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Friday, December 26, 2008

I'm not dreaming of this White Christmas 2008 edition

Ho Ho Ho, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all. Another Christmas season passes and more blood is shed in accordance to right-wing family values. I am not your typical Santa Claus who lives on the North Pole, wishes for peace and goodwill on earth, and wants diverse friendship of everyone regardless of race or background.

I am the Sailer Santa Claus of the right-wing racist Republicans, representing the likes of Steve Sailer and the white supremacists. Red is the color of my suit to represent the red states and the blood I spill. My background is an eccentric old white male like Steve Sailer living in isolation, and I especially love to prey on innocent little children. I don't live in the North Pole and have green elves working for me, but I sure am an creepy isolated old geezer, living in seclusion, addicted to the internet, and finding ways to bring my legions of hateful white males, not green elves, to destroy the earth.

For Christmas 2008, Sailer Santa Claus has plenty of presents for you to enjoy. It represents my beliefs of dysfunctional families, hatred, violence, and stupidity. Let's see a sample of the bag of goodies Sailer Santa Claus has for you in 2008.

1) Bruce Pardo, dressed in Santa suit, murders 8 so far, then kills himself

Another middle-aged white male going through a bitter divorce and in bad financial distress as he got laid off from his engineering job. He seemed so normal with no previous criminal record, but readers should know by now how it inevitably turns out with these Sailer-type white males...

At least eight people have died after a man dressed as Santa Claus opened fire at a Christmas party near Los Angeles and set the house alight, police say.

Officers fear there may be other people missing in the house in Covina, 25 miles (40km) east of Los Angeles.

Police named Bruce Jeffrey Pardo, 45, as a suspect and said he had later killed himself at his brother's house, some 25 miles (40km) away.

Mr Pardo had recently been divorced and is believed to have lost his job.

Pat Buchanan, a Los Angeles police officer, told the Associated Press news agency: "He was going through some type of marital problems."

Police said Mr Pardo's former wife may have been at the party.

Burnt out

The gunman opened fire on some 25 guests with a hand gun after arriving on Wednesday night, police said.

They said he then used a homemade incendiary device to set the house on fire.

Eyewitnesses said he removed the Santa suit and left in casual clothing.

One neighbour, Jan Gregory, told AP she saw a teenage boy running from the house screaming: "They shot my family."

The subsequent fire gutted the two-storey home.

Among those injured was an eight-year-old girl.

LA County coroner's official Ed Winter said the bodies found in the ashes were "extremely charred and burned".

Police said Mr Pardo's body had been found several hours after the shooting, at his brother's house in Sylma. He died from a single gunshot wound to the head.

2) PORT ST. LUCIE, FL mother kills son on Christmas Day

Sailer Santa Claus delivers his presents well and says white families like these are how every non-white family should raise their families.
PORT ST. LUCIE, FL - While many families prepared for Christmas, Port St. Lucie Police say Eryn Allegra prepared for something else, her son's murder.

"She made a reservation for the hotel a week prior for the night of Christmas Eve," says Sgt. Rob Vega of Port St. Lucie Police.

"From there, she brought the packets of Advil, which she gave to her son. Eight of them, which he ingested. She wasn't sure if that was going to kill him or not and that was her plan was to take his life and then take her own life."

Police say Allegra brought her 8-year old son, Tristan, to a Holiday Inn on U.S. 1.

After giving him the Advil, she told investigators he went to sleep.

Several hours later, early on Christmas morning, police say Allegra put a pillow over her son's face and smothered him.

"She says his arms were moving, his legs were kicking," says Vega. "There wasn't a full on struggle, but certainly, he was resisting."

Detectives say Allegra then tried to kill herself by cutting her wrists with a razor blade.

The injuries weren't deep enough to require stitches.

Allegra told police she was unemployed and had financial problems.

She said she'd been thinking about suicide for months, but didn't want to leave her son behind.

Allegra told investigators she wrote letters justifying what she did.

Elaine Spaulding, whose grandson often played with Tristan, can't understand it.

"It's made me angry," says Spaulding. "It's made me sad for her. She must have been hurting so badly inside to do something this horrible and I just, I don't understand."

3) Man stabbed nine times after family Christmas dinner turns nasty

Sailer Santa Claus doesn't just reach out to White America. I also deliver to countries around the world where whites dominate, such as Australia.

Australia - A MAN was stabbed nine times and another was bashed with a golf club after a family Christmas dinner in Adelaide erupted into a savage brawl.

Police were called to a domestic dispute in Birkenhead shortly before midnight and discovered a Loxton man with nine stab wounds to his chest and stomach in the back garden of a family home on Mead St, AdelaideNow reports.

Heavily bloodied, the 39-year-old was rushed to the Royal Adelaide Hospital in a critical condition.

His condition is now believed to be serious but stable.

After a short search of the street police located the stabbed man's alleged attacker bearing a kitchen knife and serious head injuries after being struck with a golf club.

The 33-year-old Birkenhead man was conveyed to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital and later taken to the Royal Adelaide Hospital where he remains in a serious condition.

It is believed the two men were related through marriage and had gathered at the alleged attacker's home for quiet Christmas celebrations when a family argument got out of hand.

The exact cause of the argument is not known.

A number of other relatives are understood to have been present at the time of the attack.

Port Adelaide CIB detectives will continue their investigations today.

If the stabbed man's condition deteriorates, charges of manslaughter of even murder could be laid.


  • I see that you are a big fan of man-bites-dog news stories. Why don't you check out some of these some time:

    By Blogger Average Joe, at 3:07 PM  

  • Pardo is just a typical male who cannot handle rejection. It's so typical of Sailer's followers as well.


    By Blogger La Reyna, at 8:15 PM  

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