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Monday, July 28, 2008

Steve Sailer on SPLC and Media Matters

Steve Sailer is making coverage again with the Southern Poverty Law Center and Media Matters.

SPLC: Extremist Steve Sailer is Source for CNN’s ‘Black in America’ Series

MM: McLaughlin echoes smear of Michelle Obama: "You don't think she's a black militant?"

Yeah, yeah, we know how you are trying to make this another in-your-face tactic by congratulating Steve Sailer for making media coverage. Celebrate all you want for now, but keep in mind your hateful writings and coverage of them will be permanently etched in the internet, Steve Sailer. Your digital footprints continue to mount and will only get you in more trouble in the future.

Like debt, it is fools gold for the present moment, but when the debts pile up to the point where you can no longer pay off, the consequences are devastating.

Nothing more to explain, but as your financial situation reaches dangerously low levels and you need to find a new job to make a living and handle retirement in your elderly years (you're already a half-a-century old geezer, Sailer), your personal information is easily available to your employers, bosses, coworkers, and customers.

In the information age, no matter where you go, it is surprisingly easy to find where you live and work, and a phone call or email to your employer is amazingly easy and inexpensive.

Never assume you are safe. There are many people watching you, Steve Sailer and company, and you will not be forgotten.

Spam King Eddie Davidson and family dead in murder suicide plot

The inevitable fate of Sailer-type white male trash. A hopeless internet addict, white male, and a prime target for recruiting by right-wing media hatemongers like Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Pat Buchanan, Sean Hannity, Steve Sailer, Bill O'Reilly, and many more.

Even worse, he takes the misery of his compulsive internet addiction out on the rest of us by spamming your email boxes with endless amounts of worthless and fraudulent spam. His genetic inclination for depression, reclusiveness, hatred, crime, and violence finally caught up to him, as with so many other Sailer-type white males, by murdering his own family and then ending his own worthless life in a murder suicide plot.

Eddie Davidson, rot in hell, and let all the spam you created all these years bury your worthless corpse to the deepest level in hell.

Escaped 'Spam King' murders family
A 16-year-old US girl, who survived when her father shot and killed his wife and a younger daughter, says the man lured the family into a sport utility vehicle with promises of a gift and a final goodbye.

Eddie Davidson, 35, a convicted spammer who escaped from a minimum-security US jail, committed suicide on Thursday after killing his wife, Amy Hill, 29, and daughter Bailey McDaniel, 3.

Davidson was convicted of falsifying email header information for a Texas company, earning $US3.5 million between 2003 and 2006.

He was also convicted of failing to report $US714,000 in taxable income.

He was jailed in May after being sentenced on April 28 to 21 months in prison. He had been ordered to forfeit any weapons in his possession.

At the sentencing, US District Court Judge Marcia Krieger said Davidson was not considered a flight risk nor a danger to anyone.

After his conviction, Davidson became known as the "Spam King".

Davidson's teenage daughter, from a previous marriage, told investigators that her father fired a shot that grazed her neck but that she escaped by zigzagging as she ran away.

A boy, about seven months old, also survived the attack. He was found strapped in the back seat of the car. The identities of the surviving children were not released.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The ultimate price of debt: Murder and Suicide

Financial recklessness, debt, and death come all together with many Sailer-type, neo-conservative, Republican, white males. Debt is nothing more than a dose of lethal poison disguised as fools gold. One day you are living like a wealthy millionaire, but as time passes, the interest and debt load slowly and steadily creeps up until you reach a point when you can no longer pay it off.

You lose your possessions, car, house. But ultimately, you will find losing a life, including your own.

1) Murder: Executive pleads guilty to father's murder

A TELEVISION executive today admitted murdering his 70-year-old father and dumping his body in a wheelie bin.

Debt-laden Benjamin Holding, 29, repeatedly hit retired widower Michael Holding's head against a floor on October 13 last year.

Holding, a business development officer with STV at the time of the killing, hid the body in a bin in the garden shed, where it lay undiscovered for almost two months.

The killing took place at the pensioner's home in Banchory, Aberdeenshire.

The High Court in Edinburgh, where Holding is due to go on trial, heard today how he then embarked on a spending spree with his father's money – less than 90 minutes after the murder.

Holding also went on to send several emails, claiming to be his father, in an attempt to cover up the death.

The court heard today that Holding had experienced financial troubles over a number of years, with which his father had helped him – on one occasion paying off student debts of around £17,000.

By October 2007, he was in particular financial difficulty.

Both he and his wife were living in his father's house at Bracken Lea, East Mains, Inchmarlow, while they tried to buy their own home.

But Holding, who had run up fresh debts of £7,000 and was unable to get a mortgage, apparently lied to his wife and father, telling them he had bought a house.

2) Murder: Neil Entwistle guilty in deaths of wife, daughter

We covered him awhile ago because of his eerie similarities to Steve Sailer. He's back in the news again with a guilty murder sentence.
WOBURN, Mass. | A British man who fled the U.S. after his wife and baby were shot to death was convicted of murder Wednesday by a jury that rejected defense claims that the mother killed her daughter and herself as they snuggled in bed.

Neil Entwistle, 29, was found guilty of two counts of first-degree murder in the deaths of his wife, Rachel, 27, and their 9-month-old baby, Lillian Rose.

3) Suicide: Suicide suspected in death of Scott Coles, head of Mortgages Ltd
The head of one of Arizona's biggest private lenders to the property industry is believed to have committed suicide after the company he controlled ran into severe funding difficulties.

The death of Scott Coles, 48, the head of Mortgages Ltd, last month comes amid mounting evidence that the prolonged residential housing slump that has blighted America for the past two years is spreading to the US commercial property market.

While all of America's states have experienced a downturn, Arizona has been one of the most severely affected, having benefited from a spectacular boom from so-called snow-birds - pensioners who move to the country's South or West seeking a warmer climate for the winter months.

Mr Coles was found dead at home in Phoenix on June 2. Although the Maricopa County Medical Examiner's Office is conducting an investigation into the cause of his death, police have ruled out foul play.

4) Suicide: Credit card debt on campus

Such a shame for a young adult to graduate from college and face a lifetime of crushing debt, but it continues to happen, and the extreme price: suicide.
Been turned down for a credit card lately? Probably not if you're a teenager with no job and no credit history.

Even at a time when the sluggish economy is being blamed on lenders who gave home loans to people who couldn't afford them, college students remain a prime target for credit card issuers. Experts say college campuses are still flooded with credit card flyers and brochures, as issuers attempt to lure valuable first-time cardholders.


Despite the lack of legislation so far, the national media attention the issue has received in recent years - including some instances of kids who committed suicide to escape credit card debt - may finally be wearing down the industry.

Oh my, did someone mention another conservative white male named Steve Sailer is also in deep debt and financial distress? How much longer is the party going to last until the debts creep up to the point of...

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

More state barriers for sexual perverts: Children and Corpses

It's a tough world out there for the Sailer-type sexual perverts. More losses here, more losses there, and here are more losses for those perverts seeking sex with children and corpses.

1) Georgia bans homeless sex offenders from homeless shelters, then arrest them for failing to provide a home address

This case is currently being heard by Georgia's Supreme Court, but it goes to show you the dead-end situations pedophilic sex offenders consistently face. Even if the sex offenders win this case, do you consider it a win to be living in a homeless shelter for the rest of your life because you tried to molest that 12 year old child?

A strict new Georgia law is designed to keep sex offenders away from children by monitoring how close they live to schools, parks and other spots where kids gather — and threatens them with strict penalties if they fail to register.
But what about the offenders who don't have an address?

Georgia's Supreme Court on Monday considered whether the law unfairly subjects homeless offenders to a life sentence if they fail register a home address.

The case involves William James Santos, a homeless man and convicted sex offender who was kicked out of a Gainesville homeless shelter in July 2006 and was arrested three months later on charges he failed to register with Georgia's sex offender list.

His lawyers say the law creates a guessing game for Santos and other homeless offenders because it bars them from giving a post office box or simply saying they are homeless.

2) Wisconsin law bans sex with dead bodies

Remember our trio of sexually frustrated Sailer-type white males who had sex with the corpse of a dead woman? The Wisconsin Supreme Court upheld a law criminalizing having sex with corpses. The three perverts, Nicholas and Alexander Grunke and Dustin Radke (all age 22), each face up to 10 years in prison.

Even if they get out of prison by age 32 or earlier, they will have a felony record for the rest of their lives. What are they going to tell an employer about their felony record? Oh, I had sex with a dead corpse because they are so sexy.

You see the dead end situations you face when you become more like them?

Friday, July 04, 2008

High gas prices threaten to shut down rural towns and relief organizations

Great for you, Rush Limbaugh, that you won your $400 million contract extension. But it's Rush Limbaugh Dittiots, primarily Republican white males living in rural areas, who blindly follow Rush's lies, misinformation, and hatred that are paying the price. Rushonomics and Republicanomics are becoming a reality as the richest 1 percent get filthy richer while everyone else gets screwed.

And it's the rural republicans facing the hardest losses.

1) High gas prices threaten to shut down rural towns
The price of gas isn't an annoyance here. It's a calamity.
Peggy Hanley uses a generator that burns a gallon of diesel fuel every hour —at about $5 a gallon— to power Forks General Store, the only place to buy groceries for miles around. There's no electric service, so Hanley, the owner, uses the generator to run eight refrigerators, nine freezers, lights and two ice machines for the store, which has been in a trailer since a fire destroyed the original building in 1994.

There are no utilities and no public transportation in this unincorporated town of a couple hundred people along a narrow road that winds through the mountains 314 miles north of Sacramento. Many people here buy gas for their vehicles and gas or diesel for generators that power their homes.

"I'm scared to death" of rising fuel prices, Hanley says. At the store, the hub for visiting whitewater rafters and residents of other isolated towns, gas cost $5.30 a gallon on a recent day when the national average was $4.07.

This community may be an extreme example of how rising gas prices are hitting rural Americans particularly hard, but people in small towns from Maine to Alaska are in a similar bind as those here.

Soaring gas prices are a double-whammy for many rural residents: They often pay more than people who live in cities and suburbs because of the expense of hauling fuel to their communities, and they must drive greater distances for life's necessities: work, groceries, medical care and, of course, gas.

Meanwhile, incomes typically are lower in rural areas, making increasingly high gas prices an especially urgent concern. Rural households also are more likely to have older, less fuel-efficient vehicles such as pickups, the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) says. The average age of a vehicle in a rural household: 8.7 years, compared with 7.9 years for an urban vehicle.

Rural residents do more driving, too — an average of 3,100 miles a year more than urban dwellers, the FHWA says.

A May survey by the Oil Price Information Service (OPIS), a fuel analysis company, and Wright Express, a company that collects data on credit card transactions, found that people in rural areas spend as much as 16.02% of their monthly family income on gas, while people in urban areas of New York and New Jersey spend as little as 2.05%.

"The people who can least afford this are getting hit the worst," says Glen Falk, retail pricing manager at OPIS. "These are people who can't telecommute or carpool or use public transportation or any of the other things that people in metro areas can do to ease the pain."

2) Relief Organizations feeling effect of gas prices
With the cost of food and gas on the rise many relief organizations are seeing an increase in the number of people who need assistance with everyday necessities. The price of essential items is putting a strain on the resources available to the community.

Organizations designed to help people in need are finding it more difficult to do so with the increase. Upper Des Moines Opportunity in Spencer and Northwest Aging are among the organizations seeing a difference.

"We are seeing people come in who need help with groceries and don't know why, their income is not enough to cover the increasing costs of food and gas," said Anita Jorgensen, director of Upper Des Moines Opportunity. "The cost of everything is rising and wages aren't able to absorb that increase. People in rural areas who have to commute are especially feeling the increase because a transportation system is not available to help with the high cost of gas."

Rush Limbaugh gets $400 million contract

Clear Channel has announced that it is offering Rush Limbaugh a contract worth $400 million to stay on the airwaves until 2016. I couldn't think of a better person to screw and decimate the white male Republican pseudo-race than Rush Limbaugh. With another 8 more years of Rush Limbaugh, no other man has done a more brutally efficient job to reach out to millions of right-wing, white male media and internet addicts and spread values like:

  • Broken families, divorce, and childlessness - Like all three of Rush Limbaugh's marriages ending in bitter divorce with no children. There's a glimmer of light here as Rush won't be producing little Rushlets.

  • Abandonment of duty to country - The man who knows how to dodge this duty to country.

  • Fraud and Lies - Rush and his kind do it best here.

  • Drug Abuse - And to believe Rush was once a strong supporter of strong punishments against drug users, until Rush himself got caught.

  • Compulsive Internet Addiction - While Rush Limbaugh successfully reaching out to millions of hopelessly addicted white male internet addicts, they and everyone else are paying a hefty price for their addiction. Example 1, 2, 3, 4.

  • Pedophilia - Dittoheads never got along with women, so the next heinous arena is children. Such a hefty price to pay. Example 1, 2.

  • Financial Ruin - Rush and the top 0.001 percent get richer spreading lies and hatred, but all to often at the expense of their own audience. The dimwits who follow Rush's stupidity and recklessness are paying a hefty price. Example 1, 2.

  • Murder Suicide - It always has been the staple of hateful, violence prone right-wing white males which Rush helped breed through the media. Example 1, 2, 3.

  • Genocidal Suicide of the White Race - Who else other than Rush can spread these values to so many white males by the millions and effectively decimate their own numbers?

Rush Limbaugh, what a man to do the job right. Don't you wish there were more out there like him to accelerate the process?