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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Relief for the Gulf Oil Spill, Rush Limbaugh style

Our favorite conservative loser, Rush Limbaugh, is ranting lies, slander, and garbage about the Gulf oil spill. Hey, Rush, your southern republican states (Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama) were only following your radical right-wing energy policy for offshore oil drilling and it sure paid off handsomely.

Now that this man-made disaster has reached catastrophic proportions, let's test the true loyalty of the southern republicans and Rush Limbaugh cult followers. If you are true followers of Rush Limbaugh, then you must believe everything he says is correct and act accordingly.

Media Matters reports on Rush's insight on oil spills:
Limbaugh: "Mexico is still there" after Ixtoc 1 spill and "Exxon Valdez spill is cleaned up and everything is back to normal"

So you heard it form the big man himself, Rush Limbaugh. Nature is a powerful force and the greatest oil spills couldn't damage the earth to any significant degree. Nature will simply clean out the oil spills.

Let's all follow Rush's advice. Because nature will clean out the oil spill, let's abandon all efforts to contain and clean the Gulf oil spill. In fact, let's not bother trying to plug the oil leak. Let's listen to Rush.

But if you are going to waste your time and effort trying to contain and clean the Gulf oil spill that will be futile, let's at least do it Rush Limbaugh style. Rush came up with a devious scam a few years ago to supposedly help the U.S. soldiers deployed in Iraq.

Instead of giving $50 directly to the soldiers in Iraq, Rush came up with the adopt-a-soldier program. The scam victim gives the $50 to Rush Limbaugh directly and Rush keeps it, then Rush mails a copy of the Limbaugh letter to a soldier in Iraq.

I'm sure Rush can come up with a Rush Limbaugh Gulf spill relief effort. Instead of giving $50 directly to the relief and cleanup crews in the Gulf region, just give the $50 to Rush so he can keep it and send a copy of his Limbaugh letter to the crews working there. It may have some effect since paper can soak up some oil.

Boy, you Cajun conservatives are really screwed if you think your heroes like Rush are going to help you. Let that be a lesson to ya all.