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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Young Republican Felon: Anthony Bittner of Clark County, Washington

The Young Republicans sure know how to pump out those young heinous criminals. Another notorious young republican felon makes the news, and here are his digital footprints to haunt him for life and smear the republican and right-wing fascist party he represents.

Anthony Bittner, 18, is in trouble with the law again. He was arrested last September on suspicion of two counts of trafficking in stolen property by the Clark County poince in Washington state. This was already on top of another previous arrest of suspicion of drug and forgery charges.

Anthony Bittner is your typical die hard young republican who tried to run for a House seat in Congress in his hone district. Like so many of his kind, they would eventually fall to crime and corruption. Here are some details of Anthony Bittner, who is a 2010 Skyview High School graduate.

Former House candidate Anthony Bittner, 18, arrested again
Deputies say Bittner accompanied friend and co-defendant Jorgen Cattin to sell a stolen wakeboard he advertised on Craigslist. The buyer said he was trying to buy back his stolen wakeboard. He arranged to meet the men in Portland and notified police, court documents reveal.

Deputies said seven wakeboards were stolen from two boats in the 100 block of Northeast 54th Street. Six were found in Bittner’s apartment, which he shares with co-defendants Nathan Combs and Cattin, and the seventh is alleged to be the one they tried to sell, according to court documents.

Bittner’s other alleged criminal activity came to light last week after deputies executed a search warrant of his apartment in the 13700 block of Northwest Second Avenue. Inside, they allegedly found marijuana plants, pipes, fake bills and scanners and printers used to make counterfeit $100s, according to court records.

The search warrant followed a Sept. 14 burglary allegedly involving Combs.

Though the investigation is ongoing, Harvey said he has no solid evidence Bittner was involved in the burglary; the burglars were wearing masks.

Bittner made his first court appearance Friday on suspicion of operating a drug house and making counterfeit $100 bills.


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