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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Eugenics against Republicans: 8 dead in NC nursing home shooting

Thanks to the likes of Steve Sailer, public shootings have become so widespread they hardly seem to surprise anyone anymore. There was one shooting of a nursing home in North Carolina on March 29 that lead to the deaths of 8 elderly folks, ranging from age 75 to 98 (except for a 39 year old worker who also died).

Did the shooter hate Republicans, because the Republicans have a stronghold on dying elderly voters eligible to collect Social Security? Maybe, maybe not, but the shooter sure was one eccentric and depressed white male like Steve Sailer. And if it was a hate crime against Republicans, it goes to show you how troubled the Republicans truly are if this is their only stronghold of voters.

Hero cop who took down gunman: ‘Very scary’

The gunman had already killed eight people and wounded two others, and now a 25-year-old police officer with no backup was facing the deranged man (Robert Kenneth Stewart, 45) in the hall of a North Carolina nursing home.

The officer ordered the man, who was about 35 yards away, to put down the shotgun three times. Instead, the man continued reloading the weapon. When he raised it to fire, the officer dropped the gunman with a pistol shot to the chest.

“It was very scary,” Carthage Police Cpl. Justin Garner admitted Monday on TODAY, his first interview since the March 29 shooting rampage at the Pinelake Health and Rehabilitation Center. “When I went in, it was just doors, hallways, rooms everywhere. I was just going through — I didn’t know where he was at. It was very scary. Very scary.”

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  • I am all for expressing ones opinions and freedom of speech, but you have taken a tragic event that had nothing to do with hate for Republicans and turned it into just that. Facts in this case are easy to see even if the police have declined to tell us everything. They did say they were investigating the possibility that it was a domestic dispute. The idiot wanted to get to his wife after she left him. He did not care if he actually killed her or not he just wanted to cause her as much pain as he could and this was how he planed to do just that. He was and is a sick twisted coward that probably didn’t even vote one way or the other, Republican or Democrat. It was his wife’s vehicle that had the window shot out of it and the nursing home was where she worked. If anyone’s picture should be posted here it should not be of the man who started the rampage it should be of the one who ended the whole thing, Officer Justin Garner, and it should have nothing to do with politics. If you want to talk about haters, then talk about those at the memorial service picketing and holding up signs that said “God Sent the Shooter.” That would be a better debate than trying to turn Stewart into a political hero for anyone against Republicans!
    Joanna B.

    By Blogger Joanna, at 12:58 PM  

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