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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Terrorist profile - Eccentric and hateful white males

This terrorist plot was back from March 5, 2010, but the damage remains eternal. There are so many terrorists and terrorist plots to cover them all, but you better be aware for your safety.

John Patrick Bedell , 36, finally showed his true colors and expressed his hatred for the U.S. government and society by shooting at police officers outside of the Pentagon. Two officers were wounded in the shooting and Bedell died for the better of society when officers returned fire and killed him.

The typical profile of the Sailer type white male. A bitter, depressed, eccentric man who only knew failure and rejection. Now do you know why the government, corporate companies, and society are increasingly opposed to them, and why they are not hiring them?


  • Yeah, this is an accurate profile of the men that jock Steve Sailer. Bitter, vitriolic abomination to the human race. Good riddance.

    By Blogger Unekwu, at 3:52 AM  

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