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Saturday, January 02, 2010

Washington Times announces more and more layoffs

The bad news just keeps on coming for the struggling Washington Times which many right-wing pseudo-journalists like Steve Sailer have close affiliations. Year after year, their audience, revenues, and reputation consistently decline.

On December 2, 2009, the Washington Times announced its first round of mass layoffs by laying off about 40 percent of the newspaper's staff of 370 people. The right-wingers hoped the bad news would stop there, but when you are stuck in their dead end situation, the news only gets worse.

More layoffs were announced on December 31 to bring the country a truly happy new year in 2010. The Boston Herald reports:
The 27-year-old newspaper announced the latest round of layoffs in its Thursday edition and said the last sports section would appear Friday. Among those let go was the newsroom leader, Managing Editor David Jones. Another round of cuts was made earlier in December, and the newspaper published its last Sunday edition last weekend.

For the laid off Washington Times employees, they sure will have a difficult time finding a job, since it's been well known that the Washington Times is deep in the pits of journalism and only hire the worst journalists.

SPLC 2003 Article - Defending Dixie
The Washington Times has always been conservative and error-prone — now it's helping to popularize extremist ideas
While the Times made itself must reading for right-wingers, it was also developing a reputation for shoddy journalism. From the start, the Times' front page was studded with scandalous stories bearing catchy headlines and sensational openings that more closely echoed the style of European tabloids than that of large American newspapers.

Media Matters 2009 Article - The end of the Wash. Times and Rev. Moon's right-wing charity
But oops, The Washington Times (not to mention the right-wing New York Post) has been losing subscribers by the tens-of-thousands in recent years, and if ever left strictly to the beloved marketplace, the Times would have been shuttered years ago for the simple reason that (surprise!) there is no mass market demand for the often shoddy right-wing product.

As a for-profit business, The Washington Times could never sustain itself. Period. So instead, its right-wing ideologue owner supported the daily as a form of conservative welfare -- as a charity. The Times was run for decades as sort of right-wing workfare project as Moon created hundreds of unneeded newsroom jobs, paid for in the name of giving its owner a (money-losing) media platform.


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