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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Joseph Andrew Stack: United States and IRS hater and murderer

Another Sailer type, middle aged white male meets his inevitable fate, and the United States is held in terror. Joseph Andrew Stack flew his airplane into an IRS building in Austin, Texas in a terroristic murder suicide attempt to lash out his right-ring hatred for the United States government and people. He killed one IRS worker, injured many more, and destroyed an entire building.

So what characteristics does this loser share with so many right-wing fascists who hate the United States government and people? A bitter and hateful suicide note and an analysis of his troubled history reveals all.

Joe Stack Plane Crash: Why Did He Hate IRS Enough to Kill?

A software engineer who was the CEO of his own company, he seemed professional and intelligent. In reality his business ventures failed and he was in deep debt with the IRS. Instead of taking responsibility for his own failures, he tries to lash out on others for his own failures and deficiencies.

Kind of sounds remarkably similar to Steve Sailer? Now do you see why the U.S. government and so may contracting companies are filtering these crazy right-wing fascist losers out, and why the Sailer/Stack types have to hide their faces?


  • Good Post! Would be interesting to see what the Sailer types thought of that terrorist, because that's exactly what he is.
    Could his color, class and political leanings have anything to do with why the story has been brushed under the carpet? Me thinks so!
    We're all disgruntled about taxes, etc, heck I live in London, but we keep our heads down and pay our dues.
    We don't leave our posh homes and fly our own planes into buildings, killing and injuring people!

    By Blogger MerriMay, at 5:57 AM  

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