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Saturday, January 08, 2011

Rural red states facing the harshest brunt of rising gas prices

The news never gets any better, only worse, for the Republican rural red states. Drill, baby, drill isn't going to solve the energy crises, either. Even dangerously drilling to the deepest waters will come nowhere close to supply America's energy demands. You're going to have to become more Democratic and conserve energy, and supply more renewable energy resources. But let the republicans keep their reckless and suicidal behavior and let them suffer and die out.

Gas prices surge 76% from 2008

NEW YORK ( -- Holiday shoppers will need to bump up their budget for one purchase this year, and they can't even put it under the tree: gasoline.

The price of fuel is up 13.6% from last December and 76% higher from December 2008, according to a new study from the Oil Price Information Service.

Nationwide, drivers are estimated to spend $305 on gasoline in December.

Who's hardest hit? People in Montana.

Montana households are estimated to spend over $449 on gas in December, representing a 12.74% slice of their overall household budget.

Residents of New York are getting off relatively easy. Households there are estimated to spend around $214 on gas in December, just 4.71% of their household income. Other low-cost states include Maryland, Massachusetts, Nevada and Illinois.

It's common that people in rural states spend a higher percent of their salary on gas, as incomes tend to be lower. They also often have further to drive for work, and tend to buy larger vehicles.


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