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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Glenn Beck rally draws 87,000, but where are the non-whites?

Glenn Beck held a rally in Washington D.C. last Saturday, Aug 28, to promote his ultra-conservative agenda. He didn't draw the 300,000 he hopefully anticipated, but he did draw a sizeable crowd of around 87,000 who came from all around the country to listen to his propaganda of extremist right-wing ideals, insanity, fear, falsehoods, and misinformation.

87,000 is a sizeable number, but look at the pictures and try to spot anyone who is not white. There may be a few dozen, including mixed race with partial European blood, but if even 1 full percent was non-white, you would have to struggle to find 870 such people.

Do you think you can find 870 non-white people in the crowd? No way.


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