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Monday, September 13, 2010

Rural Kentucky: Stanley Neace leaves 6 dead in murder suicide

Here is the prototypical model of Steve Sailer and his audience of hateful and eccentric white males. In rural Kentucky, Stanley Neace (47) brutally murders 5 people before killing himself. The characteristics of Stanley Neace.

* Lived in a rock solid Republican area - southern state, rural, white, isolated, poor, mobile home community.
* Middle aged white male scarred with criminal troubles, dysfunctional family disputes, financial ruin, depression, and no hope or future.

Stanley Neace got a gun and left a deadly murder suicide plot that left 6 dead. The final tipping point was that he got upset over how his wife cooked the eggs, but he had deep troubles that would inevitably lead to this anyway.

Stanley Neace had an extensive criminal record.

1993 - Arrested and charged with two counts of sodomy involving a child. Those were felony charges.

1998 -Pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge of third degree sexual abuse. He was placed on two years of probation, and his rights were restored in June, 2002.

And, of course, the warning signs listed above. If you don't want Stanley Neace to move into your neighborhood, you better think again when you see a middle aged white male like him.


  • continued:

    Now, in that same period in America, we have seen the following rampages committed by White people (again, in reverse chronological order):

    On september 20, Steven Kropf showed up at his previous place of employment and shot two people, one of whom died, before himself being killed by armed security. I could not find a single mention of Kropf's ethnicity but I am just assuming he is white for the sake of this comment.

    Stanley Neace killed 5, including his wife, over poorly cooked eggs before committing suicide.

    Jimmy Schlager shot four people at a restaurant in California back in June, two of his victims died and he killed himself.

    Robert Montgomery killed two people at his place of employment back in May before also killing himself.

    Robert Mustard Jr. walked into a bank and shot and injured two employees before committing suicide.

    John Patrick Bedell attempted to assault the Pentagon, but only succeeded in injuring two security guards before being shot in the head and killed.

    Bruco Strongeagle brought a rifle to his former middle school in February, injuring two people before being subdued by bystanders.

    Amy Bishop shot six fellow professors at the University of Alabama, three of whom died.

    Christopher Speight killed 8 people with a rifle on January 19th, and also forced the landing of a police helicopter after firing on it. He was arrested.

    A week before Speight, Jesse James Warren attacked his place of employment, killing three and injuring another two.

    5 Days before Warren, Timothy Hendron attacked his former employer with an arsenal of weapons, shooting 8 people, three fatally.

    Alright, so let's go over these incidents (every one of it's type that has occurred in the U.S.A since the beginning of 2010):

    We have 16 incidents of visible minorities going on violent rampages in the United States in 2010, resulting in 42 people killed and 28 people shot and injured. If we break it down further, we have 3 people killed and 1 injured in a single incident by an Oriental, 3 people killed in a single incident by a Pashtun, 14 people killed and 9 injured in four incidents committed by Hispanics, and 10 incidents carried out by Black perpetrators that resulted in 22 people dead and 18 injured.

    For rampages committed by White Americans in that same time period (Since January 1, 2010), we have 11 incidents that resulted in 27 deaths and 19 injuries.

    Summary (incidents/killed/wounded)
    White Americans: 11/27/19

    Minorities: 16/42/28
    -Blacks: 10/22/18
    -Hispanics: 4/14/ 9
    -Other: 2/ 6/ 1

    So when we actually look at the figures, minorities, particularly Blacks, commit these kind of random spree killings or mass rampage murders almost as often as whites, far out of proportion to their percentage of the total population. Couple this with the demonstrable fact that 50% of violent crime, 33% of white collar crime, and 90% of interracial crime is committed by Blacks, and any objective observer can see that your crack about "watching out for the white guy" is exactly the opposite of reality. If you take issue with any of my figures just ask and I will gladly present my sources (which include DoJ crime statistics and scholarly university papers).

    By Blogger cletus, at 3:13 PM  

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