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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Older white males hurt more by this recession

No opinions here for now, except this solidly hurts the audience of Steve Sailer and the Republcians. What do you think?

USA Today: Older white males hurt more by this recession

Dean Canaris, 56, a quality engineer for a Honda automotive supplier, was laid off in April and out the door in 30 minutes with no severance.

Harry Jackson, 55, an airline pilot and supervisor, lost his job in 2007 and, to his surprise, has found it nearly impossible to get another job.

Mark Montgomery, 53, was let go from an Owens Corning insulation factory in April and can't afford his $575 monthly mortgage payment.

These men from the Columbus, Ohio, area are the unusual new faces of joblessness in this groundbreaking recession: older men cut loose from employment at the peak of their earning power and work experience.

In previous recessions, veteran workers were largely spared the pain of widespread job cutbacks, according to Bureau of Labor Statistics data. Layoffs tended to be concentrated among younger workers: The younger you were, the more likely you were to get fired. Traditional, bread-winning older males — especially white men — were the least vulnerable.

Not so today. Aging Baby Boomers are suffering a harsh employment bust.

"I never dreamed it would be so hard to put my skills back to work," says Jackson, who was assistant chief pilot at Skybus, a discount airline that went out of business.

Jobless rates for men and women older than 55 are at their highest level since the Great Depression, government data show. White men over 55 had a record 6.5% unemployment rate in the second quarter, far above the previous post-Depression high of 5.4% in 1983. The jobless rate for older black men was higher — 10.5% — but more than a percentage point below its 1983 peak.


Sunday, October 11, 2009

Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh lies on the H1N1 flu vaccine

Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh are two worthless media figures who have done an exceptional job fomenting lies and hatred to their legions of eccentric and suicidal white males. Their lies and misinformation can be stupid at times, but can also be fatal. They are also the masters of hypocrisy, so there are times if their weidro white male audience would follow the advice of losers like Beck and Limbaugh, it would do the rest of society a huge favor.

Media Matters: Beck, Limbaugh fomenting fear about H1N1 vaccine

In recent days, both Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh have suggested that the H1N1 flu vaccine may be unsafe and questioned the Obama administration's recommendation that Americans get vaccinated, with Limbaugh asserting that "[y]ou'll be healthier" if you don't believe what the government says and Beck suggesting that the vaccine may be "deadly." However, health experts have repeatedly stated that the vaccine is a safe and necessary tool to combat the virus, and that, in CDC chief Thomas Frieden's words, "This flu vaccine is made as flu vaccine is made each year, by the same companies, in the same production facilities, with the same procedures, with the same safety safeguards" and "[t]hat enables us to have a high degree of confidence in the safety of the vaccine."

That's right, you loser Glenn Peck followers and dittoheads. Your masters have declared that the H1N1 flu vaccine is a hoax by the evil government, so you should not take the flu vaccine or listen to any safety advice from the government like the Center for Disease Control.

Never mind that this deadly flu has caused 76 fatalities so far this year and is widespread across the country and world. Beck and Limbaugh says those flu statistics by the evil government are lies and a scare tactic to get you to take an unnecessary and dangerous flu vaccine.

So if you are a true Beck or Limbaugh follower, do the right thing. Do not take that H1N1 flu vaccine or heed any safety warnings by the U.S. government.

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Georgia sex offenders live in isolated campgrounds

It's a tough living for the weirdo Sailer-type males who never were able to deal with women or mainstream society, and all too often turn to the dangerous path of pedophilia. If they are not in prison, they have very few places to live. Even homeless shelters are unattainable luxuries because of their crimes.

In Miami, sex offenders are forced to live in tents under a bridge. A little further north in Georgia, sex offenders live in tents in primitive and isolated campgrounds because they too have nowhere else to go, not even a homeless shelter. No running water, no electricity, no luxuries, and hardly any basic essentials, just barely enough to survive.

Would you like to buy your tent now and join their pseudo-communities? If you keep addicted to Sailer's eccentricities, you may join them sooner than you think.

Homeless sex offenders reside in makeshift campground to comply with tough Georgia law
MARIETTA, Georgia - A small group of homeless sex offenders have set up camp in densely wooded area behind a suburban Atlanta office park, directed there by probation officers who say it's a place of last resort for those with nowhere else to go.

The nine sex offenders live in tents surrounding a makeshift fire pit in the trees behind a towering "no trespassing" sign, waiting out their probation sentences as they face numerous living restrictions under one of the toughest sex offender policies in the U.S.

"It's kind of like a mind-game, it's like 'Survivor,'" said William Hawkins, a 34-year-old who said he was directed to the campsite two weeks ago after being released from prison for violating probation for failing to register as a sex offender in Georgia.

The muddy camp on the outskirts of prosperous Cobb County is an unintended consequence of Georgia's sex offender law, which bans the state's 16,000 sex offenders from living, working or loitering within 1,000 feet of schools, churches, parks and other spots where children gather.

It's not the only place in Cobb County where offenders can live — there are hundreds of other sex offenders throughout the county living in compliance with the law. But Ahmed Holt, manager of the state's sex offender administration unit, calls the camp a "last resort" for homeless offenders who can't find another place to live that complies with the law.