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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Robert Melia and Heather Lewis: Sex with young cows and children

Just one more bizarre story out out endless ones when you follow the dead-end path of Steve Sailer. A bizarre white couple from New Jersey, Robert Melia and Heather Lewis, were caught having sex with young cows and young human children because that is their only way to achieve their sexual needs. Just look at how ugly, bizarre, hopeless, and pathetic they are (like looking at a mirror of Sailer's audience).

Judge dismisses animal cruelty charges against police officer Robert Melia for sex with cows

In New Jersey, a judge has dismissed animal cruelty charges against a cop accused of committing a sex act with young cows. Moorestown police officer Robert Melia, who is currently suspended, allegedly engaged in oral sex acts with five calves in Southampton in 2006.

As the article mentions, this is not the last of Robert Melia's troubles. He, along with girlfriend Heather Lewis, was arrested in April 2008 for sexually assaulting three girls over a five-year-period.

As the article does not mention, Robert Malia and Heather Lewis will have their digital footprints forever embedded on the internet for the world to see. Everywhere they apply for a place to live or a job, their digital footprints will always follow.

It's a tough life following the dead-end path of the likes of Steve Sailer.


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