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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Republicans face more troubles with Obama in 2010 census

Every decade the U.S. Census Bureau conducts an official census count of every district in America. This is very important because it allocates the seats in Congress and how federal funds are to be allocated to states and local communities.

For too many years, the Republicans have vigorously followed the failed Sailer Strategy and tried to undercount and undermine the non-white population who are adamantly against the Republicans.

As usual, the Republicans continue to face mounting losses. In another string of defeats against the Republicans, President Obama nominated Robert M. Groves, a former census official and now a sociology professor at the University of Michigan, to run the Census Bureau.

The Republicans are very afraid, because Robert Graves method of statistical sampling makes sure many undercounted groups of people, such as minorities, immigrants, and the poor, are accurately counted in the U.S. Census. These are all groups which the Republicans hate, and to return the favor, these groups are strongly anti-Republican and support Democrats.

Is there ever any good news for the Republicans or Steve Sailer? No.

Obama’s Census Choice Unsettles Republicans
WASHINGTON — Robert M. Groves, a former census official and now a sociology professor at the University of Michigan, was nominated Thursday by President Obama to run the Census Bureau, a choice that instantly made Republicans nervous.

Commerce Secretary Gary Locke described Mr. Grove as “a respected social scientist who will run the Census Bureau with integrity and independence.”

Even before the official White House announcement, rumors about the choice drew criticism on Thursday from Republicans already anxious about the 2010 census, a multibillion-dollar enterprise that will determine which states gains seats in Congress and which ones lose them, as well as the allocation of federal dollars to states and cities based on population.

Mr. Groves, 60, was not available for comment on Thursday. He faces confirmation by the Senate but, given the Democrats’ 58-to-41 advantage, would appear to have an excellent chance.

Republicans expressed alarm because of one of Mr. Groves’s specialties, statistical sampling — roughly speaking, the process of extrapolating from the numbers of people actually counted to arrive at estimates of those uncounted and, presumably, arriving at a realistic total.

If minorities, immigrants, the poor and the homeless are those most likely to be missed in an actual head count, and if political stereotypes hold true, then statistical sampling would presumably benefit the Democrats.



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