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Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Facebook successfully sues spam king Sanford Wallace for $711 million

Another one of Sailer's internet addict buddies faces another loss. A bizarre white male hopelessly addicted to the internet has made a living transferring his addiction to the rest of us with internet spam.

Facebook has successfully sued Sanford Wallace, better known as "Spamford" on the web. The Las Vegas-based "Spam King" accessed Facebook members' accounts without their permission, and sent out fake Wall posts and spam messages from the compromised accounts.

Here is a profile of Sanford Wallace's history of transferring his misery through spam.

In 2006, he was fined $4 million by the Federal Trade Commission in the United States for posting an excessive number of intrusive pop-up ads across the web that contained a spyware virus.

In May 2008, Wallace and his business partner, Walter Rines, were found guilty of carrying out phishing attacks against MySpace users, and spamming MySpace members with unsolicited messages. The social networking site won a $230 million payout from the "Spam King".

Wallace could face jail time following his latest attacks against Facebook.

Wallace filed for bankruptcy in June.

Then again, spamming has always been a repetitive theme among Sailer's type of bizarre, depressed, hopeless white male internet addicts, like spam itself.

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