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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Right-wing sex crimes

Don't ever believe the lies and hypocrisy of the conservatives when they supposedly preach family values and sexual morality. Here is what really goes on behind the curtains of the right-wing, white-wing gang.

Neo-Nazi Kevin Alfred Strom sentenced to 23 months in prison for child porn

The white separatist who pleaded guilty to one count of child pornography possession January 17 was sentenced to 23 months in prison this morning in U.S. District Court. Kevin Alfred Strom, 51, has been jailed since early January 2007, and Judge Norman Moon rejected Strom’s request that he be sentenced to time served– and that he “unwillingly” possessed the kiddie porn found on his computer

Although he'll be out in less than two years, he'll still have to face the rest of his life with a felony record, sex offender registry record, and digital footprints showing he was arrested for child porn.

DC Madam guilty of prostitution and money related activities, could spend up to 55 years in prison, but none of the 10,000+ male clients aren't arrested for solicitation of prostitution

So if the jury convicts one woman as guilty of felonies, why aren't any of the 10,000+ male clients who have used the DC Madam's sexual services being arrested and jailed? It's becoming more evident that the Bush administration didn't go for the male clients because so many of them are white male, right-wing Republicans.

If Deborah Jeane Palfrey goes to jail, here is one proven client who deserves the same fate: Harlan K. Ullman - military strategist of "Shock and Awe" and a key figure of the 2003 Iraq war, a columnist for the right-wing fascist Washington Times, and a staunch right-wing fascist.

BIRTH DATE: 03/15/1941 (67 years old)

1245 29TH ST NW
(202) 337-7337

(607) 333-3004


Can you recognize any of the other 10,000+ male clients and help serve justice by getting them arrested for solicitation of prostitution?

Friday, April 25, 2008

Canadian population becomes more diverse

Not only America, but Canada's population is becoming more diverse. Following Steve Sailer's dying and troubled breed of disgruntled and aging white males is not a good idea. Your neighbors, coworkers, customers, bosses, politicians, and community is looking less and less like the white males such as Steve Sailer. Especially being permanently associated with white supremacists like Sailer for the world to see through your digital footprints.

Canadian population gets even more diverse - census
Visible minorities in Canada pass 5-million mark for first time

Did I also mention the tough anti-hate laws Canada has (example 1, 2, 3) that would make it even less appealing to follow the hate groups like American Renaissance, VDare, and Stormfront, eh?

Monday, April 14, 2008

Before and after pictures of the serial murderer

Although Steve Sailer doesn't like to expose his own mirror image of the disgruntled white male filled with hatred, depression, and murder, they are plenty of them out there and will attack again. They don't always end up killing themselves (although it would be better for themselves and us if they did), so let's examine some before and after pictures of the Sailer-type white male murderer.

Kip Kinkel of Oregon - On May 20, 1998, 15-year-old Kip Kinkel murders his parents, then shoots up Thurston High School, in Springfield, Oregon, leaving two students dead and 25 others wounded. He is currently serving a 111-year life sentence without the possibility of parole.

Mitchell Johnson, age 13
Mitchell Johnson, age 23

Jonesboro, Arkansas massacre - On March 24, 1998, Mitchell Johnson (13) and Andrew Golden (11) ambushed students on the backyard of Westside Middle School, killing 4 young girls, a teacher, and wounding 10 others. It created another controversy because they were minors at the time and were released at age 18 with no criminal conviction.

This proved to be no accidental abberation, as criminal behavior is embedded in the white man's genes. Mitchell Johnson, as an adult, was arrested and convicted of illegal firearms possession and drug possession; Andrew Golden's whereabouts remain unknown.

How happy white couples express their true love

Just because I haven't posted in over a week, that doesn't mean there hasn't been a sudden decline in Sailer-type white families expressing their true love through white supremacist values like hatred, discord, crime, murder, and suicide. More examples of Sailer-type happy white couples express their true feelings.

And people wonder why the white population is so screwed up beyond belief they are most rapidly declining in numbers.

1)Troubled history for couple in murder-suicide attempt

MONTEREY — Police say the man who murdered his wife and then turned the gun on himself is mentally unstable.

As of Monday afternoon, Tomas Solano was in critical condition at a Michigan City hospital.

Police say Solano shot and killed his wife Denise outside their home in Monterey on Sunday. That’s in Pulaski County.

He then fled about 58 miles to Michigan City. Police say they tracked his cell phone to the Greenwood Cemetery, where he shot himself in the head.

2) Mother in Vermont deliberately drowns self and two children

Nicole Waring of Wolcott avoided a would-be rescuer and plunged into the Wardsboro Brook carrying her 6-year-old daughter on Saturday.

Both died, and the body of 2 1/2-year-old Grace Waring was found yesterday, although police haven't said how she got into the brook.

According to police, a Vermont State Police sergeant tried to rescue Waring from the brook but she ignored his pleas and entered the roiling waters before being swept away.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

American Renaissance conference 2008

Truth and exposure have always been the worst enemies of the white supremacist crowd like American Renaissance. Whether they are promoting their ideals of hatred and fascism, or trying to build a separate nation from an island off of England (though we are curious how they will sustain their population consisting of old white males making up 95 percent of the population averaging age 55), headed by a convicted felon named Ashley Mote to impose law and order, they always have a special challenge to cover their members to avoid public exposure.

American Renaissance is an officially recognized hate group by Southern Poverty Law Center and many other civil rights groups. Amren's members have a burden to hide their identities. Just ask Michael Regan (2006) or Paul Fromm, who lost their careers for being affiliated with hate groups like Amren.

Since truth and exposure are their worst enemies, here is more information on the 2008 American Renaissance Conference attendees, which includes home addresses and phone numbers.

OPP: American Renaissance 2008 coverage

Be sure to check out Paul Gottfreid of Elizabethtown College in Pennsylvania and let his college, supervisors, and students know he is an active member of a white supremacist hate group. His home address is in the page above, here is his work information.

Paul Gottfried
Horace E. Raffensberger Professor of Humanities
(717) 361-1312
Nicarry 221

Louis Andrews is also listed above and is a member of Steve Sailer's Human Biodiversity Group.

All too often, when you find they are affiliated with one hate group, they are all too often affiliated with other hate groups like VDare and neo-Nazis.

Membership has its benefits.

Over 200 removed from polygamist compound

These white guys who preach family values and religious ethics sure have a bizarre and hypocritical idea of family values America should follow. Remember our favorite conservative religious wingnut, Warren Jeffs Steed?

While Warren is sitting in jail in Arizona, his cult group is still active practicing their sexual morals of polygamy and pedophilia. In Texas, a secluded compound holding women and children victimized by the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints have been freed after a standoff with authorities.

Next time some conservative, religious white guy preaches sexual morality and family values, it makes you wonder what they really do in the bedroom and in front of the computer when they think no one is watching.