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Monday, December 08, 2008

George Jenewicz sentenced to life for murdering, dismembering, and cooking girlfriend

Crime doesn't pay and when you are a Sailer-type white male stuck in a dead-end position, you face stiff penalties.

It gets far worse if you are an unfortunate woman dating these savages. Even when you are murdered and dead, you will find yourself being raped or dismembered.

South River man sentenced to life for shooting, dismembering girlfriend
A 55-year-old South River man was sentenced in Middlesex County this morning to serve a life prison term with no hope of parole for 22-1/2 more years for fatally shooting his girlfriend before dismembering her and boiling her head in a pot on his kitchen stove.

George Jenewicz had nothing to say before Superior Court Judge Frederick DeVesa imposed the lengthy prison term and blasted the defendant for the heinous nature of the bizarre crime, noting the defendant told police he planned to use Eunice ''Nadine'' Gillens-Joseph's skull as a Halloween decoration.

''I've been a judge for many, many years and I suspect this is one of the most gruesome and and horrible crimes I've ever seen,'' DeVesa said.

He noted that a jury quickly rejected Jenewicz's claim that he shot the 42-year-old victim in self defense. The judge said it was unlikely the highly-intoxicated woman ever threatened the defendant before he fired a single bullet into her chest at close range on Oct, 22, 1998, in a bedroom at their South River home.

Jenewicz, who was first convicted in 2002 of murdering the woman, won a new trial and was found guilty a second time in September.


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