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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Happy and successful families can be very deceptive

Yeah, it happens every once in a while. As I don't have all the time and life to waste away on the internet like Steve Sailer, blogging gets light at times. But now...

The Bush/Republican financial crisis continues to take its devastating toll. Even the rich are suffering, and the way Bush/Republican economics of fools gold, unrealistic promises, and staggering plummets from the highest peaks to the lowest hells is structured, the rich fall especially hard.

The Schrenkers in happier times, but this sure isn't the case now.

Runaway investor led a double life, his wife says
Michelle Schrenker talks about husband who allegedly tried to fake death

Meet Marcus and Michelle Schrenker of Indiana. A wealthy white couple who had it all. Marcus ran several successful investment companies, and they and their three children lived in a mansion in a private community in Indiana. They traveled in style, owned expensive cars and a private plane. The perfect model of a wealthy Republican family.

But all too perfect, as their wealth was all fools gold and lies. The man who had been living so large turned out to be in serious financial trouble. He had just lost a court case that resulted in a $533,000 judgment against him. Multiple lawsuits were pending against him and he faced $9 million in potential court judgments. Marcus was also having an extramarital affair to find sexual relief from his wife.

Buried in endless lies and debts, Marcus Schrenker tried to stage his death by flying in his private airplane and radioed control towers to alert his plane was about to crash. The plane crashed but Marcus parachuted out and tried to feign his death. Bigger lies result in bigger problems, and Marcus was eventually caught and remains in police custody.

Now his wife and children are in total despair, as all assets including their home were seized. Dead broke and even in deeper despair from the traumatic emotional scars they will suffer now and forever.

My, how right-wing ideology, economics, and family values are so hazardous to your health and life. More Bush/Republican model families to teach you a lesson in fools gold and that such model families aren't all that.

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