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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Economics 101 lesson with Glenn Beck

Here is an economics lesson when you deal with the criminals and frauds like Glenn Beck. In December 2010, Glenn Beck made a big media push by traveling to Wilmington, Ohio and broadcasting his syndicated radio show and his Fox News television show from the middle-class town in hopes of raising awareness about his unemployment struggle.

So how much did Glenn Beck give to Wilmington?

Media Matters: Did Glenn Beck Lose His Checkbook?

Do you get the picture? Beck swooped into Wilmington supposedly on a mission of good will. But during his one day in town he likely generated nearly $300,000 in revenue from ticket sales. That's okay, his handlers insisted at the time, because the money's going to charities to help Wilmington's down-on-their-luck residents.

Except that one month later none of that money has gone to charity, and Beck's producers aren't answering any questions.

So when you give any sort of money to Glenn Beck or his kind, you will receive a whopping zero return on investment. Hey, even Rush Limbaugh will provide a one year subscription to his worthless newsletter (equivalent to a 0.000000000000001% return on investment), but Glenn Beck's ROI is zero, just like the big zero losers stupid enough to follow him.

Talking about zero percent ROI's, Glenn Beck also has some fraudently and grossly overpriced gold to sell you as well.


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