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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Marcus Epstein in deeping and worsening trouble

While I am not hopelessly addicted to the internet like Steve Sailer and his weirdo male friends, I do find the time to do what I find so graciously satisfying - to annoy, offend, and slander the losers like Steve Sailer and his kind.

Of course, the annoyance industry goes both ways, and Sailer gets his shots on the rest of society to his pleasure. However, Sailer is missing out on one area that puts me on higher ground and makes us the winner.

When I expose the loser likes of Steve Sailer to the public, their livelihoods are thoroughly ruined. They end up in dead end areas, such as drug abuse, crime, loss of career, ruined reputation, broken families, sexual abuse, prison time, and suicide. This is the most eternally satisfying part of this blog, to expose and ruin the Sailer-type losers.

Marcus Yung-Gyo Epstein (he is half Jewish and half Korean) is facing sentencing on July 8 in Washington D.C. and I will have access to the hearing to provide fast results. I marked this day on my calendar.

Even though sentencing is just a month away, Marcus is already ruined. First, Marcus was supposed to go to the University of Virginia Law School this August, but Jason Wu Trujillo, UVA Law’s Senior Assistant Dean for Admissions and Financial Aid, has announced he is rejected from the school and will not be enrolling in the future.

Second, Marcus Epstein already has an arrest and criminal record from his college days in William and Mary.

On top of that, his digital footprints are permanently embedded on the internet for the world to see, every he goes or applies for a job. Just as his first employer (UVA Law School) found his digital footprints, so will his next potential hiring employer so they can reject or fire him, just as his first employer.

This kind of eternally satisfying story is one Steve Sailer can't enjoy, but we will to our pleasure.



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