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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The ultimate price of debt: Murder and Suicide

Financial recklessness, debt, and death come all together with many Sailer-type, neo-conservative, Republican, white males. Debt is nothing more than a dose of lethal poison disguised as fools gold. One day you are living like a wealthy millionaire, but as time passes, the interest and debt load slowly and steadily creeps up until you reach a point when you can no longer pay it off.

You lose your possessions, car, house. But ultimately, you will find losing a life, including your own.

1) Murder: Executive pleads guilty to father's murder

A TELEVISION executive today admitted murdering his 70-year-old father and dumping his body in a wheelie bin.

Debt-laden Benjamin Holding, 29, repeatedly hit retired widower Michael Holding's head against a floor on October 13 last year.

Holding, a business development officer with STV at the time of the killing, hid the body in a bin in the garden shed, where it lay undiscovered for almost two months.

The killing took place at the pensioner's home in Banchory, Aberdeenshire.

The High Court in Edinburgh, where Holding is due to go on trial, heard today how he then embarked on a spending spree with his father's money – less than 90 minutes after the murder.

Holding also went on to send several emails, claiming to be his father, in an attempt to cover up the death.

The court heard today that Holding had experienced financial troubles over a number of years, with which his father had helped him – on one occasion paying off student debts of around £17,000.

By October 2007, he was in particular financial difficulty.

Both he and his wife were living in his father's house at Bracken Lea, East Mains, Inchmarlow, while they tried to buy their own home.

But Holding, who had run up fresh debts of £7,000 and was unable to get a mortgage, apparently lied to his wife and father, telling them he had bought a house.

2) Murder: Neil Entwistle guilty in deaths of wife, daughter

We covered him awhile ago because of his eerie similarities to Steve Sailer. He's back in the news again with a guilty murder sentence.
WOBURN, Mass. | A British man who fled the U.S. after his wife and baby were shot to death was convicted of murder Wednesday by a jury that rejected defense claims that the mother killed her daughter and herself as they snuggled in bed.

Neil Entwistle, 29, was found guilty of two counts of first-degree murder in the deaths of his wife, Rachel, 27, and their 9-month-old baby, Lillian Rose.

3) Suicide: Suicide suspected in death of Scott Coles, head of Mortgages Ltd
The head of one of Arizona's biggest private lenders to the property industry is believed to have committed suicide after the company he controlled ran into severe funding difficulties.

The death of Scott Coles, 48, the head of Mortgages Ltd, last month comes amid mounting evidence that the prolonged residential housing slump that has blighted America for the past two years is spreading to the US commercial property market.

While all of America's states have experienced a downturn, Arizona has been one of the most severely affected, having benefited from a spectacular boom from so-called snow-birds - pensioners who move to the country's South or West seeking a warmer climate for the winter months.

Mr Coles was found dead at home in Phoenix on June 2. Although the Maricopa County Medical Examiner's Office is conducting an investigation into the cause of his death, police have ruled out foul play.

4) Suicide: Credit card debt on campus

Such a shame for a young adult to graduate from college and face a lifetime of crushing debt, but it continues to happen, and the extreme price: suicide.
Been turned down for a credit card lately? Probably not if you're a teenager with no job and no credit history.

Even at a time when the sluggish economy is being blamed on lenders who gave home loans to people who couldn't afford them, college students remain a prime target for credit card issuers. Experts say college campuses are still flooded with credit card flyers and brochures, as issuers attempt to lure valuable first-time cardholders.


Despite the lack of legislation so far, the national media attention the issue has received in recent years - including some instances of kids who committed suicide to escape credit card debt - may finally be wearing down the industry.

Oh my, did someone mention another conservative white male named Steve Sailer is also in deep debt and financial distress? How much longer is the party going to last until the debts creep up to the point of...


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