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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Bloodbath from killers: 11 dead in Alabama, 17 dead in Germany

The Sailer-type white males have struck again, and again, and again, and will continue again and again. It's getting depressing and redundant reporting these brutal murders, but as long as media hatemongers like Steve Sailer, Rush Limbaugh, Pat Buchanan, and more prey on their target audience of depressed and eccentric white males, the bloodbath will only continue.

These death tolls are as of this writing, but can easily grow.

1) Michael McLendon murders 10 in Alabama before killing himself

Michael McLendon, 28, was a total recluse from society and garnished a hit list out of pure hatred for the world, just as the world hated him. He also suffered from financial difficulties and just had no reason to live. Hey, if you're going down, might as well take as many down with you to hell as you can.

2) Tim Kretschmer shoots school in Germany, 17 dead so far

Tim Kretschmer, 17, shoots up a school and so far 17 are dead including himself. The gunman seemed to be targeting women. Not much surprise here as the Sailer-type white male always was rejected and hated by women, starting from their childhood years of always being rejected by girls. He was a teenager and didn't reach his adult years, but it would be the same fate anyway. Continued rejection by women in his young adult years. His hatred toward women would continue to grow as he would get married to an ugly wife like Steve Sailer, stuck in a miserable marriage and life, and often ending in bitter divorce.

Either way, this was his inevitable fate of misery and emptiness and it was better for him to end his life earlier, but a shame so many innocents had to die. This is what you get when you let the bitter Sailer-type white males in your society and community.


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