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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Maryland: Minority Students Become the Majority

Face the facts, Steve Sailer, your Sailer Strategy and future are dead on arrival and only going to continue to sink to new levels.

Maryland: Minority Students Become the Majority
White residents account for 58.3 percent of the state's population, according to 2006 U.S. Census Bureau data. But they make up only 47 percent of the student body this school year. The new majority belongs to blacks, Hispanics, Asians and other minorities.

The demographic changes are manifesting themselves in the classroom in unexpected ways and with breathtaking speed. Schools in Charles County, in rural, largely white Southern Maryland, are now majority black. Next door, in Prince George's County, Bladensburg Elementary School has gone from majority black to majority Hispanic in less than seven years.

The state's public schools quietly became majority minority in 2004 as part of a larger demographic shift occurring in the Washington region and the nation. School administrators across the region said they are spending more time and money, inside and outside the classroom, reaching out to their growing populations of minority students, thousands of whom are new to the United States.


Saturday, January 26, 2008

Get out of your dead-end rut: Avoid Steve Sailer

Yeah, yeah, blogging has been light in recent weeks. Is it because Steve Sailer is getting the upper hand and winning? Is it because there has been a sudden decline of Sailer-type white males molesting children, destroying families and lives, and starting murder-suicide plots?

No way to any of these. It's like the Twilight Zone, the more productive and useful things I do in life and get ahead, that leaves less time to waste on losers and suicidal maniacs like Steve Sailer.

But what about the rest of you still wasting time over Steve Sailer's drivel? You'll never get ahead in the academic or work world wasting time on his worthless drivel. You'll lose quality time with your family. In fact, you'll risk losing your career and reputation associating with the white supremacists like Steve Sailer.

Will Steve ever give you any money or support if you are in financial need, or when you face severe prison time for drug abuse or child porn to handle your depression?

Before you follow the dead-end path of the likes of Steve Sailer, you better be very careful and think again. Your life may depend on it.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Losses for the far white/right: Kevin Strom and Hal Turner

It's the inevitable path of far right-wing, white supremacists like Steve Sailer. They have nowhere to go but down. They lose their reputation and jobs, get stuck into financial ruts, broken families, crime, and eventually suicide.

Here are more losses in the right-wing white supremacist camp to serve up, the kind Steve Sailer is affiliated with.

1) Kevin Strom pleads guilty to child pornography possession.

Greene, VA - The founder of a self-described “white nationalist” group pleaded guilty in federal court Monday to possessing child pornography.

Kevin Alfred Strom was originally scheduled for a trial this week on several child porn charges. Instead, the 51-year-old pleaded guilty to a single count and prosecutors dropped the remaining charges against him.

During the hearing, Strom said he is neither a white supremacist nor a neo-Nazi and maintained that he’s been threatened in jail after media accounts described him as such, said defense lawyer Andrea Harris.

Kevin Strom may only be possessing child pornography, but he is not an isolated case in the white supremacist movement. Child porn and rape has always been a common theme among these white/right wingers, the hateful, depressed white male seeking devious sexual relief from their misery, dysfunctional families, and dead end lives by preying on the most innocent and vulnerable population, the children.

His prison sentence will be determined later, but in today's world, the white man's insatiable lust for harming and molesting children now leads to decades or centuries in prison, if not their life.

2) Hal Turner's show is off the air.

Hal Turner was the hate radio shock jock of Northern New Jersey. Like Steve Sailer, he was consumed with depression, hatred, racism, and white nationalist values. Hal announced last week that he was ending his Internet radio show due to a lack of listeners and money.

"The free market votes with its wallet and for seven years this show has struggled to garner new listeners and financial support," Turner wrote on his Web site. "I have grown weary of this battle; my heart just isn't in it anymore."

Monday, January 14, 2008

Mayor/pastor accused of seeking sex with girl

His political party has not yet been revealed, but we have a conservative mayor of a small midwestern town, Collins, Missouri, in a red state. He is a preacher of family values and sexual morality, as he is also a pastor of Temple Lot Church in Collins.

His name is Allen Kauffman, 63.

While he thought no one was looking, he is like so many conservative, moral preachers who needed desperate sexual relief from the lies and hypocrisy they spew. He also needed desperate relief from their ugly wives and dysfunctional familes, and from the depressing and hateful garbage of right-wing bigots like Rush Limbaugh and Steve Sailer.

Someone other than God was watching...

Mayor/pastor accused of seeking sex with girl
Missouri official allegedly thought he was chatting with 13-year-old
SPRINGFIELD, Mo. - A small-town mayor and church pastor was in jail Monday on charges of soliciting sex over the Internet from a police detective posing as a 13-year-old girl.

Allen Kauffman, 63, was arrested Friday on four counts of felony enticement of a child in the latest sting orchestrated by a police detective in another southwest Missouri town, Diamond.

Prosecutors alleged in court filings that Kauffman believed he was communicating with a 13-year-old girl from the Joplin area in a Yahoo chat room last November and December. In online messages, Kauffman allegedly asked the girl for sex and for nude pictures and encouraged her to have sex with a girlfriend in front of a Webcam so Kauffman could watch.

"He very much believed he was talking to a 13-year-old girl," Diamond Police Chief Keith Brumfield said.

Messages were left Monday with Kauffman's attorney, Mel Gilbert, who sought reduction of Kauffman's $50,000 bond. A phone message left at Kauffman's home was not returned.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Minority vote moves center stage

Minority vote moves center stage

"According to the Pew Research Center, Hispanics are twice as likely to identify themselves as Democrat than Republican. For blacks, it's 10 1/2 times."

We'll see the results of the 2008 election, and the non-coverage Steve Sailer will provide as his Sailer Strategy, i.e. courting the declining non-white male xenophobic vote and attacking the increasing minority vote, remains dead on arrival and continues to sink to lower levels, like Saile's own dead-end personal situation.

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Sunday, January 06, 2008

Weirdos stalk girls in XBox Live video games

You know the weirdos out there, white males like Steve Sailer hopelessly and unhealthily glued to the internet, reading the hateful and addictive demagoguery of like minded weirdos like Steve Sailer, and browsing porn sites, including child pornography.

Like the depressing news in the Sailer camp, the news keeps getting worse for society and your children when they are around. The weirdos have moved beyond internet websites and chat rooms and into the networked video game arena.

Man Arrested for Stalking Girls Through Xbox Live
I’ve been saying Xbox Live is chock full of weirdos, but this one takes the cake so far. In Saratoga Springs, New York, 20-year old Joshua Stetar met a 15-year old girl, who was living in Spokane, Washington, through playing Halo online over a year ago. He apparently found her address online and began sending packages and flowers to her home, all of which her parents returned. He also sent several hundred text messages to her cell phone, which forced her parents to change her number. But he managed to find her new number by “Googling” her and then drove 40 hours straight to her neighborhood. At around 9 pm on Friday, he sent a text message saying that he was driving by her house; her parents in fact saw his car pass by. Then at 9:36, he sent a message reading, “Tell the cops that I’m gonna rape you and your sister.” The girl’s parents called the police, who found Stetar at a nearby motel. After interrogating him, police learned that he had actually visited Spokane earlier and drove by the girl’s house in a rented U-Haul truck, which the girl’s parents were unaware of. He also had apparently been sending numerous text messages to the girl’s cousin, who lives in Billings, Montana, over the summer, until the police called him and told him to stop. He was booked in the Spokane County Jail on one count of felony stalking, but was released on Saturday on bond.

Wow, what a creepy, creepy guy. Let this be a lesson to you kids: Xbox Live is full of freaks and weirdos, so don’t give them your real name or anything. Man, it’s like the new MySpace or something.

Another article on Joshua R. Stetar.

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Saturday, January 05, 2008

Supreme Court hearing death penalty case for child rape

All you hateful, bitter, depressed Sailer-type white males out there who optimally fit the profile of the child rapist, the punishments continue to mount against you for your pedophilia. Even though you had miserable, hateful childhoods and were perhaps even sexually molested, you better be careful not to show the same rage against the children of today.

The Supreme Court is hearing the case to execute the death penalty against someone who rapes a child, which was banned in 1977.

Whether the death penalty is installed or not, the penalties you will be facing for your pedophilia will be extremely harsh and only continue to get harsher. You will be so thoroughly ruined you will be better off dead anyway.

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200 year prison sentence for child pornography stands

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Steve Sailer's Panhandling drive

A happy new year rings in, except if you are stuck in a dead-end rut with the likes of right-wing extremist fascists like Steve Sailer. The writings of his panhandling drives show he is getting more hopeless and desperate. While Steve Sailer is the type to bluff and lie, I honestly believe his financial despair shown by his writings is true and honest.

But there may be another reason to give money to a loser like Steve Sailer, and it is to save a life. Let's face it, this is his last stand to make a living, because with his digital footprints etched in notorious white supremacist hate groups like VDare and American Renaissance, he won't be finding a career so easily in this information age.

He worked for an internet news organization called United Press International from 2000 to 2004, but when I spoke with the UPI management, they were eager to get rid of Sailer and had no intention of rehiring him to save their reputation. Like all corporations nowadays, his former company Nielsen finds background checks and digital footprints very easy and affordable to retrieve, and they are eager to reject racists and hatemongers.

So what does Steve Sailer have left? Not many, except:

1) Life insurance policy on his wife

2) Crime and Prison, although he is more prone to opt for option 3.

3) Murder Suicide

Okay, so as long as Steve doesn't go broke, he won't have to resort the three options above. So you pangivers that are being suckered into giving him money, perhaps you are saving a life and someone else. But is this the way to make a living into death in today's world?

Don't try it.