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Monday, December 06, 2010

Young Republican Felon: Andrew Lewis Jones from Broadway, Virginia

There are many Sailer type demented white male criminals covered here. All to often, their crimes are so atrocious they end up going to prison for countless years or end up dead via suicide. Therefore, posting their profile won't do so much damage because they are in prison or dead.

There are many more of them that don't involve gruesome murders, but still criminal. And these types are the most vulnerable to digital footprints, because while they are not in prison, they still have an arrest record and a smeared reputation that will make it very difficult to find a job or make a living.

Meet Andrew Lewis Jones from Broadway, Virginia. He is young at age 18 and will have many years to pay for his crimes. Jones was an intern for the Bob McDonnell's Virginia gubernatorial campaign in 2009 and was Deputy Campaign Manager for Tony Wilt‘s bid for House of Delegates earlier this year. He was an executive board member of the College Republicans in James Madison University, as well as a student at JMU.

On November 10, 2010, Jones was arrested on 33 charges of credit card fraud and forgery; specifically, he is accused of stealing credit cards from several JMU students and racking up some $3,000 in purchases.

The JMU College Republicans distanced themselves from one of their kind and Andrew Jones dropped out of JMU and transferred to another school. However, he can't drop his digital footprints, so here it is for everyone to see.

What a tough job being a young fascist conservative.

College Republican Arrested, Claims Setup

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