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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Jeannie Twigg should have read this article on committing suicide

Once again, a dysfunctional Sailer-type couple is at it again. In the Las Vegas area, a white woman named Jeannie Twigg, 65, and her 72 year old sister were suffering from deep financial and emotional despair like Steve Sailer. The two were in poor health, burdened by bills and medical expenses, had no reason to live, and wanted to die.

They came up with a murder suicide plot. Jeannie got a gun and shot her sister to death. However, the suicide part failed because the pills Jeannie took did not kill her. Now she is facing capital murder charges.

If only she read this precious article on how to successfully commit suicide with a gun, she would not have this problem.

Police: Suspect claims murder, suicide pact
The suspect held in a slaying Tuesday told police she killed her 72-year-old sister because the two were in poor health, burdened by bills and medical expenses, and wanted to die, according to her arrest report.

Jeannie Twigg, 65, was found lying in a bed in a trailer she shared with her sister, Elizabeth Ann Kinch, on Tuesday morning.

Kinch was found dead from multiple gunshot wounds to the chest in another bed in the trailer, the arrest report says.

Twigg told police that Kinch had brought up the idea of killing themselves, the report says.

She said Kinch had handed her a handgun and told her to shoot her in the chest, the report says.

Twigg shot Kinch three times in the chest and threw the handgun in a trash bin in their mobile home community, at 3660 Boulder Highway, near U.S. Highway 95, the report says.

Twigg then took several pills in an effort to commit suicide but failed, the report says.

She has been charged with one count of murder with a deadly weapon.


  • That was my grandma and great aunt, those two were very close and i know my great aunt wouldnt just kill my grandma. this is a very sad story and even though my aunt did kill my grandma i know i could never hate her. My prayers go out to my grandma and my great aunt, i know she is suffering in jail. I love both of them deeply

    By Blogger mfd1989, at 3:05 PM  

  • This is my aunt, actually, they were both my aunts. I do not understand how things could have gotten so desparate. I too, as mfd1989, am praying for the Lord to comfort and to bring Jeannie to her family for support.

    By Blogger drcem, at 8:16 PM  

  • We are supporting Jeannie as much as possible. Its been really hard for our family especially around the holidays. May i ask you drcem is, we are family, I am elizabeths grandson

    By Blogger mfd1989, at 11:02 PM  

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