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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Follow Sailer's racist online rants, lose your job

More examples of white supremacist racist idiots who still haven't learned their lesson on following Steve Sailer's example of online racist rants. When you write a racist rant on the internet, your digital footprint is etched for many long years, if not your life. Even if you write under anonymous or a pseudonym, you will still be traced. Even if you erase your emails or website, it is saved on the computer servers for years and can be retrieved.

So go ahead and follow Steve Sailer's dead-end path. We would love to post your catastrophic story next, whether is job loss, depression, drug abuse, crime, murder, or suicide.

1) School Employee Accused Of Sending Racist E-Mail, Fired
ANDERSON, S.C. -- An Upstate school employee said on Wednesday that he was fired from his job after being accused of sending out a racist e-mail at work.

The trouble started when everyone who works at McCants Middle School received a political e-mail from Horace Alexander's address.

Alexander worked at the school as a counselor to help students find careers.

He said he was given an option by Anderson County School District 5 to quit or be fired after the e-mail went out.

The e-mail appeared to have his name on it, but he said he didn't send it.

The message was titled "Obama vs. McCain" and used the letters in the candidates' names to spell out, "Obviously blacks are moving America. Maybe Caucasians can accept it now."

A copy of the e-mail was forwarded to WYFF News 4 by a someone who identified themselves as a friend of McCants Middle School employee and who asked to remain anonymous.

"I was personally offended by the obvious racism in this e-mail," the person who forwarded the e-mail said. "Please investigate this situation and speak out on behalf of the teachers that were appalled by this e-mail."

Alexander said he refused to quit and therefore was fired. The school district said it's still investigating.

While the district confirmed that it was looking into the e-mail, a representative said it's treating it as a personnel matter, and said the district could not further comment.

Earlier this month, two Seneca city employees were suspended without pay after being accused of forwarding a racist e-mail.

The two worked at the city recreation center. They're accused of using their work e-mail accounts to forward a parody of the poem, "The Night Before Christmas" that includes racial stereotypes.

The city administrator said he has a zero tolerance policy for racism.

2) Citigroup dumps vice president for his blog
TO the community of 60,000 who keep his company each day, Michael J. McCarthy looms large enough to be chosen as next month's featured speaker at the Dallas Security Traders annual convention.

That helps explain why Citigroup Inc fired him.

The 35-year-old stock trader was let go earlier this week after his employers realized he was "Large," the man of bulk who operates, Bloomberg News reported.

The McCarthy Website showcases women who manage to look insufficiently dressed along with bawdy commentary on celebrities.

"This employee was terminated for behavior that violated the firm's code of conduct and policies," Citigroup spokeswoman Danielle Romero-Apsilos said.

McCarthy, a vice president, declined to comment on his departure from the New York-based bank.

Financial industry regulatory records show he's been at Citigroup for seven years, most recently trading shares of utility and power companies.

"It's a little over the top," said Barry Ritholtz, director of equity research for New York-based Fusion IQ, who has looked at the site and has his own financial blog at

"I can see why a conservative bank is not going to be happy with it. It's funny as hell."

The Website, created in April 2007, consists of commentary about homosexuals, excretory functions, concert reviews and college football picks.

The name of the site refers to the Wall Street phrase, "take a report," used on trading desks to confirm to a customer that an order had been executed.

McCarthy lost his job after Citigroup, the biggest United States bank by assets, determined that he was using his computer at work to access and promote the site, industry sources said yesterday. raises money for a military unit in Iraq to provide it with better equipment.

It also donates proceeds to Wounded Warrior Project, a Florida-based non-profit group that helps injured soldiers, according to information on the site.

It has 60,000 page views a day and 1.9 million page views a month, according to Google Inc's Google Analytics unit which analyzes traffic for Websites.

"He never identifies himself," Ritholtz said. "He never identified Citigroup. To me, it looks very much like a private thing."

For the Dallas Security Traders Association's convention next month, McCarthy still is listed as the keynote speaker.

The honor last year went to Jim Rogers, who founded the Quantum Fund with billionaire George Soros.

In 2006, the keynote speaker was Spencer Abraham, energy secretary for President George W. Bush from 2001 to 2005.

"He seems to be an extremely well-known person across the trading community and we thought it would be an interesting change of pace from what we've done in the past," said Alan Marshall, chairman of the Dallas Security Traders conference.

The conference expects about 300 to 400 people to attend the event. "It seemed like this would be a good opportunity for people to try to laugh a little bit," Marshall said yesterday.

Friday, December 26, 2008

I'm not dreaming of this White Christmas 2008 edition

Ho Ho Ho, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all. Another Christmas season passes and more blood is shed in accordance to right-wing family values. I am not your typical Santa Claus who lives on the North Pole, wishes for peace and goodwill on earth, and wants diverse friendship of everyone regardless of race or background.

I am the Sailer Santa Claus of the right-wing racist Republicans, representing the likes of Steve Sailer and the white supremacists. Red is the color of my suit to represent the red states and the blood I spill. My background is an eccentric old white male like Steve Sailer living in isolation, and I especially love to prey on innocent little children. I don't live in the North Pole and have green elves working for me, but I sure am an creepy isolated old geezer, living in seclusion, addicted to the internet, and finding ways to bring my legions of hateful white males, not green elves, to destroy the earth.

For Christmas 2008, Sailer Santa Claus has plenty of presents for you to enjoy. It represents my beliefs of dysfunctional families, hatred, violence, and stupidity. Let's see a sample of the bag of goodies Sailer Santa Claus has for you in 2008.

1) Bruce Pardo, dressed in Santa suit, murders 8 so far, then kills himself

Another middle-aged white male going through a bitter divorce and in bad financial distress as he got laid off from his engineering job. He seemed so normal with no previous criminal record, but readers should know by now how it inevitably turns out with these Sailer-type white males...

At least eight people have died after a man dressed as Santa Claus opened fire at a Christmas party near Los Angeles and set the house alight, police say.

Officers fear there may be other people missing in the house in Covina, 25 miles (40km) east of Los Angeles.

Police named Bruce Jeffrey Pardo, 45, as a suspect and said he had later killed himself at his brother's house, some 25 miles (40km) away.

Mr Pardo had recently been divorced and is believed to have lost his job.

Pat Buchanan, a Los Angeles police officer, told the Associated Press news agency: "He was going through some type of marital problems."

Police said Mr Pardo's former wife may have been at the party.

Burnt out

The gunman opened fire on some 25 guests with a hand gun after arriving on Wednesday night, police said.

They said he then used a homemade incendiary device to set the house on fire.

Eyewitnesses said he removed the Santa suit and left in casual clothing.

One neighbour, Jan Gregory, told AP she saw a teenage boy running from the house screaming: "They shot my family."

The subsequent fire gutted the two-storey home.

Among those injured was an eight-year-old girl.

LA County coroner's official Ed Winter said the bodies found in the ashes were "extremely charred and burned".

Police said Mr Pardo's body had been found several hours after the shooting, at his brother's house in Sylma. He died from a single gunshot wound to the head.

2) PORT ST. LUCIE, FL mother kills son on Christmas Day

Sailer Santa Claus delivers his presents well and says white families like these are how every non-white family should raise their families.
PORT ST. LUCIE, FL - While many families prepared for Christmas, Port St. Lucie Police say Eryn Allegra prepared for something else, her son's murder.

"She made a reservation for the hotel a week prior for the night of Christmas Eve," says Sgt. Rob Vega of Port St. Lucie Police.

"From there, she brought the packets of Advil, which she gave to her son. Eight of them, which he ingested. She wasn't sure if that was going to kill him or not and that was her plan was to take his life and then take her own life."

Police say Allegra brought her 8-year old son, Tristan, to a Holiday Inn on U.S. 1.

After giving him the Advil, she told investigators he went to sleep.

Several hours later, early on Christmas morning, police say Allegra put a pillow over her son's face and smothered him.

"She says his arms were moving, his legs were kicking," says Vega. "There wasn't a full on struggle, but certainly, he was resisting."

Detectives say Allegra then tried to kill herself by cutting her wrists with a razor blade.

The injuries weren't deep enough to require stitches.

Allegra told police she was unemployed and had financial problems.

She said she'd been thinking about suicide for months, but didn't want to leave her son behind.

Allegra told investigators she wrote letters justifying what she did.

Elaine Spaulding, whose grandson often played with Tristan, can't understand it.

"It's made me angry," says Spaulding. "It's made me sad for her. She must have been hurting so badly inside to do something this horrible and I just, I don't understand."

3) Man stabbed nine times after family Christmas dinner turns nasty

Sailer Santa Claus doesn't just reach out to White America. I also deliver to countries around the world where whites dominate, such as Australia.

Australia - A MAN was stabbed nine times and another was bashed with a golf club after a family Christmas dinner in Adelaide erupted into a savage brawl.

Police were called to a domestic dispute in Birkenhead shortly before midnight and discovered a Loxton man with nine stab wounds to his chest and stomach in the back garden of a family home on Mead St, AdelaideNow reports.

Heavily bloodied, the 39-year-old was rushed to the Royal Adelaide Hospital in a critical condition.

His condition is now believed to be serious but stable.

After a short search of the street police located the stabbed man's alleged attacker bearing a kitchen knife and serious head injuries after being struck with a golf club.

The 33-year-old Birkenhead man was conveyed to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital and later taken to the Royal Adelaide Hospital where he remains in a serious condition.

It is believed the two men were related through marriage and had gathered at the alleged attacker's home for quiet Christmas celebrations when a family argument got out of hand.

The exact cause of the argument is not known.

A number of other relatives are understood to have been present at the time of the attack.

Port Adelaide CIB detectives will continue their investigations today.

If the stabbed man's condition deteriorates, charges of manslaughter of even murder could be laid.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Racists need not apply: Obama transition sees eye-popping 300,000 resumes

Barack Obama is enjoying a surplus of well qualified applicants as he received well over 300,000 well qualified applications for less than 8000 positions he must appoint.

This is truly Steve Sailer's and the right-wing racists worst nightmare as Obama has an extensive screening process to filter out the corrupt, incompetent, hateful, racist, and worthless losers like Steve Sailer.

Digital footprints come back to haunt you, since Steve Sailer and his crew will find decent career opportunities under Obama and anywhere else are quickly declining for them as they are fully exposed on the internet.

Sailer family values: Boy tied to tree died of dehydration

I'm sure the solution to America's family problems is to impose Sailer/VDare type, white, right-wing family values on the rest of us. If the rest of us were as stupid as them to follow their family values...

Autopsy: Teen tied to tree died of dehydration
Macclesfield, N.C. — A 13-year-old Edgecombe County boy who was left tied to a tree for 18 hours last June died of dehydration and heat stroke, according to an autopsy report released Monday.

Tyler McMillan's parent found him unresponsive on June 12 after he had been left tied to a tree overnight as punishment, authorities said. He was pronounced dead at Heritage Hospital.

Prosecutors have charged his father and stepmother, Brice Brian McMillan, 41, and Sandra Elizabeth McMillan, 36, both of 1110 Felton Farm Road in Macclesfield, with murder and felony child abuse.

Brice McMillan told deputies that he twice tied his son to a tree as punishment for disobedience and that the boy was left outside overnight on the second occasion, authorities said.

A woman and a man who called 911 seeking help for the boy didn't answer a dispatcher when asked what the teen was doing before he stopped breathing.

Tyler McMillan had a body temperature of 105.6 degrees Fahrenheit when he was taken to the hospital, according to the autopsy report. Tests done after his death also showed a pattern of dehydration, the report states.

The boy had insect bites over his arms and legs and marks on his wrists and ankles that were consistent with plastic ties, according to the autopsy report. He also had bruises on his buttocks and legs that appeared to have been caused by a rod-like instrument, the report states.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Red Republican states are hazardous death traps

Another statistic has been revealed in the battle of red states vs. blue states. A state by state analysis of natural disasters and resulting death rates show a clear correlation that red Republican states are the most dangerous states, particularly due to heat waves, storms, and tornadoes.

The map says it all, click on it for the full size. The heavily Republican strongholds in the Midwest, such as Wyoming, Montana, Utah, and the Dakotas, suffer from the most damage and fatalities. The next highest fatal region is the Republican stronghold, the South. This includes states such as Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and more.

The rural republican red states sure don't look affordable or attractive to live in and raise families as Sailer lied.

"Death map" shows heat a big hazard to Americans
WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Heat is more likely to kill an American than an earthquake, and thunderstorms kill more than hurricanes do, according to a "death map" published on Tuesday.

Researchers who compiled the county-by-county look at what natural disasters kill Americans said they hope their study will help emergency preparedness officials plan better.

Heat and drought caused 19.6 percent of total deaths from natural hazards, with summer thunderstorms causing 18.8 percent and winter weather causing 18.1 percent, the team at the University of South Carolina found.

Earthquakes, wildfires and hurricanes combined were responsible for fewer than 5 percent of all hazard deaths.

Writing in BioMed Central's International Journal of Health Geographics, they said they hoped to dispel some myths about what the biggest threats to life and limb are.

"According to our results, the answer is heat," Susan Cutter and Kevin Borden of the University of South Carolina wrote in their report, which gathered data from 1970 to 2004.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

1981 Adam Walsh murder case is closed

In the news, the 1981 murder case of Adam Walsh, son of John Walsh of America's Most Wanted, has finally been closed 27 years later. Police have identified the killer as Ottis Toole.

Adam Walsh was 6 years old when he went missing from a Hollywood mall (near Miami, FL) on July 27, 1981. Fishermen discovered his severed head in a canal 120 miles away two weeks later. The rest of his body was never found.

Ottis Toole was a notorious serial killer facing life in prison for several murder cases. He was long a suspect in the Adam Walsh murder case. He died in prison of cirrhosis in 1996 at the age of 49.

Florida police close books on '81 Walsh killing

This case may be closed, but keep in mind there are many more white male serial killers out there resembling the likes of Steve Sailer. You know, white males suffering from traumatic childhoods filled with rejection and abuse, and only magnified their hate and eccentricity in their adult lives.

Who is Athena Kerry of VDare?

In 2006, a mysterious young woman from an unidentified Catholic University joined the VDare writers staff. She hid under the pseudonym Athena Kerry. There wasn't much information on her except for her hateful, trashy, shoddy, and racist writings typical with VDare writers. Around 2007, the mysterious Athena Kerry stopped writing and worked behind the scenes for VDare.

Here is a 2006 picture of Athena Kerry shown on the VDare site, which is now taken down.

The real Athena Kerry is now exposed and we know for very good reason why she tried to hide her true identity.

Her real name is Lydia Brimelow and she is approximately 23 years old as of this writing. That unidentified Catholic school she attended and graduated from is Loyola University Chicago (, a Jesuit Catholic university dedicated to knowledge in the service of humanity. She married VDare president and senior citizen Peter Brimelow in February 24, 2007 to become Lydia Brimelow.  Her surname was Sullivan before the marriage.  Peter's original wife Maggy died in 2004 from cancer.

Peter Brimelow was about 60 years old and Lydia Brimelow (Athena Kerry) was 22 years at their wedding. Talking about right-wing pedophilic tendencies, an elderly senior citizen marrying a barely legal girl. Even worse, Lydia and her family will be exposed and now bear the digital scarlet letter of being not only involved, but married to one of the most heinous racists on earth.

Here is Lydia's picture and family right before the 2007 wedding. Click on the pictures for the full size.

Sister Genevieve Sullivan, Grandma Von Talbot, mother Deonne Sullivan, and Lydia Brimelow/Athena Kerry

Another closeup of Lydia Brimelow/Athena Kerry, with Peter Brimelow's original daughter (sister?)

Group wedding photo of the Brimelow and Sullivan families

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Jeannie Twigg should have read this article on committing suicide

Once again, a dysfunctional Sailer-type couple is at it again. In the Las Vegas area, a white woman named Jeannie Twigg, 65, and her 72 year old sister were suffering from deep financial and emotional despair like Steve Sailer. The two were in poor health, burdened by bills and medical expenses, had no reason to live, and wanted to die.

They came up with a murder suicide plot. Jeannie got a gun and shot her sister to death. However, the suicide part failed because the pills Jeannie took did not kill her. Now she is facing capital murder charges.

If only she read this precious article on how to successfully commit suicide with a gun, she would not have this problem.

Police: Suspect claims murder, suicide pact
The suspect held in a slaying Tuesday told police she killed her 72-year-old sister because the two were in poor health, burdened by bills and medical expenses, and wanted to die, according to her arrest report.

Jeannie Twigg, 65, was found lying in a bed in a trailer she shared with her sister, Elizabeth Ann Kinch, on Tuesday morning.

Kinch was found dead from multiple gunshot wounds to the chest in another bed in the trailer, the arrest report says.

Twigg told police that Kinch had brought up the idea of killing themselves, the report says.

She said Kinch had handed her a handgun and told her to shoot her in the chest, the report says.

Twigg shot Kinch three times in the chest and threw the handgun in a trash bin in their mobile home community, at 3660 Boulder Highway, near U.S. Highway 95, the report says.

Twigg then took several pills in an effort to commit suicide but failed, the report says.

She has been charged with one count of murder with a deadly weapon.

Max Blumenthal on Steve Sailer

Max Blumenthal covering and exposing more of Steve Sailer's garbage.

Sailer, Sailing Away From Himself

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Who Started the War on Christmas?

As Christmas approaches, you've often heard of the term "War on Christmas". Where did that come from, who started it, and what is the agenda of that term?

Read for yourself how the white supremacist, right-wing hate groups coined that term for their heinous agenda. Article by Max Blumenthal.

Max Blumenthal: Who Started the War on Christmas?

Monday, December 08, 2008

George Jenewicz sentenced to life for murdering, dismembering, and cooking girlfriend

Crime doesn't pay and when you are a Sailer-type white male stuck in a dead-end position, you face stiff penalties.

It gets far worse if you are an unfortunate woman dating these savages. Even when you are murdered and dead, you will find yourself being raped or dismembered.

South River man sentenced to life for shooting, dismembering girlfriend
A 55-year-old South River man was sentenced in Middlesex County this morning to serve a life prison term with no hope of parole for 22-1/2 more years for fatally shooting his girlfriend before dismembering her and boiling her head in a pot on his kitchen stove.

George Jenewicz had nothing to say before Superior Court Judge Frederick DeVesa imposed the lengthy prison term and blasted the defendant for the heinous nature of the bizarre crime, noting the defendant told police he planned to use Eunice ''Nadine'' Gillens-Joseph's skull as a Halloween decoration.

''I've been a judge for many, many years and I suspect this is one of the most gruesome and and horrible crimes I've ever seen,'' DeVesa said.

He noted that a jury quickly rejected Jenewicz's claim that he shot the 42-year-old victim in self defense. The judge said it was unlikely the highly-intoxicated woman ever threatened the defendant before he fired a single bullet into her chest at close range on Oct, 22, 1998, in a bedroom at their South River home.

Jenewicz, who was first convicted in 2002 of murdering the woman, won a new trial and was found guilty a second time in September.

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Police chief, gun club indicted in boy’s Uzi death

Reckless endangerment, violence, suicide, and stupidity have long been the trademark of these right-wing gun rights groups. Connecticut third-grader Christopher Bizilj, who was under supervision of his dad and an instructor, died Oct. 26 after he lost control of a 9mm Micro Uzi and shot himself in the head.

Now the police chief and gun club are being held liable for the reckless endangerment causing the boy's death. Sure, you have the right to own guns, but you better be prepared to accept the responsibility when things go wrong (Example 1, 2).

And the decimation of the white race continues from the reckless, violent, and suicidal policies of the right-wingers...

Police chief, gun club indicted in boy’s Uzi death
Firearms free-for-alls were dealt a major blow yesterday by the involuntary manslaughter indictment of a police chief and gun club for allowing an 8-year-old boy to fire a small Uzi and kill himself in what autorities are calling a tragedy loaded with errors.

It is illegal to give a machine gun to anyone under age 18, said Hampden District Attorney William M. Bennett.

“There is no exception that would allow a machine gun to be furnished to an 8-year-old, with or without parental consent,” he said.

He said he hopes the indictment sends a message.

Pelham Police Chief Edward B. Fleury, who organized the October gun shoot at the Westfield Sportman’s Club, was indicted yesterday along with the club and two others.

Connecticut third-grader Christopher Bizilj, who was under supervision of his dad and an instructor, died Oct. 26 after he lost control of a 9mm Micro Uzi and shot himself in the head.

The Micro Uzi, a weapon designed for the Israeli Armed Forces, fires 1,700 rounds a minute.

Bennett said Bizilj’s father, Dr. Charles Bizilj, who witnessed his son’s death, was not charged in part because he didn’t realize how dangerous the small Uzi actually was.

“Furthermore, we felt that he is going to be punished every day because of what happened already,” he said.

Bennett said Bizilj was not the only minor who fired a machine gun that day. Fleury and the club were also indicted on four counts each of furnishing a machine gun to a person under the age of 18.

If convicted, the club would be fined. Fleury could face a fine and incarceration.

Two attorneys for the Westfield gun club, Thomas Drechsler and Edward George, said their client fervently denies having supplied anyone with weapons.

An ad for the annual shoot promised that anyone regardless of age or firearm license could shoot a machine gun, calling the event “legal & fun.”

“You Are In Control - FULL AUTO ROCK & ROLL,” the ad said.

Carl Guiffre and Domenico Spano, both of Connecticut, were indicted on one count each of involuntary manslaughter for allegedly providing the guns.

Time to let go of GM, Ford, and Chrysler

As the big three American car companies, GM, Ford, and Chrysler, face severe financial difficulties, there is much pressure for the U.S. Government to bail them out, again.

Enough is enough. Why spend untold billions that will be wasted into nothing? Don't worry, there are plenty of companies that have gone down and the government didn't have to bail them out.

In the early 80s, does anyone remember software company Lotus? They made the Lotus 1-2-3 spreadsheet and overwhelmed Microsoft that time. Time passes and Lotus is dead, but the software industry is incredibly strong.

In the 80s and earlier, Woolworth was a powerful department store and a Dow Jones component. Time passes and Woolworth goes bankrupt, but the giant retail industry is stronger than ever.

Yet none of these business extinctions required a massive government bailout. Let the car companies go and make the necessary adjustments. They likely won't become extinct, but they will definitely downsize their staff and production plants. Let it be, but don't press the government to pump in precious billions for an already dead cause.

And you right-wingers giving money to a dying cause like Steve Sailer and his dying ideals, you should stop being such hypocrites on Darwinism. Like futile bailouts of dying car companies, giving to Steve Sailer is just as well a dead-end cause.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Sailer's model family values: Discord, murder, raping corpse

Next time the likes of right-wing white supremacists like Steve Sailer spew their garbage that families must be molded in their image, you only have to look at reality and this blogsite to discredit their lies and stupidity.

This model Sailer type family has many characteristics.

1) Violent and estranged white male
2) Bitter discord in marriage
3) Financial difficulties
4) Violence and murder
5) Raping a corpse

Berks man held for court in estranged wife's killing
Pottstown, PA - A Berks County man was held for court Monday on charges he strangled his estranged wife in Pottstown.

Joseph L. Kramer, 45, Bechtelsville, was returned to Montgomery County Prison without bail following a hearing before Pottstown District Judge John J. Durkin.

Kramer is charged with first-, second- and third-degree murder, attempted rape, attempted involuntary deviate sexual intercourse, tampering with evidence and abuse of a corpse.

Police said Kramer strangled Amy Kramer, 34, on Oct. 24 after they argued over a bill from a store, then he tried to have sex with her corpse.

According to police:

The couple had been having marital trouble for months.

Joseph Kramer was free on bail on charges he had assaulted her in the summer.

Amy Kramer had a protection-from-abuse order against him and had moved to Pottstown from Bechtelsville after the pair separated in the summer. The couple were married for three years and had lived together in Washington Township.

Kramer called Pottstown police shortly after the killing and told them he had strangled his wife.

Police went to the residence and found her naked body face down in a bed. Kramer told one of the first officers at the scene that he was divorcing his wife and that he strangled her after they argued about the bill.

Kramer told police that he first choked his wife with his hands, then strangled her with a rope.

He said he tried to flush the rope down a toilet. He also admitted to trying to have sex with the corpse.

Amy Kramer had obtained a protection-from-abuse order against her husband in Berks County Court on July 24, less than a month after he had been arrested on assault charges.

On June 28, Joseph Kramer punched his wife and pointed a loaded rifle at her, firing the gun into the ceiling of their house, authorities said.

He was released from Berks County Prison on July 30 after posting $50,000 bail.

That case is pending.

Divorce rate increases in Marine Corps, Army

Bush and the Republicans have provided another present to the U.S. armed forces members, higher divorce rates and broken families. Then again, this really isn't so much of a surprise when you realise right-wing values tend to lead to divorce and broken families among the general population.

Divorce rate increases in Marine Corps, Army
Marriages appear to be suffering stress from America's two ongoing wars
WASHINGTON - The divorce rate among soldiers and Marines increased last year as military marriages suffered continuing stress from America's two ongoing wars.

There were an estimated 10,200 failed marriages in the active duty Army and 3,077 among Marines, according to figures obtained by the Associated Press for the budget year ended Sept. 30.

That's a divorce rate of 3.5 percent among more than 287,000 married troops in the Army, up from 3.3 percent in the previous fiscal year, according to Defense Department figures.

"With increasing demands placed on Army families and soldiers — including frequent deployments and relocations — intimate relationships are tested," said Army spokesman Paul Boyce.

Marines will examine numbers
The new data shows 3.7 percent of more than 84,000 married Marines divorced in fiscal year 2008, up from 3.3 percent in 2007. The Marine Corps called the increase statistically small and said officials would need to examine them farther.

"That said, Marine Corps leadership is keenly aware of the burden military families carry in a time of war," said Col. Dave Lapan, a spokesman. "Our leaders, from the commandant on down, are paying serious attention to the strain."

Some veteran and family groups question whether Pentagon figures are too low, saying they do not take into account many who divorce after leaving the service. The groups are unable to offer other estimates.

"Divorce rates are up — no doubt about it — a kind of predictable ripple effect of this pace of operations," Paul Rieckhoff of the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America said in a recent interview. "And that's not even taking into account the number of marriages that are strained" but still holding together.

But defense officials say they are holding divorces down below what they might otherwise be with a myriad of efforts in recent years to support couples enduring unprecedented separations and other hardships because of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.