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Monday, September 14, 2009

GOP controversies and casualties: Joe Wilson and Mike Duvall

Even with the staggering losses the GOP faced in the 2008 elections, the controversies and casualties continue to mount. How low can they go?

1) South Carolina Senator Joe Wilson's opponent, Rob Miller, makes record fundraiser from outburst

During President Obama's health case speech to Congress and the nation, Republican Senator Joe Wilson from South Carolina blatantly disrupts the speech with "You Lie!" This gave a golden opportunity for his Democratic opponent in the 2010 election, Rob Miller, to raise over $400,000 in one day. So far Rob Miller has raised over $1 million and has seen an increase of popularity.

This is more troubling news for the Republicans, though to the benefit of the majority of society. The GOP is losing grip of it's last few remaining strongholds, South Carolina, as Republican governor Mark Sanford was also caught in a sex and financial scandal that just keep rocking the Republicans left and right.

2) California State Assemblyman Mike Duvall resigns from alleged sex scandal

Mike Duvall, 54, was the perfect Republican. He was married, was raising a family, and preached family values and morality to gain a seat as a California State Assemblyman. He received a perfect 100 percent rating from the conservative family group, Capitol Resources Institute, and many Republicans had high hopes he would advance in politics.

However, truth and reality would be the Republicans' downfall. Mike Duvall bragged about an extramarital sexual affair when he thought his microphone was off. His confession was caught by the microphone and was recorded.

Former Yorba Linda state Assemblyman Mike Duvall resigned in disgrace. Another loss to the Republicans, but is this any new news?


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