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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Another strikeout for Joe the Plumber and McCain

We already know Joe the Plumber is not what John McCain initially intended to sell him. In reality, Joe the Plumber would do better off economically under Barack Obama than John McCain. Nevertheless, McCain still continues to insult everyone's intelligence by advertising him, thinking there are people stupid (although there are some people that stupid) enough to be unable to see through their lies.

But when you build a vision based on lies, stupidity, and emptiness, John McCain and his volunteer Ashley Todd learn the hard way the lies mount and expose a greater weakness.

Here's McCain in a recent rally introducing Joe the Plumber.

Duh! Joe the Plumber is not there. How empty-headed can you be? Even if Joe was not there, McCain should have figured it out a few minutes before his speech by briefly greeting him beforehand.

Is this the ingelligence and organizational skills you want to see in a leader and President?

Red states turning blue: Arizona, Mississippi, North Carolina, Georgia, Alaska

Keep the momentum rolling all the way to election day. If you're not winning (Obama), then you're losing (McCain).

Arizona: Polls show race tightening in McCain’s home state of Arizona
PHOENIX - Polls in recent days suggest that John McCain’s lead over Democratic rival Barack Obama may be slipping in the Republican’s home state of Arizona, with one released late on Tuesday indicating that the race is now too close to call.

With less than a week to go until the Nov. 4 election, the poll by Arizona State University showed McCain leading Obama 46 points to 44, a slender advantage that was within the three-point margin of error.

“John McCain’s support in Arizona has slipped to the point where, at least in our poll, it’s a statistical dead heat,” said Tara Blanc, the assistant director of the survey carried out by ASU’s Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication and Channel 8 /KAET.

“At this point it’s anybody’s race. It will frankly come down to who goes to the polls on election day,” Blanc told Reuters by telephone.

Mississippi: Red Mississippi could go for blue in Senate race
In a normal election, the possibility of traditionally red Mississippi voting blue is slim.

But with an unpopular president, a broken economy and an African-American at the top of the Democratic ticket, the prospect is high for Democrats to pick up in November.

Mississippi has not sent a Democrat to the U.S. Senate in 26 years and has voted Republican in eight of the last nine presidential elections.

In 2000 and 2004, the state overwhelmingly supported George W. Bush by a nearly 60 percent margin.

Despite some polling showing Republican Sen. Roger Wicker with a comfortable lead over former Democratic Gov. Ronnie Musgrove, both campaigns agree the race is going to come down to every last vote.

North Carolina: McCain 50%, Obama 48%
Oct. 30 - Democrat Barack Obama is barely ahead of Republican John McCain in the Tar Heel State, according to a poll by Rasmussen Reports. 50 per cent of respondents in North Carolina would vote for the Illinois senator in this year’s United States presidential election, while 48 per cent would back the Arizona senator.

In a survey by Opinion Research Corporation, Obama leads McCain by six points.

Georgia: As polls tighten, Democrats redouble efforts in Georgia
WASHINGTON -- Just more than a month ago, Democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama's campaign pulled a number of field staffers out of Georgia and sent them to such emerging battleground states as North Carolina.

But that was before Georgia's early voting showed record-high Democratic turnout, especially among African-Americans, and polls found a narrowing margin between the major presidential candidates.

That was also before Republican Sen. Saxby Chambliss found himself fighting for his political life against Democratic challenger and former state Rep. Jim Martin, who's benefited from the Obama campaign's voter-registration and get-out-the-vote efforts and from increased funding from the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee.

"There's a coattail effect there. The presidential race is affecting the Senate race," said Alan Abramowitz, a political science professor at Emory University in Atlanta. "As Obama has been gaining and attracting new voters, those Obama supporters are also supporting Martin."

With less than a week before the election, the Obama campaign has shored up its efforts in Georgia. The campaign recently added 100 volunteers to the thousands who already were in place as part of a massive get-out-the-vote effort to chip away at McCain's narrowing lead in the state.

Alaska: Rasmussen: Ted Stevens Down 8 Points; Norm Coleman Up 4
U.S. Republican Senator Ted Stevens of Alaska has been suffering badly for his criminal convictions as he runs for re-election.
Two new polls in closely watched Senate races deserve note. First, in Alaska, Rasmussen released its first results post conviction in the Stevens/Begich race.

Stevens now trails by 8 points. The shift merits mention because, yesterday--before adding this poll into the mix--the Real Clear Politics average had the Alaska race at a near dead heat. Some speculate Stevens might still win despite his conviction. This survey suggests voters are moving against him due to his legal problems.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Obama commercials

The 30 minute commercial by Barack Obama shown on prime time national television.

If you're looking for a shorter commercial in the 30 second range, here is another good and recent Obama commercial.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Half-hour Obama commercial

Barack Obama will reveal his 30 minute, not 30 second, commercial on prime time television. That's right, a half-hour television commercial.

Date: Wednesday night, October 29
Time: 8pm EST
Channels: NBC, CBS, FOX, Univision (Spanish)

Hear from Barack Obama himself and his vision for the country, not the lies and bitter attacks of the desperate and dying McCain/Palin camp.

Obama's Half-Hour Ad Buyout

Monday, October 27, 2008

Electoral College scenarios for 2008

With the elections just one week away, it's pretty obvious who is ahead of the elections. Obama wisely instructs his voters and followers not to get arrogant or lenient, but with the election just one week away and the McCain/Palin camp offering no substance and resorting to maliciously false, over exaggerated, desperate, racist, and childish attack on Obama, there sure isn't much hope left for the Republicans.

There were several battleground states where Obama and McCain were fairly even, but most of them have gone to Obama. According to CNN polling, there are three battleground states remaining, as Obama has a solid on the others. The remaining battleground states as of now are North Carolina, Missouri, and North Dakota.

Suppose McCain wins all three remaining battleground states, this is how the electoral college map and results should appear.

The winner needs 270 electoral votes. A best case scenario for McCain is:
Obama: 349
McCain: 189

If Obama wins the remaining three battleground states as he has won the others, this would be the results.

Obama: 378
McCain: 160

Why the New Virginia Is Leaning Toward Obama

Why the New Virginia Is Leaning Toward Obama
The national headquarters of John McCain's campaign are in northern Virginia, near the condo where he stays when he is working across the river in Washington. But McCain didn't get around to actually campaigning in the most pivotal part of this pivotal state — exurban Prince William County — until the weekend of Oct. 18. That's when he realized he was running about 10 points behind in a state that hasn't voted Democratic since 1964.

That pretty much sums up the entire race with just a week remaining: McCain is having to spend what little money and time he has left to defend the ground he thought he had locked up months ago. In Prince William County, about 30 miles south of Washington, he told a crowd of around 10,000 that electing Barack Obama would bring a new wave of socialism to the U.S. "America didn't become the greatest nation on earth by giving our money to the government to 'spread the wealth around,'" he said outside the county government headquarters in Woodbridge. "In this country, we believe in spreading opportunity." Leaving the rally, supporters handed out black bumper stickers with the word change written in red letters, the c in the shape of a U.S.S.R.-era sickle and hammer.

Virginia has become a make-or-break state for McCain, and Prince William County is its red-hot center. The site of the first and second battles of Bull Run more than 140 years ago, it now marks a new Mason-Dixon Line on the electoral map: a midpoint between the largely blue-leaning industrialized North that stretches up to Maine and the agrarian, conservative South. The western part of Prince William is old Virginia, rural horse country dotted with estates and polo fields. This end of the county helps make it the ninth richest in the U.S.; if the whole region were so wealthy, McCain would have less to worry about. But as you head east toward Washington, the antebellum mansions turn into McMansions, then give way to middle-class row houses whose shiny blue roofs gleam through the trees from Prince William Highway like giant Lego plantations.

On the other side of the tracks — literally Amtrak's line from Washington to Richmond — the county's eastern corridor is one of the fastest-growing areas in the state, home to a Latino population that has swelled from about 5% of the population in 1990 to approximately 20% in 2007. Along the Occoquan and Potomac rivers, the state's northern and eastern borders, historic black neighborhoods argue for space with new developments: golf courses, strip malls, gated communities, retirement villages — many that stand half finished, caught off guard by the subprime crisis. Such bedroom communities have been the worst hit in the state by the economic downturn; before the market plunge, high gas prices and highway congestion topped the list of concerns for those commuting to Washington or the northern Virginia cities of Arlington and Alexandria. This is the new face of Virginia — and the South — one where white working-class voters are being replaced by booming Hispanic and Asian populations and white college students outnumber white seniors 21% to 13%, according to a new Brookings Institution study.


Palin drags down Republican ticket

Palin drags down Republican ticket
WASHINGTON -- Sarah Palin has become a drag on the Republican presidential ticket, the first time in recent political history that a running mate has made such a difference.

Among many independents and moderate Republicans, she's raised serious questions about John McCain's judgment, become too much of a national punch line and reinforced concerns about McCain's age.

"Nice lady, no experience. It's so sad. She's a gigantic drag," said Chris DePino, a Republican consultant based in New Haven, Conn.

The Alaska governor does help the ticket somewhat by energizing hard-core Republicans, but polls suggest that overall "she's hurting John McCain," said Andrew Kohut, the president of the Pew Research Center.

In a nationwide survey Oct. 16-19, Pew found that 49 percent of respondents had unfavorable views of Palin, while 44 percent saw her favorably. A month earlier, 54 percent had seen her favorably and 32 percent viewed her negatively.

Typically, post-election polls find that vice-presidential choices sway about 1 percent of voters. This time, Kohut said, "we'll get a much bigger number."

A key reason is that "the Palin choice reflects poorly on Senator McCain's judgment," said vice presidential expert Joel Goldstein, a professor of law at St. Louis University.

Pew found that 41 percent of respondents thought McCain showed "poor judgment" overall, while 29 percent said that of Democratic nominee Barack Obama. While McCain's number isn't solely because of his choice of Palin, her selection was a factor.

McCain's age is also a reason for voters' concern about Palin. The Arizona senator is 72 and has had four instances of melanoma, the most serious type of skin cancer. Mayo Clinic physicians have posted a detailed explanation of McCain's condition and treatment on his Web site. The prognosis, they said, was "good."


Republican Senator Ted Stevens of Alaska found guilty

More troubles and losses for McCain, Palin, and the Republicans. Senator Ted Stevens of Alaska was found guilty of criminal fraud charges. He is the incumbent Senator of Alaska who is running for reelection, and with the elections one week away, a felony charge is on his record.

More woe for McCain as senator is found guilty
The US Senate's longest-serving Republican, Senator Ted Stevens of Alaska, was convicted yesterday of lying about free home renovations and other gifts he received from a wealthy contractor who was close to the state's lucrative and powerful oil industry.

Mr Stevens was found guilty on all seven counts of making false statements on Senate financial documents. Mr Stevens is currently fighting off a strong challenge from Democrat Mark Begich and must now either drop out of the contest or continue campaigning as a convicted felon.

The verdict throws the coming election into disarray and is further bad news for the Republicans, who are seeking to hold back an expected tidal wave of defeats in Senate and House elections next Tuesday.

The conviction is widely expected to cost the 83-year-old his seat, and the Republicans' hopes of blocking the Democrats from reaching a 60 seat filibuster-proof majority in the Senate are likely to go with it.

The one weapon the Republicans were counting on holding on to in the coming election was the ability to talk to death any legislation they strongly oppose. That now appears unlikely.

If the Democrats are to get to a majority of 60, they need to win in three races that are statistical dead heats, according to the pollsters: in Georgia, Mississippi and Alaska. Mr Stevens' conviction is expected to put one of those seats in their column.

The trial hinged on the testimony of Mr Stevens' long-time friend, Bill Allen, who testified that his employees dramatically refurbished the senator's Alaska home. Mr Stevens now faces up to five years in prison on each count but, under federal sentencing guidelines, he will most likely be handed a much shorter prison sentence, if he receives one at all.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Obama Leads McCain in Most National Polls, Battleground States

The election is less than 10 days away. What will be especially interesting is to be the first political analyst to thoroughly debunk Steve Sailer's worthless Sailer Strategy and analyze how far dead and buried deep in the grave the Sailer Strategy will become after the 2008 election, just as Sailer's own livelihood is dead.

A brief recap, the Sailer Strategy is Steve Sailer's idea which he came up with around 2002 that the Presidential candidate needs to solely focus on the xenophobic white voters, especially old white male geezers like him who are dying away into extinction, and ignore the growing non-white voters, who are growing in numbers and power.

No wonder the Sailer Strategy is Dead On Arrival.

Obama Leads McCain in Most National Polls, Battleground States
Oct. 26 (Bloomberg) -- Democrat Barack Obama widened his lead over Republican John McCain in most national polls and surveys of battleground states as the Nov. 4 American election approaches.

The Illinois senator was up 8 points over presidential rival McCain in an average of 16 polls released during the last week, according to Last week, Obama was up about 6 points.

Obama also has built leads in so-called battleground states including Pennsylvania and Ohio and he has an edge over McCain in some states that were Republican strongholds, such as Virginia and North Carolina.

``He had a great week,'' said Peter Brown, assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Polling Institute in Hamden, Connecticut. Speaking of McCain, he said, ``No one has come from this far back in this little time.''

The Gallup daily tracking poll shows Obama up 7 points, nationally, a lead he's maintained throughout the week. The CBS/New York Times and ABC/Washington Post polls put Obama up 13 points and 9 points respectively, while the latest Newsweek poll shows Obama leading McCain by 12 points.

Quote of the Day: Sarah Palin

From deldelgary commenting on a YouTube video.
Bimbo Sarah Palin has spent almost $150,000 on her wardrobe, hairdos and makeup since she was chosen as McCain's running mate less than two months ago an she still looks like she shops at Walmart. She should have spent the money on a brain transplant and a conscience. This woman is a representation incompetence, and how gullible and ignorant a majority of the public are to even consider her for manager of a Burger King never mind VP.

So true, by looking at her clothing, I had no idea she went on a $150,000 clothing spree until the news article came out. Even with the clothes she has now, it looks more like a $1500 shopping spree at a discount store rather than a $150,000 shopping spree.

McCain volunteer Ashley Todd arrested for making false mugging story

Another example of many of how corrupt, racist, and desperate the McCain/Palin campaign is becoming. In Pittsburgh, 20 year old college student Ashley Todd was arrested after filing a false police report claiming a big black man assaulted and mugged her, scratching a letter B on her face, because she supported McCain.

Police: McCain volunteer made up robbery story
PITTSBURGH -- A John McCain campaign volunteer admitted Friday she made up a story of being robbed, pinned to the ground and having the letter "B" scratched on her face by a black man in a politically inspired attack, police said.

On her third day of questioning, Ashley Todd, a 20-year-old college student from College Station, Texas, "just opened up and said she wanted to tell the truth," said Maurita Bryant, assistant chief of the police investigations division.

Todd could provide no explanation for why she invented the story, police said. The woman told investigators she believes she cut the "B" onto her own cheek, but did not provide an explanation of how or why.

Police said the woman reported suffering from "mental problems" in the past, and that they do not believe anyone put her up to the act.

Dressed in an orange hooded sweatshirt, Todd left police headquarters in handcuffs late Friday on her way to court, where police said she was to be charged with making a false report to police.

Sarah Palin: A video is worth a million words

The old saying goes, "A picture is worth a thousand words". However, that was well before videos came around. If that is so, then a video must be worth at least a million words. There are so many videos on Sarah Palin, but here are some of my favorites.

Previously Covered Palin videos
Sarah Palin's journalist experience and education
Sarah Palin: Boob or bust?
Sarah Palin's greatest hits (or bloopers)

Sarah Palin: A picture is worth a thousand words

Here's a collection of Sarah Palin pictures and her non-substance and non-convictions.

These are my favorites.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Sarah Palin's journalist experience and education

There is much more to a candidate than her wardrobe. Let's look at Sarah Palin's educational experience.

Bachelor's degree in journalism (with a minor in political science) from the University of Idaho. It took her 6 years and 5 school transfers to obtain this degree.

Hawaii Pacific University - 1 semester
North Idaho College - 2 semesters - general study
University of Idaho - 2 semesters - journalism
Matanuska-Susitna College - 1 semester
University of Idaho - 3 semesters - B.A. in Journalism

And after spending forever in college studying, she can't even name a specific newspaper or magazine she reads. Did she even graduate from college?

No Sarah, this is not a trick question by liberal media to smear you. It simply shows your stupidity and incompetence. Looks like the GOP needs to spend more on your wardrobe, jewelry, and cosmetics to divert attention away from the vacuum in your head.

GOP spends $150,000 for Palin's wardrobe

So much for relating to the middle class. The GOP spends $150,000 on Sarah Palin's wardrobe.

GOP spends $150,000 for Palin's wardrobe

So what's my take on this? I am not criticizing the Republicans for spending this much on a vice presidential candidate and I think it is good at least for them. I know the right-wingers are quick to attack Democrats when they spend large amounts on cosmetics like a $400 haircut or thousands on a suit.

When a candidate is running for such a powerful position as the President or Vice President and campaign funds go in the hundreds of millions of dollars, such extravagent spending is well in means and a necessity.

See, there's no need to be so bitter and narrow minded as the right-wingers.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Sarah Palin needs a geography lesson

Just like her low IQ and SAT scores, Sarah Palin has throughly proven to have no concept of anything outside of Alaska. Here's her statement to Katie Couric that proves her expertise in foreign policy and world geography.

"As Putin rears his head and comes into the airspace of the United States of America, where do they go? It's Alaska. It's just right over the border. It is from Alaska that we send those out to make sure that an eye is being kept on this very powerful nation, Russia, because they are right there, they are right next to our state."

Click on map to see the full size

Let's see, Russin President Vladimir Putin works in Moscow (marked A in map), the far opposite end away from Alaska. If he were to fly to the United States, most likely Washington D.C. marked with the red dot in the map, the most efficient and direct route would be from Moscow going westward, over Europe and the Atlantic Ocean, to America. Nowhere over or even near Alaska.

A big blooper and boob there for Palin, but at least she is right that you can see Russia from Alaska. Does that mean Americans who can see Canada or Mexico from America, and planes from Canada or Mexico fly over their home state, are also foreign policy experts and qualified to become the Vice President?

Barack Obama to take campaign break to see sick grandmother

So Obama is taking a break from campaigning to see his sick grandmother. I wonder what conspiracy the right-wingers are going to make out of this, like Michelle Obama not showing up at the 9/11 memorial to take care of her children, or dumbass accusations linking Obama to terrorists like William Ayers.

Scenario 1: Barack Obama taking a break at the height of the campaign, with elections just two weeks away. Just to see an old woman at her death bed when he has the most important election to run. It must show Obama truly does not have his heart and soul in the U.S. Presidency.

Scenario 2: Obama visiting his sick grandmother is only a media ploy to show his sensitive side. He's using the health of the elderly to his media advantage.

Whatever. Shows how desperate the truly diseased and ailing McCain and Republican party is.

Obama to take break to see sick grandmother

Thursday, October 16, 2008

McCain's "Joe the Plumber" is a fraud

Joe the Plumber made national headlines as he was mentioned in the final 2008 Presidential debate. Joe the Plumber is a real person, his name is Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher, 34, from Ohio and he is somewhat a plumber, but nothing like what John McCain intended to advertise - an ordinary American who would falsely be burdened with higher taxes under Barack Obama's tax plan because Joe supposedly wanted to buy a plumbing business that would place his income over $250,000.

NYT: Joe in the Spotlight
CSM: Forget Palin - McCain needs Joe the Plumber

Aside from the Republicans' and McCain's lies, here is the truth on Joe the Plumber.
  • Joe is not a licensed plumber and his reputation is questionable.
  • Joe has never served a plumbing apprenticeship and does not belong to a union.
  • Joe's annual income is around $40,000. It is close to the median income of all plumbers, no where near $250,000 as falsely claimed, and he would greatly benefit from Obama's economic plan.
  • Joe has unpaid taxes worth over $2000 in tax liens.
  • Joe is divorced and raising a child by himself. Where's the outrage when a single white parent raises children?

McCain and the Republicans sure need a better tactic than spreading lies and falsehoods. Anyway, they are paying the price as they are ready to be ruined.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sarah Palin: Boob or bust?

When you are stuck with Steve Sailer and the Republicans, the news only gets worse. When John McCain picked Sarah Palin as the Republican vice presidential candidate, he had high hopes that Sarah Palin would energize the dying McCain crowd of old white males by attracting women and younger voters. But John McCain is learning the hard way that boobs alone do not guarantee voter loyalty of women and younger voters.

In another round of losses to Sarah Palin's integrity, an Alaska ethics report found she has unethically abused her power as governor of Alaska.
An Alaska ethics report has concluded that John McCain's running mate, Sarah Palin, abused her power as governor when firing a state official, a development that could hinder the Republicans as the race for the White House narrows.

In the closely watched case, the Alaska governor was accused of pressuring the official to fire her former brother-in-law and then firing the official when he refused. Palin maintains the firing was over a budget dispute.

The 300-page report by the chief investigator to a bipartisan Alaska legislative panel that looked into the matter was likely to be fodder for Democratic attacks, especially in light of the fact that Palin has painted herself as a political maverick who will help McCain clean up Washington.

The report is almost certain to be a distraction for the McCain-Palin ticket as it tries to catch up with Democrat Barack Obama in the polls at a time when the floundering US economy is becoming ever more important with voters.

The inquiry looked into Palin's dismissal of Public Safety Commissioner Walter Monegan, who said he lost his job because he resisted pressure to fire a state trooper involved in a bitter divorce and custody battle with the governor's sister.

Sarah Palin's mounting controversies, unethical behavior, and apparent lack of national leadership is turning out to be a bust for the Republican and McCain campaign. She is not attracting women voters as the McCain-Palin campaign weakens.

Poll: Palin Less Popular with Women Voters Than with Men
Overall, Palin is viewed favorably by 47% of likely voters and unfavorably by 40%. But her numbers are worse among women than men: 45% of all women surveyed have a negative opinion of Palin, compared to 42% who view her positively. Fifty-two percent of men have a favorable opinion, while 35% are in the unfavorable camp.

Those numbers do not compare well with those of her direct competitor in the general election, Joe Biden. Among women, the Democratic candidate for vice president is viewed positively by 51% and negatively by 27%. Biden has an overall favorable to unfavorable split of 50%-31%, while McCain's is 54%-38% and Obama's rests at an enviable is 60%-33%.

Palin's unpopularity with women may prove a drag on the ticket with the very constituency she initially inspired. Obama now leads McCain by 17 points among likely female voters, 55%-38%. Just after the Republican convention, a TIME poll had the two candidates virtually tied among women, 48% for Obama and 47% for McCain.

And while we are on the topic of boobs and busts, these videos reveal John McCain's true interest in picking Sarah Palin.

And hear John McCain's inner thoughts.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Financial crisis has claimed victims by murder and suicide

We're seeing the truth unfold before our eyes. After Bush and the Republicans have taken over in 2000, they managed to build a fraudulent and imaginary state of fools gold. Housing prices and the stock market soared to record levels, but it turned out to be a charade of lies.

Reality sets in, wealth was build on debt and bad financial deals, the stock market plummets, and foreclosures abound. Just like the price of debt, the ultimate price people are paying is far more than higher fees and penalties. It is literally with your life through murder and suicide.

Go ahead and follow Steve Sailer's and the Republicans' ideology of fraud, lies, fiscal irresponsibility, and financial ruin, but be prepared to pay the price like these chumps.

1) Los Angeles murder suicide leaves family of 6 dead

A MAN who shot dead his family and then killed himself as he faced financial ruin has touched a nerve in America as a wave of distress washes over the national psyche.

Karthik Rajaram, an unemployed financial adviser, left a suicide note saying his financial state left him few options but to kill his wife, three children and mother-in-law.

Los Angeles Police Department deputy chief Michel Moore described Rajaram, 45, as a man stuck in a rabbit hole of despair.

The Rajaram family case is at the bleakest edge of the economic turmoil that is rattling Americans' emotional wellbeing. Worries about home foreclosures, job losses and plunging stock prices have sparked a surge in mental-health problems.

Foreclosures get serious as desperate homeowners attempt suicide
As the vice-presidential candidates talked about the financial crisis gripping this country and the House and Senate sparred over the $700 rescue bill, the crisis got a little darker for at least one family as CNN reported that a 90-year-old woman shot herself in the wake of an eviction attempt. The woman, from Akron, OH, survived, and has become a flash point for the debate -- she was mentioned on the floor of the House on Friday.

Foreclosures have all sorts of victims and we've been reporting on them since the beginning of the crisis, but the stories of real people may have gotten a little lost over the past few weeks as the banking crisis has spiraled out of control. How do you process the plight of one woman losing her home against the backdrop of a $700 billion rescue plan? Both are impossible to fathom. And this woman has not been the only one to come to national attention for attempting suicide -- there was a case back in July of a Massachusetts woman who committed suicide as she faced eviction.

Perhaps as Congress considers the big picture of the financial crisis, it's important that they are reminded of the very real human costs of our economic condition.

World crisis may cause suicide rise: WHO
The global economic crisis is likely to cause an upsurge in suicides and mental illness as people struggle to cope with losing their homes or livelihoods, the World Health Organisation has warned.

"We should not be surprised or underestimate the turbulence and the likely consequences of the financial crisis," WHO Director General Margaret Chan on Thursday told a meeting of mental health care professionals in Geneva.

"It should not come as a surprise if we continue to see more stresses, more suicides and more mental disorders," she said.

Just this week, a 45-year-old business school graduate in Los Angeles shot dead five members of his family before killing himself, telling police in a suicide letter that he had been driven to the deed because of his dire economic situation.

The Los Angeles case came less than a week after a 90-year-old woman in the US state of Ohio shot herself as she was about to be served an eviction notice on the home she has lived in for the past 38 years.

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Young Americans have strong support for Obama

Poll: Young voters give Obama 2-1 edge over McCain
WASHINGTON — Democrat Barack Obama now leads Republican John McCain by a 61%-32% among registered voters under 30, an advantage that is swamping McCain's competitive position among older voters.

A USA TODAY/MTV/Gallup Poll of 18- to 29-year-olds details Obama's continuing clout among the voters who fueled his initial victory in the Iowa caucuses at the beginning of the year and his presidential ambitions since then.

In contrast, McCain leads Obama among seniors 65 and older by four percentage points, according to the Gallup daily tracking poll. Among the middle-aged — those 30 to 64 — the Arizona senator remains within striking distance, lagging by two or three points.

Even so, Obama's 2-1 edge among an energized Millennial generation gives him a lead overall now measured at eight points by Gallup. If these margins hold up on Election Day, the nation will see its biggest generation gap since at least 1976, when surveys of voters leaving polling places began to be taken.

At this point, Gallup shows a 30-point swing between the votes of the nation's youngest and oldest voters.

Here's a picture of John McCain.

Oops, my bad. I fast forwarded about 5 years in the future. Here's John McCain.

Still the wrong picture, I've got to get my photos organized. I fast forwarded 3 years ahead.

Ahh, there we go. Republican presidential candidate John McCain. At age 72, he sure is one old, decaying corpse with a mindset stuck 30 years ago. Like Steve Sailer and the Republicans, John McCain is only able to attract a dying breed of old white male farts. Now do you see why he is so unpopular with everyone else?

Sarah Palin's greatest hits (or bloopers)

Last Thursday, the Vice Presidential debate between Joseph Biden and Sarah Palin was held, and it did draw a very large audience. There was special attention on Sarah Palin, as her popularity declined and leadership ability was being severely questioned. Here's why her competence was questioned, or her incompetence was revealed.

Sarah Mania! Sarah Palin's Greatest Hits

I watched the vice presidential debate for myself and here's my take on the candidates.

At least Sarah Palin didn't make another blunder like the numerous recorded bloopers in the video. But that alone doesn't mean she is a qualified leader, especially to hold the Vice President office of the United States and literally be a heartbeat away from the Presidency. Sarah Palin avoided the embarrassing mistakes and showed she can memorize her scripted lines, as well as somewhat intelligently answer a few ad hoc questions.

However, Sarah Palin was and is not a national or global leader, just a mere bystander trying to avoid embarrassing mistakes. Many analysts agree, as do I, that Sarah Palin was not able to give solid answers to many questions and issues thrown at her. Her overall tone and demeanor was on the defensive, as she failed to show she is a leader in control.

Joseph Biden showed more composure, intelligence, maturity, and leadership during the debate. He did not thoroughly answer every single question, but he seemed better prepared than his rival. He also refers to the United States as a whole country which he is ready to lead and is more experienced in foreign affairs, whereas Sarah Palin is stuck in Alaska and thinks the other 49 states are almost like a foreign country.

We know why the Obama/Biden crew is far outdoing the McCain/Palin crew in the polls and in the upcoming election.