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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston split

Some interesting news from the right-wing camp from Alaska. Bristol Palin is the daughter of vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin who got pregnant at age 17 and caused embarrassment to the McCain-Palin ticket. The party of social conservatism, sexual abstinence, and family values face another blow.

Now Bristol Palin and Levi Johnson have split their relationship.

Report: Bristol Palin and fiancé split

And to those who say the media is too intrusive on a teenage white girl or boy, keep this in mind when the media covers a Black or Hispanic teenage girl who got pregnant. From Tim Wise's article, White Privilege, White Entitlement and the 2008 Election
White privilege is when you can get pregnant at seventeen like Bristol Palin and everyone is quick to insist that your life and that of your family is a personal matter, and that no one has a right to judge you or your parents, because "every family has challenges," even as black and Latino families with similar "challenges" are regularly typified as irresponsible, pathological and arbiters of social decay.

White privilege is when you can call yourself a "fuckin’ redneck," like Bristol Palin’s boyfriend does, and talk about how if anyone messes with you, you'll "kick their fuckin' ass," and talk about how you like to "shoot shit" for fun, and still be viewed as a responsible, all-American boy (and a great son-in-law to be) rather than a thug.


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