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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Rural red states suffer devastating losses to natural disaster

Another nail in the coffin, and another few feet deeper the coffin gets buried. Steve Sailer's bogus affordable family foundation plan that red rural states are the best places to raise families literally gets torn apart again by wind, pummeled into the ground, and burned to hell. Tornadoes, storms, and wildfires.

Tennessee twister kills 2, flattens homes
A tornado killed a woman and her 9-week-old infant and also injured dozens Friday in central Tennessee as a line of storms lifted homes, ripped off roofs and dumped hail in the Southeast.

At least 41 people were hurt in Rutherford County, Tenn., four of them critically, in the aftermath of a storm system that killed three in western Arkansas a day earlier.

Tennessee: Two fatalities confirmed; Storm damage in "the millions"
City officials are estimating the damage to Murfreesboro to be “in the millions.”

Goodwin said more than three dozen homes had been destroyed in the county. Many more had been destroyed within the city limits, Evans said.

Tornado touches down in Jackson County
The storm was part of a large system that struck the southeast Friday. Tornadoes were reported in Mississippi,Tennessee and Kentucky as well as other parts of Alabama. Storms were also threatening Georgia into the early evening hours.

1 death reported in connection to South Carolina storm
South Carolina Emergency Management Division spokesman Derrec Becker says a driver trying to avoid storm debris Friday in the eastern part of the state has been killed.

Storm Damage Severe In Parts of South Carolina
Twenty homes have been destroyed and 63 others have major damage following the storms the rolled through South Carolina late Friday night and early Saturday morning.

At least ten counties reported some type of damage and power outages. One traffic-related death as a result of the storms has been confirmed in Aiken County.

Tornado strikes in southwestern Kentucky
Meteorologist Robin Smith in Paducah says the twister destroyed two homes and knocked down trees and power lines near the community of Mannington, about 20 miles north of Hopkinsville.

Tornado roars through Arkansas town, kills 3
At least three people were killed and two dozen injured on Thursday night when a tornado smashed through Mena, Arkansas, officials said on Friday.

The number of homes damaged or destroyed had yet to be determined, Jackson said. But he said there was extensive damage to the Polk County courthouse and municipal buildings, and to the downtown business area. Shelters were set up in two Mena churches for the displaced.

20 Injured as Tornado Rakes Mississippi
A tornado swept through central Mississippi as residents slept early Thursday morning, injuring at least 20 people and damaging more than 60 buildings, including a church and a water treatment plant, state emergency management officials said.

“This tornado devastated this small community,” said Mr. Flynn of the Emergenmcy Management Agency. “There are houses that are just splinters. They’re just gone.”

Wildfires destroy 2 Texas towns, kill 2
Wildfires fueled by high winds roared across northern Texas, destroying two towns and killing two people, officials said on Friday.

Firefighters battled more than 20 major fires burning across 60,000 acres on Friday, a day after 100,000 acres burned and the small towns of Stoneburg and Sunset in Montague County northwest of Fort Worth were destroyed, according to a statement from Texas Governor Rick Perry.

Oklahoma wildfires destroy dozens of homes
The fires have injured at least 34 people and more than 100 homes have been destroyed.


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