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Friday, November 28, 2008

Celebrating Thanksgiving Sailer Style: Family Murder Suicide

Another Thanksgiving holiday passes where you are supposed to spend quality time with family. For depressed and hateful right-wingers like Steve Sailer, a family gathering would not be complete without murdering your family before ending your own worthless life.

Here are just two murder suicide cases to present for Thanksgiving 2008. They are from rural Republican states and areas and the family murderer was a conservative, white, middle-aged father like Steve Sailer.

Incredibly, news organizations still describe these murder suicides like many others as having an unknown motive, but studying the likes of Steve Sailer for many years, we all should know their true motive by now. They are going through a midlife crisis, and after living an unfulfilling life for over 40 years of boredom and depression, it would only make sense for the white male to end his life and his family rather than suffer a few more decades of boredom and depression.

Double incredibly, the white and Republican population heads toward extinction, but news organizations see an unknown motive for this suicidal decline.

George Orwell sure was right when he said, "To see what is in front of one's nose needs a constant struggle."

Police: Dad Shot Teen Daughter, Wife, Dog in Murder-Suicide

Sarah Andrews, 17, viciously murdered. At the rate these people keep murdering each other, the question is when, not if, will the white race go extinct?

Garland, TX - Garland police say a man killed his teenage daughter, his wife, then the family dog before turning the gun on himself in the family's apartment Tuesday.

Investigators identified the victims as 46-year-old Robert Andrews, his 46-year-old wife Tammy, and their 17-year-old daughter Sarah.

Each died of gunshot wounds. At this time, police have no motive for the shootings.

A neighbor spotted a body in the Andrews' home in the Seven Oaks Apartment in the 2100 block of W. Campbell Road. A coworker had called after Andrews failed to show up for work.

Pair found in Dallas County victims of murder-suicide, sheriff’s office says
Missouri - The two bodies found Sunday in rural Dallas County have been identified as Randy Marsh, 56, and of Marlys Marsh, 51, both of Plad, the Dallas County Sheriff’s Office announced this morning.

The case has been ruled as a murder and suicide. Randy Marsh shot Marlys Marsh before turning the gun on himself, a news release from the sheriff’s office said.

The office, the Missouri State Highway Patrol Division of Drug and Crime Control investigated the incident.

The couple was first discovered Sunday morning at 74 Wolf Spirit Road. Autopsies were conducted Monday.

Marlys Marsh suffered from 22 caliber gunshot wounds to the back and head. Randy Marsh had a self-inflicted 22 caliber gunshot wound to the mid forehead.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Profile of the online pedophile

Click on the picture to see the full size.

Characteristics of Offenders: 91% white males
Male: 100%
White: 91%
Average age: 37
Employed full-time: 91%
Lived with a minor at time of crime: 37%
Possessed child pornography: 41%
Married or living with partner: 39%
Brought sex-related items when meeting young person contacted online: 48%

From Post Gazette in 2006. How they remarkably resemble Steve Sailer and his audience of eccentric internet addicts.

Casualties of the British National Party so far

After the British National Party membership list was leaked. More to come since it is a permanent digital footprint on the internet. Even 5 or 10 years down the road, when you think it was long past gone, your digital footprints on the internet will expose and ruin you like the day it was first revealed.

Probe into officer on BNP list
Merseyside police said yesterday it had ordered an urgent investigation into one of its police officers whose name appeared on a leaked membership list of the far-right British National party.

"We are very clear, membership of the BNP is totally incompatible with the duties and values of the police service. We will not accept a police officer or police staff being a member," it said.

The BNP, whose members were yesterday inundated with abusive phone calls, said it would take court action over the publication of the list on a website earlier this week.

The list, which the party says is a year old, contains contact details of almost 13,000 people, many with their professions, qualifications and hobbies such as "bell ringing" and "medieval armour". Some have since denied membership of the organisation.

Police and prison officers are banned from membership of the BNP. One prison warder on the list has told his governor and police he does not belong to the organisation. However, the Prison Service indicated it would investigate any such claim because it had a "zero tolerance policy" on anyone who held racist views.

The Association of Chief Police Officers said all 43 constabularies were examining the list to see whether any of their serving officers were on it.

Twelve BNP members arrested for distributing racist material
Twelve British National Party (BNP) members have been arrested on suspicion of distributing racist material in Liverpool city centre.

Merseyside Police said the men were held at about 1250 GMT after leaflets were distributed in the Whitechapel area of the city.

Roy Goodwin, organiser of the Blackpool and Oldham BNP branches, confirmed 12 party members were arrested.

He said the contents of the leaflets had been "carefully vetted".

The 12 men were later released on bail to appear at a police station early in the New Year.

Police said those arrested were a 29-year-old and a 51-year-old from the south Liverpool area; a 64-year-old from the Wirral; a 19-year-old; a 46-year-old and a 41-year-old from north Liverpool; a 61-year-old and a 42-year-old from Knowsley; a 70-year-old; a 44-year-old; and a 29-year-old and a 48-year-old from St Helens.

'Nothing unlawful'

Mr Goodwin said he understood 12 of his members had been arrested "distributing official party leaflets in Merseyside".

He added: "There was nothing unlawful in the leaflets - all the contents of the leaflets had been carefully vetted, or they would not have gone out."

Merseyside Police Assistant Chief Constable Colin Matthews said: "Merseyside Police condemns racism in all of its forms and will take prompt action to support all of our communities.

"Merseyside Police today arrested 12 people on suspicion of distribution of racist material.

"This follows the distribution of leaflets in Liverpool city centre, which officers believe to contain racist content.

"Racist literature is not welcome on the streets of Merseyside in any circumstances."

Thursday, November 20, 2008

British National Party exposed

Even after the 2008 elections the losses continue to mount for the right-wing white supremacist hate groups. In England, one of the most notorious hate groups has their complete membership list exposed. They are the British National Party and here is a Wiki summary of the BNP (hopefully some hate group members won't try to modify the Wiki page, so I am extracting what I can for now).

The British National Party (BNP) is a far-right and whites only political party in the United Kingdom. The BBC estimates the party has about 58 elected councillors in local government in England including parish councillors; the party claims to have 100 councillors. The party holds a London-wide seat on the London Assembly, but is not represented in the Parliament of the United Kingdom. In the 2005 UK general election, the BNP received 0.7% of the popular vote, giving it the eighth largest share of the vote, although it was fifth overall among English seats. In the 2007 Welsh Assembly Election, it came fifth in terms of votes for the regional lists with 4.3% of the vote, winning no seats, also finishing fifth in the 2008 London mayoral election with 5.23% of the popular vote, as well as electing Mayoral candidate Richard Barnbrook to the Greater London Assembly.

According to its constitution, the BNP is "committed to stemming and reversing the tide of non-white immigration and to restoring, by legal changes, negotiation and consent the overwhelmingly white makeup of the British population that existed in Britain prior to 1948." The BNP also proposes "firm but voluntary incentives for immigrants and their descendants to return home."

It advocates the repeal of all anti-discrimination legislation, and restricts party membership to "indigenous British ethnic groups deriving from the class of ‘Indigenous Caucasian’". The BNP also accepts white immigrants that are assimilated into one of those ethnicities.

The BNP asserts that there are biological racial differences that determine the behaviour and character of individuals of different races, although it does not regard whites as superior to other ethnic groups. The party claims that preference for one's own ethnicity is a part of human nature. Its publicity has often conflated Islam with Marxism, due to both systems aiming to put all the world's people under a common system, and has suggested that mainstream politicians with Marxist pasts are partially responsible for this.

Here it is, the complete membership list of all BNP members.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Parental Warning: Website for pedophiles is available

If you are a parent with young children, you have to be especially careful of the white male pedophiles which the likes of Steve Sailer and the Republicans help breed. The right-wingers have many media outlets targeting many eccentric, depressed, and sexually frustrated white males, and now they have one more weapon.

A website for pedophiles to help them stalk young girls. Steve Sailer's white males at their worst. The pedophile featured is Jack McClellan, which I haved covered before.

Focus on the Family laying off 202 staff, or 21 percent of workforce

The right-wing pseudo-Christian fascists suffered heavily in the 2008 elections. Just like following the dead-end path of Steve Sailer, the theofascists continue to suffer a never-ending downward spiral of losses after the elections.

James Dobson's "Focus on the Family" group, headquartered in Colorado, is laying off 202 staff positions, or 21 percent of the workforce, as their declining numbers, donations, and power puts a heavy strain on finances.

Jesus may have rose from the dead, but Hitler is still long dead, buried, and rotting in hell. So will all the right-wing fascists suffer the same fate as Hitler.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Amway/Quixtar sucks

Scam. Fraud. Pyramid scheme. A few years ago, I was an Independent Business Owner (IBO) of Quixtar, which was the reincarnation of Amway because Amway was getting such a bad reputation.

They told me it was a quick way to riches. Someday I could earn $250,000 or more like Joe the Plumber with minimal effort. Spent around 15 hours a week and present consumer products to your family, friends, and coworkers and your downline will grow.

Sound like a scam, all too good to be true? It is because Amway/Quixtar is a scam. Sound like Republican ideals of fraudulently producing fake wealth until everything crashes down hard? It is because it is a Republican scam.

Amway is one of the GOP's/Republicans' highest donors, and Amway in turn receives lucrative benefits for their political contributions. reports on Amway's excessive contributions to the GOP and lucrative returns.
According to Scheibeler, some Republicans received as much as $100,000 for appearing at an Amway event. "After accepting speaking fees, [House Speaker Newt] Gingrich arranged a reported last-minute modification in a comprehensive tax bill that allegedly provided a $283 million tax break to just one company -- Amway.


For more than 35 years, the DeVos family has been a major benefactor of both the religious right and the Republican Party. In the final weeks before the 1994 election, the Amway Corporation gave the GOP $2.5 million, which at the time was "the largest political donation in recent American history," the Washington Post reported. And in 1996, the company donated $1.3 million to the San Diego Convention and Visitor's Bureau "to help fund a Republican cable TV show to be aired during the party's national convention," the Associated Press reported. The program featured "rising GOP stars as 'reporters,'" and aired on the Family Channel which was owned by Pat Robertson.


Richard DeVos and Jay Van Andel's Amway Corporation has its tentacles firmly planted in late-twentieth and early twenty-first century Republican Party politics. Masquerading as a Christian-oriented family enterprise, Amway leaders have made billions by selling a phony version of the American Dream, while bilking thousands of ordinary American dreamers out of their hard-earned life savings. The wealth of the founders has supported the nearly 30+ year conservative makeover of American society through millions of dollars in donations to the creation and development of right wing institutions and causes.

There are so many websites and blogsites revealing the fraudulent and dangerous tactics of Amway/Quixtar. You'll also notice websites praising or defending the reputation of Amway are non-existant as there is no reputation to defend. This is how Amway works and scams from my experience, although I was lucky to quit before becoming too engrossed in their pyramid scheme.

1) Amway products are often inferior and overpriced compared to brand name products.
2) To make any significant income off of Amway, you have to buy yourself and convince your downline suckers to buy at least $400 a month of Amway crap when in reality you only need to buy less than $50 a month in consumer products.
3) You have to find downline suckers to sign up as an IBO and buy excessive amounts of Amway crap.
4) You'll find out the hard way that everyone knows what Amway is, as they were once scammed a few years ago.
5) Selling and lying is very hard work. It is a full time job.
6) Amway claims you can easily make a 6-figure income, but in reality the average active IBO working full time makes less than $1000 a month.
7) You have expenses to pay, especially car and gas costs as you have to attend their weekly meetings and quarterly conferences and buy their brainwashing media subscriptions.
8) 99 percent of all IBOs lose money after their disastrous experience with Amway.
9) The other 1 percent making money do so after suffering 2 to 5 years of losses, then making about $30k after expenses and putting in 80 hours a week.
10) The top 1 percent of 1 percent who make over $100k from Amway did so because they got in the pyramid scheme over 20 years ago and are so high up due to fortunate timing. They also get most of their income through selling media subscriptions and profiting from Amway conferences, rather than the Amway products themselves.

Dateline NBC did a great consumer fraud investigation on Amway/Quixtar a few years ago.

While Amway can't promise you a good deal, I can provide you a two-for-one deal to fight corruption. Boycott the Amway/Quixtar scam at all costs and warn all potential suckers of the fraudulent Amway scam if they are ever so unfortunate to encounter them.

When Amway is suffering, you are saving your money and the corrupt Republicans they are so closely aligned with suffer as well. A true two-for-one deal.

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Saturday, November 15, 2008

SPLC Wins $2.5 Million Verdict Against Imperial Klans of America

The Southern Povertly Law Center (SPLC) always has been a nuissance to the white supremacist hatemongers like Steve Saielr and VDare. That nuissance is turning in to financial ruin as SPLC sued and won $2.5 million against the Ku Klux Klan for a hate crime against a teenager at a county fair in rural Kentucky.

These successful lawsuits pave the path to sue and financially ruin other hate groups and persons like VDare and Steve Sailer.

SPLC Wins $2.5 Million Verdict Against Imperial Klans of America
The Southern Poverty Law Center today won a crushing jury verdict against one of the nation's largest Klan groups for its role in the brutal beating of a teenager at a county fair in rural Kentucky.
The $2.5 million verdict will likely cripple the Imperial Klans of America, which has 16 chapters in eight states.

"The people of Meade County, Kentucky, have spoken loudly and clearly. And what they've said is that ethnic violence has no place in our society, that those who promote hate and violence will be held accountable and made to pay a steep price," said SPLC founder and chief trial attorney Morris Dees, who tried the case. "We look forward to collecting every dime that we can for our client and to putting the Imperial Klans of America out of business."

The SPLC brought the lawsuit on behalf of Jordan Gruver, who was 16 when he was attacked in July 2006.

The jury deliberated for approximately five hours before delivering the verdict against IKA Imperial Wizard Ron Edwards and two former IKA members, Jarred Hensley and Andrew Watkins, both of whom served two years in state prison for assaulting Gruver. The SPLC earlier reached settlements with Watkins and one other Klansmen.

The verdict included $1.5 million in compensatory damages — apportioned among Edwards, Hensley and Watkins — and $1 million in punitive damages against Edwards.

The SPLC argued in court that the Edwards and the IKA incited the racial hatred that led to the attack at the Meade County Fair in Brandenburg in July 2006.


Poll: 89 Percent of Muslim Voters Picked Obama

Another string of endless losses for Steve Sailer and the Republicans. Once again, the GOP is losing out on another growing population segment: Muslim American voters. While not a majority, Muslim Americans are younger and increasing in numbers, as well as in economic and political power, unlike the right-wing Sailer-type old white male geezers who are dying away into extinction.

In the 2008 election, Muslim American voters overwhelmingly picked Obama 89 percent.

Poll: 89 Percent of Muslim Voters Picked Obama
WASHINGTON, Nov 07, 2008 /PRNewswire-USNewswire via COMTEX/ -- Survey shows high American Muslim voter turnout

The American Muslim Taskforce on Civil Rights and Elections (AMT) today released the results of a poll indicating that almost 90 percent of American Muslim voters picked Barack Obama in Tuesday's election. That survey of more than 600 American Muslim voters also indicated that just two percent of respondents cast their ballots for Sen. John McCain.

Poll Findings:
-- Of those who voted, 89 percent cast their ballot for Barack Obama.
-- Just two percent of respondents said they voted for John McCain.
-- Most of the respondents (78 percent) reside in ten states: Illinois, New York, Virginia, Michigan, California, Texas, New Jersey, Maryland, Florida, and Pennsylvania.
-- Ninety-five percent of respondents said they voted in the presidential election, whether at the polls or by absentee ballot. This is the highest American Muslim voter turnout ever reported.
-- Of those who voted, almost 14 percent said they did so for the first time.
-- One-fourth of respondents said they volunteered for or donated money to a political campaign in this election.
-- American Muslim voters are increasingly identifying themselves with the Democratic Party. More than two-thirds said they consider themselves Democrats. Most of the rest, or 29 percent, still consider themselves independent. Only four percent said they are Republicans.
-- More than two-thirds (63 percent) of respondents said the economy was the most important issue that affected their voting decision. This was followed by 16 percent who said the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan were the most important. (In January 2008, a sample of 1000 Muslim voters rated education and civil rights as the top issues.)

Friday, November 14, 2008

Obama Asks Cabinet Applicants to Tell All

If you want to work under the Obama administration, you better be prepared to fill out the most extensive and revealing application. Unlike Bush and the Republicans, Obama is going to make sure the people who work in his Cabinet and Administration possess values such as integrity, maturity, wisdom, intelligence, and competence.

We also have seen what disaster erupts when Bush and Republicans are in charge and right-wing values take over.

Too bad for you losers like Steve Sailer. Bitch all you want about affirmative action and IQ scores, but the reality is that you losers are nowhere nearly qualified to work for Barack Obama or hold any public position of integrity.

Obama Asks Cabinet Applicants to Tell All
Those seeking Cabinet posts and other top positions in President-elect Barack Obama's administration face what some are calling the most extensive application ever for an administration.

A report by The New York Times Thursday said the seven-page questionnaire contains 63 requests for professional and personal information, including details about applicants' spouses and grown children.

Many of the questions show how new technology has altered the White House vetting process.

The application, published by the Times, asks for descriptions of any e-mails or text messages that might embarrass the president-elect. Applicants must also list any Web aliases they have used and include blog posts and links to their pages on the social networking sites Facebook and MySpace.

In another sign of the times, Mr. Obama is asking post-seekers to identify any links they have to fallen mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, and any other institution being helped by the government's $700 billion rescue plan for the economy.

The New York Times said applicants must also release tax and health records, and list organizations they have belonged to and any domestic workers they have employed, including their legal status.

Many of the questions each new president asks his potential Cabinet members are meant to head off any controversies or mistakes of past administrations.

Throughout his campaign, Mr. Obama pledged to clean up Washington and bring change to the White House.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Pedophiles, Morton Berger, Roger Sweet, and Republicans

There is a sudden surge in interest for Morton Berger, the Arizona high school teacher facing a 200 year prison sentence for possessing child pornography. The elections have been a busy event, but just because I haven't covered pedophiles for awhile, that doesn't mean the Sailer type right-wing white males have cleaned up their natural desire for kiddie porn and preying on innocent children for sex.

While most pedophiles will not the same prison sentence like Morton Berger 200 year sentence, the penalty for child porn is very high and will cost you your life.

Roger Sweet gets 21 years for kid porn
DETROIT -- A Brownstown Township man described by prosecutors as "an exploiter, a murderer and an epic collector of the images of children suffering" was sent to prison for more than 20 years Friday by a federal judge.

U.S. District Judge Victoria A. Roberts sentenced Roger Junior Sweet, 60, to 21 years and 10 months in prison on child exploitation and child pornography charges.

"This is a good day for the community," said Assistant U.S. Attorney Kevin Mulcahy, who helped prosecute the case.

Sweet pleaded no contest in the murder of his first wife in May and is the prime suspect in the disappearance of his second wife.

The federal charges relate, in part, to his videotaped sexual abuse of an underage and mentally handicapped girl.

"The enormity of suffering caused by Roger Sweet is truly staggering," said acting U.S. Attorney Terrence Berg.

Sweet told the judge he had nothing to say at his sentencing. He awaits sentencing Nov. 18 in Wayne County Circuit Court on sexual assault charges and is to be sentenced Nov. 25 in Oakland County Circuit Court on second-degree murder charges related to the 1990 killing of Marlene Sweet, 38.

All the charges arose following a 2007 fire at Sweet's Brownstown Township home and the disappearance of his second wife, Lizzie Mae Collier-Sweet, who was 49 at the time.

Even if some demented pedophile like Morton Berger or Roger Sweet gets out of prison in several years, where do they go? They have a felony record and sex offender registry to guarantee they cannot make a living or live anywhere. The only other option is return to prison or suicide.

And if you foolishly think Republicans are about morality, decency, and family values, the truth will shock you. Pedophilia is so rampant among Republicans another website has been created to expose the Republican pedophiles.

Republican Offenders: Child Porn

Monday, November 10, 2008

Republican candidate Derek Jerome commits suicide before election

At least one Republican has foreseen the losses he would inevitably face. Knowing his future would be filled with losses, failure, and hopelessness, 38-year-old Derek R. Jerome Sr., who was running as the Republican candidate for a state represenatative seat in Bristol, CT, committed suicide a few weeks before the election.

Candidate's Suicide Stuns Bristol GOP
BRISTOL — - A popular Republican who was challenging Democratic state Rep. Frank Nicastro in the coming election was found dead Tuesday afternoon after apparently killing himself, police said.

Police are awaiting an autopsy, but suspect no foul play in the death of 38-year-old Derek R. Jerome Sr., according to Lt. Edward Spyros. Jerome's death wasn't connected to the campaign; he left a note referring to financial problems, GOP Town Chairman Thomas Barnes said.

Republican leaders in the city said they were devastated by the news.

"Everyone is so distraught and so concerned for the family," said Art Mocabee, a former GOP chairman who had known Jerome for years. "Everybody is all-out shocked."

Christian right regroups after Obama victory

Another major loss for the right-wingers, but for the benefit of society and the rest of us. The right-wing pseudo-Christian extremists who have provide strong support for the Republicans suffered heavy losses in the 2008 elections. Without these Christian rightists, America can become more free from theocratic fascism and focus on science and medical research, particularly stem cell research.

Christian right regroups after Obama victory
Powerful conservative force declared a loser after recent election
Pundits declared evangelicals among Election Day's losers. Conservative Christian leader James Dobson confessed he was grieving. Barry Lynn of Americans United for Separation of Church and State said religious right leaders "kept their own flock in line, but the majority of Americans were unmoved."

But few are writing obituaries this week for the Christian right, which has been wrongly considered dead after setbacks like the demise of the Moral Majority and crumbling of the Christian Coalition.

White evangelicals remain a large, loyal and organized Republican voting bloc that delivered Tuesday for John McCain but could not offset the battery of factors working against Republicans in 2008.

One pressing question in the wake of Barack Obama's historic victory is whether the Christian right can grow its own ranks or take positions with broader appeal. Some Republicans believe a tight embrace of social conservative values turns off independents and moderates, but many Christian right leaders resist compromise and contend that, if anything, the GOP has strayed too far from its principles.

At a crossroads
Once again, conservative evangelicals engaged in politics find themselves at a crossroads.

"Do they want to be an oppositional force, lambasting the administration at every turn, which can help their organizations raise money?" said Mark Rozell, a political science professor at George Mason University. "Or do they find ways to intersect with new leadership and either try to minimize damage to their agenda or move forward issues where they can find consensus? It's an important turning point for the movement."

Exit polls showed McCain carried white evangelicals 74 percent to 24 percent — not far off George Bush's 79 percent to 21 percent margin over John Kerry in 2004.

Six in 10 white evangelicals ranked the economy as their most important issue — slightly less than the voting population as a whole. One difference that emerged was over terrorism: 14 percent of white evangelicals identified that as their top issue, compared with 7 percent of all other voters.

The exit polls did not ask about abortion or gay marriage, but polls throughout the campaign showed those issues ranked low with voters regardless of religion.

Several Christian right leaders, however, dwelled not on the presidential result but on the success in California, Arizona and Florida of constitutional amendments that, in effect, banned gay marriage. In Florida, however, gay marriage wasn't enough to tilt the pivotal battleground state to McCain.


New race: Next man in White House could well be a Hispanic

New race: Next man in White House could well be a Hispanic

If it took 143 years after the Congress abolished slavery for Barack Obama to reach the White House, the journey from here on for another non-white aspirant to high office may happen a lot sooner as a demographic upheaval transforms the American landscape.

The emerging race map of US is clearly indicating a decline in the dominance of the white vote and though it would stretch things to say Caucasians will cease to matter politically, America is turning distinctly less white than it has been. This is slowly giving rise to voting blocks that are proving increasingly decisive in tilting poll results.

The Obama win can overstate the case as blacks and Hispanics, usually not compatible, voted in droves for the Democrat nominee. While this was a rare confluence, it underlined the clout of the non-white vote even though the overall split in white preferences revealed by exit polls shows how Obama trounced the race divide.

The Democratic challenger expectedly mopped up 95% of the black vote but also walked away with 66% of the Hispanic ballot. He also got 63% of the Asian vote. Though much less in number, Asian support only worked to seal an advantage Obama derived from capturing a decisive chunk of the Hispanic vote. And if US census projections are anything to go by, political campaigns will be paying a lot of attention to these groups.

The expanding Hispanic population may well make US parties wary of issues like tough immigration laws. And with illegal migrants, with Mexico contributing the most, estimated at 11.6 million as of January 2006, their numbers are climbing. By 2042, non-Hispanic whites could be less than 50% of the US populace.

The US census bureau revised estimates show "white alone" population at 66.71% by 2050. But if Hispanic whites are excluded, this figure falls to 46.32%. And in 2045 itself, the figure will be 48.52%. All Hispanics will be 30.25% of the population, while Asians will jump from 3.8% in 2000 to 9.24%, black numbers will go up from 12.7% to 14.97%.

In a September report, the bureau said one in five persons speaks Spanish at home in four states. Nationally, 12.3% of the population or 35 million people spoke Espanol at home. On the whole, 19.7% of Americans speak a language other than English at home. There are 3.3 million Chinese-Americans, followed by Filipinos at 2.8 million and Asian-Indians at 2.5 million. Overall the group will more than double by 2050.

After Spanish, Chinese is the second largest non-English language spoken in homes and by 2023, half of America's children will form the "minorities". By 2050, the minority population, except non-Hispanic and single race whites, will stand at 235.7 million of a total of 439 million. The white population will, at 203.3 million, be only slightly larger than what it is in 2008 at 199.8 million. This startling fact points to loss of population in 2030s and 2040s as whites decline from 66% in 2008 to 46% in 2050.

With the Hispanic population likely to triple from 46.7 million to 132.8 million, while Asians reach 40-odd million, it may not be long before the US has a Latino president. The odds are harder for an Indian-American, but given the community's networking skills, a vice-president may not be out of reach.

Friday, November 07, 2008

Hispanic vote grows, shifts to Democrats

Another reminder the Sailer Strategy is dead. It's getting harder every year to win elections without winning the Hispanic vote, as the Republicans found out the hard way in 2008.

Hispanic vote grows, shifts to Democrats
WASHINGTON — Hispanic voters surged this week and swung their support to the Democratic Party, helping flip four states to winner Barack Obama in a trend that poses challenges for Republicans in future elections.
Obama made huge gains nationally, according to surveys of voters leaving the polls. He won 67% of the Hispanic vote — 23 percentage points higher than President Bush's showing in 2004.

Dramatic rises in Hispanic participation, support or both put Obama over the top in Florida, Nevada, New Mexico and Colorado. The trends were similar in Arizona and Texas, though the two states went for Republican John McCain. The group also made its presence felt in Indiana, Virginia and North Carolina.

"If the Republicans don't make their peace with Hispanic voters, they're not going to win presidential elections anymore. The math just isn't there," says Simon Rosenberg, head of the NDN, a Democratic group that studies Hispanic voters.

Here's the successful Obama campaign commercial in Spanish geared toward Hispanic households. It is called Dos Caras, meaning Two Faces.

Here's the Dos Caras commercial translated in English.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

How Obama won 2008: Sex and Age

Obama and the Democrats have a bright future ahead as they avoided the dead end fate of the Sailer Strategy. They have more reasons to rejoice as they captured the votes of two more population segments the right-wingers like Steve Sailer, Pat Buchanan, and Rush Limbaugh always had trouble winning: women voters and younger voters.

From the 2008 CNN exit polls, let's see how Barack Obama won the votes by sex and age.

John McCain mistakenly thought merely picking someone with boobs would gain women voters. Sarah Palin had boobs but no substance when it came to women's interests. Obama and the Democrats still held the agenda of women's rights and won 56% of the women vote.

Votes by sex are usually mirror images, as a 56% women vote for Democrats translates to a 56% men vote for Republicans. Obama breaks this gender gap by winning half of the men vote, as males voted 49% Obama to 48% McCain.

Another victory for Obama was winning the votes of younger votes who have many years ahead of them and a promising future that will rule the future. Voters tend to vote for someone who resembles them, and McCain and the Republicans did a great job attracting a dying breed of old white males who are near the end of their lifelines and heading toward extinction.

Old white males like Steve Sailer (age 50) who battled cancer and may strike his ailing body again. Or Rush Limbaugh (age 57) who has so many health problems from his drug and tobacco addictions and overweight stature, it's uncertain how much more his lardbutt flesh can take. Or Pat Buchanan (age 70) with so many health problems from his decaying body, he is almost certain not to see Obama's second term.

Obama won 43% of the white vote, typical with past Democratic Presidential candidates, but if you look at the age brackets of the white voters Obama won, they are younger with many long, healthy, and prosperous years ahead. McCain won 55% of the white vote, but they are concentrated in the age 65+ senior citizens.

Face reality, Obama and the Democrats have the long years and bright future. No wonder McCain and the Republicans are so obsessed with lowering the inheritance/death tax, because so many of them are quickly approaching that event.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Colorado Republicans Losses: Marilyn Musgrave and Tom Tancredo

The Republicans suffered heavy losses in 2008, but some Republican losses translate into greater wins for the rest of us.

Marilyn Musgrave
Marilyn Musgrave was a House of Representative member from Colorado since 2003. She was a far right-winger and many political organizations rated her as one of the most, if not the most, far-right conservative.

Yes, your worst nightmare, a politician closely affiliated with right-wing pseudo-Christian nutheads designed to pass a far right theocratic fascist agenda. She even received an endorsement from the Ku Klux Klan.

In 2008, Marilyn Musgrave meets her fate as she loses her seat in Congress to Democrat Betsy Markey, 44 to 56 percent.

Tom Tancredo
Tom Tancredo has been a House of Representative member from Colorado since 1999. He did everyone a favor by not seeking reelection in 2008. Tom Tancredo, the mafia terrorist from Italy, was perhaps the most racist member of Congress. Even the far right National Review labeled him an idiot.

Colorado does have hope after all. Where Colorado was once a far right-wing red state breeding the most demented Sailer-type racists, criminals, and terrorists, Colorado is showing a more promising future. In 2008, Colorado voted for Obama and replaced a Republican U.S. Senator with Democrat Mark Udall, as well as kicked out those right-wing nutcases and racists like Marilyn Musgrave and Tom Tancredo.

Sailer Strategy is long dead and deeply buried in 2008

Here's the demographics of the voters in the Presidential elections by race. Let's focus on the 21st century and look at the trends since the 2000 Presidential election. All sources are from CNN to stay consistent.

2000 Election
% of all votersR (Bush)D (Gore)

2004 Election
% of all votersR (Bush)D (Kerry)

2008 Election
% of all votersR (McCain)D (Obama)

Barack Obama managed to earn a solid win and become the President of the United States by avoiding everything Steve Sailer preached. Steve Sailer made this observation after the 2000 elections on VDare.
What if Bush II had won 57% of the white vote? That's hardly an outlandish figure since Bush I had taken 59% in 1988. If Dubya had garnered 57% instead of just 54% of whites, he would have cruised to an Electoral College landslide of 367 to 171. Why? Because whites remain by far the dominant bloc in the U.S. They count for 81% of all votes cast.

Four years later in 2004, Dubya accomplished what Sailer predicted by winning not 57 percent, but 58 percent of the white vote. Did he crush the electoral college with the behemoth white vote as Sailer predicted? Dubya barely edges out a victory in the electoral college, 286 to 252. Not very impressive for an incumbent.

Every year the white population declines, and every Presidential election the white vote takes significant steps downward. In 2000, whites made up 81 percent of voters. It drops steadily every year, with white voters making up 77 percent in 2004 and 74 percent in 2008.

The white vote is still a majority vote which is necessary to win, but following the Sailer Strategy is suicidal like Steve Sailer himself. As the minority voters increase every year, the problem for the Republicans is that they are losing out on the growing minority voters.

Democrats would earn the Hispanic vote in the 55 to 60 percent range at the turn of the century. As the Hispanic voters grew, would the Hispanic vote normalize and approach the 50 percent range? No, the GOP politicians followed the Sailer Strategy and viciously attacked the Hispanic population. In 2008, Hispanics voted 67 percent Democrat and developed a stronger hatred for the Republicans, just as the Republicans hated them.

Republicans are also losing out on the Asian vote. At the turn of the century, Asian American voters voted around 55 percent Democrat. With the racism, stupidity, and incompetence of Sailer and the Republicans, Asians voted 62 percent Democrat.

Barack Obama is President and won the electoral college by a large margin. He wisely avoided the Sailer Strategy. The lesson for the rest of you loser Sailer followers, do you wish to continue to follow Steve Sailer's dead-end path and become more like him?

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Barack Obama is to become next President of the United States

The time is 11pm EST and it's already determined Barack Obama has won the election and will become the next President of the United States. Democrats have made strong gains in both houses of Congress, the House of Representatives and the Senate. There's plenty of news articles you can read for yourself.

Gathering the demographics of the voters, such as race, gender, socio-economics, age, and more, will take some time for the news agencies to gather and report. I will provide extensive coverage of voter demographics and how Obama successfully won these voters. It will be alot of fun to thoroughly debunk and bury Steve Sailer's worthless Sailer Strategy.

Another important agenda is to keep fighting the sore-loser right-wingers. Sure Democrats have made impressive gains, but remember the right-wing smear machine made a tirade of bitter, hateful, and fraudulent attacks on Bill Clinton and the Democrats since 1992. This time the rest of us will be ready to go on the offensive to not only defeat them, but to bury them to the lowest levels of hell where they were born.

Stay tuned.

Monday, November 03, 2008

Election Day: November 4

Election Day is tomorrow on Tuesday, November 4. Get out and vote.

As the results come, I will be writing extensively on the election results and voter demographics.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Right-wing media lies: McCain isn't catching up

The sore loser Republicans always have to blame the so-called liberal media for everything. However, the media has proven to show a right-wing bias as they keep distorting the truth in favor of the GOP.

Media Matters reports on the fallacy of the McCain camp making gains on Obama in battleground states. While Obama is ahead, take his word and do not get arrogant or complacent over the poll leads, and fight all the way to election day. Also be very careful of the fraudulent tactics of the right-wingers.

MSNBC presents outdated poll as evidence the race in battleground states is "tightening"
Summary: MSNBC anchors presented "new" Arizona State University-Southwest poll numbers for New Mexico, Arizona, and Nevada as evidence the race is "tightening" in those states. However, the poll was conducted over a period of 26 days and was concluded on October 17, two weeks before the results were released, and a newer poll contradicts the ASU-Southwest poll's conclusion in New Mexico.
On October 31, MSNBC Live anchors Contessa Brewer and Tamron Hall both highlighted a presidential poll as evidence the race is "tightening" in some Western battleground states. Brewer, Hall and anchor David Shuster all described the poll as "new." In fact, the poll they cited was completed two weeks before, and was conducted from September 22 to October 17. Notwithstanding the anchors' characterization of the poll as "new" and its results showing the race in New Mexico as tied, a newer poll shows Sen. Barack Obama leading there.

Shuster presented Arizona State University-Southwest poll numbers for New Mexico, Arizona, and Nevada that he said "suggest it's getting closer in many states, at least some of the poll numbers." He then said, "This is an organization that has never polled in New Mexico before, according to our own political unit. But this number is getting some attention because it shows Barack Obama and John McCain tied at 46, and again, this is a state where NBC News' political unit has been projecting New Mexico in Barack Obama's column for over a month." However, a Rasmussen Reports poll conducted on October 28, 11 days after the ASU-Southwest survey was concluded, shows Obama leading in New Mexico.

Obama leads McCain on Hispanic and Asian voters

The minority races continue to grow in number and power every year while the Republicans continue to lose out on this growing trend. Barack Obama has a solid lead among African American voters. While Blacks have traditionally voted 90% Democrat in Presidential elections, this year Obama may gather around 98% of the Black vote.

The voter population is more diverse than black and white. Two other groups have significant voting power and are growing faster than Black voters and far more than White voters, the Hispanics and Asians. This is causing more troubling losses for the McCain camp and the GOP as they are not winning these voters, and stuck with a dying nursing home population of old white male geezers.

Obama Has Lead Among Hispanics
Their anxiety mirrors that of other Latinos, who are more likely than other groups to name the economy as their top issue in this election -- 60 percent do so, compared with 54 percent of all voters, according to the latest Washington Post-ABC News tracking poll. It also helps explain why Sen. John McCain is struggling to win over Hispanics, a group that many thought he would do reasonably well with only months ago.

Polls show Sen. Barack Obama leading McCain 2 to 1 among Hispanics, after being trounced by Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton among such voters in the Democratic primaries. (President Bush won 40 percent of their vote in 2004.) More than two-thirds of Hispanics said they trust Obama to handle the economy, compared with 27 percent who named McCain.

Many here also said they remain upset about the ugly immigration debate last year in which many Republicans demanded full-scale deportation of illegal immigrants. Although McCain then favored a more moderate approach that was supported by many Hispanics, he has taken a somewhat harder line in the campaign and has not been able to overcome worries about his party on the issue.

The Hispanic vote could be decisive in Colorado, where the group makes up 12 percent of the electorate. Latino voters throughout the West feel empowered this year, particularly here and in New Mexico and Nevada, where their demographic growth and renewed political engagement have made them a force. The three states went for Bush four years ago but are now tossups or lean toward Obama. Most polls show Obama with a solid lead in Colorado.

Asian-American Vote Crucial in Some Key States
A survey of Asian-American voters released in early October showed that two-thirds of Vietnamese Americans support McCain, but other Asian Americans preferred Barack Obama by varying margins. Chinese, Japanese and Indian Americans backed Obama by more than a three to one ratio. Filipino and Korean Americans also supported Obama over McCain, but by a narrower margin.

The study found that among Asian-Americans, Democrats outnumber Republicans by more than a two to one. But half of Asian-American voters are non-partisan or independent.

Both parties are reaching out to Asian-Pacific voters. Their efforts are limited by the problem of dealing with multiple languages. Asian-American volunteers are helping. Vietnamese-American Lily Nguyen supports Democrat Barack Obama for president and backs local Democratic candidates in the city of Garden Grove, California. She says ethnic voters must make their voices heard.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Bogus Robocalls and Flyers targeting Democrats for election fraud

The corrupt and sore-loser Republicans are at it again. Whether stealing the 2000 elections or any other election, fraudulent robocalls and flyers primarily targeting Democratic, Black, or Hispanic populations are misleading these groups to stop their vote.

Take care and be aware.

Bogus Robocall Tells Floridians They Can Vote By Phone
The residents of Broward County, Florida have recently received misleading robocalls telling them that they can vote by phone on Election Day, according to a report in the South Florida Sun-Sentinel on Friday.

The report didn't provide many details, other than the fact that the voice fallaciously identified itself as Elections Supervisor Brenda Snipes.

When asked whether she had heard about the calls, the supervisor's public service director said that she hadn't, and that of course voting by phone is not an option.

The call is just one of a number of dirty tricks being pulled off around the country just before record numbers of voters are expected to turn up at the polls on Election Day.

Another unknown group is distributing flyers (see the flyer after the jump) with official-looking letterhead around the area of Hampton Roads, Virgina that erroneously inform recipients that because of the crowds at the polls, the Virginia State Board of Elections is scheduling Republicans to vote on November 4th, and Democrats on the 5th.

Democratic congressmen Jerry Nadler of New York, John Conyers of Michigan and Bobby Scott of Virginia on Thursday asked the Justice Department to launch an investigation into the matter and to bring criminal charges against the originators of the flyers.

Meanwhile, the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reports that people in the area have been receiving robocalls with the same message. This particular trick is an old one: In 2004, the New York Times reported the same message going out in the Pittsburgh area via flyers.

Diversity population changes influencing US elections

America continues to become more diverse as the non-white races continue to grow in numbers, economic power, and political power. Meantime, the aging Sailer-type white males continue to lose out in numbers and power, suffering from financial ruin and broken families, criminal records from fraud, pedophilia, and violence, and ultimately murder suicide.

So why do the Republicans have much to worry about this upcoming election, and much more to worry about as every year passes?

Population changes likely to influence US election
  • In 2008 the US electorate is younger, better educated and more diverse than it was when the nation first elected President Bush in 2000.
  • A large turnout by African Americans, Latinos and young voters is likely to help the Democrats in 2008.
  • African Americans, who now make up 14% of the US population, are clearly galvanised by the candidacy of Barack Obama and participated in primaries and caucuses in historically high numbers. Many voter registration drives during 2008 targeted black voters.
  • This election could be “the year in which African-American enthusiasm (for Obama) is translated into a massive surge in turnout,” said William Galston.
  • The growing Hispanic population is another key demographic. Demographer William Frey, a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution, noted that Hispanics accounted for more than half the overall population growth in the US between 2000 and 2008.
  • Hispanics, who make up 15% of the population, are now the most populous US minority group.
  • By 2042, minorities are projected to total more than half of the US population.
  • “The places where (minorities) are likely to have the most impact are places I call fast-growing purple states,” such as Colorado, Florida and Virginia, Frey said.
  • “Over half of the growth in most of (the purple states) is coming from minorities, especially Hispanics,” Frey said, adding that minority voters “are going to be big players” in those states.
  • Some other political observers agree, including the Wall Street Journal’s, which said, “The anticipated record-breaking turnout of at least 9.2mn Hispanic voters could be key to winning swing states such as New Mexico, Nevada and Colorado.”
  • There were approximately 7mn Hispanic voters in 2004, and 6mn in 2000.
    It also cited polls showing Democrat Obama leading Republican John McCain 65% to 30% nationally among Latinos. That edge in the Latino vote helps Obama hold a narrow lead in New Mexico, according to the article.
  • In 2004, Bush won by substantial margins in growing exurban and rural areas. However, Republican dominance of the suburbs is waning as suburbs become more diverse and more densely populated.
  • The shrinking population of the white working class — workers who lack a four-year college degree — and an increase in the number of Americans in the upper middle class. Bush carried the white working class in 2004, but polls show that Democrats are gaining ground there, in part because of concerns about the economy.
  • White college graduates, while still mostly Republican, are “moving kind of smartly in the direction of the Democrats”, Teixeira said.
  • In 2004, the more religiously observant groups turned out heavily for Bush. Yet in 2006, according to Red, Blue, and Purple, “the electorate didn’t break down as clearly along religious lines.”
  • The youngest generation of US voters is the nation’s most diverse. “This group of voters is much more receptive to the Democratic Party’s messages, which tend to be more liberal or tolerant,” and they are “much more open” to the idea of a president who is biracial, said Scott Keeter, of the Pew Research Center, at the forum.
  • “I’m pretty confident that young voters are going to go heavily for Obama, and I am confident that they are going to turn out at a relatively high rate.”
  • The number of households with children is declining, while the number of single and alternative households is increasing. Married voters, especially with children, typically vote solidly Republican, but their representation in the national electorate is waning, according to Red, Blue, and Purple.