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Monday, March 31, 2008

Dressing up Pat Buchanan

Today marks the third year anniversary when Nazi-supporter, right-wing fascist, and white separatist Pat Buchanan was properly dressed to make him more attractive. That is, he was dressed with a dose of salad dressing on March 31, 2005, at Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

But this is what Pat asked for when he consciously and deliberately attacked millions of enemies out there with his lies, hypocrisy, and hatred. Always eager to attack anyone who is not a white male right-wing pseudo-christian like him, but never revealing the truth on the white male criminals and murderers he breeds.

Columbine High School - two white males resembling Pat Buchanan internally and externally savagely murder 13 in their high school before committing suicide. Supports of Adolf Hitler and Nazism, bitterly hateful and violent, and resembling Pat Buchanan's ideals of fascism, violence, and hatred.

Yet, Pat doesn't take any responsibility for the savages he created. Perhaps a rock would be a better alternative than salad dressing, since there is nothing in Pat's head anyway.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Crime and Punishment

Sailer's breed of twisted, eccentric, malicious white male criminals must be the worst kind this world has ever seen. In reality, the world would be such a better place if they were simply eliminated from society, but if we are to be a civilized society with some morality, even these lowlife scumbags deserve a fair trial.

The controversial part is, what is the appropriate crime and punishment verdicts for these Sailer-type white male criminals? Here are updates on some previously covered white male criminals.

1) Spam King Robert Alan Soloway pleads guilty, faces up to 26 years in prison and $625,000 in fines

We know how obsessively addicted Steve Sailer's audience are to the internet, and that has helped created some of the most heinous internet monsters imaginable. On March 14, 2008, Robert Alan Soloway (29) reached an agreement with federal prosecutors, two weeks before his scheduled trial on 40 charges. Soloway pleaded guilty to three charges: felony mail fraud, fraud in connection with e-mail, and failing to file a 2005 tax return. In exchange, federal prosecutors dropped all other charges. Soloway faces up to 26 years in prison on the most serious charge, and up to $625,000 total in fines.

2) Lawyer: No law against sex with corpse

This case is still pending, but it's amazing how there are people willing to spend time and effort to defend these demented criminals. Three white males take their sexual frustrations, mixed with insanity and depravity, to the extreme. After being caught and facing criminal trial, their defense lawyer is making a defense statement.

MADISON, Wis. -- State law doesn't prohibit sex with a corpse, at least not in the Grant County case where three men dug up a grave but fled before making contact with the deceased, an attorney told the Wisconsin Supreme Court Wednesday. Suzanne Edwards, attorney for Nicholas Owen Grunke, of Ridgeway, argued that state sex-assault statutes apply only when the perpetrator first killed an individual and then committed an assault. "This case involved a body not victimized by the defendant. When a buried corpse is dug up and (a sex act occurs), the statute doesn't apply," Edwards told the court. Justice Patience Roggensack asked if a hospital employee can be prosecuted for sexual assault if they have sex with a deceased patient. Edwards answered, "No "

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Ann Coulter the walking, talking corpse

Some women age gracefully, but when it comes to the white supremacist hate crowd, these women (if they even are women) get so ugly and hideous in exponential steps, you can see why so many of the men are secretly attracted to other men and children.

It never ceases to amaze me how ugly Ann Coulter can become. Just when you think she reached her ugliest and lowest point, more shock comes when you witness her true atrocities. Below is a recent picture of Ann Coulter last February, as she was embarrassed when her credit card bounced in a local Publix store.

Warning: Extremely gruesome and hideous picture. Click on the picture to see the full size of the picture at your own risk and peril.

No wonder the white supremacists love her so much. Ann Coulter is the model of death and the living dead. She looks like a stiff corpse, pale and frozen, filled with embalming fluid and skin and hair waxed for a funeral viewing.

While no one on this entire planet is crazy and demented enough to have sex with Ann Coulter, she may find a sex partner soon if she becomes a corpse. While there are no white guys out there crazy and demented enough to have sex with the living and hideous Ann Coulter, there are some white guys who will have sex with dead corpses (example 1, 2).

Speaking of the atrocities of Ann Coulter, check out this expose of Lisa De Pasquale, a CPAC organizer who helps promote Ann Coulter and their right-wing extremist, white supremacist ideals of death and decay. It is by Dan Borchers, the man who first exposed Ann Coulter's illegal plagiarism.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

More losses for the right-wing pundits

Is there ever any good news for right-wing hatemongers like Steve Sailer? No way. His right-wing pundits are also facing their share of losses.

Crooks and Liars: GOP Demise Taking A Toll On Right Wing Pundits
Click on link above to see the links to the individual stories.

Actually, it’s illustrative of the fact that the Pox News Cargo Cult is either dying off in waves (they are all 90 years old, after all), that Heath Ledger’s ghost is having a laugh at Gibson’s expense, or just that the wheels are totally coming off the Right Wing Propaganda Machine.

In the last six months, we’ve seen:

1. Michelle Malkin fired from “The O’Reilly Factor”.

2. Ann Coulter’s book sales tanking and her credit cards getting declined by Publix.

3. Melamine Misstatement fired from her job.

4. Tucker Carlson tossed out on his amply padded backside.

5. And now Jumpin’ John Gibson being taken away to be rendered into fat for cheap tallow candles for The Poor or whatever. Read on…

Saturday, March 15, 2008

More white males busted for child porn

Thanks alot, you crazy losers like Steve Sailer, Pat Buchanan, Jared Taylor, and Rush Limbaugh for breeding legions of demented, crazed white male pedophiles. You know, the white male who had miserable, bitter childhood years and rejected by girls beyond belief.

Perhaps some of them do get married to women earlier, but the women they meet are so hideous and filthy, and their marriages so downhill so fast, they resort to devious sex by targeting children to get revenge on the world that wronged them. They look like Steve Sailer and his white male audience. They look like members of the white supremacist conferences celebrating death and depression. They are everywhere and closer to you than you think.

1) 3-year term in major child porn case

KINGSTON, Ont.–A 22-year-old behind what authorities call one of the largest child porn cases prosecuted in Canada was sentenced yesterday to three years in prison and prohibited for life from communicating online with anyone under 14.

Mark Bedford pled guilty in January to 10 child porn charges, for using Net and networking websites to lure girls into showing their breasts on webcams, then using the pictures to extort from them more explicit sex acts. The crimes were said to involve several hundred victims in numerous nations; 63 were identified in court. He also assumed victims' social-network IDs to prey on their online friends.

2) Grand jury indicts swim coach in child porn case

A swim coach accused of videotaping girls undressing in the locker rooms of Kokomo and Westfield high schools was formally indicted Wednesday by a federal grand jury sitting in Indianapolis.

Brian D. Hindson, 40, of Westfield faces three counts of production of child pornography, four counts of distributing child pornography and one count of possession of child pornography.


According to Assistant U. S. Attorney Steven D. DeBrota and Bonnie Kane, trial attorney with the Child Exploitation and Obscenity Section of the U.S. Department of Justice, who are prosecuting the case for the government, production of child pornography carries a possible sentence of between 15 and 30 years imprisonment; distribution of child pornography may be punished by a prison term between five and 20 years; and knowing possession of child pornography may be punished up to 10 years. Each offense also carries a maximum possible fine of $250,000 and probation for up to the life of the offender.

3) B.C. high school teacher faces child porn charges

A Prince George, B.C. high school teacher has been arrested and charged with possessing and distributing child pornography.

News of the arrest of Michael Gardiner, 60, a veteran English teacher, spread quickly through the 1,500 students of Prince George Secondary School.

Parents were particularly concerned that some of the alleged images found on Gardiner's computer might be of local children, which police are investigating.

Monday, March 10, 2008

White supremacist conferences are like funeral parlors

I've visited a few of these right-wing, white supremacist conferences (American Renaissance, Council of Conservative Citizens) and gatherings in past years, and one common theme about these gatherings are that they are so depressing, it's like being in a funeral parlor.

Here is a picture of a CCC conference from their website. I wasn't at that one, but they are all so similar you only have to go to one to get the idea of their depression.

Here's why it's like being a funeral parlor.

1) The overall mood is sad and depressing.
2) Most people there are old, ugly, pathetic white males.
3) The few women there are even older, uglier, and filthier. You get a sense why the men there are secretly attracted to men and children.
4) They dress like they are in a funeral.
5) The odor these old geezers emit smell like a hideous mix of decaying corpses, embalming fluid, and perfumes to control some of the decaying smell.
6) They are so old and pale they look like corpses.
7) The decoration of the setting is bland and depressing.
8 ) Their speeches are incredibly boring, you feel like suicide is a kinder alternative than enduring their speech.
9) Many of them have troubled lives and families, drug and alcohol abuse problems, and criminal records, with no hope of recovery.
10) You can place a coffin in the center of the conference and it would be a perfect fit for the setting.
11) They are suicidal in nature.
12) Once again, the overall mood is sad and depressing.

White hate woman commits assult, then arrested

A white woman, 51-year-old Gail Schooler Farmer of Fredericksburg VA, was screaming "white power" and performing a Nazi salute at random passersby in the parking lot of a WAWA convenience store on behalf of her white supremacist compatriots like Steve Sailer, Jared Taylor, and Pat Buchanan.

Steve Sailer must be in love with this white woman because of her blonde hair and white skin. Despite the white supremacists' pseudo-scientific garbage and lies on race and attractiveness, you'll find in reality that many of their women and wives are among this level of attractiveness.

Hateful Display Leads to Vehicular Assault in Parking Lot
A Virginia woman is in jail after running several people down with her car following a bizarre and hate-filled display in a Spotsylvania County parking lot.

Witnesses say on Thursday, March 6, 51-year-old Gail Schooler Farmer of Fredericksburg was screaming "white power" and performing a Nazi salute at random passersby in the parking lot of a WAWA convenience store.

When a man approached Farmer to calm her down, she allegedly struck him with her car and fled, also striking two other men and a pregnant woman.

Police later spotted Farmer's car and attempted to pull her over when she rammed the police car in reverse and fled. After a brief pursuit, Farmer was arrested. She admitted hitting the victims, claiming they were "bad people."

She faces multiple charges of hit and run and malicious wounding and is being held without bond in the Rappahannock Regional Jail.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

The Color of Crime

Not a single day goes by in America where the white male savage reaches his penchant for violence and murder and does what he does best: murder, rape, destroy. When will hypocrites like Jared Taylor, Steve Sailer, and Pat Buchanan realize the true color of crime lies within themselves? Yes, the demented, depressed, perverted, hateful legions of white males they breed through their hateful and addictive right-wing hate propaganda.

4 Killed In Tenn. Apartment; Gunman Dies
A man fatally shot four people at a public housing complex Wednesday, fled the scene and apparently killed himself, police said.

Rusty L. Rumley opened fire around noon during a domestic dispute at Edgemont Towers, Bristol police spokeswoman Stephanie Hoskins said. She had no other details on a motive for the shootings.

Four people were shot at the 118-unit, 10-story building, which is operated by the city's public housing authority. Three died at the scene on the eighth floor and the fourth died at Bristol Regional Medical Center.

A very vicious and brutal murder, but like most deceptive white criminals, this savage murderer won't count as a criminal or prisoner becuase he committed suicide; he won't be convicted in criminal court or go to prison. Nevertheless, the white supremacists continue to hide their kind of suicidal criminals.

14 Americans arrested in child porn sting
Fourteen Americans are in custody as part of a global crackdown on a well-organized child porn ring that used sophisticated encryption technology, the FBI and Justice Department announced Tuesday.

Justice Department officials described it as a "vast child exploitation enterprise" that included graphic images, such as ones showing toddlers engaged in various sexual and sadistic acts.

The suspects allegedly used Internet newsgroups and large file-sharing networks to trade and share images and videos.

They also distributed more than 400,000 lewd pictures and movies, the Justice Department said.

Demented perverts, but this is typical among the white supremacist crowd who criticize others on sexual morality, but fail to expose the far greater heinous atrocities among their own ranks. Keep in mind this was a global internet child porn ring, and although whites make up less than 15 percent of the global population, the pedophiles consuming this child porn are heavily concentrated in white populated countries like the United States, Canada, Germany and England.