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Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Human Biodiversity Group

Steve Sailer is the president of the invitation-only Human BioDiversity Group (HBD group). The mission of HBD is, "The Human Biodiversity Institute promotes the study of biological differences among humans and their impact on society. Major areas of interest include race, sex, and sexual orientation." So what is the Human BioDiversity group in reality?

The Human BioDiversity Group is a right-wing eugenics think tank where people with the mindsets of Steve Sailer can discuss and promote academic racism, homophobia, xenophobia, and eugenics policies. They frequently base their pseudo-scientific theories on bigoted, right-wing sources like VDare, academic faculty members who were reprimanded or disciplined by their school for unscientific and bigoted research, and biased media mongrels who judge others and perpetuate media stereotypes.

Members are primarily based in the following categories, and can belong in multiple categories.

Academic Racists: Racists who write in intellectual, scientific terminology to spread their agenda that the non-white races are genetically inferior (e.g. Philippe Rushton, Charles Murray, Edward Miller, Louis Andrews, Chris Brand, Kevin MacDonald)

Academic Homophobes: Gay bashers who write in intellectual, scientific terminology to spread their agenda that non-heterosexuals (homosexuals, bi-sexuals, transgenders, effeminate males, masculine females) are genetic garbage (e.g. Gregory Cochran, Michael Bailey, John Derbyshire, Ray Blanchard)

Media Mongrels: Annoying journalists and media workers who over exaggerate to help perpetuate racial stereotypes, and serve as media outlets to help the scientific racists spread their message (e.g. Jon Entine, Kathryn Jean Lopez)

White Separists: Flat-out racists who want to see anyone who's not white kicked out of America (e.g. Peter Brimelow, Ron Unz)

Your help in tracking down these members of HBD is useful. A good number of the new converts likely comes from the Gene Expression website (, the VDare website (, and the ParaPundit blog ( If you have any more information on the Human Biodiversity Group, please send an email.


These are the active and frequent posters of HBD:
Chris Brand, Gregory Cochran, John Derbyshire, Jon Entine, Henry Harpending, Ken Hirsch, Ralph Holloway, Arthur Hu, Carol Iannone, Frank Miele, Edward Miller, Charles Murray, Philipe Rushton, Steve Sailer, Vince Sarich, Frank Forman (aka 'Premise Checker'), Paul Gross, 'La Griffe du Lion'.

There are more heinous and racist members not listed above. They may not post as frequently, but they keep in touch with Sailer, just as Sailer references them in his writings, to spread their agenda of bigotry and intolerance.

Also, not every member listed is an active member of HBD. This list was from 1999 when HBD started, so some people listed below may have left, whether voluntarily or involuntarily after battling with Steve Sailer and fighting his scientific racism, or had no interest in HBD.


Known Roster of Human Biodiversity Discussion Group Members

H-Bd Member Name
Email Address

Arden, Rosalind
Journalist, TV producer

Armelagos, George
Bio Anthropologist, Emory

Bailey, Michael
Psychologist, Northwestern
Books: "The Man Who Would Be Queen"

Bandow, Doug
Senior Fellow, Cato Institute

Beamish, Jennifer
Upcoming h-bd documentary

Becker, Gary
Chicago, Illinois
Nobel Laureate Economist, U. of Chicago

Blanchard, Ray
Head of Clinical Sexology Program, Clarke U.

Bloom, Howard L.
Books: "The Global Brain".

Borjas, George
Economist, Harvard.
Books: "Heaven's Door: Immigration Policy". Works with the Atlantic magazine.

Bouchard, Thomas J.
Psychology, Univ. of Minnesota

Brand, Chris
Former Psychologist Professor at Edinbrough U. in Scotland.
Created much controversy in the mid-1990s for writing the racially flammatory book, "The g Factor". Was eventually fired in 1996 for supporting pedophilia (adults having sex with children).

Brimelow, Peter
President of CFAU and VDare.
Books: "Alien Nation"
Activist who relentlessly fights and influences public policy to keep America racially pure (i.e. keep America white). The right-wing hate group VDare is his primary outlet.

Burfoot, Amby
Editor, Runners' World magazine.
Books: "White Men Can't Run"

Burr, Chandler
Science writer, The Atlantic.
Books: "A Separate Creation"

Buss, David M.
Evolutionary psychologist, University of Texas.
Books: "Human Mating Strategies"

Calvin, William
Theoretical Neuroscientist, University of Washington

Cochran, Gregory M.
Physicist, Univ. of Utah
2/99 Cover story in The Atlantic
Proposed the Gay Germ Theory that homosexuals are genetic garbage.

Dennett, Daniel C.
Philosopher, Tufts
Books: "Darwin's Dangerous Idea"

Derbyshire, John
Long Island, New York
National Review columnist
Wrote a few math books, but his claim to fame is writing offensive, flammatory articles for the National Review.

Ellis, Lee
North Dakota
Sociologist, Minot State University in North Dakota.

Entine, Jon
Media Mongrel. Wrote the book, Taboo, about why black athletes dominate sports.

Fallows, James
Microsoft, former editor of U.S. News and World Report.
Books: "More Like Us".

Farrey, Tom
ESPN Columnist.

Forman, Frank
Uses the alias "Premise Checker" on the internet. Former economist at the U.S. Department of Education
Books: The Metaphysics of Liberty

Frost, Peter
Anthropologist, Laval U.
Books: Fair Women, Dark Men: The Forgotten Roots of Racial Prejudice

Fukuyama, Francis
International Political Economy, John Hopkins U.
Books: "Great Disruption", "State-Building: Governance and World Order in the 21st Century", "The End of History and the Last Man"
Formerly a Public Policy professor at George Mason.

Gelernter, David
Computer scientist/polymath, Yale
Books: "Surviving the Unabomber"

Gross, Paul R.
University Professor of Life Sciences/Biology at the University of Virginia.

Guest, James
Former MP, Australia

Harpending, Henry
Anthropologist, Utah
Dads vs. Cads theory.

Harrison, Lawrence
International, Harvard
Books: "Who Prospers?"

Hassan, Natasha
Opinion Page, National Post (of Canada)

Hausman, Patti

Heckman, James J.
Economist, U. of Chicago

Hilton, Anthony
Concordia, U.

Hirsch, Ken
Computer programmer. Helps Sailer out by compiling biased statistics and generating graphs and small applets for Sailer's website.

Holloway, Ralph L.
Anthropology, Columbia

Hu, Arthur
Computer consultant, journalist
Books: "Index of Diversity"

Iannone, Carol
Literature, NYU

Jacobs, Ken
Anthropology, U. of Montreal

Krugman, Paul
Economist, MIT; columnist: Slate & Fortune

Kugiya, Hugo
Journalist, Newsday

"La Griffe du Lion"
His pseudonym means to yield relatively simple quantitative tools like a lion's claw to slash through a host of the most perplexing sociological questions. Claims to be a statistician using statistics to analyze the politically incorrent aspects of race and society, but in reality he is full of hot air and has no credentials, only trying to spread Sailer's type of subliminal racism.

Landsburg, Steven E.
Economist, Rochester; Slate columnist
Books: "Armchair Economist"

Lopez, Kathryn Jean
Editorial staff, National Review

MacDonald, Kevin
Psychologist, Cal State Long Beach
Books: "People that Shall Dwell Alone" trilogy
A racist, anti-semitic, anti-black, anti-leftist apologist for Hitler’s genocide, and a fascist.

MacKay, Kate

Manners, John H.
Books: "The Running Tribe"

Martin, William C.
Sociologist, Rice
Books: "Prophet with Honor: Billy Graham"

Matloff, Norman
Computer Science Professor, UC at Davis
Anti-immigrant, fights to keep skilled technical workers overseas from immigrating to America.

McCarthy, John
Computer scientist, Stanford
Cofounder-Artificial Intelligence; LISP

Miele, Frank
Senior Editor, Skeptic Magazine
Books: "Prophet with Honor: Billy Graham", "The Reality of Human Differences"

Miller, Ed
Economist/polymath, U. of New Orleans

Miller, John J.

Murray, Charles
Political scientist, American Enterprise Inst.
Books: "Bell Curve", "Losing Ground", "Human Accomplishment"
His claim to infamy was his book, The Bell Curve, first published in 1994. Claimed that blacks are genetically inferior (Murray doesn't even have any credentials in race, genetics, or psychology) in mental capability.

Noakes, Tim
South Africa
Sports physiologist
Books: "Lore of Running"

Nyborg, Helmuth
Psychologist, Aarhus U.
Books: "Hormones, Sex, & Society"

Olson, Walter
Manhattan Institute
Books: "Litigation Explosion"

O'Sullivan, John
Editor-at-Large, National Review

Pinker, Steven
Psychologist, cognitive scientist, MIT
Books: "How Mind Works", "Language Instinct"

Pitchford, Ian
Centre for Psychotherapeutic Studies
Human Nature website

Polsby, Daniel D.
Law Professor, George Mason U.

Postrel, Virginia
Editor, Reason Magazine

Relethford, John
Anthropologist, SUNY Oneonta

Rodgerson, Richard W.
Kinesiologist, U. of Minnesota

Sailer, Steve
Studio City, CA
Dilettante, founder of H-Bd

Salter, Frank
Political sociobiologist, Max Planck Institute
Books: "Risky Transactions: Trust, Kinship and Ethnicity"

Sarich, Vincent
New Zealand
Anthropologist, Berkeley (emeritus)
Books: "The Reality of Human Differences"

Seligman, Dan
Columnist, Forbes Magazine
Books: "A Question of Intelligence: The IQ Debate in America"

Taylor, Jeremy G.
TV Documentary Producer

Tripp, Steven D.
Education, U. of Aizu

Unz, Ron K.
Software, Public Citizen
A relentless public activist who fights to pass propositions in California to keep a unified, homogenous state and nation by getting rid of affirmative action programs and milti-lingual education. Translation: An activist fighting to kick out of America anyone who's not white and/or doesn't speak English.

Van den Berghe, Pierre
Sociologist, U Washington
Books: "Ethnic Phenomenon"

Wattenberg, Ben J.
Demographer, TV Host, American Enterprise Inst.
Books: "Thinktank" on PBS, "Real Majority"

Woodhill, Jim
Businessman, Software


Former members of HBD who are dead:

  • Glayde Whitney, 1940-2002. Behavioral geneticist at Florida State. One of Sailer's most heinous, racist, and active HBD members.
  • Jim Chapin, 1941-2002, was a historian, but Sailer kept referencing him as a scientific expert to spread his scientific racist message when Jim never had any credentials in science or genetics.
  • William D. Hamilton, 1936-2000. Biologist at Oxford.
  • David Rowe. Died 2003. Geneticist, U. of Arizona
  • Louis R. Andrews died 2011.  From Augusta, Georgia.  Stalking Wild Taboo website
  • Rushton, J.P. 1943-2012.  Psychologist at Western Ontario Univ in Canada.  Wrote numerous works that blacks are genetically inferior (except for sports), and was head of the fascist Pioneer Fund.
Former members of HBD who have emailed to report they oppose Sailer's scientific racism and are no longer a part of HBD:
Jonathan Marks
Marek Kohn


  • David Rowe is also dead.

    Does anyone know if this Human Biodiversity Group is still active?

    By Blogger Galtonian, at 1:01 PM  

  • Your descriptions of anyone you accuse of doubleungoodthinking can most charitably be described as hyperbolic.

    By Blogger Avigdor, at 10:32 AM  

  • Me thinks you are probaly wrong in your accusations. PhD.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:56 PM  

  • I would not call Armelagos a racist, or a right winger. In fact, his work has several times debunked right wing claims about race. He points out for example how in some studies, the scientists identify stereotypical race categories in advance, then run the analysis to plug data into the preset pigeonholes, rather than let the data speak for themselves. The deck is thus stacked ahead of time towards the desired "race" conclusion or argument.

    (Apportionment of Racial Diversity: A Review, Ryan A. Brown and George J. Armelagos, 2001, Evolutionary Anthropology, 10:34-40)

    Armelagos has also pointed out how standard computer programs used to identify or analyze African populations produce flawed and dubious results. One study of Nubians for example produced Hungarians or Easter Islanders as the closest "match."

    Frank l'engle Williams, Robert L. Belcher, and George J . Armelagos, "Forensic Misclassification of Ancient Nubian Crania: Implications for Assumptions about Human Variation," Current Anthropology, volume 46 (2005), pages 340-346

    By Anonymous ENrique Cardova, at 12:27 AM  

  • As a passer through here, I couldn't help but notice a lot of these people listed seem to be qualified anthropolgists.

    The majority of physical anthropolgists and specialists in human genetics support the concept of race, but dont let that discourage your attempt to denounce everyone who disagrees with you as a pseudoscientist and racist.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:38 PM  

  • Gary Becker died recently, as well.

    By Blogger Barry Deutsch, at 10:26 AM  

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