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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Debt and depression are fatal to healthy families

In Middletown, Maryland, a seeming successful man working as a salesman for CSX Railroad earning a salary of nearly 100k was raising a beautiful family of three children. His name was Christopher Wood, 34, and he seemed so lovingly mature, stable, and successful, the kind Steve Sailer would initially boast about.

But he was too perfect of the Sailer type family, because while he was seemingly successful in the exterior, he was deeply hurting internally with crushing financial debts and depression.

And in the end, when the charade of Sailer-type pseudo-success ends, reality sets in and another family is wiped out leading to the suicidal elimination of the white race. In this case, Chris Wood murders his wife, Francie Billotti-Wood, and three children, aged 2 to 5, in a family murder suicide plot.

And you would think the tragedy would stop after they died, but with the depravity of the Sailer type male, the tragedy continues to worsen. After shooting his family to death, Chris Wood then got a knife or saw and lacerated their corpses, nearly decapitating and beheading them.

When Steve Sailer says the non-white races needs families like him and them to provide guidance, well, you better think again and again and again.....

Dad who killed family, self was $460K in debt, sheriff says
A man who shot his wife and three children to death before committing suicide in Middletown, Maryland, last weekend had about $460,000 in mortgage and credit card debt, the local sheriff said Tuesday.

Deputies who examined a computer taken from Christopher Wood's home found information that showed "severe financial difficulties," including money owed on a home in Florida that the family had been unable to sell, Frederick County Sheriff Charles Jenkins said at a news conference.

Wood was a salesman for CSX Railroad, where he earned about $97,000 a year, the sheriff said.

He left six suicide notes, according to authorities.

Jenkins said the medical examiner had determined that Christopher Wood, 34, shot himself with a shotgun Friday after shooting his wife, Francie Billotti-Wood, and their three young children -- Chandler, 5; Gavin, 4; and Fiona, 2 -- with a small-caliber pistol.

"Traumatic lacerations" found on the bodies were made after their deaths, with either a kitchen knife or a pruning saw, the sheriff said, quoting the medical examiner. Both items were found in the house.

"The injuries were very horrific," the sheriff said.



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