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Thursday, November 11, 2010

White Vote in Presidential Elections

Some raw statistics on the impact of white voters in Presidential elections since 1976. Source is from The Roper Center.

How Whites Voted in Presidential Elections

Year% Votes WhiteRepublicanDemocratOther

The truth can be far different than Steve Sailer's lies and wishful thinking. So what is really happening with the white vote?

1) Sailer Strategy is long dead and deeply buried in 2008 and beyond

The white voting population, and overall white population, is declining and has no signs of growth for the rest of the 21st century. It looks like Steve Sailer's and the Republican's ideals of depression, hopelessness, and suicide is truly having their inevitable effect. Simply stated, the Sailer Strategy is long dead and deeply buried in 2008 and beyond.

2) Sailer lied about white Republican birth rates

One of Steve Sailer's worst lies is that among whites, Republicans have considerably higher birth and growth rates than Democrats. More lies and wishful thinking by Sailer, and white voting trends since 1976 further disprove Sailer.

If white Republicans have staggeringly higher birth and growth rates than white Democrats, then the percentage of white voters who vote Republican should be considerably increasing every Presidential election. The truth is that the white Republican percentage is not increasing, and in fact it is slightly but steadily decreasing.


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