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Thursday, November 06, 2008

How Obama won 2008: Sex and Age

Obama and the Democrats have a bright future ahead as they avoided the dead end fate of the Sailer Strategy. They have more reasons to rejoice as they captured the votes of two more population segments the right-wingers like Steve Sailer, Pat Buchanan, and Rush Limbaugh always had trouble winning: women voters and younger voters.

From the 2008 CNN exit polls, let's see how Barack Obama won the votes by sex and age.

John McCain mistakenly thought merely picking someone with boobs would gain women voters. Sarah Palin had boobs but no substance when it came to women's interests. Obama and the Democrats still held the agenda of women's rights and won 56% of the women vote.

Votes by sex are usually mirror images, as a 56% women vote for Democrats translates to a 56% men vote for Republicans. Obama breaks this gender gap by winning half of the men vote, as males voted 49% Obama to 48% McCain.

Another victory for Obama was winning the votes of younger votes who have many years ahead of them and a promising future that will rule the future. Voters tend to vote for someone who resembles them, and McCain and the Republicans did a great job attracting a dying breed of old white males who are near the end of their lifelines and heading toward extinction.

Old white males like Steve Sailer (age 50) who battled cancer and may strike his ailing body again. Or Rush Limbaugh (age 57) who has so many health problems from his drug and tobacco addictions and overweight stature, it's uncertain how much more his lardbutt flesh can take. Or Pat Buchanan (age 70) with so many health problems from his decaying body, he is almost certain not to see Obama's second term.

Obama won 43% of the white vote, typical with past Democratic Presidential candidates, but if you look at the age brackets of the white voters Obama won, they are younger with many long, healthy, and prosperous years ahead. McCain won 55% of the white vote, but they are concentrated in the age 65+ senior citizens.

Face reality, Obama and the Democrats have the long years and bright future. No wonder McCain and the Republicans are so obsessed with lowering the inheritance/death tax, because so many of them are quickly approaching that event.


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