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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

1981 Adam Walsh murder case is closed

In the news, the 1981 murder case of Adam Walsh, son of John Walsh of America's Most Wanted, has finally been closed 27 years later. Police have identified the killer as Ottis Toole.

Adam Walsh was 6 years old when he went missing from a Hollywood mall (near Miami, FL) on July 27, 1981. Fishermen discovered his severed head in a canal 120 miles away two weeks later. The rest of his body was never found.

Ottis Toole was a notorious serial killer facing life in prison for several murder cases. He was long a suspect in the Adam Walsh murder case. He died in prison of cirrhosis in 1996 at the age of 49.

Florida police close books on '81 Walsh killing

This case may be closed, but keep in mind there are many more white male serial killers out there resembling the likes of Steve Sailer. You know, white males suffering from traumatic childhoods filled with rejection and abuse, and only magnified their hate and eccentricity in their adult lives.


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