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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Noteworthy Links

When Media Matters get the right-wingers offended, you know they are doing their job well. Truth and exposure are the criminal right-wingers worst nightmare, and constant exposure to the truth will bring down a criminal empire.

Some websites you should visit.

FOX Keeps Fear Alive

Tea Party Tracker

Media Matters (The Original)

Glenn Beck promotes terrorism

Right-wing fanatics like Glenn Beck know how to press the right hot buttons to promote terrorism. Media Matters shows how Glenn Beck, through his hateful, fascist, right-wing extremist propaganda, promoted one of his own kind, a 45 year old white male felon named Byron Williams, to plot an assassination against the Tides Foundation and the ACLU in San Francisco.

"Progressive Hunter" - Jailhouse Confession: How the right-wing media and Glenn Beck's chalkboard drove Byron Williams to plot assassination

The police caught Bryon before he could carry out his terrorist plot, but with the elections looming, the right-wingers continue to mount their terrorist acts.

Attack on MoveOn worker is just the latest example of right-wing violence

  • MoveOn worker attacked at Rand Paul rally
  • White powder and swastikas mailed to Rep. Grijalva
  • Byron Williams set out to kill people at Tides Foundation and ACLU
  • AZ federal judge threatened, Grijalva office fired on after ruling on AZ immigration law
  • Phoenix man indicted for alleged murder threats against Grijalva and his aides
  • Man arrested for allegedly threatening to kill Sen. Patty Murray
  • Members of right-wing militia group arrested for allegedly plotting overthrow of the U.S. government
  • Man arrested for allegedly making threatening phone calls to Pelosi
  • Threats made against Rep. Betsy Markey
  • Gas line outside the house of the brother of Rep. Tom Perriello was cut
  • Threats made against Rep. Stupak after he voted for final version of health care bill
  • Picture of a noose faxed to Rep. Clyburn
  • Brick thrown at Democratic county headquarters in Rochester, NY
  • Rep. Slaughter threatened with brick and "snipers."
  • Rep. Giffords' office window shattered
  • White powder mailed to Rep. Weiner with "drop dead" message
  • Rep. Driehaus threatened and right-wing blogger publishes his home address
  • Brick thrown through window of Witchita County Democrats' offices

It's not just Glenn Beck alone who is the source of terrorism. It's so many of his kind, who share similar ideals, insanity, hatred, and hopelessness that drives them toward their natural inclinations.

Right-wing Christian Militia members arrested for terrorist plot - See links in article for list of more terrorists.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

2010 Elections - Republicans Last Stand?

The 2010 elections are coming up and it is certain the Democrats will lose some seats in Congress. A best case scenario for the Republicans is that they will win a slight majority in Congress.

Despite what the right-wing media will overhype, this is simply the natural course of checks and balances in U.S. politics. But the Republicans have won very few, if any, voter population groups that are increasing in number. The old white male population continues to get older and decline. Due to a sluggish economic recovery so far, the Republicans have temporarily gained some votes from indepedent and centrist whites, but how long will it last?

The republicans can win back some seats and do what they do best, to destroy their own population through recklessness, incompetence, elitism, and depression. I sure have to admit, the republicans dominate in this area.

2009 U.S. Census: White population nationwide declines to 65 percent
Gulf oil spill breaks the record
Sailer Strategy is long dead and deeply buried in 2008
White Americans no longer a majority by 2042
An Illustrated Guide to Republican Scandals
More losses for the red midwestern states
Gas prices hurting rural red states the most
Sailer's "Affordable Family Foundation" plan is bogus

Gulf Oil Spill causes depression to soar

When reckless Republican policies take over, disaster, depression, hopelessness, and suicide is sure to rise.

Oil Spill Causes Depression To Rise 25 Percent In Gulf Region: Gallup

ORANGE BEACH, Ala. — Before the BP oil spill, the Gulf Coast was a place of abundant shrimping, tourist-filled beaches and a happy if humble lifestyle. Now, it's home to depression, worry and sadness for many.

A Gallup survey released Tuesday of almost 2,600 coastal residents showed that depression cases are up more than 25 percent since an explosion killed 11 people and unleashed a three-month gusher of crude into the Gulf in April that ruined many livelihoods. The conclusions were consistent with trends seen in smaller studies and witnessed by mental health workers.

People just aren't as happy as they used to be despite palm trees and warm weather. A "well-being index" included in the Gallup study said many coastal residents are stressed out, worried and sad more often than people living inland, an indication that the spill's emotional toll lingers even if most of the oil has vanished from view.

Margaret Carruth is among those fighting to hang on.

Her hairstyling business dried up after tourists stopped coming to the beach and locals cut back on nonessentials like haircuts. All but broke and unable to afford rent, Carruth packed her belongings into her truck and a storage shed and now depends on friends for shelter.

"I'm a strong person and always have been, but I'm almost to the breaking point," says Carruth.

The Gallup survey was conducted in 25 Gulf-front counties from Texas east to Florida over eight months before and after the spill, ending Aug. 6.

The survey found that 19.6 percent of people reported receiving a clinical diagnosis of depression after the spill compared with 15.6 percent before, an increase of 25.6 percent. The study didn't conclude the additional cases were tied directly to the oil, however.