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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Glenn Beck promotes terrorism

Right-wing fanatics like Glenn Beck know how to press the right hot buttons to promote terrorism. Media Matters shows how Glenn Beck, through his hateful, fascist, right-wing extremist propaganda, promoted one of his own kind, a 45 year old white male felon named Byron Williams, to plot an assassination against the Tides Foundation and the ACLU in San Francisco.

"Progressive Hunter" - Jailhouse Confession: How the right-wing media and Glenn Beck's chalkboard drove Byron Williams to plot assassination

The police caught Bryon before he could carry out his terrorist plot, but with the elections looming, the right-wingers continue to mount their terrorist acts.

Attack on MoveOn worker is just the latest example of right-wing violence

  • MoveOn worker attacked at Rand Paul rally
  • White powder and swastikas mailed to Rep. Grijalva
  • Byron Williams set out to kill people at Tides Foundation and ACLU
  • AZ federal judge threatened, Grijalva office fired on after ruling on AZ immigration law
  • Phoenix man indicted for alleged murder threats against Grijalva and his aides
  • Man arrested for allegedly threatening to kill Sen. Patty Murray
  • Members of right-wing militia group arrested for allegedly plotting overthrow of the U.S. government
  • Man arrested for allegedly making threatening phone calls to Pelosi
  • Threats made against Rep. Betsy Markey
  • Gas line outside the house of the brother of Rep. Tom Perriello was cut
  • Threats made against Rep. Stupak after he voted for final version of health care bill
  • Picture of a noose faxed to Rep. Clyburn
  • Brick thrown at Democratic county headquarters in Rochester, NY
  • Rep. Slaughter threatened with brick and "snipers."
  • Rep. Giffords' office window shattered
  • White powder mailed to Rep. Weiner with "drop dead" message
  • Rep. Driehaus threatened and right-wing blogger publishes his home address
  • Brick thrown through window of Witchita County Democrats' offices

It's not just Glenn Beck alone who is the source of terrorism. It's so many of his kind, who share similar ideals, insanity, hatred, and hopelessness that drives them toward their natural inclinations.

Right-wing Christian Militia members arrested for terrorist plot - See links in article for list of more terrorists.


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