • He was tall, thin and bespectacled.
  • He studied sociology and was fascinated with, almost trying to judge, society.
  • He worked in and also studied the prison system. Often would try to judge others based on prison statistics, but hypocritically hiding his own criminal mind.
  • Very charismatic and deceptive, seeming normal on the outside, but internally strugging with hatred, lies, violence, and hypocrisy.
  • Seemed unlikely to resort to savage murder, but living a life of lies and deception, reality proved otherwise.

Thanks alot, Steve Sailer and all you deceptive, manipulative white males out there for breeding this albino savage. But when will the next of kin strike again? Better get that life insurance policy.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

School shooting in N. Illinois University

This just in, a gunman goes bezerk and shoots a campus in Northern Illinois University. So far five are dead and the gunman has killed himself.

The politically incorrect question which no one says or asks, but many are wondering, is: What race and background is the shooter?

To the white supremacists, the shooter is supposed to represent his or her entire race or religion as long as the shooter is not a white male christian like them. Some initial reports indicate it is a tall skinnny white guy (ahem, like Steve Sailer) with a disturbed background.

Since the white supremacists won't coorelate their criminals to their race, it's up to us to reveal the brutal truth. The story continues...

Police: Gunman kills 5, self in campus shooting

Saturday, February 09, 2008

What makes a conservative and a liberal?

Media Matters Reports: On January 31, the National Journal released its "2007 Vote Ratings," which ranked Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL) "the most liberal senator in 2007." Among the "liberal" positions Obama took to earn the distinction were his votes to implement the bipartisan 9-11 Commission's homeland security recommendations, provide more children with health insurance, permit federal funding for embryonic stem-cell research, and maintain a federal minimum wage.

National Journal is setting the standards on conservative and liberal. Here is the summary on the positions by party.

  • Oppose increases in minimum wage, oppose decent living wages and worker rights.
  • Oppose improving the national security of the United States, unless it allows the unconstitutional spying on U.S. citizens so the fascist right-wing party maintains its fascist power.
  • Oppose stem cell research to treat the most difficult diseases and improve health care. Instead of listening to scientific reason, follow the orders of the crazed religious right-wing theocratic fascists.
  • Oppose the State Children's Health Insurance Program. Better yet, find ways to molest children and download child porn while hypocritically preaching family values.

  • Increase minimum wage and decent living wages. Give the workers more rights.
  • Improve the national security of the United States.
  • Allow stem cell research to find cures for the most difficult diseases. Improve health care and make it more affordable, and ignore the crazy rantings of the religious right-wing theocratic fascists.
  • Support the State Children's Health Insurance Program and programs which will make the lives of children and familes better.

So Obama Barack is the most liberal senator? That sure beats the likes of right-wingers like Steve Sailer.

Monday, February 04, 2008

Florida Republican appointee Al Zimmerman arrested on child porn charges

The side of crime Steve Sailer, the white supremacists, and the Republicans don't want you to know, so here it is. His maximum prison sentence for child porn: 120 years.

The lesson is simple: child porn will cost you your life. Get away from reclusive hatemongers like Steve Sailer and find a cure fast.

Official at DCF linked to kid porn
The spokesman for the Department of Children and Families was arrested on child pornography charges Friday night, accused of soliciting two teen-agers to perform sex acts that he used to make child pornography.

Al Zimmerman, 40, who has worked for DCF since spring 2005, was arrested in Lakeland and taken to the Hillsborough County jail, where he was booked on eight counts of using a child in a sexual performance. Investigators say the victims were 16 and 17.

Investigators believe one of the victims was under the care of the state at some point.

A probable cause affidavit filed at the jail says Zimmerman offered one of the victims in Orange County money to pose for nude photos and masturbate so he could create child pornography.

Source: Florida Republican appointee arrested on child porn charges

Ann Coulter dumped at CPAC 2008

Not that CPAC ever was of any decent substance, but there are some things so repulsive from the far right that even that is too atrocious for CPAC.

CPAC will not invite the hideous Ann Coulter to speak at the 2008 conference. Yes, the atrocious Ann Coulter who hates and slanders everyone. Ann Coulter, a 47 year old hag decaying away, who slanders on other people's sexuality, but still cannot find a single person on this planet to have sex with her.

CPAC Organizers Dump Ann Coulter From This Year’s Speaking List
On February 7-9, conservatives from around the country will gather in Washington, D.C. for the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC). This year, one of the darlings of the far right’s oft-distasteful and unpleasant punditry will not be invited